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导读: 47个,关于”表达对爱情失望的句子“的英语句子47个,句子主体:Sentences expressing disappointment in love。以下是关于表达对爱情失望的句子的雅思英语句子。


关于”表达对爱情失望的句子“的英语句子47个,句子主体:Sentences expressing disointment in love。以下是关于表达对爱情失望的句子的雅思英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Sentences expressing disointment in love

1、While some netizens admired Wang`s courage to pursue love, many felt sorry for Wang`s wife and blamed him for his behavior. 尽管部分网民对王功权追求爱情的勇气称赞有加,但也有很多人对他的妻子表示同情,并对其行为表示谴责。

2、Schindler is very disointed by today's General Court decision. 迅达对今天总法院的决定很失望。

3、The love letter is a wonderful way to express your feelings to your love and a handy way of avoiding the possibility of drying up while serenading them face to face. 情书能够非常完美地表达你的爱意,避免在对唱情歌时失态。

4、Landau said he was not disointed that "Avatar," which won three Oscars in technical categories, failed to net the major prizes. 在谈到错失奥斯卡奖时,兰道表示自己对《阿凡达》并不失望。

5、The 30-foot rule also lies to affection. 这个30英尺惯例也适用于表露对孩子的喜爱之情。

6、success covers a multitude of blunders.成功由大量的失望铸就。

7、BUT… The bigger the expectation, The bigger the disointment. 但糸…爱情从来都糸希望越大、失望越大。

8、This is a love song expressing a Mongolian girl's love to a singer. 这是一首情歌,表达一位蒙古女孩对一位青年的爱。凤凰传奇。

9、Cao Zixuan questioned his wife, once the patriotic Du Xueyan where to go, and expressed her disointment. 曹子轩质问妻子,曾经那个爱国的杜雪颜哪里去了,并对她表示了失望。

10、This poem expresses my feelings during the times when I wish I could tell him just how I feel. 这首诗表达了我当时的心情,当我希望我能告诉他我对他的感觉时。

11、She looked at him, love and disgust mingling on her face. 她望着他,脸上露出爱与恨交织的表情。

12、coffee is bitter but love is sweet.咖啡是苦的,爱情却甜的 希望能对你有帮助

13、In despair of "love" and met his another partner "peaish" intended for his silver lining "Love", this time it was completely disointed. 在绝望中的“爱情”又遇到了自己的另一个伙伴“虚荣”本意为自己有一线生机的 “爱情”,这次却彻底的失望了。

14、I hope you still give him compassion and unconditional love despite how frustrating he can be. 希望无论他有多令人失望,你都会同情他和给予他无条件的爱。

15、"I deeply regret what hened," he said. “我对所发生的事情深表遗憾。我希望有机会拜访金晶,对她表达善意和深深的歉意,”苏和说。

16、This magnificent promise does not indemnify us against the grief of losing a beloved brother or even against disointment with God. 这个美丽的希望没有保护我们免受失去亲爱兄弟的悲伤,或免受对上帝的失望。

17、And to love, yellow rose is a kind of bodeful content, because of its representing jealousy is lovelorn and the love of die, it is the expression of a kind of envy and hate even. 而对于爱情,黄玫瑰就算是一种不祥之物了,因为它代表嫉妒失恋和消逝的爱,甚至是一种嫉恨的表达。

18、Serena, who is secretly in love with Nick, sings a song about how she wants to act out her real life love scene with Nick. 暗恋着尼克的塞瑞娜,在这首歌中唱出她如何希望可以在一场恋爱的戏里表达她对尼克的感情。

19、Rosenberg's brother, Eduardo Rodas, told the press that CICIG was “our only hope for achieving justice. 罗森博格的兄弟爱德华多·罗达斯(Eduardo Rodas)对媒体表示,CICIG是“我们获得公正的唯一希望。”

20、No matter what things, whether to express the love and hate from language expression to voice tone wish all similar, like a mold carved out of, how don't people terrified, boring? 无论表达什么事物、无论对人的爱与恨从语言表达到语态语气恨不得都如出一辙,像一个模子里刻出来的,怎不让人望而生畏、令人生厌?

21、An expectation a subject has expressed regarding an object. 主体已经对客体进行表达的期望。

22、我感到很失望因为你还不能放下对我的爱 I feel so upset because you still can not stop loving me.

23、Nothing says love like a dozen long-stemmed roses on Valentine's Day. 没有什么比情人节的一束长茎玫瑰更能表达爱情。

24、My feeling of disointment only increased, here was a man who can't even express his predicament, what else can I hope from him? 我对他愈来愈失望。这个男人甚至不会表达他窘况,我还可以对他怀有什麽希望?

