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导读: 49个,关于”句子的成分和五种基本句型“的英语句子49个,句子主体:Sentence components and five basic sentence patterns。以下是关于句子的成分和五种基本句型的雅思英语句子。


关于”句子的成分和五种基本句型“的英语句子49个,句子主体:Sentence components and five basic sentence patterns。以下是关于句子的成分和五种基本句型的雅思英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Sentence components and five basic sentence patterns

1、The growth process of SMEs are divided into five stages: Seed, Start-up, Development, Expansion and Maturity. 论文将中小企业成长过程划分为五个阶段:种子期、初创期、成长期、扩张期和成熟期。

2、This article first gives a classification of English ambiguity phenomena, and then argues their causes from the five perspectives: phonology, vocabulary, syntax, rhetoric and punctuation. 本文从音歧义、词汇歧义、句法歧义、修辞和标点歧义等五方面对英语的歧义进行分类、分析,并论证了歧义现象及其成因。

3、The diversity of the disposition of species, community environment and resource plants is rich. 本区系种子植物的组成成分、物种配置、群落生境和资源植物的多样性丰富。

4、We present a new approach for rapid collection of fine particles and on-line measurement of chemical composition. 本文介绍了一种新型的大气细粒子快速捕集及其化学成分在线分析方法。

5、Although the main characteristic of this family was established before the origin of seed plants, they also showed some differences between the members of non-seed and seed plants. 尽管在种子植物出现之前该基因家族的基本特征便已经形成,但本研究依然发现该基因家族在种子植物和非种子植物中存在一定的差异。

6、It's that a gas then we split up into the root causes. 就这么一句气话,成了我们分手的根源。

7、The utility model provides the safety, hygienic and combined type tableware for infants, which is basically composed of a bowl, a tray, a spoon, a fork, and a handle. 本实用新型提供一种幼儿安全卫生组合餐具,基本是由碗、托盘、匙子、叉子和把手所构成;

8、Soil division and climate zone coincide in this region, and was divided into five zones. 本区土壤区带和气候区域的分带基本一致,共分为五个土壤气候带。

9、Sympatric speciation:a principal pattern of speciation? 同域物种形成:物种演化和形成的基本模式。

10、Although diverse in kind, sign advertisement in ancient China mainly consists of three sorts:image sign, mark sign and written word sign. 中国古代幌子广告类型众多,但概括起来,主要分为形象幌子、标志幌和文字幌三种基本类型。

11、Bone china porcelain is basically made by adding bone ash to kaolin and petuntse. 骨瓷的基本成分是加入骨粉的高岭土和白墩子。

12、Two new types of addition silicone rubber, TAS silicone rubber and MDAS silicone rubber, were synthesized and compared with the normal vinyl addition silicone rubber. 本文合成两种新型加成型硅橡胶:TAS硅橡胶和MDAS硅橡胶,与通常使用的乙烯基加成型硅橡胶进行了对比。

13、Np - anilino - naphthalene -1,8- dicarboxylic imide and N - allyl - naphthalene -1.8- dicarboxylic imide were synthesized, then their two modified polymers were also prepared. 本文合成了N-对氨基苯基-1,8-萘二亚酸胺和N-烯丙基-1,8-萘二亚酰胺,并合成其修饰的两种聚苯乙烯高分子材料。

14、The fundamental constitute and working elements of electronic thermometer was elaborated. 阐述了电子温度表组成部分的基本构成和工作原理。

15、We explores microcosm-entirety and macrocosm-entirety of text-syntax and function of them in the generation model. 探讨文本句法中的微观整合性和宏观整合性以及它们对文本生成的作用。

16、Food is composed of five essential nutrients: carbohydrates, protein, fat, vitamins and minerals. 食物由五种基本营养组成:碳水化合物、蛋白质、脂肪,维生素和矿物质。

17、The flora of the seed vines of Central China region was characterized with rich species, diversity areal-types, rich endemic and archaic elements. 通过研究认为:本区藤本种子植物具有种类丰富、分布类型多样、特有成分较多、区系较古老的特点;

