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关于”表对比的句型“的英语句子26个,句子主体:Comparative sentence patterns。以下是关于表对比的句型的专升本英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Comparative sentence patterns

1、The result of comparison between the model-predicted data and experimental data shows that the model is of reliable precision. 通过模型结果与实验结果的比较,表明模型具有一定的精度。

2、A comparative karyotypic study of three species in Fritillaria. Title 三种贝母核型的比较研究。

3、Objective: To identify protein profiling difference of white adipose tissue between type 2 diabetes and control. 目的比较肥胖型2型糖尿病患者和非2型糖尿病对照者脂肪组织蛋白谱的差异。

4、I actually prefer real vintage cars. 事实上我比较倾向真正古典型的车。

5、In Chapter 2, we introduce some typical graphical representations of bio-sequences. 第二章介绍了几种比较典型的生物序列图形表示方法;

6、Jacquard pattern stereo sense is stronger, design level abundant, feel soft, er. 提花面料的花型立体感比较强,花型层次比较丰富,手感柔软,光泽度好。

7、By comparing Shanghai with Chinese typical provinces as well as cities such as Beijing, the author comes to the result that there is nothing exceptional of the housing price-income ratio in Shanghai. 通过上海市房价收入比相对值研究,即上海房价收入比的历史对比及与全国、东中西部代表省份、典型城市北京的比较,得出上海房价收入比并无异常的结论。

8、From the comparison sheet, you can tell we have 21,000 RMB more features than Magotan 1.8T standard, there is no MSRP difference, the Mondeo's value is 21,000RMB more than Magotan 1.8T standard. 从以上配置比较分析表中,您可看出蒙迪欧-致胜时尚型的配置比迈腾1.8T标准型多21,000元,厂家建议零售价一样,蒙迪欧-致胜时尚型比迈腾1.8T标准型超值21,000元。

9、Further phenetic classification, based on the comprehensive comparisons, established also two distinct groups, with artificial napus taxa as one and natural ones as the other. 根据综合比较,进行表型分类也证实了合成甘蓝型油莱与天然甘蓝型油菜分为明显的两组。

10、We can get the similarity among 3D models by matching the similarity among feature binary trees. 通过对3维模型特征二叉树进行相似性比较可以得到3维模型的相似性。

11、Inclusion ability between the dye and different kinds of cyclodextrins was compared. 对不同类型环糊精的包结能力进行了比较;

12、Two models used in computing gas discharge-PIC model and fluid model are compared. 比较了两种计算气体放电的模型―流体模型和PIC模型。

13、China's labor-intensive and processed agricultural products are better than land-intensive agricultural products in comparative advantage; 劳动密集型和加工类农产品比土地密集型农产品更具有比较优势;

14、After a discussion about strongly typed objects versus list-based data structures, Andrej moves on to definitions verses variables. Andrej在比较了强类型对象与基于列表的数据结构后,又转向对变量定义的讨论。

15、Go through the animation and compare full-figured to curvy or skinny to thin. 继续使用动画,将肥胖者与曲线型的比较,或将骨瘦如柴的与瘦弱型比较。

16、The alteration is different from typical porphyry-type copper deposits and the mineralization is characterized by rich tungsten and gold and poor copper. 与典型斑岩型矿床蚀变分带对比,莲花山斑岩型矿床不同原岩类型蚀变特征变化较大,矿化则表现出富钨、金贫铜及钨金共同产出的特征。

17、The results showed, compared with the hyperlipidemia control group, DMY reduced the weights of mice significantly; 结果表明:与高脂模型组比较,二氢杨梅素对高脂血症小鼠体重有明显减轻作用;

18、However, it is difficult to select suitable material of model pipes for larger model scale. 但对于较大模型比尺,很难找到理想的模型材料。

19、The phenotypes of patients with ADP caused by the SCA2, LRRK2, and unknown mutations were compared, as well as those of SCA2 patients with interrupted or uninterrupted expansions of the same size. 分别比较SCA2、LRRK2和未知基因的表型,同时比较SCA2患者同样大小扩增阻断和未阻断的表型。

20、To compare the two models, the choice performance is boldness for final model and discusses the model of actual application. 比较两个模型,选择性能较优者为最终模型并探讨了该模型的实际应用。

21、The horses were sent to the race place by the big trucks. 由于是一个小型比赛所以比赛的马都是比较普通的马匹。

