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关于”感悟人生的句子“的英语句子39个,句子主体:Sentences for understanding life。以下是关于感悟人生的句子的高三英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Sentences for understanding life

1、Here are 88 things I've discovered about life, the world, and its inhabitants by this point in my short time on earth. 文中列举出的88条人生道理,是我在整个人生中对生活对人对世界的观察与领悟。

2、From these three respects, the first chapter of the article discusses that transcendence is the aesthetic living style of Confucius'. 人生的领悟——生与死三个方面来论述“超越”是孔子的审美化生存方式。

3、There is a image to life has a profound understanding and comprehension. 有一种意象,感悟着生活原义中的心灵回归。

4、I literally have a physical reaction when people tell me this. 每当有人对我说这句话,我都会产生某种生理反应。

5、Fu Tian-lin has deep and sharp understanding of living, truth, and life. 傅天琳悟性敏锐、深沉,她感悟生活,感悟真理,感悟人生。

6、Again the network language has a great arbitrariness sentence word-formation, easy to misleading don't even understand. 再次网络语言的构词造句有很大的随意性,容易让人产生误解甚至不理解。

7、Level of seed vigor increased progressively until moisture concentration of seed reaching 12. 3% when was 3-6 days after PM (average over six genotypes). 的活力水平随发育不断增高,生理成熟后3~6天的活力水平高于生理成熟的。

8、Only then the academic society withstands, we only then can feel become aware the life the philosophy; 只有学会承受,我们才会感悟人生的哲理;

9、Moreover, reading ability of the students with mild mental ation is significantly lower than reading ability of non-ed students in vocabulary, sentences, paragraph and text comprehension. 随班就读轻度智力残疾学生与普通学生在词语理解、句子理解、段落大意理解及篇章理解中各项知识点的得分上均存在极其显著的差异;

10、Knowing death is the start to know life; 感悟到死亡使你开始理解生命;

11、Say something to mollify his anger. 你去解劝几句, 叫他别生气了。

12、Every product of NInimeo is the sentiment, is the understanding and interpretation of life. 尼米奥的每一款产品都是感悟,是对生活的理解和诠释。

13、Some focused on grammar.They must understand all kinds of clauses. 有些学生注重语法,他们必须理解各种从句。

14、We can then take that awareness into the rest of our lives. 我们可以将这种感悟用到以后的生活中。

15、It comes out of what he calls Spiritus Mundi, ; a semi-technical term; Yeats's name for something like the collective unconscious of all peoples, a kind of repertoire of archetypes from which the symbols that we use to understand the world derive. 他所谓的圣灵蒙迪中感悟到此,一个半技巧化的词;,叶芝说的一些,就像人们的集体无知,典型的全能例子,来自于我们,用来理解生活的意象。

16、The clean and elegant life style deduces the deep thought of life. 清雅的生活方式,演绎对生命的深层感悟。

17、In Mainland China boarding schools, there are caretakers who are responsible for management of students'residential matters, caring about students'feelings, and enriching students'school lives. 生活教师就是在寄宿制学校中负责管理孩子的寄宿生活,与他们交流感情,丰富其在校生活的教师。

18、Its essence is to let students comprehend a text on their own through interation and conversation. 其实质是让学生在“三开放”中,通过互动与对话,自主生成对文本的理解与感悟。

19、No man ever got as much out of life as G.K. 从没有人像G·K·切斯特顿那样,从生活中获得如此多的感悟。

20、The mental experience means affection, awareness, thinking, missing and so on. 心理体验是指感受、感悟、觉解、觉悟、思想、思念、体察、体会等。

21、Realize the importance of "living together with others". Make friends with a grateful heart, neither forgetting favors nor neglecting thanks. 请觉悟“与人共同生活”的重要性,常怀感恩的心!以不忘恩、不忽略感谢、尊重义气的心与人相交往。

22、Post-graduate students' learning pattern is expected to be an investigative and explorative one, in which the personal experience, the reflection to life and the book knowledge act upon each other. 研究生学习的方式,应该是书本理论知识与个人生活经验及人生感悟融会贯通的研究性、探索性学习方式。

23、You western can't understand the connotation from the sentence which like "Do not be attracted by me(brother), brother(me) is just a Ledgend"; 你们西方人并不理解像‘不要迷恋哥,哥是只个传说’这类句子的真正含义,这是东方人解读犀利哥的方式。

24、Its detailed description of rhe grass-roots level in a way riches our experience and realization towards life. 他的对于基层农村生活的叙写 ,从一个侧面丰富了我们对生活的体验和对人生的感悟。

25、We can still feel sorry for you, but since you don't understand us, live as you do understand. 我们仍然为你们感到难过,但是既然你们不能理解我们的生活方式,就照你们可以理解的那样过日子吧。