18、The whole discussion about the costs, ROI or marketing of SOA boils down to one thing: Business and IT have to adopt a common mindset - a service-oriented mindset. 整个关于SOA的成本、ROI或市场营销的讨论,总结成一句话:业务和IT必须达成共识——一种面向服务的共识。

19、It is composed of two parts. The situation of the Prime Five's name and the Prime Five's address. 本章以五畜名称的种类和五畜呼语的种类等两个部分组成。

20、Some research results presented in the dissertation are being applied in the LPS-600A apparatus, and other would be the basis to improve the machine and SL process. 本文部分研究成果已在LPS-600A系统上成功实现和运用,另外一部分将作为新一代成型设备及成型工艺改进的基础。

21、Infrared spectrum drawing of invert gene color cotton is similar to that of gray cotton fiber, it shows that color cotton and gray cotton has same chemical component and molecular configuration. 转基因彩色棉纤维的红外光谱图与本白棉纤维的红外光谱图基本相同,说明彩色棉与本白棉都具有相同的化学组成和分子构型。

22、They are similar among these microsporidias. There are 16 kinds of amino acids in the total proteins of each microsporidia, but their relative contents are different. 氨基酸组成分析结果中发现各种孢子总蛋白所含的氨基酸种类基本相同,均含有16 种氨基酸,但各种氨基酸的相对含量不同。

23、Generally, there are three types of film translation: subtitling, dubbing and voice-over. 电影翻译基本分为三种类型:字幕翻译,配音和覆盖画外音。

24、The flora of the wetland plants was classified into 11 areal-types and 2 subtypes and composed mainly of tropic elements. 湿地种子植物属的分布区分为11个类型和2个亚型,以热带成分为主。

25、Fuyu people which integrated with Huimo and some Hans were the main part of the Five Bus of GaoGouli. 高句丽五部以夫余人为主,融合了秽貊及部分汉族。


26、After explaining the inverted elements in the initial position, the thesis continues to explain the full and the partial inversion of the subject-verb construction in the sentence. 在对句首倒装成分做出解释的基础上,文章继而对倒装句中动词全部或部分出现于主语之前的情况进行了解释。

27、Based on the liquid crystalline polymer theory, a kind of polyacrylate was synthesized by choosing biphenyl group as rigid nucleus of mesogenic unit and hexylidene as flexible spacing group. 依据液晶分子结构理论,选择联苯基作为介晶基元,六亚甲基为柔性间隔基,合成了一种丙烯酸酯侧链型液晶高分子。

28、However, certain verbal elements and nominal elements with specific syntactic status can only form a V-N construction with a specific syntactic status. 但具有特定句法地位的动词性成分和名词性成分组合时不会产生歧义。

29、China's agriculture industry is characterised by small-scale and fragmented operations, and China lacks a pipeline mechanism in agricultural technology development. 目前我国农业种子产业的资本分散,研发、生产和市场开发的实力都很弱,种子产业和常规育种技术的竞争力都嫌不足,无论是种子产业还是转基因技术本身,都还没有形成和发展转基因作物产业化所需要的完整技术链条。

30、The thesis consists of introduction, conclusion and body which contain 5 parts. 本文由前言、主文、和结论组成,主文分五部分。

31、Its molecular structure is made up of a five member, unsaturated lactone ring with two hydroxyl groups. 其分子结构是由五个成员国,不饱和内酯环两个羟基。

32、Ionomers can be classified according to either the electric charge of ionic group pendant to polymer chain or distribution of ionic group, and or character of the matrix. 离聚体可按连接基团的电性、 离子基团在主链上的分布、 基体的性质而分成各种不同类型。

33、The objectives of this study were to identify and map the Phytophthora resistance gene in Zaoshu18 in order to facilitate its utilization and marker-assisted breeding. 本研究鉴定和分子标记早熟18的抗疫霉根腐病基因,以期为该品种的有效利用及分子辅助育种奠定基础。

34、Exactly based on this idea, sub-model decomposition approach to concave polygon and hierarchical model weighted measure are presented. 本文正是基于这种分层的思想,定义了凹多边形的模式分解方法和分层加权测度模型。

