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导读: 38个,关于”基本句型“的英语句子38个,句子主体:Basic sentence pattern。以下是关于基本句型的高一英语句子。


关于”基本句型“的英语句子38个,句子主体:Basic sentence pattern。以下是关于基本句型的高一英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Basic sentence pattern

1、The average deviation is lower than. 10 percent. 模型计算值与文献值基本吻合,平均偏差小于10%。

2、Environmental justice is the fundamental legal spirit of the circular society. 环境正义是循环型社会的基本法律价值。

3、At first this article introduced rudimental and key elements of cause marketing management model; 本文首先介绍了公益营销管理模型的基本因素和关键因素;

4、Taking a case study as an example, a statistical model is set up on the basis of detailed investigation of seepage around the dam site. 本文以水东水电站为例,在分析了坝址渗流量基本特征的基础上,建立了统计模型。

5、Now, take a look at how to access basic and derived data types of arguments. 现在,看看如何访问基本数据类型和派生数据类型的参数。

6、After specifying that the test script is based on a model-based test, you need to define which model-based test actually implements the test script. 在指定测试脚本建立在模型的测试基础之上后,您需要决定哪一个基于模型的测试实际执行测试脚本。

7、A division of the types is made for the gold deposits in the eastern area of Guizhou, and the essential characteristics are stated synthetically . 本文对黔东地区金矿进行了矿床类型划分,并综述了各类型的基本特征。

8、A basic mathematical model for least-cost power generation expansion planning is provided firstly. 给出了发电扩展规划的基本数学模型。

9、The article introduces the principle and several processes of compressing and forming on cotton stalk fuel, and it also disciples equipments involved. 本文介绍了棉秆燃料压缩成型技术的基本原理,并描述了几种棉秆燃料压缩成型的工艺过程和压缩成型设备。

10、This month it launched a range of capital-protected notes based on the contents of a typical Japanese bento box . 本月,雷曼兄弟以一份典型的日式便当内容为基础,推出了一系列保本型商业票据。

11、The second chapter mainly introduces the prearrangement knowledge and the basic hypothesis of the model. 第二章主要介绍了预备知识和本文模型的基本假设。

12、By the research on the existent IR(Information Retrieval) technology, a text retrieval model based on inference network is designed. 在研究现有文本信息检索技术的基础上,设计了基于推理网络的文本检索模型。

13、According to the irradiance lighting model, we propose a preprocess algorithm of illumination based on total variation model. 本文在对图像成像过程进行分析的基础上,根据辐照度光照模型,提出了基于全变分模型的光照预处理算法。

14、The two top scores are your primary and secondary types. 分数最高的那两个分数就是你的基本和次级类型。

15、The muddy coast in the South of Northern Jiangsu is clified into stable deposition, unstable erosion, and fundamental stability. 苏北南部淤泥质海岸可分为稳定淤涨型、侵蚀不稳定型和基本稳定型三种状态。

16、The Sphere Collider is a basic sphere-shaped collision primitive. 球体碰撞器是一个基本的球体形状的原型碰撞器。

17、基本数据类型 是由 C 和 C++ 语言规范所定义的所有数据类型。Base data types are all data types defined by the C and C++ language specification.

18、The essentially theoretic elements and database sketch map of the model were provided. 给出了这一模型的基本理论基础和初步的数据库框架图。

19、In the most categorization algorithms, the text or document is always represented using Vector Space Model. 纲后长数文本开类方式都非以背量空间模型为基本的。

20、Common-emitter amplifier is a typical resistive cl A amplifier. 基本共射放大器是典型的电阻性甲类放大器。

21、The basic principle model was established on the various impulse turbines. The basic principle formulas, the formulas of kinetic energy and direction of outflow were deduced strictly. 将各种按动量定理工作的冲击式水轮机作为研究对象,构建其基本原理模型,严谨地推导出原理模型基本方程及其数值解。

22、Traces of blood on the knife matched the suspects blood-type. 刀刃上面的血迹与嫌疑犯的血型基本是一致的。

23、Basic styles: Quick Start, Fact Finder, Implementor, Follow Thru. 基本风格:迅速开始,事实查找,实施者,贯穿型。

24、The genes over expression of OP rats models regain normal after the models were fed on flavonoids of Rhizoma Drynariae. 骨碎补总黄酮灌服后大鼠模型基因过度表达基本恢复正常。

25、But the basic land based models can only hit North American targets west of the Rocky mountains. 但是基本陆基型只能打击洛矶山脉西面的北美目标。


