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导读: 28个,关于”精选的短句“的英语句子28个,句子主体:。以下是关于精选的短句的九年级英语句子。




1、Although there were only 5 runners competing in the 100-meter dash, it was still an exciting race. 虽然只有5名选手参加本次的100米短跑比赛,但这仍然是一场精彩的比赛。

2、GPS, Short baseline, Sample quantity, Precision estimation. GPS定位,短基线,子样容量,精度评定。

3、Family education determines a person's basic training. 家庭之间,一言一动,当思为子弟足法。

4、This article is short and pithy . 这篇文章短小精悍。

5、Men are required to wear full-length trousers or shorts and long or short sleeved shirts. 男子选手须穿长裤或短裤及短袖或长袖上衣。

6、Do not repair can not be together its home. 家有万贯,不如出个硬汉。

7、The candidate braced up after his defeat. 这位候选人在竞选失败后重新振作精神。

8、March 15 marks the International Consumer Rights Day. Would you share with us your experience of protecting your rights as a consumer? xx月xx日是"国际消费者权益日",您能和我们分享您的维权故事吗?请将您的短信发至106580007835(免信息费),中英文皆可。短信获选刊登的作者均有精美礼品相赠。

9、Family don't often don't frugal, check on female members of a family and. 把挚爱留给父母,让幸福陪伴老人。

10、Shwup automatically made and added three muvees to my al, using my photos put to music it chooses with dramatically timed transitions. Shwup自动为我的相册制作和添加了三个短片,在我的相片上添加它所选择的音乐和极其精准的变调。

11、our customer is very select. 我们的客户是精心挑选的。

12、Leave the love to parents, let happiness accompany the old man. 家庭教育决定了一个人的基本修养。

13、He looked like an Olympic sprinter. 他看上去就像一个奥运会的短跑选手。

14、Tom had found five short verses. 汤姆选了五节短的。

15、The criterion can assure high precision for fault feeder detection when single-phase-to-earth happens on long feeder or short feeder. 通过仿真可知,该判据保证了无论是短线路还是长线路发生单相接地时均有较高的选线精度。

16、The result of tests show that the grade of copper concentrate and the copper recovery are 18.04% and 45.60% by adopting a circuit of one rough floatation, one scavenger and one concentrating. 试验结果表明,采用一次粗选、一次扫选和一次精选的浮选流程,可获得铜精矿品位为18.04%、 回收率为45.60%的浮选指标。

17、The secondary spermatocytes become the spermatid quickly by short time development. 次级精母细胞经短暂的发育过程很快形成精细胞。

18、By adopting the closed circuit flotation flowsheet of single-stage roughing, two-stage scavenging and three-stage cleaning, a concentrate of 51. 采用一次粗选、两次扫选、三次精选闭路流程取得了精矿含钼51。

19、Schopenhauer terms the dream a brief insanity, and insanity a long dream. 叔本华这样描述:梦是短期的精神错乱,精神错乱则是长期的梦。

20、Mandatory arguments to long options are mandatory to short options too. 对长型的选项所提供的参数格式与对短行的选项一样。

21、Hand-carved solid Spruce top. 精选云杉;

22、III. Listen to the questions and choose the right answers. 根据问句选择正确的答语。

23、Don't keep son don't know their parents. 身不修不可以齐其家。

24、USA Prime steak chargrilled to perfection. Served with mashed potato and chef vegetables. 精选上等纽约牛排,精心炭烤至您指定的熟度,配厨师精选蔬菜及芝士土豆泥。

25、Everyday favorite Steak! Very tender juicy steak grilled to perfection. Served with mashed potato and chef vegetables. 精选上等肉眼牛排,精心炭烤至您指定的熟度,口感极佳,配上厨师精选蔬菜及芝士土豆泥。


26、Made of selected steel. 以精选的铁材制成。

27、When there is need to introduce the text, he often only on the screen to select the most concise one or a few words to show, and rarely accompanied by pictures. 当有文字内容需要介绍的时候,他经常只在屏幕上选择最精练的一句或者几句话来展示,并且很少配以图片。

28、The meeting " short , small , fine , bold ". 会议“短、小、精、悍”;