35、Based on both herbarium examination and field investigation, the ranges of Schisandra chinensis and S. sphenanthera have been studied and corrected. 在标本室检查和野外考察的基础上,对北五味子和华中五味子的分布区作了订正。

36、It includes five models: growth stage model, shape development model, dry matter accumulation model, nutrient absorption model and yield model and so on. 本研究包括五个子模型,即生育期子模型、形态发育子模型、干物质积累子模型、养分吸收子模型、产量形成子模型。

37、This article, following a merge-and-move approach of the promotion theory of relativization as formulated in Vries(2002), conducts a thorough study of the derivation of this construction. 本文根据关系化提升理论的移位与合并方法,详细探讨分析了这种句式的生成过程。

38、Because Raoult's law assumed that you have a single component. 因为拉乌尔定律假设,有一种成分或基本上是一种成分。

39、The two basic component of rate-distortion model based on Lagrange multiplier in video coding are distortion and rate. 视频通信中的基于拉格朗日乘子法的率失真模型的两个基本组成部分是失真度和比特率。

40、Five hydrogen cyanide molecules can join up to make adenine -- a chemical element of the DNA molecule found in all living organisms on Earth. 五个氰化氢分子可以连在一起形成腺嘌呤—这是一种合成DNA分子的基本化学元素,在地球上所有生命体中都存在。

41、There are two types of basic integrated circuit: monolithic integrated circuit and the thin or thick film. 集成电路有两种基本类型:大集成电路和薄片或厚片。

42、A peptide containing many molecules of amino acids, between 10 and 100. 多肽一种含有许多氨基酸分子的肽,典型地是在10和100之间。

43、The groups divided as above coincided with groups classified according to molecular weight, amino acid composition and amino acid sequence of N-terminal of EFE components. 这种按免疫学性质分组与根据分子量大小、氨基酸组成和N端氨基酸序列分组基本吻合。

44、The cyclodextrin modified monolayer graphite can form the supramolecular complex with medicaments or genes, and the supramolecular complex is used as a novel medicament and gene vector. 环糊精修饰单层石 墨可以与药物或基因形成超分子复合物,作为一种新型的药物和基因载体。

45、Based on my extensive observations of the species, Apple-haters fall into five categories. 基于我本人的广泛观察,苹果痛恨者可以分成五大类。

46、Instead, there seems to be the network of theories, With each theory or model, our concepts of reality and of the fundamental constituents of the universe have changed. 相反,各种理论之间仿佛彼此相通,由于存在各种理论模型,才足以改变我们对现实世界和宇宙各种基本构成成分的认识。

47、Main ingredients:EGF, natural plant essence, ATB-2600, SG, and various kinds of vitamin, etc. 主要成分:表皮生长因子EGF、天然植物精华、新型氨基酸美白剂(ATB-2600)、SG和多种维生素等。

48、However, because of this instinctive ability, humans also came to categorize other humans — in other words, stereotyping them — the moment they laid eyes on them. 然而,由于这种本能的存在,人类一见到其他人,就会很容易给他们分类;换句话说,产生成见。

49、The growth and decline of these five economic sectors in the modern Chinese economy determines the basic features of the modern Chinese society and the basic destination of modern Chinese history. 这五种经济成分在中国近代社会经济中力量的消长变化,决定着中国近代社会的基本面貌和中国近代历史发展的基本方向。

50、Various basic sentence models are formed by arranging of the four valencies verbs and their argument components in order. 这些四价动词及其配元成分的有序排列构成了富有特色的不同的基干句模。


51、In the teaching of Confucianism during the Spring and Autumn and Warring States Periods, the curriculum was mainly based on The The Four Books and The Five Classics. 主要基于…的基础上,方便的拿整句我帮你翻 在春秋战国时期,传授儒学课程中的这部分知识,主要都是基于四书五经的内容。

52、Dumbbell-shaped compounds for building the first one and 3-aryloxy-1,2-epipropan as basic building-blocks for building second one have been synthesized. 合成了组装第一种分子梭的哑铃型化合物及组装第二种分子梭的基本砌块3-芳氧基-1,2-环氧丙烷。