26、Thus, algal-bacterial phosphorites are main source of phosphorites. 从而揭示了菌藻生物磷块岩是磷块岩的基本类型。

27、The statement is basically accurate, but a lot of campaigning is prose, too: putting together the nuts and bolts, going through the required rituals, and responding to the press. 这句话基本上是正确的,但很多竞选活动也是散文:把基本的具体细节整合起来,参加必需的例行公事,回应媒体。

28、The catalyst alkylation performance doesnot change after regeneration. ZXM-19 catalyst has good applying future. 再生后的催化剂的烷基化性能基本保持不变,ZXM-19型烷基化催化剂具有良好的应用前景。

29、The modification of Film Covering Machine FM600B is dealt in terms of the principles of industrial design. 本文着重论述了如何应用工业设计的基本理论,进行FM600B型覆膜机的外观造型改进设计。

30、The method is helpful to model ontology-based enterprise. 此方法有助于基于本体的企业模型的建立。

31、In other words, a command provider can contain its own base commands and extend other commands. 换句话说,命令提供程序可以包含自已的基本命令,并扩展其他命令。

32、A new type series active power filter based on the fundamental magnetic potential self-balance and harmonic counteraction is proposed and its construction and operating principle is formulated. 本文在阐述滤波器基本原理的基础上,提出一种新型的基于基波磁势自平衡谐波抵消式原理的串联混合有源电力滤波器。

33、This review is about the gene mutation and phenotype of CYP3A4. 本文对CYP3A4基因突变及其表型特征加以总结。

34、Second chapter, we make a detailed introduction of some basic concepts regarding Cloud Computing, its history, meaning, characteristics, etc. included; 第二章,云计算基本情况探讨,包括云计算的产生、概念、基本特征、应用类型和当前主要厂商。

35、Ajax redefines the basic browser's usage model, which was to render a page at a time. Ajax 重新定义了基本的浏览器使用模型。原模型一次呈现一个页面。

36、Selects 21 groups of two-syllabic as the basic investigation model. 选取21组二字组为基本调查模型。

37、This article introduces communication theory of optical fiber, model based on optical fiber Ethernet and choose of stipulations of an agreement. 本文介绍了光纤的基本原理、基于光纤以太网的集控站网络模型,以及通讯规约的选择。

38、This chapter discusses the fundamental, advantage, counting concepts of the activity-based cost in detail. The content of this chapter is the base of the next chapter. 本章详细论述了作业成本法的基本原理、优越性和核算思路,为第六章核算模型的提出打好理论基础。

39、I don't think it says anything yet about our basic concepts of planet formation. “我认为那些模型根本没能解释行星形成的基本概念。”文森最后说。

40、RESULTS:The knowledge management model in our pharmaceutical department has been shaped fundamentally. 结果:我院药学部知识管理已基本成型。

41、Osram compact bulb Fluorescent 30W evolution of the Basic Law. 欧司朗紧凑型荧光灯 30W的灯泡扭基本法。

42、The basic model is useful to the PMS distribution vision. 这个基本的模型对 PMS 发布显示很有用处。

43、The DITA approach to topic-based writing focuses on three fundamental types of topic 基于主题写作的 DITA 方法将重点放在以下三个基本的主题类型上

44、When take into account the two models, we will think out the cost-driver optimize model is the premise and base of the costing model. 当把两模型结合起来考虑时,就可以发现成本动因优化模型是作业成本核算模型的前提和基础。

45、Satellite offices in Shanghai and Beijing focus on fundamental, macro, and policy research. 在上海和北京的人造宇宙站办公室把重心集中在基本的,句集, 和政策研究。

46、The model consists of five sub-sets: basic cles model, context model, organization model, resource model, and process model. 这个模型由基本本体类、上下文本体类、组织本体类、资源本体类和过程本体类组成。

47、While the production mission is changed and new production flow chart is acquired, the basic net model of new configuration can be deduced from original one directly. 当生产任务发生改变并建立新的生产流程图时,可直接从原来的基本网模型构造出新构形的基本网模型。

48、Based on the LMS algorithm and its LMS-based forms, we propose some new algorithms using the prior information of sparsity. 本文在LMS算法及其基本变型的基础上,利用回波路径稀疏的信息,提出了相应的改进算法。

49、The automatic size grading function of the CAD of cardigans can take the M size as a basic one, and through automatic enlargement and reduction get other sizes accordingly. 羊毛衫CAD尺寸自动缩放功能可实现以基本型号M号为基本尺寸,对该款式的任意其他号型进行尺寸的自动缩放。

50、Results: (1)The results from one-variate and multivariate multilevel models were mainly consistent. 结果:(1)一元多水平模型和多元多水平模型筛选变量的结果基本一致。


