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关于”句子的八大基本结构“的英语句子20个,句子主体:Eight basic structures of sentences。以下是关于句子的八大基本结构的专业英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Eight basic structures of sentences

1、The basic structure and development of powder metallurgy sintering theory, based on continuum mechanics, was reviewed. 本文综述了基于连续介质力学的粉末烧结理论的基本结构和发展概况。

2、The development history of SASE, the basic theory, the typical configuration, the main physical characteristics and the requirements for electron beam is described. 综述了SASE的历史发展、基本原理、基本结构、主要物理特征和对电子束的要求。

3、The authors put forward their own views on the construction of basic and whole functions as well as the knowledge and ability structures of library leadership in institutions of higher learning. 本文就高校图书馆领导班子的基本职能和整体功能建设以及领导班子成员的知识结构和能力结构提出了自己的看法。

4、The geometrical and electronic structures of small cobalt cers had been investigated using spin-polarized DFT calculations. 本文采用基于自旋极化的密度泛函理论系统研究了 小尺寸钴团簇的几何结构和电子结构特性。

5、This article reviews the progress of the basic structure and biological function of plant WRKY transcription factors. 文章主要论述了植物WRKY转录因子的基本结构及其生物学功能。

6、The postulation that the molecular structure of a compound predetermines its properties is a universal principle in chemistry. 化合物的分子结构决定其性能,这是化学中的一个基本假设。

7、As a modern textile material, soybean protein modified fibre's structure and property have not been studied thoroughly. 本课题对大豆蛋白质改性纤维的结构进行了研究,包括纤维组成、氨基酸成分、结晶结构等;

8、Based on characteristics and connectivity of the groups in molecules, a new method was developed to calculate the molar refractions of cycloalkanes from molecular structure. 根据分子结构的特点,通过用邻接矩阵和染色矩阵表征分子结构,发展一种根据分子结构信息计算烷烃和环烷烃沸点的新方法——基团贡献法。

9、Taking a bend of beam for example, basic principle and calculative process of substructural method are introduced. 以梁弯曲问题为例,说明了用子结构方法计算结构弹塑性问题的基本原理和计算过程。

10、The construction of the graphs formed by eight-circuit and its secants is obtained. 本文给出了测地图包含八圈时,八圈和它上的割线构成图的结构形式。

11、A new storage structure, named matrix octree, is given out. 本文提出了一种矩阵式八叉树的存储结构。

12、In computer science, a queue data structure is your basic first-in, first-out (FIFO) structure. 在计算机科学中,队列数据结构是基本的先进先出(FIFO) 结构。

13、It first divides the ontology into a set of sub-trees with different granularities according to the structure of the ontology, then uses sub-tree mapping algorithm to map them. 本文提出一种基于树分割的本体映射算法,首先根据本体的结构将本体树分割成不同粒度的子树集,然后在各子树之间运用子树映射算法进行映射。

14、The electronic structure, OPA and TPA properties were studied in detail. 研究了具有三分支结构的八极矩分子和低聚物。

15、Deep beams and denser columns are basic forms of frame-tube structures. 框筒结构的基本形式是由密布的外围宽柱和深群梁组成的筒体结构。

16、Let's say, suppose we hypothesize that an octet of the electrons is going to lead to stability. 假设我们猜测,八电子结构能够带来稳定。

17、This review summed up the characters, structure and function of plant chitinases and their genes' structure; 本文叙述了植物几丁质酶的特性、结构和功能、基因结构;

18、On the basis of predecessors′work, the author advanced a new method for calculating acentric factors of saturated hydrocarbon according to the molecular structure. 本文在前人工作的基础上,提出一种根据分子结构饱和烃偏心因子的新方法。

19、At meta level and base level, the object structures for architecture of reflective pattern are designed. 给出了其反演模式体系结构的元级和基本级对象结构;

20、It's structural and functional unit of myofibrils. 是肌原纤维结构和功能基本单位。

21、These include use of nano-scale particles of graphene, a one atom thick layer of carbon molecules that form the basic structure of graphites. 这其中包括利用纳米级微粒图表,构成石墨基本结构一个原子厚度的碳分子。

22、Cable-Stayed Bridge is a kind of composite structure composed of three basic components of cable, tower and beam. 斜拉桥是由索、塔、梁三种基本构件组成的组合结构。