26、Sadly, parasitic worms infect people who are still alive, especially kids. 可是,寄生型的蠕虫却可以感染活生生的人,尤其是小孩子。

27、I want to remain a wise pillar in my two sons’ lives as they marry, have children and discover their own truths. 我仍然想要做我的两个孩子身背后的支柱,看着他们成长:娶妻生子,领悟人生。

28、He has written to me frequently since I have been ill. 因此此句可理解为:“自从我生病以来, 他经常给我写信。”

29、Awareness is the key to balanced living because it lets you see every moment of your life and appreciate it. 感悟是平衡生活的关键因为它让你看到生活的每个瞬间并欣赏他们。

30、Read a page fruitful life perception about the personal growth. 看一部写满丰盛人生感悟的手札。

31、Only those who survived a disaster would better understand the deeper meaning of life. 劫后余生的人们通常对生命的理解更深刻。这句话如何翻译?

32、While proceeding to English study and bilingual appreciation, comprehends the life, savors the life. 在英语学习及双语赏析的同时,感悟生活、品味人生。

33、The originality of life is the inherent motive factor that drives savvying. Such an original consciousness is the often called "savvying" in Chinese aesthetics. 妙悟活动是以人本来具有的生命智慧来观照,生命的本源性是推动妙悟活动的内在动力因素。

34、Difficulties: Chinese students tend to get low scores on the writing section. Test-takers need to develop logical skills, a large vocabulary, and an understanding of sentence structures. 难点:中国学生往往在写作部分分数较低。考生需要提高他们的逻辑思维能力、词汇量和对句子结构的理解。

35、At the same time, I also wake up to, my father's views on the middle class life, sentence is indeed reasonable. 同时,我也醒悟到,我父亲关于中间阶层生活的看法,确实句句在理。

36、Kids make a person responsible and mature and help us to understand life better. 孩子让一个人变得负责人和成熟,斑竹我们更好的理解生活。

37、I also think it should be associated with the previous one, with a tiny bit concern though, however, I'll change my idea. tks! 这句话要和前面一句联系起来理解,我认为你的理解有误。

38、In "Zhuangzi" where it appeared firstly, soaring was the ideal life realm which Zhuangzi designed and the symbol of returning to the great Tao. “遨游”首先出现在《庄子》中,是庄子所设计的理想人生境界,是体悟道性者回归大道的象征。

39、Amazingly, all the results come out of a basic insight from stuffing pigeons into pigeonholes. 让人感觉不可思议的是,结果都产生于对将鸽子塞入鸽子洞现象的基本理解。

40、The emotion and comprehension of life is called 'the thing itself' (Sache selbt), which goes ahead of any being or anything. 这样的生活情感、生活领悟,是先行于任何存在者、任何物的“事情本身”。

41、Apperceive life, appreciate your living, it is appreciation that decorates our lives, to brim it with gorgeous flavors. 感悟生命,感谢生活,它使我们的日子充满斑斓的色彩和杂陈的况味。

42、Books like " tea", which the ups and downs in life are concentrated in every word in the sentence, let us like to win the victory of Life. 书就像“ 柴米油盐酱醋茶”,它们把生活中的酸甜苦辣都浓缩在字字句句中,让我们捧起它就像捧起了对生命的感悟。

43、Significant correlation is found in the abilities of understanding rhetorical question and of using rhetorical question. 学生对反问句的理解能力和运用能力存在显著相关。

44、I mean, I think that everyone is, you know, sort of inspired by their own lives and experiences. 我觉得每个人都对自己的生活和经历有所感悟。

45、There are lots of happinesses and sorrows in life. Any way , I belive that there are charming pleasures and hurts in it when one enjoy it. 生活总让人欢喜也让人忧。我总喜欢说那句:享受生活赐予的迷人的痛和乐。

46、Sentiment of the life: Man proposes, God disposes in the day. 人生感悟:谋事在人,成事在天。

47、Here are 88 things I’ve discovered about life, the world, and its inhabitants by this point in my short time on earth. 文中列举出的88条人生道理,是我在整个人生中对生活对人对世界的观察与领悟。

48、It is a deep concern about lives of individualists in the real world, a perception for life and a sort of research in behavior. 它是立足于人的生活世界,对个体生命的深切关怀,并基于自己的生命感悟之作。

49、No matter how other people say that we obviously deeply emotional spiritual life is the most expensive part, so we have sufficient reason to believe that! 不管旁人怎么说,我们明明深切地感悟到情感生活是精神生活中最昂贵的部分,因此,我们有足够的理由相信!

50、In other words, what you bring into your life is a vibrational match to who you are. 换句话说,你带进你生活中的东西与你是什么样的人心电感应般的相称。

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