51、The basic types of floating coil heat exchanger available in this country are presented and their advantages are summarized. 介绍了当前国内浮动盘管型换热器的基本型式;

52、FXG is an XML-based graphics interchange format for Flash, containing graphical and text primitives, following the Flash Player rendering model. FXG是一种基于XML的图形交换格式,用于Flash,包含基本的图形和文本,遵循Flash播放器的渲染模型。

53、There's no need to use copy_userdata to access the basic data types. 不需要通过使用 copy_userdata 访问基本数据类型。

54、This research integrated the learning organization theory and HRM functions to develop a learning-oriented HRM strategy model. 本研究将学习型组织与人力资源管理基本职能加以整合,提出学习导向的人力资源管理策略模型。

55、This page provides you with YS-1000's basic configuration parameters and select the configuration parameters. 本页向您提供YS-1000型活塞式压力计的基本配置参数和依照您的实际需要可以自行选型配置参数。

56、Based on the elastoplastic mechanics theory, a fine model of wide sheet thickness variation is created considering its re al constitutive relationship. 基于弹塑性力学基本理论,在考虑板材真实本构关系基础上建立了宽板板厚变化精细化模型。

57、The basic information of the large type energy base of Juye mine area in Shandong province is presented. 介绍了即将建设的特大型能源基地山东巨野矿区的基本情况。

58、The principle of numerus clausus is the main principle in sachenrecht, including typenzwang and typenfixierung. 物权法定是物权法的基本原则之一,它包括类型强制和类型固定。

59、Based on the basic theory of array directivity realize infrasound focusing by line transducer array, and design a new parabolic array. 基于阵列指向性基本理论,本文采用均匀线列阵实现次声聚焦,并优化设计了抛物线型阵列。

60、The basic working model of HPC in a VCL is as shown in Figure 7. VCL 中的 HPC 的基本工作模型如图 7 所示。

61、Answers.com on the other hand is basically a giant aggregator of third party content. 基本上是一个巨型的第三方内容聚合器。

62、Essential tasks performed during a typical iteration in Inception 基本任务在中一次典型的先启迭代中被执行

63、A planar quadrilateral is adopted as the basic loop in building up the displacement equations, and four basic types of solutions are given. 采用平面四边形为基本封闭形建立位移方程,给出了所有四个基本类型的解。

64、The UML Primitive Types model library contains the 4 primitive types defined by the UML 2.1 specification, as shown in Figure 10, (again, see the Resources section for more information on UML 2.1) UML 基本类型模型库包括 4 个基本类型,由 UML 2.1 规范所定义,如图 10 所示,(参照 参考资料 部分可以得到更多关于 UML 2.1 的规范)

65、In the Pre-Qin period, the development of the type and standard of vehicle was stable, as well as the manufacturing standard. 先秦时期车辆的类型以及形制的发展已基本稳定,造车制度也基本完善。

66、A great deal of observed data is given, which provides basic parameters for establishing the agrometeorological model so to forecast the effect of drought on winter in North China Plain. 该研究是冬小麦干旱预测模型的叶片子模型,为冬小麦农业干旱预测模型提供了丰富的基本参数,同时也为建立冬小麦干旱预测模型奠定了基本条件。

67、The author of this article umes that readers have a basic familiarity with topologies. 本文的作者假设读者对拓扑模型有了一个基本的了解。

68、The basic theories and algorithms of multi-resolution modeling researched in this dissertation include three aspects: (1) Subdivision modeling. 本文对多分辨率造型技术基本理论及算法的研究主要包括:(1)细分造型技术。

69、In this article lectotype design for foundation of a project is discussed. 本文讨论的是某工程基础选型设计。

70、The study and practice of Flash-based computer networking principles interactive animation; 本文着重探索数字交互动画艺术形态的基本类型和特征。

71、Women, Tao and life are its three basic prototypical meanings. 女子、道、生命是水意象的三个基本原型意义。

72、Base data types are all data types defined by the C and C++ language specification. 基本数据类型 是由 C 和 C++ 语言规范所定义的所有数据类型。

73、Initially, we explained the basic ideas of QFD using a conceptual model of QFD. 本文首先用质量展开的概念模型解释了质量功能展开的基本想法;

74、The basic theories of neuron model-free control are introduced, which includes the neuron model for control, the learning strategy and the neuron control method. 介绍了神经元非模型控制的基本理论和方法,包括面向控制的神经元模型、学习策略、神经元控制系统的一般结构和神经元非模型控制的基本方法;

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