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导读: 32个,关于”表达不舍的句子“的英语句子32个,句子主体:Sentences expressing reluctance。以下是关于表达不舍的句子的高一英语句子。


关于”表达不舍的句子“的英语句子32个,句子主体:Sentences expressing reluctance。以下是关于表达不舍的句子的高一英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Sentences expressing reluctance

1、No. The individual subexpressions are not sequenced with respect to one another. 第个人的子表达式不相对于另一个序列。

2、Conclusion The expression of CD28 is different in different HBV-specific CTLs. 结论不同HBV抗原表位特异性CTL的CD28表达情况不同。

3、Bu + V + Liao" ( not + V + any more) is a sentence pattern with many different meanings: the meaning of "decline", "plan" and "change", but each has its own syntactic and semantic characteristic. “不V了”是个多义格式,分别表达“谢绝”、“打算”和“变化”的格式义,但它们表现出各自不同的句法和语义特点。

4、Following words have to appear on the works: "Ex Libris", The Bookplate of…" or some other similar expression_r(e. g. 证明的话必须出现在作品:“前Libris…”,“的藏书票表明或其他一些类似的表达(例句。

5、You can't express your feelings. 你不会表达你的感情,也就是说,你演不了戏。

6、If you can't express in a sentence or two what you intend to get across, then your speech is not focused well enough. 如果一两句话不能把你想说的意思表达出来,那说明你说话的重点不够突出。

7、Britain has often been stereotyped as home to "the stiff upper lip", signifying strength of character and an adversity to emotional expression. 大家都说英国人都是“刀子嘴”,个性强硬,不乐于表达感情。

8、I've always considered myself to be a pretty decent writer, but expressing someone else's ideas and being true to the original while remaining smooth and eloquent is harder than it looks. 我总是把自己当成一个相当不错的作者,但是,译文是在表达别人的思想同时,要做到忠于原文,字句顺达,优美自然真的比表面看起来的要难的多。

9、First notice that this subexpression is itself composed of two child subexpressions, with some stuff in the middle that is not part of any child subexpression. 首先,请注意这个子表达式本身由两个子表达式组成,两者之间的字符并不属于任何一方。

10、Express your pain away from your child. 不要对孩子表达你的痛苦。

11、Low level expression at diestrus and estrus, and the less expression at metestrus; 动情间期和动情期表达减弱; 动情后期表达极低;

12、Like Zhao Guoman, many entrepreneurs expressed their willingness to invest in Hefei. 和赵国满一样,不少企业都表达了到合肥投资的意愿。

13、Remember that you execute the body of an if statement only if the expression is True, which for this expression happens when the variable i is not evenly divisible by 25. 记住,您只在表达式为 True 时执行 if 语句体。该表达式在当变量 i 不能被 25 整除时计算为 True。

14、He drinks in all the words and expressions which come to him in a fresh,ever-bubbling spring. 他全部吸收了那些如同一股清新的、不断涌出的泉水般流向他的词语和表达方式。这个句子中前半部分用了直译法,后边的“come to him in a fresh,ever-bubbling spring”用了意译法。

15、As I have tried to show, modern writing at its worst does not consist in picking out words for the sake of their meaning and inventing images in order to make the meaning clearer. 正如我所演示,现代文风之大谬莫过于不再遴词选句,以便清晰地表情达意。

16、Enid could not say one tender word. 艾尼达连句亲切的话也说不出来。

17、When all parenthetical subexpressions have been evaluated, the rest of the expression is evaluated. 所有括号内的子表达式都求值完毕后,表达式的其它部分再求值。

18、Expressing anger related to minor, fleeting annoyances just amplifies bad feelings, while not expressing anger often allows it to dissipate. 表达对于微不足道的、转瞬即逝的烦恼中的愤怒只会放大那种坏情绪;而不表达往往会让它们消散。

19、Sometimes you need to group sub-expressions with parenthesis, but don't want the parenthesis to spit out another marked sub-expression, in this case a non-marking parenthesis (? 有些时候你需要使用圆括号对子表达式分组,但是却不想这个括号里面的内容再作为标示子表达式,在这种情况下可使用非标示圆括号(。

20、Female inmate Mei Lan is emotionally unstable and is very negative. Everybody is trying to help her. 女宿舍舍友美兰近期情绪不稳,常表达负面,大家都在帮助她。

21、the yearly meeting annual party annual meeting the annual conference 根据不同情况选用不同表达。

22、The content of the tea culture is expanded, which can function as expressing thoughts, exchanging feelings and expressing wishes. 使茶文化的内容得到 扩张。同时可以起到表达思想、交流感情、表达祝愿的作用。

23、However he left a very moving sentence for Cao Er. That's: "If words can't express clearly. I'd like to prove it with my life." 然而他却给草儿留下了一句非常感人的话,那就是:“如果语言无法表达,我愿意用生命来证明。”

24、The effect of TM2 on transcription regulated by heat-inducible promoter indicated that the MAR did not change the regulation pattern but improved the expression level of the heat-inducible promoter. 热诱导型启动子的研究表明, TM2仅提高热诱导的表达强度, 而不改变启动子的热诱导表达调控特性。

25、Bill de hora in a comment to the post disagrees Bill de hora在对这篇帖子的评论中表达了不同的看法


26、The Argentine has exploded onto the Serie A scene in emphatic style and Signori has hailed club and player. 这位阿根廷人以非常抢眼的表现在意甲赛场爆发。西格诺里也表达了对俱乐部和这位球员的敬意。(这句话不大懂)

27、Seth expressed my feelings when he said, "Thou shalt not violate…" 赛斯所言,“汝不应侵害……”表达了我的感情。

28、In Thailand, the proverb is couched differently: people are said to escape from tigers only to be eaten by crocodiles. 在泰国,这句俗语有不同的表达:从虎口逃离的人们被鳄鱼吃了。

29、For example, when you are beset in the battlefield, would you like to show your enemies how much you love them? 举个例子来说,如果你在战场上被围了,你愿不情愿想你的敌人表达你有多爱他们?