25、"We are extremely disointed, " said Omar Daair, spokesman for the British Embassy in Khartoum, the capital. “这真令我们非常失望,”一位名叫奥马•达爱尔的发言人对驻苏丹首都喀土木英国大使馆说。


26、Further, these toys serve as a means through which Chinese people can express their hopes and desires, as well as their affection towards to their children. 再者,这些玩意让中国人表达他们的冀盼和愿望,以及对自己孩子的感情。

27、And if Arsene Wenger was hoping his skipper would use the occasion to pledge his allegiance to Arsenal, he was left disointed. 温格希望他的队长可以乘此机会,表达自己对阿森纳的忠心,但是看来他会感到失望了。

28、You can express anything to your pet -- anger, sadness, joy, despair -- without being judged. 你可以对你的宠物表达一切感情,愤怒,忧伤,愉悦,绝望,而不会被指指点点。

29、We condole with him on his loss. 我们对他的损失深表同情。

30、She looked at him, love and disgust mingled on her face. 她望着他,脸上露出爱与恨交织的表情。

31、The disointed fans of Aimi Eguchi already have. 爱実失望的粉丝们已经对此做好准备了。

32、The women novels by DING Ling express the theme of the disillusion of the modern women in their pursuit of the ideal myth of love in the man-centered society. 丁玲女性小说表达了现代女性在精神退场、欲望泛化的都市男性中心社会里对理想爱情神话追求的幻灭。

33、She waited, did not see the hurt feelings of despair, whether hold my heart my love or with broken bridge Liqing lawsuit, saying that "I love you, I wait for you." 她在守候,却不见“受情伤”的绝望,无论执吾心画吾情还是与断桥诉离情,都在表达“我爱你,我等你”。

34、The writings on emotion and love of Wusi female not only echo the general theme of individuality liberation, but also truly describe the gender experience of female. 五四女性文学的情爱主题的写作既是对个性解放的时代总主题的呼应,同时又没有丧失女性性别体验的真实表达。

35、I am so dissapointed of love and I don't want to love anyone in the future. 我对爱是如此的失望,我不想要将来再爱任何人。

36、In the Bible, many different people expressed this hopelessness. 在圣经中,不同时代的人都曾表达这份绝望之情。

37、With motherly love, I will show you what I expect of each of you, what I expect of my apostles. 你们每一位都是我的宗徒, 我以母亲的爱,向你们表达我对宗徒的期望。

38、The feelings that she silently conveyed were not lost on him: it was contempt infused with condescending love. 她的沉默表明并没有完全对他失望,而是一种蔑视中混和着卑微的爱。

39、Sincere flirts are genuine in expressing their romantic interest in another person, and polite flirts are chivalrous or coquettish towards the objects of their affection. 真诚型调情者感情真挚,向他们心仪对象表达爱慕之情。礼貌性调情者对待他们心仪对象或彬彬有礼或方式更丰富多彩。

40、 As long as you love me——Backstreet boys 上面的是我的希望,这里也许是我的奢望,我们总希望爱情是对等的,但你爱ta,ta未必就爱你,但有爱就好。

41、She commiserated with the losers on their defeat. 她对失败的一方表示同情。

42、Surely His pleading with the lost, His offers of mercy to the reprobate, and the call of the gospel to all who hear are all sincere expressions of the heart of a loving God. 他对迷失方向的的人的恳求,他对堕落的人的同情,他对所有听到他声音的人施与福音,这一切真挚的表达都源于他充满爱的心。

43、Sincere flirts are genuine in expressing their romantic interest in another person, and polite flirts are chivalrous or coquettish towards the objects of their affection. 真诚型调情者感情真挚,向他们心仪对象表达爱慕之情。礼貌性调情者对待他们心仪对象或彬彬有礼或方式更丰富多彩。

44、Dear Sir, You have expressed your frustration and irritation with the city library over the past one year. 尊敬的先生,您来信表达了您在过去xx年里对市图书馆的失望和气愤。

45、I still love you in fact, just I did not express, I hope you can find, I hope you can re-do my wife After you see me. 我仍然爱着你,真的,只是我不会表达我的爱,我希望你会发现,我希望你看到我之后会重新成为我的妻子。

46、Hope that the other side you are an honest, responsible, wise and good, for love, single-minded, responsible family man. 希望对方的你是一个诚实、荣智而善良、有责任心、对爱情专一,对家庭负责男子汉。

47、Love comes To those who still hope, although they've been disointed; 真有爱笑的人是那些对生活仍怀着希望的人,尽管他们失望过;

48、Show my true love to you, and hope it can reach to your heart. 向你表达我的真爱,希望它能进入你的内心。