53、Herbaceous plants were main components for species composition and individual number in seed bank of D. luodianense community under2different forest stands. 草本植物是两种不同林分下小蓬竹群落种子库物种组成和个体数量的主要组成部分。

54、Resco News reader provides all information in various tabs. 本软件把所有信息分成多种类型。

55、On the basis of the locality, conditions, the gravel content and other factors, we divide the waste land into 4 locality types and 4 soil types. 根据立地条件及砾沙含量等因子,我们将本区宜林荒地分成4种立地类型和4种土壤类型。

56、In this study, four referential types are distinguished, which include sentential cataphora, discourse cataphora, local discourse cataphora and local discourse anaphora. 本文区分了句内下指、语篇下指、局部语篇下指和局部语篇回指这四种不同指称照应方式。

57、In this thesis, space-time block coding and differential space-time coding are discussed on the basis of"one-ring"correlated channel model. 本文基于一种“单环”相关信道模型,对空时分组码和差分空时码进行了分析和研究。

58、Chapter 5 provides a new algorithm of image sharing, which based on grey half generation and sharing ideal. 本文第五章给出了一种基于灰色生成和共享思想的图像分存算法。

59、On the basis of relative literatures, a nove network nanocomposite was synthesized using the first generation polyamidoamine dendrimer (G1 PAMAM) as dispersant agent. 本论文在广泛的文献调研工作基础上,基于一代聚酰胺-胺树状高分子(G1 PAMAM)合成了一种新型网状纳米复合物;

60、There are three base implementations provided for subclassing. 所提供的用于生成子类的基本实现有三种。

61、In this case, the circuit really consists of genes that can detect up to five cancer-specific molecules and their concentrations. 特别的,这种电路真正是由能够检测多达五种癌症相关的分子和它们的浓度的基因组成的。

62、And quite often when English idioms come in two parts like this, people won’t even mention the second half. 类似这种由两部分组成的英语习语,人们通常只说前面的半句。

63、The present thesis studies the syntax of quantifiers in the framework of DP Analysis and the Phase Theory. 本文在生成语法限定词词组假设理论和语段理论框架下,对量词的句法进行分析研究。

64、The left dislocation construction refers to a syntactic structure in which a constituent is moved to the beginning of a sentence and the original position is usually marked by a pronominal element. 左移位指一种句法结构,其中一个成分被移至句首,此时原来的位置往往通过一个代词成分标出。

65、A word about grades-- you may in fact take this course pass-fail. 关于分数我有两句话要说,这门课只分及格和不及格两种。

66、The article introduces the principle and several processes of compressing and forming on cotton stalk fuel, and it also disciples equipments involved. 本文介绍了棉秆燃料压缩成型技术的基本原理,并描述了几种棉秆燃料压缩成型的工艺过程和压缩成型设备。

67、In other words, Turner's awe when looking at human achievements and when looking at history itself. 换句话说,人类取得的成果和历史本身让透纳为之敬畏。

68、It is shown that any SQL- like nested query can be decomposed into four basic nested types. 在分析基础上,提出了将SQL类查询语句转换成关系代数表达式的算法。

69、The fifth part points out some inappropriate or misused Chinese characters and misquotations. 第五大部分提出这本书的词句不妥之处,及许多错字,以及引用诗文的错误。

70、Satellite offices in Shanghai and Beijing focus on fundamental, macro, and policy research. 在上海和北京的人造宇宙站办公室把重心集中在基本的,句集, 和政策研究。

71、On the base of two results with polymer flooding and water flooding, five evaluation methods are investigated. The cost conventional and after measure parameters are presented. 在聚合物驱油与水驱相比所产生的两个效应的基础上,探讨和分析了五种评价方法,给出了聚合物驱油常规成本参数和采取措施后的成本参数。

72、Eliminate the cost differentials between distributed and existing mainframe-based development environments. 消除分布式开发环境和基于现有大型机的开发环境之间的成本差异。

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