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导读: 51个,关于”端午节的诗歌“的英语句子51个,句子主体:。以下是关于端午节的诗歌的专业英语句子。




1、I have four cles in the morning and two in the afternoon. 我早上上四节课,下午上两节。

2、The beautiful custom remind me of dulcet imagines. We also suspend the artemisia over the door to against the evil and the mosquito. 端午节,还要在门上挂艾叶和蒿草,妈妈说那是避邪和驱蚊虫的,那种清香味可以保持很长时间。

3、The meetings on Sunday afternoons were of the nature of little festivals. Refreshments were often served. Professional musicians now and then sang devotional songs. 星期天下午的会面自然是小节日,经常准备好点心,专业音乐人不时地唱出虔诚的歌。

4、The one-act Poet Li Bai, for example, does not have much of a plot compared with a traditional European opera. 例如,一幕剧《诗人李白》就没有像西方传统歌剧那样运用大量故事情节。

5、Falalalala and Rum-pum-pum-pum…. Learn to sing Christmas carols and enjoy an afternoon of music and history as we go through the Christmas story through song. 来学唱圣诞节歌曲,聆听圣诞节故事,度过一个洋溢着音乐与人文历史的下午。

6、Each new node can use different metrics such as number of hops, end-to-end delay, available bandwidth in selecting parent nodes. 每个节点在进行父节点的选择时,可以使用不同的标准,如路径跳数、端到端延时、端到端可用带宽。

7、Song structure in which the same music is repeated with every stanza (strophe) of the poem. 分节歌曲形式是指各节歌词唱同一旋律的歌曲结构。

8、scholarly 博学多闻的(形容词) Our professor is very scholarly. 我们的教授非常博学多闻。

9、There are four lessons, too. 下午也有四节课。

10、I have five lessons in the morningthree in the afternoon and two at night. 我上午有五节课,下午三点和晚上。

11、Today I saw a lot of friends hand is wrapped with a ribbon on his chest, Xiangbao, Dragon Boat Festival, today it is just to eat dumplings Festival? 今天我看见有很多朋友手上缠着丝带,胸前挂着香包,端午节在今天它仅仅是个吃粽子的节日吗?

12、The Dragon Boat Festival, A Chinese holiday is gaining worldwide popularity, It is also called Double Fifth Festival, is celebrated on the fifth day of the fifth moon of the lunar calendar. 端午节,中国的传统节日现在正在赢得全世界的欢迎,它也叫做”双五节“,是在中国农历的xx月初五进行庆祝。

13、Iamb: It is the most commonly used foot in English poetry, in which an unstressed syllable comes first, followed by a stressed syllable. 抑扬格:在英语诗歌中使用最广泛的一种音步,抑扬格往往是一个非重度音节后跟一个重度音节。

14、Cicadas like singing a happy song in the summer afternoon. 夏日午后,蝉像在唱一首欢乐的歌。

15、jealous 嫉妒(形容词) My girlfriend is jealous of my female friends. 我的女朋友总是嫉妒我其它的女性朋友。

16、In the afternoon she sang oink song by the pond. 下午她在池塘边唱「小猪之歌」。

17、It is Thursday today and we have seven cles, four in the morning and three in the afternoon. 今天星期四,我们有七节课,上午四节,下午三节。

18、I wish you a good journey. 祝你一路平安。

19、We usually have four cles in the morning and two cles in the afternoon. 我们通常上午上四节课,下午上两节课。

20、"A valediction: Forbidding Mourning", his early poem, is one of the most representative works of English metaphysical poetry. 《别离辞•节哀》是邓恩早期著名的作品,也是英国玄学派诗歌中最具代表性的作品之一。

21、And talking about the opera: It's on the 23rd at 7pm. / It's on the 23rd at 7pm. 然后谈论的是歌剧:It's on the 23rd at 7pm. /歌剧是xx日下午7点。

22、respected 受敬重的(形容词) The woman is very respected because of her abilities. 那位女性因为能力而受到敬重。

23、To create poems in English one must consider the questions of the diction and imagery, rhythm and form, theme and meaningful realm. 英文诗歌创作要考虑选词与意象、节奏与形式、主题与意境问题。