30、The different semantics of the adjectival syntactic construction is closely related to the different ways language users conceptualize the entities or the events. 一个形容词句式表达不同的语义,是由语言运用者对相关实体或事件的特征概念化的不同方式造成的。

31、They are of similar word class and grammatical form. But their non-interrogative usages differ because of syntactic constraints. 而非疑问用法由于受到不同的句式制约,产生了不同的表达方式。

32、Jumping into a statement expression with goto or using a switch statement outside the statement expression with a case or default label inside the statement expression is not permitted. 不允许使用switch语句或是goto跳 入到声明表达式中。

33、The problem is consistency: we're just not good at expressing our desires in rating form. 这个问题一贯如此:我们恰恰不擅长以评分表的形式表达我们的愿望。

34、" Signed "has been accompanied by the beautiful side of you do not speak, " the love card posted on the walls make a wish, expressing Wang King of the disaster the child's affectionate blessing. 署名“一直陪伴在你们身边的美丽不说话”的爱心卡贴在许愿墙上,表达着王琼对灾区孩子的深情祝福。

35、Young Chinese use it to express embarrassment, or a bad mood. 杨中使用它来表达的尴尬,或心情不好。

36、These fotos can not reflex what i mean, or they expressed what i do not want. 这些照片不能反映我想要表达的,或表达的是我不想要的。

37、This kind of voicing is more of an expression of the people's livelihood, public opinions, public feelings as well as fashion than that of literature and culture. 这种表达空间不止是文学文化意义上的表达,更是所有民生民意民情时尚资讯的表达。

38、Further, these toys serve as a means through which Chinese people can express their hopes and desires, as well as their affection towards to their children. 再者,这些玩意让中国人表达他们的冀盼和愿望,以及对自己孩子的感情。

39、"The president just thinks that, it was just a s, people express themselves in lots of different ways," White House spokeswoman Dana Perino said. 白宫发言人达娜·佩里诺说:“总统先生觉得那只不过是一只鞋子,人们表达情感的方式有很多种。”

40、As a general rule, state the main idea of a paragraph in the first sentence--the topic sentence. Don't keep your readers guessing. 通常,文章的第一句话就要表达出自己的看法,这也就是所谓的“主题句”。不要让读者去猜想。

41、Expression of leukocyte adhesion molecules at different stage in acute lung injury. 急性肺损伤不同时期白细胞粘附分子的表达及其意义。

42、Objective To study the expressing activity of vector containing two promoters in eukaryotic cells. 目的研究含双启动子表达载体在真核细胞中的表达活性。

43、It is obvious that there is a disparity between the semantic (argument) structures and their syntactic representations. 非宾格动词的语义(论元)结构与其句法表达方式之间存在明显的不一致。

44、Posted on the wall were also notes from children expressing their wishes. 上还贴着许多孩子们表达愿望的小条。

45、Bagration recognised him, and uttered a few words, awkward and incoherent , as were indeed all he spoke that day. 巴格拉季翁在认出他之后,说了几句如同他今日所说的不连贯的表达不恰当的话。

46、不舍得就是舍不得吧~ be reluctant to reluctant 英[ri'lʌktənt] 美[rɪ'lʌktənt] adj.不情愿的, 勉强的

47、I still remember the warm sunrise from the eyes of yours 这句话虽然不怎么表达思念 但是我很喜欢 意思大概是 我依旧记得从你眼中散发出的日出的温暖光芒

48、Rhetoric aims at how to choose words, make sentences and apply the figures of speech in order to make language accurate and vivid. 修辞不外乎是炼词炼句和运用辞格,使语言表达准确,生动形象。

49、The book Zhuang Zi shows the trinity of fable, randomness and tautology, which is different from the signified of conceptual thinking but is the signifier with implied meanings. 《庄子》之文诗意表达是寓言、卮言、重言三位一体。这种三位一体,不同于概念思维规定性之所指的表达,而是作为寓旨性之能指的表达。

50、An expression that shows sullenness or which is suggestive of any other breed is entirely foreign. 表情所表达的情绪或许与其他品种完全不同。


51、If you can t express in a sentence or two what you intend to get across3, then your speech is not focused well enough. 如果一两句话不能把你想说的意思表达出来,那说明你说话的重点不够突出。

52、This optimization removes invariant subexpressions from the body of a loop. 此优化将不变量子表达式从循环体中移除。

53、The mode of expression_r, the tone and modulation of the voice, the choice of words, and certain other indefinable things distinguish him. 表达的方式、音调的转换、遣词造句以及某种难以言表的东西会让他们与众不同。

54、Outputs what matched the last marked sub-expression in the regular expression. 输出与正则表达式中最后一个被标记的子表达式相匹配的文本。

55、This is but an inarticulate way of saying, "We have not much, but we make the most of what we have." 有一句很难表达的话是这样说的:我们有的东西不多,但件件物尽其用。

56、sub-expression are not. 子表达式产生的资源却不在其中。

57、TRP expresses highly in the prostatic cancer epithelia at different levels, but whether it expresses in chronic prostatitis epithelia or not remains poorly understood. 前列腺癌上皮细胞中TRP离子通道有不同程度的高表达,而慢性前列腺炎中的表达尚不清楚。

58、The image of authority he conveys is pointedly ambiguous. 他所表达的权威的视觉表达是不明确的。

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