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1、As a line from the Argentine epic Martin Fierro goes, "Brothers have to be united, because this is the first law. "" 阿根廷史诗《马丁。菲耶罗》中有这样一句话:“兄弟之道是团结同心。”

2、When the Informix team brainstormed about to how to sum up the values of Informix 11.7, we had a tough time getting it down to just one line. 当 Informix 团队总结 Informix 11.7 的价值时,我们发现很难用一句话来说明。

3、a small ball of dough cooked with stew or soup. 汤团,团子,饺子:炖或煮制的小面团

4、The results were similar to that of C60 molecules adsorbed on Ag electrode in the solution of C60. 该结果与团簇吸附在粗糙银电 极表面的C60分子的研究结果相似。

5、Fire is the test of gold, adversity of friendship. 烈火试真金, 苦难试友情。

6、The conjugated grains in PET chips are formed of TiO 2 congeries particles. 聚酯切片中的凝结粒子通常是由二氧化钛粒子无规则的团聚而成。

7、Dendrimer is monodisperse macromolecule with a large number functional groups whose structure is highly branched. 树状大分子是一类结构高度支化、表面官能团密度大、单分散性的大分子。

8、All are not friends that speak us fair. 当面说好话的并不都是朋友。

9、Crowded or massed into a dense cer. 成团的;结块的;聚结的聚集成圆形团块的。

10、Five people unite a tiger, ten people unite a dragon, one hundred people unite as mount tai. ⊙、五人团结一只虎,十人团结一条龙,百人团结像泰山。

11、Catalytic active site by the group and the combined group, who co-polymer with a three-dimensional structure. 活性中心由催化基团和结合基团,他们与高分子共同构成一个立体结构。

12、They help each other, unity, fraternity, living a happy day. 他们互相帮助,团结友爱,过着幸福的日子。

13、He that plants trees loves others besides himself. 植树的人, 不但爱己, 而且爱人。

14、These results may interpret the formation of plasmoid type CME. 这些结果可用于解释等离子体团型日冕物质抛射的形成。

15、The structure of the emulsifier is provided with the anion and the nonionic groups, and the synergic action of the two groups can be achieved without remixing. 该 乳化剂的结构具有阴离子和非离子基团,不需要通过复配就可达到这两种基团的协同作用。

16、The results indicate that the stronger the chemical activity of functional group in self-assembled molecules is, the more remarkable the SAMs cer topography characteristics are. 结果表明:自组装分子末端官能团的化学活性越强,形成的自组装分子膜的团簇特徵越显著;

17、There are men's singles, men's doubles, men's team women's doubles, women's single and women's team. 有男子单打、男子又打、男子团体、女子双打、女子单打和女子团体。

18、A small ball of dough cooked with stew or soup. 汤团,团子,饺子:炖或煮制的小面团。

19、(君子之交淡如水) In unity there is strength. 团结就是力量。

20、The ultrastructure of plasmodia and zoosporangia of polymyxa graminis was described. 本文描述了禾谷多粘菌原质团和游动孢子囊的超微结构。

21、The relationship of the size of titanium cers with electron affinities(EA) and that with binding energy(BE) have been studied. 本文研究了钛团簇的电子亲合能、结合能与团簇尺寸的变化关系。

22、In building socialism it is essential to rely on workers, peasants and intellectuals and to unite all forces that can be united. 社会主义的建设事业必须依靠工人、农民和知识分子,团结一切可以团结的力量。

23、Entanglements in heart, round and round into a disease. 纠结于心,团团成疾。

24、Care must be taken to unite with all those that can be united with. 必须注意团结一切可以团结的人。

25、Narrow molecular beam (water molecules group), adjusting the molecular structure of volatility. 缩小分子束(水分子集团),调整分子结构波动。


26、Do not drop sea, makes difficult to garland.滴水不成海,独木难成林。

27、The results show that Female Group competed between Romania and USA; 结果显示,女子团体是“罗美争雄”;

28、A man is known by the company he keeps. 从其交友知其为人。

29、Friends that desert us in the hour of need are friends in name, not in reality. 在困难时刻背弃我们的是有名无实的朋友。

30、The electron-phonon coupling intensity are studied by 2LO/LO. When the size of CdS cers decrease, the electron-phonon coupling will strengthen. 利用二级LO声子的振动强度与一级LO声子的振动强度之比(2LO/LO),研究团簇电声子耦合强弱的结果表明,随着团簇尺寸减小,电声子耦合增强。

31、Systems substituted with electron-withdrawing or electron-donating groups provided similar results. 系统替代电子退出或电子基团提供了类似的结果。

32、The result shows that Romania and USA are competing for group champion; 结果显示:女子团体是“罗美争雄”;

33、Every time one of his team- mates scores a goal, the England centre-back runs up to the celebrating huddle of players and reminds them of the mantra: "Together, together". 每次他的队友打入一个进球后,这位英格兰的中后卫都会跑到因为进球而抱成一团的队员身边,提醒他们这句念语:“团结,团结!”