22、In the extracOnal type, the X-ray appearance is quite characteristic, and the vasion one shows a malignant sign. 并指出锥外型有比较特征性的X线表现,外侵型为恶性征象。

23、Objective: To study phenotype trait of Shigella boydii aerogenesis variety type 14 in shandong province, and to compare it with F. coli O32. 目的:研究我省鲍氏志贺菌14型(C14)产气变种流行菌株的表型特性,比较与大肠杆菌O32之间表型特性的相关性。

24、Comparison of CG genotypic frequency of -28C/G:There was no significant difference between normal control group and DM group (P >0.05); 的CG基因型频率比较:正常对照组和糖尿病组比较差异不显著(P>0.05);

25、From the comparisons with other kinds of models it can be seen that this new geopotential model can provide more high accuracy in medium wavelength. 与其他模型比较表明,这种由超定剪裁法解得到的局部模型能够较好地改善重力场模型中波长部分的精度。


26、If the index is being bypassed, then the RHS of the comparison should be type-cast. 如果会绕过索引,应该对比较表达式的 RHS 执行类型转换。

27、Oh, they come out with new models all the time, but they are usually lighter, fancier looking, and more cheaply made than previous models. 噢, 他们出来与新模型所有时刻, 但他们通常是比较轻, 比较花梢看, 和比较便宜做比早先模型。

28、Finally, the SCC is compared with the same mixing but vibrated concrete on compressive strength. 而且还对自密实混凝土与同配比振捣成型混凝土的抗压强度进行比较。

29、The leaves of the "NDF-1" mutant are wrinkled and thick compared with those of the wild-type control, and wane earlier than those of the wildness. 成熟植株除比野生型低矮之外,叶色上也较野生型绿些,而且叶片比野生型褶皱,真叶也有较野生型提前衰老的迹象。

30、The failure rate represents the percentage of executions that encountered errors. 错误率表示遇到错误的执行语句的比例。

31、Returns the generic type object of this CompaToObjInter. 取得此可比较介面与泛型物件的泛型物件。

32、Functional block structure is more complicated than the main profile and more difficult to be formed into the needed profile. 相对于型材主体来说,功能块结构比较复杂,准确成型较困难。

33、By virtue of numerical simulations, flow distributions within the thruster, thrust, specific impulse and thrust efficiency of the thruster in radiation and no radiation models are presented. 数值模拟结果对比给出了辐射模型和非辐射模型流动分布情况,并比较了两种模型推力器推力、比冲和推进效率。

34、Our conclusion is that MOSES software is quite reliable for the prediction of motion responses of multi-point moored FPSO. 对比表明,MOSES软件计算多点系泊型式FPSO运动响应的结果具有较好的可信度。

35、And the properties of anionic, cationic and nonionic polyurethane emulsions were also compared. 并比较了阴离子型,阳离子型和非离子型聚氨酯乳液的性能。

36、Tertiary phosphine ligands are sensitive to air and moisture. Thus we synthesized two stable ligands: the bidentate ON ligand and tridentate ONO ligand. 由于含膦的配体对空气和水比较敏感,所以我们合成了两种新的较稳定的配体:ON型的两齿配体和ONO型的钳型配体。

37、Klebold is easier to comprehend, a more familiar type. 科利鲍比较容易理解,属于较为熟悉的类型。

38、Conclusion The Chinese Cognitive Ability Scale had excellent construct validity and fluid-crystal model and five-factor model are better theoretical models. 结论华文认知能力量表具有较好的结构效度,晶体-流体和五因素模型是比较合适的理论模型。

39、We invite comparison, not only of our own risk models, but our collective common sense quotient. 我们欢迎比较,不仅比较风险模型,而且也比较大家的集体常识商数。

40、Cotton seed variety types currently more on sowing time requirements are flexible. 目前棉种品种类型较多,对播种期要求比较灵活。

41、Every child longs for the same (happy) future. 这应该是一个比较典型的中文式的表达,英语习惯这样说吧

42、A simulation of a typical model is presented to compare the performances of BSF and EKF. 最后基于一个典型的非线性模型对BSF 和EKF进行了仿真比较。

43、While form and dialog-based apps are easy to make, writing good graphical apps is more difficult. 虽然表单型和对话框型的程序很容易完成,要编写好的图形程序却比较难。

44、Question: In patients with small or medium-size rotator cuff tears, how do surgery and physiotherapy compare? 问题:对于肩袖小型或者中型撕裂的患者,手术与理疗效果比较如何?

