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关于”网课的句子“的英语句子23个,句子主体:Sentences in online class。以下是关于网课的句子的中考英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Sentences in online class

1、Some unique services include online applications support, web-based curriculum development, student counseling, candidate placement and of course, the technical support to provide a web claoom. 它独有的服务包括网络软件支持、基于web的课程开发、学生咨询、求职介绍,当然还有搭建网络课堂的技术支持。

2、The network course will become the better teaching mode than traditional claoom teaching environment, but now just to complement of the traditional claoom course. 网上课堂最终会形成比传统课堂更好的教学环境,但目前只是对传统课堂教学的补充。

3、The content of automatic control principle includes teacher-centered teaching, course experiment, course design, independent experiment and network interactive teaching. 将《自动控制原理》课程优化设计为五部分:教师课堂讲授、学生课程实验、学生课程设计、学生自主实验、网络互动教学。

4、Online learning is not easier than study in regular claooms. 网上学习不比课堂学习容易。

5、Internet chat has been brought into EFL claooms, as internet becomes prevailing in teaching. 网络手段在教学中的普及,促生了网上交谈在英语课堂中的应用。

6、Knowing WTF the teacher is talking about is half the upcoming midterm test — but not with an online education. 对于即将到来的期中考试,听懂老师上课的内容才是一半的成功。但是网络课堂从不这样。

7、Multime dia program and network courseware need well-designed instructional plan a nd also need integrating network re-sources with other media. 多媒体课件和网络课程需要精心的教学设计,要注意网上资源与其它媒体的配合。

8、You may want take an online course at your local community college or state university. Or you can look to a traditional onlinebased college (all of their courses are internet based). 你可能想在家附近的大学或国立大学上网课,还可以去看看老牌的网络学校,他们全部的课程都是以网络为依托的。

9、Chinese Architecture History; Web-based Courseware; 中国建筑史; 网络课件;

10、BL which combines on-line class and traditional class can help the learning of all-day on-campus college students. 将网络课堂和传统课堂结合起来的BL能够更好地支持在校全日制大学生的学习。

11、It can improve the quality of the claoom network, and enhance claoom interaction network. 它可以提高网络课堂的质量,增强网络课堂的交互性。

12、On the basis of the second part relevant knowledge, the third part elaborates the type of on-line course. 第三部分在第二部分网络课程有关知识的基础上,对网络课程的分类进行详细阐述。

13、With the development of internet, network claooms are gaining more and more popularity. 因特网访问的流行,网络课堂也越来越流行。

14、Results: the instructor in the platform can be established network course, students on-demand select the course content; 结果:授课老师可以在平台上开设网络课程,学生按需求选择课程内容;

15、Through network claoom, the first student of high school of ordinary school has got to hear the opportunity that key school well-known teacher lectures; 通过网络课堂,普通学校的初高中学生有了听重点校名师讲课的机会;

16、The web-based course has abundant resources, such as lessons plans, animation resources library and related internet resources links . 在《数字电子技术》网络课程中建立了丰富的授课讲义、电子教案、动画资源和网络资源链接等相关资源。

17、Use a combination of claoom sessions, web-based material and books. 还可以结合课堂会议,基于网络的材料和书籍来进行培训。

18、With an online education, you also have more time to go out and find jobs before you graduate. 有了网络课堂,你可以在毕业前花更多的时间去找工作。

19、E-learning course design of Chinese Food Culture is so important that it determines the success of it. 《中国饮食文化》网络课程建设的成功与否,直接关系到本课程网络教育的成败。

20、In the quasi-experimental design, the adjunct instruction was compared to an equivalent version of traditional claoom instruction. 在准实验研究中,我们将课堂与网络相结合的教学与相对应的传统课堂教学进行了比较。

21、Web - based curriculum development was a new form of curriculum development with the progress of web technology and diversification of types. 网络课程开发是随着网络技术的进步和课程类型的多元化而出现的新型课程开发形式。

22、There days, websites not only offer instant email box, but on-line markets, magazines, interviews, courses, and movie-watching as well. 目前,网页不仅提供即时电子邮箱,而且还提供网上市场,网上杂志,网上面试,网络课程,网上电影。

23、Online course, with the development of information technology and network technology generated a Web-based teaching and learning platform, e-courses. 网络课程是随着信息技术和网络技术发展而产生的一种基于网络平台教学和学习的电子课程。

24、The pre-course is Computer Networks which must be learned before entering the course. 本课程的先修课程为计算机网络。

25、The aim of this thesis is to build a virtual networks claoom on campus network. By which, students and teachers in different places can join in the teaching activity at the same time. 系统的设计目标是在校园网上建立虚拟的网络课堂,使地理上分散的学生和教师能在同一时间里加入虚拟网络课堂,进行教学活动。


26、Online open cl became popular after MIT published the first OpenCourseWare site in 2002. 自2002年麻省理工学院首次启动网络课件开放工程以来,网络公开课日渐风行。

27、Online Course Development Tools Web course development tool is primarily to complete the network of academic content, supporting the teaching of basic logic design. 网络课程开荒工具网络课程开发工具严重完毕网络课程内容的制造,支持根基教学逻辑的策画。

28、In the climax of network courseware construction, the research of non-linear network courseware is hopeless. 在我国网络课件建设的热潮中,涉足非线性网络课件的研究比较少;

29、He had a few lessons, and then played for a few months. 他上了几堂网球课,然后打了几个月的网球。

30、Surf the Internet for more information about Beijing Opera and share it in the next period. 上网查找京剧有关材料,下一节课课堂上共享。

31、Must use methods fully and so on electronic media, online class, inserts the present information technology powerful wing for the scientific world outlook raise. 必须充分利用电子媒体、网络课堂等手段,为科学世界观培养插上现代信息技术有力翅膀。

32、Which do you prefer, claoom study or computer study? 你更喜欢哪一个,在教室里学习还是网络课堂?