24、valiant 英勇的(形容词) The valiant hero saved the little girl's life. 那个英勇的英雄拯救了小女孩的生命。

25、Under the guidance of this theory, he created many poems reflecting the sufferings of the lower people and exposing social ills. 在此理论的导引下,他创作出了反映下层疾苦、揭露社会弊端的诗歌华章。


26、Every day we have four lessons in the morning and three lessons in the afternoon. 我们每天上午有四节课,下午三节课。

27、It's characterized by a kind of high formal bearing It has a careful decorum, a kind of high sheen, especially this early poetry. 它的特点是一种很正式的风格,它很端庄,散发着一种光辉,尤其是在他的早期诗歌里。

28、I have lunch at school. In the afternoon we have two lessons. 我在学校吃午餐,下午我们有两节课。

29、We close on Jun. 16 (Wed) due to Dragon Boat Festival. We open as usual on Tue and Thu. Thanks for your attention. 各位朋友请注意,链轮单车将于xx月xx日周三端午节当天放假,周二周四正常营业。

30、In addition to the traditional custom of eating Zongzi (glutinous rice dumpling )for the Dragon Boat Festival, more and more people prefer such leisure activities as watching movies or travelling. 端午佳节,除了传统的吃粽子等庆祝习俗外,记者发现,现在越来越多的人更喜欢通过旅游看电影等休闲方式来过节。

31、Traditions At the center of this festival are the dragon boat races. Competing teams drive their colorful dragon boats forward to the rhythm of beating drums. 端午节最重要的活动是龙舟竞赛,比赛的队伍在热烈的鼓声中划着他们多彩的龙舟前进。

32、I have seven cles a day, four in the morning and three in the afternoon. 我一天有七节课,早上四节,下午三节。

33、Third, poetry is a special type of literature, and it is difficult to reproduce the thoughts and the style of the original, so one who translates poetry should be a poet as well as a translator. 另外,诗歌作为一种特殊的文学体裁,以其优美凝炼的语言,深邃的思想和如歌的节奏见长。

34、I convened a previous conference in 2004, one that set the coordinates for this festival. 在此之前我于xx年还举办过一次研讨会,会议期间协调产生出这个诗歌节。

35、They had three cles every afternoon. 每天下午上三节课。

36、Mike: Oh, these are just some books I picked up at a local poetry festival that took place a couple of weeks ago. 哦,这是几周前,我从当地的一个诗歌节上买的几本书。

37、And he goes even further, criticizing science on the grounds that truly human endeavours such as poetry have a power that scientists can't recognize. 他甚至更为极端,相信真正的人类活动如诗歌之类具有科学家无法认识的威力,从而对科学进行了批评。

38、devour 狼吞虎咽的吃,吃光(动词) The lion devoured the food. 那只狮子狼吞虎咽的吃那些食物。

39、o'clock yesterday(昨天下午4点她在唱歌) They were sleeping all afternoon(整个下午他们都在睡觉)

40、competing 竞争的(形容词) All of the competing race car drivers are very skilled. 所有竞争的赛车选手都有高超的技术。

41、Awarded artwork, Alliance, have been invited to exhibit in the 9th Taipei Poetry Festival in Nanhai Gallery, Taipei. 同年,得奖作品获邀于第九届台北诗歌节中于台北南海艺廊展出。

42、The last paragraph, we see the poet himself was God's healing and the establishment of: ① (5 sessions) praised the salvation of God; 最后一段,我们看到了诗人得到了神亲自的医治与建立:①(5节)歌颂神的救恩;

43、I am especially interested in extreme forms of poetry, odd and eccentric forms, constructed procedures and procedural constructions. 我特别感兴趣的是诗歌的极端表达形式、希奇古怪的形式、建构过程以及过程的建构。

44、In the Panarion, his epic treatise against heresy, Epiphanius gives us many details about the Ebionite lifestyle. 在他反对异端的史诗著作《帕那里昂》中,埃皮法尼乌斯给了我们许多伊便尼派生活的细节。

45、ter 洒落(动词) The man is tering seeds on the gr for the birds to eat. 那个男人将种子洒在地上给鸟吃。