34、The unity & cooperation among members of the leading group is the chief content of the leading group construction. 领导班子成员之间的团结与合作是领导班子建设的主要内容。

35、To narrow the molecular beam (water group), adjusting the molecular structure of volatility. 缩小分子束水分子集团,调整分子结构波动。

36、The neglected tropical diseases provide another example of our solidarity. 被忽视的热带病是我们团结一致的另一个例子。

37、Much more than a bell sound, much more than a candle light.多一个铃铛多一声响,多一枝蜡烛多一分光

38、This is another example of international solidarity. 这是国际团结的另一个例子。

39、A hydrocarbon radical, C4H9, with the structure of butane and valence1. 丁基一种碳氢化合的基团,c4h9,具有丁烷的结构,原子价为1。

40、Friendship is like winethe older the better. 友谊像美酒, 越陈越醇厚。

41、No matter what the number of atoms in the cers is the close compacted configurations are observed more frequently than the chain configurations. 不论原子个数为多少的原子团,其形貌以紧密状结构出现的机会也会较直链状结构频繁。

42、This step sends an e-mail with the build and verify result to the project team members. 此步骤发送带有构建结果的电子邮件,并向项目团队成员验证结果。

43、By the party a's strong and unity between the army and the people; 靠的是全党全民的坚强团结和军民之间的大团结;

44、Write down the advice of him who loves you, though you like it not at present. 忠言虽难听, 必须记在心。

45、We have strong technical strength and forge ahead in unity leadership. 本厂拥有雄厚的技术力量和团结奋进的领导班子。

46、Based on characteristics and connectivity of the groups in molecules, a new method was developed to calculate the molar refractions of cycloalkanes from molecular structure. 根据分子结构的特点,通过用邻接矩阵和染色矩阵表征分子结构,发展一种根据分子结构信息计算烷烃和环烷烃沸点的新方法——基团贡献法。

47、We shall never have friends if we expect to find them without fault. 指望朋友没有缺点, 就永远不会有朋友。

48、The collective is the source of power, all is the cradle of wisdom.People together who is strong。集体是力量的源泉,众人是智慧的摇篮。

49、Lewis Prothero: Strength through unity! Unity through faith! 力量源于团结!团结源于信仰!

50、They talked glibly about unity but never did anything to advance it. 他们大谈团结,却没有作任何事来促进团结。


51、The most cohesive sentence; soldiers and civilians united as one, Look at the world who the enemy. 最有凝聚力的一句话;军民团结如一人,试看天下谁能敌。

52、As a result, from Shihezi to 147 to 150 to desert the mutative extent of temperature is gently increasing. 结果表明,由石河子至147团至150团至沙漠其温度变化幅度逐渐增大。

53、Life without a friend is death without a witness. 没有朋友的生活等于孤独一人死去。

54、To keep the relation of historical rates all the way up in the consolidation structure, you have to enter historical rates for all group and sub-group currencies in the structure. 要在整个合并结构中保持历史汇率的关系,必须为合并结构中的所有集团和子集团输入历史值。

55、Stick together and you're sure to achieve what will set the world on fire 你们团结一致,一定能取得轰动全世界的辉煌成就

56、Strength comes from unity, unity from the faith. 力量来自团结,团结来自于信仰。

57、Be slow in choosing a friend, slower in changing. 选择朋友要慢, 换朋友更要慢。

58、Expand the patriotic united front and unite with all forces that can be united. 壮大爱国统一战线,团结一切可以团结的力量。

59、Chopsticks can squash the rice grains together, or lose their grip. 筷子会把饭粒都压在了一起,又或者弄散了饭团的结构。

60、The results show that the ionization potential decreases as the cer size increases. The experimental results agree with other group's studying. 实验结果显示原子团簇粒径愈大,其游離能越低,这个现象与之前其他团队研究原子团簇所得到的结果相符。

61、Polyelectrolyte gel consists of a crosslinked polymer network with ionizable groups and a liquid phase. 聚电解质凝胶是在聚合物网络结构中含有化学键结合的离子化基团的水凝胶。

62、Birds of a feather flock together. 物以类聚, 人以群分。

63、If there is a vigorous and united workforce, there is a strong and united leadership, the greatest difficulty can be overcome. 如果有一个富有朝气的团结的员工队伍。有一个坚强有力的团结的领导班子,再大的困难都能克服。

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