45、and the smaller sectionals that are called precepts. 又评估比较小型的,称为戒律的课程。

46、Now the commonly used seal groove is a logarithm spiral groove. 现在的密封 槽 型比较常用的是对数螺 线 槽。

47、Comparison of cognition among syndromes in each group. 各组内证型认知状态比较。

48、This thesis establishes the new facet-tree classification scheme, by comparing and summarizing typical facet description model. 本文通过对典型刻面描述模型的比较综合,确定了新的刻面树分类方案。

49、The other patients with the normal, or wild-type, KRAS genes are likely to respond to these drugs, he said. 他表示,其他病患是正常的野生型KRAS 基因,对这些药物比较可能有反应。

50、I prefer a sub - compact, your least expensive model. 我比较喜欢小车,最便宜的型号。


51、Changes of gene expression pattern of the Lung meridian group, the Heart meridian group and the model group in the heart were compared. 比较肺经组与模型组、心经组与模型组的心脏基因表达谱变化。

52、The simulation results indicate that CRCL can improve the performance of streaming media application efficiently, especially in data transmission, convergence time and average path length. 通过仿真实验对比表明:该模型在中小型流媒体应用中具有很高的数据传输率、较短的收敛时间,同时平均路径长度也较小。

53、Comparison of Clark-Y, low reflection, Mid reflection and high reflection in foil shape. 低反射,中反射,高反射等翼型的外型比较图。

54、Side by side comparison test between a pyranometer with PV sensor and a PSP one was carried out. 对光电型总日射表与PSP型总日射表进行了对比测试。

55、Type A people are conservative And passive, and are concerned with appearance. A型血人通常较为保守和被动,比过去俄都比较注重外在表现。

56、Table 3 compares base data types for Linux on x86 and Solaris on SPARC. 表 3 对 x86 上的 Linux 和 SPARC 上的 Solaris 这两者的基本数据类型进行了比较。

57、In particular, relation-based governance is suitable for investment-based stage, while rule-based governance is suitable for innovation-based stage. 关系型治理比较适合基于投资的发展阶段,规则型社会则比较适合基于创新的发展阶段。

58、The larger Columbian mammoth lived further south. 而体型较大的哥伦比亚猛犸则生活在较远的南方。

59、Objective- To compare the caries prevention effect of resin and glass ionomer cement sealant. 比较树脂型和高粉液比玻璃离子封闭剂窝沟封闭对第一恒磨牙的防龋效果。

60、The article tries to study Chinese and English inversions from the structural differences and effects of expression. 文章拟从结构差异和表达效果两方面对英汉倒装句进行对比研究。

61、In other words, this group shows strong "keeping up with the Joneses" behavior. 换句话说,这组会员表现出强烈的攀比行为。

62、Compared with the two lake zones with different ecotypes, macrophyte dominated one had higher nutrients fluxes than the algae one. 仅从不同生态类型的湖区比较结果看,草型湖区比藻型湖区有更高的氮磷交换通量。

63、We compared the presence of autoantibodies to basophil degranulation phenotypes and to disease status. 我们对嗜碱性粒细胞脱颗粒表型以及疾病不同状态时疾病的自身抗体进行比较。

64、The comparison of the calculated values for the model with the experimental data indicated that this model is reliable for diffusion controlled crystal growth. 模型计算与实验数据比较表明,湍流传质模型对扩散传质控制的晶体生长过程是可靠的。

65、This graph shows the memory capacity of the new EBP as compared to that of the old model. 这个图表是表示旧型和新型电子书的记忆容量的比较。

66、The sorting is performed by the default comparer for the type of the element. 排序是由针对元素类型的默认比较器执行的。

67、Comparing with small tank, the sloshing in large tank includes not only fundamental mode but also higher modes and its fundamental period is much larger than that of small tank. 从与小体积罐的比较可以看出,大型储液罐的液面晃动不只是以基本振型为主,前几阶振型对液面晃动的贡献也比较显著,并且液面晃动的基本周期比小体积罐的大很多。

68、Other anemias. There are several other, rarer forms of anemia, such as thalassemia and anemias caused by defective hemoglobin. 其它类型比如地中海贫血、血红蛋白病等相对较为罕见的类型。

69、There was a majority of substantial or disconnected connective tissue type in Lean pigs . 瘦肉型猪致密型与不连续型结缔组织比例较高,梅山猪则多为疏松型与连续型。

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