46、adjacent 邻近的、毗邻的(介系词) The post office is adjacent to the bank. 那邮局在银行的旁边。

47、Zhou: So to all our spectators, we have spent this happy and soul-stirring night together in this poetry festival. 周:各位观众,我们在诗歌的节日里,度过了一个愉快、令人激动的夜晚。

48、remain 留下、保持原状(动词) he had completed the report. 他留在办公室直到完成报告。

49、The carnival was immersed in a festival atmosphere. 嘉年华沉浸在节日的气氛中。

50、I dictated the lyrics DON'T YOU FORGET ABOUT ME and DREAM ABOUT YOU after having lunch this noon. 今天中午,吃过午饭后,我听写了歌曲《你把我忘了吗》和《梦见你》的歌词。


51、The outdoor reciting of poems around every noon tea time of Sunday and the evening of Monday has become a tradition of this bookstore. 每个星期天的午茶时间和星期一晚上的户外诗歌朗诵已成为该书店的传统。

52、Imagine the poetry circles, how many writers to these human fate in mind and put them into writing. 试想当下的诗歌界,有多少写作者能够将这些人类的命运放在心头并付诸笔端。

53、The spiritual image of Lei Pingyang's poem is based on the subject itself and replays the original life via the details of language. 雷平阳诗歌的意象回到事物本身,通过语言的细节化还原了生活;

54、Section III of this chapter shows the characteristics of"Wuge Xiqu"by comparing the difference of"Wuge Xiqu"and songs owning to the poems. 本章第三节主要通过对比文人笔下吴歌西曲与文人艳情诗的不同来展示吴歌西曲的特点。

55、She was singing a song at o'clock yesterday(昨天下午4点她在唱歌)

56、appease 缓和、平息(动词) This food should appease his hunger. 这些食物应该会让他感到比较不饥饿了。

57、All, except the kitchen staff, would gather in the chapel for Psalm readings, hymns, and prayers until one PM. 全部人,除了厨房人员,都有集聚在礼拜堂听那圣歌诵读,唱赞美诗,并祈祷直到下午一点。

58、My noon, my midnight, my talk, my song; 我的正午,我的夜半,我的话语,我的歌吟;

59、There is a merry smile on her face. 她脸上露出愉快的微笑。

60、rhythm 节奏(名词) I like to dance to the rhythm of this music. 我喜欢随着音乐的节奏跳舞。

61、019 moved to a hung your heart, a love of your blessing, a true feelings are waiting for your response. I wish a happy Dragon Boat Festival! 一颗心迁挂着你,一份爱祝福着你,一份真感情在等待着你的回应。祝端午节快乐!

62、Besides, attention should also be paid to such aspects as the intelligibility of the language, and the retainment of the original rhythm and intonation, etc. 此外,诗歌翻译中还需要注意语言的清晰度,保持原作的节奏、语调等问题。

63、The composition of poetry once pushed the elegance and fantasticality to the acme in a new period, and then started to go back to forward folk language and live language till "slobber poem". 新时期的诗歌创作曾一度将诗语的典雅奇异推向一种极致,随后开始了面向生活语言的俗化的回归,一直发展到当下的“口水诗”,走到了另一个极端。

64、misdeed 罪行,不当的行为(名词) His misdeeds brought him bad fortune. 他不当的行为造成他悲惨的命运。

65、Dragon Boat Festival/Vocabulary dragon boat 龙舟(名词) That dragon boat is very colorful. 那艘龙舟非常鲜艳。

66、"Clown's Revolution", the work he displayed during Holland Animation Festival, is his special reading of history. 《诗歌工厂》是孙逊在荷兰动画节上展出的作品,也是他对历史的别样解读。

67、significance 重要性(名词) Do you understand the significance of this story?

68、Dragon Boat Festival customs of the auspicious meaning, in different historical periods, different regions, its expression is both the characteristics of the times, regional characteristics . 端午节俗之吉祥涵义,在不同的历史时期,不同的地域,其表达方式亦各俱时代特色,地区特点;

69、I have four lessons in the morning and three lessons in the afternoon. 我星期一到星期五上学,上午四节课,下午三节课。

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