29、Any family has many kind of hypocrisy. 世家不勤不俭者,验于内眷而毕露。

30、all three medals in the 400 meter sprint event at the European athletics championships in Barcelona. 在巴塞罗那欧洲田径锦标赛上,俄罗斯赛跑选手在400米短跑项目上包揽了所有3枚金牌。句中的take还可以用 get, win, claim 等来替换。

31、Basically he gave very short, concise answers. 他给出的答案大多短小精悍,逻辑清晰。

32、The goblin bowed his great domed head in acknowledgement, then flexed his short legs. 妖精低了一下巨大的圆脑袋接受了谢意,然后弯起短短的双腿。

33、When I make a film-short I scour my CD's for a clip that will heighten the audience's attention. 每当我做一个短片,我都要从cd中精心的挑选哪些歌将会提高观众对短片关注。

34、I use my looks to get what I want and am not ashamed to do so - a well chosen short skirt always ensures a better bonus. 我凭借的容貌我想要的,并不为此感到羞愧——一件精挑细选的短裙,总是能更多的奖金。

35、This par three is short and sweet coming in as the shortest hole on the course. 短而精的球洞,是全场最短的三杆洞。

36、Methods Plant; Distribution Plant, e, bauxite, pig iron. 洗选精煤;经销精煤、焦炭、铝矾土、生铁。

37、Liten to the passage and choose the correct answers. The passage will be read twice. 听短文,选择正确的答案。短文读两遍。

38、The old adage has for decades weighed on the minds of consumers who fret over responsible food choices. 这句古话好几xx年来一直都是那些为选择食物而着急的消费者的精神负担。

39、The Oxford Dictionaries Word of the Year is a word or expression chosen to reflect the passing year in language. “牛津词典年度词汇”是一个精选出来的单词或短语,它能以语言形式反映该年特点。

40、At the event, ten French feature films and eleven short movies were screened. 该展映将上映10部法国长片和11部精选短片。

41、The conclusion is that an iron concentrate containing iron of 65.35% and sulfur of 0.39% can be got by magnetic separation and then desulphurization. 通过磁选法获得铁精矿后,再用浮选法脱除铁精矿中的硫,可获得含铁65.35%、含硫0.39%的铁精矿。

42、So short run and long run choices are clearly related as some thousand short-term decisions can determine badly the long-term outcomes. 所以长期选择和短期选择是密切相关的,正如成千的短期决定会,严重决定了长期的产出。

43、In his selection of furnishings and fabrics, he combines the stylishly well-worn with the whimsical. 它精心选择地家具跟织物,古怪离奇结合时髦与平凡地东西句号。

44、The term numbers of CD adopted in practicable calculation can be determined according to the length of fitted data arc and desired accuracy. 具体计算时该取多少项,应根据选用弧段的长短及精度要求来确定。

45、Automatic SMS intimation for chosen calls. 暗示的短信自动选择调用。

46、That could be the motto for Richards' work. 这句话也是Richards作品的精髓。

47、This is a nice reading, but short. Enjoy! 这是一篇短小精悍的文章,希望您能喜欢!

48、I need to shorten the movie. Making sure it's shortened, but yet compact and exciting and easy to digest. 我必须要缩短影片,缩短的同时还要紧凑精彩容易入戏。

49、The home has rich, not out of a tough guy. 任何家庭都有许多虚伪的亲切。

50、Complete each of the following sentences with the right choice. 看句选词:选择最佳答案。


51、In order to enhance the meter-wave radar's precision of azimuth measurement, the short-baseline interferometer is chosen to measure the azimuth of the target. 为了提高米波雷达的方位角测量精度,文中选择了短基线干涉仪角度测量体制。

52、Choose the phrases and complete the passage. Then talk about your Saay. 学生选择短语,安排周六活动及时间,完成作业纸上的短文。

53、I hope by choosing this word I’ll be able to set goals or directions (long and short term) with the spirit of balance in mind. 我希望,通过选择“平衡”这一个词,我能为自己设下目标或方向(长期与短期),并将平衡的精神放在心中。

54、The results show that a rare-earth concentrate with a grade of 52% can be obtained by one roughing and two cleanings. 结果表明,经一次粗选、二次精选选别,可获稀土精矿品位52%。

55、Now Led Zeppelin has a new two-DVD set, which features excerpts of four concerts as well as interviews and TV clips. 现在齐柏林飞船乐队推出了一个新的双DVD套装,其中收录了他们四场演唱会的精华选集、访谈及电视短片。

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