23、The side chain of EVA is mainly butyl, amyl, or longer alkyl. EVA分子结构中的侧链主要是丁基、戊基或更长的烷基。

24、'Marketability' being the basic attribute of HVE curricula design and building, is formed on the requirement of socioeconomic, industrial and educational structures integration. “市场性”是高职教育专业建设固有的基本属性,是基于社会经济结构、产业结构和教育结构相统一的要求而形成的。

25、The potent pairing of intricate, variegated figurations and a strong underlying harmonic structure, characteristic of these examples, amounts to a basic ingredient of the style. 以上的三个例子的共通特点:把精巧,多样的音型和稳定,强大的和声结构有力地结合起来,构成了肖邦风格的基本因素。


26、Based on the structure of double ram BOP used for workover, the basic principle of the BOP body design is presented, and a new structure is designed. 在研究小修作业用双闸板防喷器结构特征的基础上,提出了双闸板防喷器壳体结构设计的基本原则,并设计了一种新型壳体结构。

27、Results Paralysis was the main repellent mechanism of decoction of areca and pumpkin seeds. 结果槟榔南瓜子合剂驱出的猪带绦虫的超微结构与正常对照组基本相同。

28、CONCLUSION: The utilization structure of antihypertensives in our hospital is basically reasonable. 结论:我院抗高血压药的使用结构基本合理;

29、Firstly, the basic fundamental of ejector was introduced and its structure was designed and computed. 首先,本文介绍了引射器的基本原理,对其基本结构进行了设计计算。

30、The basic structure of GT300 is the same as Larrabee. 的基本结构GT300是一样的拉拉。

31、The structure and chemical bonds of 1-Fluorosiltrane have been studied by ab initio method. 本文用量子化学从头计算方法研究了1-苯基杂氮硅三环的电子结构和化学键。

32、The topic as the basic architectural unit 作为基本体系结构单元的主题

33、Molecular structure of saccharide-based biological materials. 糖类基生物材料的分子结构。

34、Sub-micron and nano beam is the fundamental structure of the device used in MEMS and NEMS. 特征尺度在亚微米和纳米梁结构是多种纳微机电器件的基本结构。

35、The basic structure of the circuit is two stage cascade, in which were a CE (common emitter) structure as input and a Darlington structure as output. 电路的基本结构采用两级放大结构,以共发射极结构作为输入级,以达林顿结构作为输出级。

36、The deeper structure is a linguistic basis in its essence, made up of four basic discourse patterns:metaphor, metonymy, synecdoche, and irony. 深层结构在本质上属于一种“语言学基础”,由四种基本的话语模式构成,即:隐喻、转喻、提喻和反讽。

37、Based on the development trend, the thesis integrates corporate governance with capital structure so as to search further improvement means of corporate governance from capital operational view. 本文正是基于这种发展趋势,把公司治理结构与资本结构结合起来,进一步从资本运作的角度对完善公司治理结构进行探讨。

38、The basic theory of structural teaching method is Jean Piaget's under standy structure and Jerome S. Bruner's subject structure. 结构教学法的基本理论是皮亚杰的认识结构学说和布鲁纳的学科结构理论。

39、The structure consists basically of two cantilever beams. 这种结构基本上由两根悬臂梁组成。

40、A large number of structures of benzene methyl and methylene groups but rare aralkyl ether linkage existed in the waste liquor. 两种废液木素中都含有大量的苯环及甲基、亚甲基结构,几乎不存在烷基芳基醚键结构;

41、Based on the constitutive relations and the 8-node degenerate shell element, the updatedLagrange (U. L. ) 结合构建的本构关系,采用八节点超参数壳体单元,推导了用U。L。

42、Octet stability is the term applied to this feature. 八电子稳定结构反映的就是这个特性。

43、In this thesis, samples with InAs quantum dots grown on (100) GaAs substrate are investigated. 在本论文中,我们在(100)指向的砷化镓基板上成长砷化铟量子点结构。

44、The results show that the mechanical property of QP73N and import A is semblable , the reasons are the molecular sequence structure , the size and distributing of rubbery phase are basic semblable . 结果表明,QP73N与A两者力学性能基本一致;两者分子序列结构、橡胶相的大小及分布也基本一致;

45、The unballasted track by the pile-plank structure is a relatively new structure. 桩板结构路基-无砟轨道结构是一种相对较新的结构。