49、So, I've got ion pair formation, and I've got a huge decrease in energy because a donor is able to express that urge, an acceptor is able to express that urge. 所以我能得到形成的电子对,同时能量也大幅下降,因为失电子方要表达它的迫切,得电子方也要表达它的迫切。

50、Carlo Ancelotti has expressed his understanding for Dario Simic's frustration at Milan. 安切洛蒂表达了他对西米奇在米兰感到失望的理解。


51、Watchingthe deeply-in-love couples all the time, Joanney was so envious and longed for genuine love too. 看到一对对相爱的情侣,Joanney都会羡慕不已,渴望着一份真挚的爱情。

52、Love her but don't expect her to love you back, this will leave nothing but disointment and make it worse. 爱她,但不要期待她也会爱你,否则只会徒增失望,让事情更糟。

53、Heart was a massive disointment to prince. 心中对太子失望透顶。

54、It is said that Sisyphus , being near to death, rashly wanted to test his wife's love. 还有人说,西西弗斯在临死前冒失地要检验他妻子对他的爱情。

55、We feel empathy for my unemployed friend. 我们对失业的朋友深表同情。

56、Is my partner affectionate to the degree that I expect? 对方爱我的程度是否达到了我的期望?

57、Although ha facepalm is usually used to express frustration or embarrassment, in the context of a surrounding conversation it can also be used to express other emotions, such as disgust or dismay. 这个动作多用来表达沮丧或者尴尬,不过,在对话脉络中,也可以用来表达厌恶或失望的情绪。

58、The mother is disointed by her unfilial son.妈妈对她那不孝的儿子失望了。

59、I have been particularly dissapointed tonight with just about every word you and I have chatted tonight. 我对今晚我俩谈话中的每一句话都特别失望。

60、There is family, friendship and love; there is gain and loss, fame and worldliness . Even you are an open-minded person, you will still find something haunted in your memory. 对亲情、友情和爱情,对得失、名利和世俗,即使你是一个豁达的人,心中也有些东西是放不下的。

61、Boo!: I am palpably disointed and/or trying to frighten you. No! :我对你写的表示失望。

62、"It's very frustrating to be going home tomorrow, I would like to stay longer and play some more tennis," a disointed Haas said afterwards. 赛后失望的哈斯面对记者表示:“明天就要回家了,这真是令人失望。我本来希望能多打几场比赛,多停留些日子的。”

63、The book ably expresses clare's longing as the one always left behind the frustrations of their unusual lifestyle and above all her overriding love for henry. 此书巧妙地表达了总是被(亨利)甩在身后的克莱尔的渴望之情、他们不同寻常的生活方式中的挫折,而最重要的是,表达了她对亨利那种超脱一切的爱。

64、All the contestants, speaking in fluent English, expressed their vehement passion for the Olympic sportsmanship and a strong desire to develop friendship with Canadian people. 所有的参赛者用流利的英语表达了对奥运体育精神的深情热爱和对发展中加二国的强烈愿望。

65、You should know that earlier:only love can make us full of hope and totally despaired. 你早就应该知道,只有爱情可以令我们满怀希望而又失望得那么彻底。

66、Love comes, to those who still hope, although they've been disointed; 真有爱心的是那些,对生活仍怀著希望的人,尽管他们失望过;

67、Show my true love to you, and hope it can reach to your heart. 向你表达我的真爱,希望它能进入你的内心。

68、The company was "disointed that both shareholders in the joint venture hadn't yet been able to reach an agreement," Disney spokesman Jonathan Friedland said. 迪斯尼发言人Jonathan Friedland表示,对“合资持股双方不能达成共识表示失望”。

69、However i was a bit disointed by how the terrans worked. 不过对于人类的表现我有些失望。

70、Always reveal disointed expression when shrimp rice ears. 总是在小虾米出现时流露出失望的表情。

71、Communicate your expectations to the child. 向孩子传达你对他/她的期望。

72、Xu expressed the courage of love for children, children are the yield stress, retreat. 徐鼓足勇气对童表达了爱慕之情,童却屈服压力,退缩了。

73、Rafa Benitez spoke of his disointment after Liverpool crashed to a 3-0 defeat to Espanyol in Spain on Sunday evening. 在周日西班牙利物浦0比3惨败西班牙人,拉法-贝尼特斯表达他的失望之情。

74、I hope this message demonstrates my feelings to the students. 我希望这个祝词能表达出我对学生们的感情。

75、Talking to CRI, the projects General Manager Tina Zheng said the park reflects China's pride and the people's desire to express love between each other. 此项工程的总经理郑女士在接受中国国际广播电台的采访时说,“这所公园表达了中国的自豪,反映了人们希望对彼此表达爱的愿望。

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