33、Online learning is not easier than regular claoom study; 网上学习并不比普通的课堂学习容易。

34、All course material is online, along with assignments and due dates. 所有的课程材料和课堂作业以及完成日期等信息都登在网上。

35、Internet Higher Education also bases on a series of micro-models, which are internet teaching model, internet learning model, and internet curriculum model. 在微观维度上,国际网络高等教育模式主要有网络教学模式、网络学习模式和网络课程模式。

36、As more students spend large chunks of study and leisure time online, schools across the USA are adding coursework focused on privacy, cyberbullying and electronic plagiarism. 当更多的学生花大量时间在网上学习和休闲,全美学校准备增加关于隐私、网络欺凌和电子剽窃的网络教育课程。

37、Personally, both network claooms and traditional claooms are necessary for students. 在我看来,网络课堂与传统教学对于学生们来说都是非常重要的。

38、Also, all materials presented in class will be posted on the site. 课堂上介绍的资料也将发布在网上。

39、To preview the contents beforehand, then enter into the online class with problems. 网上课堂的学生要提前进行预习,带着问题进入网络课堂。

40、Education through network has become the necessity result of education means reform, and on-line claoom has become an important measure for the education through network. 教育形式网络化是教育形式变革的必然结果,网络课堂是教育形式网络化的重要手段。

41、From the viewpoint on application objects of network instruction, there are two primary types: one is integration with cl in school, the other is distance learning in network education college. 从当前网络教学的应用对象看,主要有两种类型,一类是与中小学课堂教学相结合而实施的网络教学,另一类是各网络大学开展的网络远程教学。

42、The synthesis of reactor network is a key sub-problem in the synthesis of chemical process. 反应器网络综合是化工过程综合的关键子课题之一。

43、With E-learning rapidly developing, the quality of its main carrier, web-based course attracts extensive interest. 随着网络教育的迅速发展,其质量受到普遍关注,而网络课程又是网络教育的主体。

44、Available online collaborative editing of web course development tools, the network curriculum development mainstream. 可在线连合编纂的网络课程开发工具是网络课程开发的合流。

45、Multimedia network collects the information material in the bioloical claoom instruction optimize the claoom instruction feedback the advantages such as teaching result etd ; 多媒体网络在生物课堂教学中具有收集信息资料、优化课堂教学、反馈课堂教学效果等优势;

46、You may want to take an online class during the semester to lighten your actual physical class load. 你可能想在学期中选上网络课程来减轻实际上有形的课业负担。

47、To reform the traditional teaching mode, improve the quality of claoom teaching, and play the role of network, electronic claooms have been into the claoom. 为改革传统的教学模式,提高课堂教学质量,发挥网络作用,电子教室已经走进课堂。

48、Humanization of E-Learning courses, cultivation of creative thinking and security of education network have become the focus of hope to excellent E-Learning courses. 网络课程人性化、创造性思维培养和教育网络安全成为人们对优质网络课程期望的焦点。

49、After stage in the trial tests, the web-based course could basically achieve the target of the aids role of the reality claoom teaching. 经过阶段性的测试和试用后,本网络课程基本达到现实课堂教学辅助作用的目标。

50、Balakrishnan, H. "Wide-area Unicast Routing. " 6.829 Computer Networks Lecture Notes, Fall 2002. ( PDF) 广域的单播路由〉 6.829计算机网络的课堂讲稿,2002年秋季课程。


51、Chapter Four, ' Claoom control of web-based Chinese school course' , discusses phenomenon of "learning disassociation" in the context of network and course-control policies. 第四章《基于网络的语文校本课程课堂控制问尹中文摘要题》,集中讨论了网络环境下学习的“游离现象”及其控制的策略和方法。

52、Even after the physical class ends, the online class goes on; 即使实际的课程结束,网上的课堂还可继续。

53、Not with an online education. 但是网络课堂就不会这样。

54、Network of free claoom, on-line real-time Jiepan listen to the experts and training courses. 免费网络课堂,在线收听专家实时解盘和培训课程。

55、English teaching is an important part of distance education. The basic patterns are network claoom teaching, alternate teaching and suppositional teaching. 英语教学是现代远程教育的一个重要组成部分,其基本模式有网络课堂教学、交互式教学和虚拟课堂教学。

56、A course library page supports student work on class assignments . 有课程图书馆网页支持学生的课堂作业。

57、We can also attend the net school, read many books and even teach ourselves English. 我们可以去网络学校上课,阅读教材,网络甚至可以教我们学习英语。

58、The design and the development of quality web-based course is of much importance in the nowaday distance education. 本文针对网络课程现状和网络课程的交互特点,讨论网络课程的交互设计。

59、This course features a complete set of readings from the class, including links to online readings, and the assignments from the class. 本课程特备一套课堂所用的完整指定阅读材料,内有网上文章,以及课堂作业的连结。

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