46、And, I've achieved octet stability in a new way. 这样,我就以一种新方式得到八电子稳定结构。

47、In this thesis the basic architecture and the performance evaluation of phase-locked loop are presented. 本文研究了锁相环的基本结构与系统构架及其性能优劣。

48、The exact modeling and simulation for wire junction, wire ring with quadrate shaped, dipole antenna, yagi antenna and log-period antenna are presented as the examples. 对细线结构、环结构、分支结构、对称振子天线、八木天线、对数周期天线进行了精确的建模和数值仿真。

49、Red sandstone, distributed along Xiangtan-Leiyang Freeway, rich in clay minerals, possesses two typical structures: muddy structure and granular structure. 分布在湘耒高速公路沿线的红砂岩具有两种基本结构,即泥状结构和粒状碎屑结构,并富含粘土矿物。

50、Liezi said, "Zhong are the basic unit of life. All things in the Nature are composed of them." 列子说:「种是构成生命的基本单位。生存于大自然的万物都是由这个种所构成的。


51、DTD validators provide basic structural validation. DTD 验证器提供基本的结构化验证。

52、The fundamental particle is the very fine clay particle composed of single crystal, and is the basic unit of mixed layer clays formed by one or several kinds of silicates with the sheet structure. 单元粒子是单晶体构成的细小的粘土颗粒,是由一种或多种层状结构的硅酸盐构成的混层粘土的基本单元。

53、Therefore, that the artificial design and optimization of the phononic band structure is meaningful for applications of phononic crystals. 首先,本文介绍了声子晶体带结构计算的基本理论和方法。

54、The ultimate goal of streaming these parameters to a sequence of octets is to produce a basic structure for the exchange of information. 将这些参数转换成八位元序列的根本目的是产生用于信息交换的基本结构。

55、The basic structure and manufacturing process of the capacitive polymer humidity sensor are introduced. 介绍了电容式高分子湿敏元件的基本结构及制造工艺。

56、The hardware structure of the digital spectrometer. 数字化谱仪硬件基本结构。

57、Defected Ground Structure (DGS) is a new structure proposed in recent years, which is extended from Photonic Band-Gap (PBG) Structure. 缺陷接地结构(DGS)是近年来在光子带隙(PBG)结构的基础上发展而来的一种新结构。

58、The structure-function relationship has been basically elucidated by mutation techniques. 采用分子突变技术,已基本明确受体各部分结构的功能。

59、"The structure of human conceptual knowledge is quantum-like because context plays a fundamental role," says Aerts. “人类概念知识的结构很像量子因为内容起着基本的作用”,Aerts说。

60、The unique teaching goal, teaching basic formality, teaching strategy, and teaching evaluation constitute the structure of "communication-discussion-finding "teaching model. 特有的教学目标、教学基本程序、教学策略、教学评价构成其基本的结构。

61、This is done by representing the data in the most elementary of structures -- a byte stream also known as an octet stream. 这是通过用最基本的结构表示数据来完成的,最基本的结构就是字节流,也就是八位元流。

62、Secondly, we introduce the principle of telecommunication management network (TMN); explain the basis concept, function architecture, management layer and its application. 其次介绍了电信管理网(TMN)的基本原理,详细说明了TMN的基本概念、功能体系结构、管理分层结构以及TMN的应用。

63、It’s his job to build the genome and protein infrastructure for mirror life. 他的工作是为镜像生命构筑基因组和蛋白基本结构。

64、A hydrocarbon radical, C4H9, with the structure of butane and valence1. 丁基一种碳氢化合的基团,c4h9,具有丁烷的结构,原子价为1。

65、Data structure- that the basic structure of the given graph edge (or arc) number. 数据结构——图的基本结构 求给定图中的边(或弧)的数目。

66、Theoretically, a cell could be based on “wrong-handed” molecules. 从理论上说,细胞也可以以“错旋”分子作为基本结构。

67、Examples include the double helix in biology, and the fundamental equations of physics. 最经典的例子莫过于生物学中的双螺旋结构和物理学中的基本方程。

68、Create three child Workspaces: two for alternative versions of a future-state architecture, and one for a writeable version of the current baselined architecture. 创建三个子工作区:两个为未来状态结构的替代版本创建,一个为当前基线结构的可写版本创建。

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