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导读: 50个,关于”99句值得珍藏的名言“的英语句子50个,句子主体:99 famous sayings worth cherishing。以下是关于99句值得珍藏的名言的高一英语句子。


关于”99句值得珍藏的名言“的英语句子50个,句子主体:99 famous sayings worth cherishing。以下是关于99句值得珍藏的名言的高一英语句子。

英文句子模板1:99 famous sayings worth cherishing

1、I bought a Mini Dozer ice scraper for 99 cents 19 years ago in a Michigan car wash. 年前,我在密歇根州的一家洗车行里花99 美分买了一个“袖珍推土机”牌刮冰器。

2、They say after losing only treasure, in fact, after losing most painful treasure. 㤰翩她们都说失去以后才懂得珍惜,其实珍惜后的失去最痛。

3、Enjoy your "sweet' sour, bitter, spicy" in everyday, it's because this is LIFE… 生活上的甜酸苦辣都值得珍惜,因为这就是人生。

4、They won't cherish it. The most beautiful thing is cherishing what you get by your efforts. 而生命中最美好的就是珍惜得到的东西,珍惜的前提必定是因为你得来不易。

5、A friend in need is a friend indeed. Only these people deserve your life-long cherishing. 患难见真情,也只有这些人才值得你一辈子才珍惜!

6、Thus the best books are treasuries of good words, the golden thoughts, which, remembered and cherished, become our constant companions and comforters . 因此,最好的书是词汇之佳句,思想之瑰宝,最值得去怀念,去珍藏,是我们永远的伴侣和慰籍者。

7、The two vole species are more than 99% alike, genetically. 如就基因而言,这两个物种超过99%的部分绝无二致。

8、We must hold dear and carry forward the ever-lasting Bandung spirit. 万隆精神是不朽的,值得我们倍加珍惜,发扬光大!

9、This is precious experience of the 34 years of China-Seychelles relations and is worth cherishing and carrying forward. 这是中塞关系发展xx年来取得的宝贵经验,值得双方倍加珍惜和发扬光大。

10、Precious with cherish its meaning:Deer:" the whole body of the deer is all a treasure", take precious its righteousness, it value! 珍贵与珍惜之意义:鹿:“鹿的全身都是宝”,取之义之珍贵,之价值!

11、Agni from the so-called real gold, withstood severe tests only aware of the value of love, withstood severe tests of love worth the treasure. 所谓烈火出真金,经受过严峻考验的爱情才懂得珍惜,经受住严峻考验的爱情才值得珍惜。

12、His vision statement, along with a list of what he values in life---hand written. 他对自己梦想的描述和一张列有生活中值得珍惜之物的清单--都是手写的。

13、Who can find a virtuous woman? for her price is far above rubies.

14、The girl of bosom is worth oneself's paying to morely cherish and feel pity on. 怀里的这个女孩,值得自己付出更多的珍惜和怜惜。

15、Sould cherish self , cherish life , cherish time. 应该珍惜自己,珍惜生活,珍惜时间。

16、但值得珍惜的依然是知心的友谊;ll always be near merry christmas。

17、Those that come unsought for are commonly the most valuable. 不经意而来的感受,通常最值得珍惜。

18、Often it is in overcoming hardships that wecome to appreciate the value of life. 往往在克服苦难之时,我们方懂得珍惜生命的价值。

19、Steve Jobs shows off the company's new $99 TV set-top box. 乔布斯“卖弄”起公司新研发的电视机顶盒,价值99美元。

20、Welcome! OUR painting collection is the Chang home - Shuhuazhixiang Neijiang part of the well-known painters, has appreciation potential, worth collecting! 欢迎光临本店!本店书画收集的是张大千故乡——书画之乡内江部分知名画家的作品,具有升值潜力,值得珍藏!

21、If not, the yeas are 99, the nays are 0, and the nomination is confirmed. 如果没有,赞成票是99票,否决票是0票,提名得到确认。

22、Cherish everyone who is worth-while that beside you, especially the one you love and the one who loves you. 珍惜身边每一个值得你珍惜的人,特别是你爱的和爱你的人。

23、However, 99% of the internet pages of information on web users 99% is of no use. 然而互联网上有99%的网页信息对99%的网页用户而言是没有用的。

24、She told the Daily Mail it was just a joke and she expected a bid of around £99. 在接受《每日邮报》的采访时,彭伯顿承认她只是想开个玩笑,另外她觉得奶奶大概值99英镑。

25、As a scholar, who takes care of such a school assembled with so many talents from home and abroad, I still can feel the challenges with great preciousness. 作为一名学者,管理这样一个国内外群英荟萃的学院其实是一种值得珍惜的挑战。


26、Thanks to the concerted efforts of all parties, the situation on the Peninsula is easing, which is worth cherishing. 这是各方共同努力的结果,值得共同珍惜。

27、Then we together mustering the effort, treasure yesterday, cherish today, cherish tomorrow! 然后我们一起卯足了劲儿,珍藏昨天、珍惜今天、珍重明天!

28、Every construction plan in Wujin is worth our attention. 武进的每一次规划建设,都值得去关注、珍藏。

29、"Cinema Paradiso" is cherished regret. 《天堂电影院》是值得珍惜的遗憾。

30、Freshwater cultured pearl of the good old, the collection is worth. 养殖淡水珍珠历久弥新,绝对值得珍藏。

31、I have come to cherish writing the "Wows"column. 我开始珍惜“誓言”这个专栏。

32、Fairly often, even the sacred God is powerless to cherish treasurable lives of human. 很正常,即使是神圣的上帝也没有那么多的能力来珍惜全部值得珍惜的人类的生命。

33、We seem to understand cherish after losing, the people who don’t understand cherish isn’t eligible for owning it, losing make people gain more then know how to cherish. 失去后才懂得珍惜,不懂得珍惜不配拥有,,失去后才让人得到更多,得到后让人知道怎么珍惜。

34、The new underbidder stands to lose 99 cents. 新的第二名会损失99美分。

35、All in all, the objective effect, we must allow 99% of men, mouth-watering , so that 99% of the women's strange enough. 总而言之,在客观效果上,一定要让99%的男人垂涎三尺,让99%的女人自叹不如。

36、Silence and stillness is something to embrace and treasure. 沉静是值得拥抱与珍惜的事情。

37、What is worth treasuring is at present all! 值得珍惜的是眼前的一切!

38、It is such a beautiful moment that worthing cherished. 这是一个非常值得珍惜的美丽的片刻。

39、A widely known sentence struck my mind that only when you lose something will you know to cherish it. 有一句耳熟能详的话突然间鸣在我的脑际:只有失去了才懂得珍惜。

40、So this affection is worth treasuring. 这份感情值得我们珍惜。

41、Itseemed to me, as I kept remembering all this, that those times and thosesummers had been infinitely precious and worth saving. 那些昔日的夏令时光历历在目,萦绕不去,对于我而言,那一切都无比宝贵,值得在心底珍藏。

42、It may indeed typify a famous quote from Roosevelt: The only thing we should fear is fear itself. 这或许应验了罗斯福的一句名言: 我们唯一值得恐惧的就是恐惧本身.

43、All in all, I believe it has become a good movie after all, and you can see that because I get quite some 100 and 99 points. 总而言之,我相信这个录像必竟还是不错的,你可以从我得的那些100分和99分看出来。

44、The most cherished thing in life is friendship. The most precious thing between us is understanding. 生命中最值得珍惜的事是友谊。

45、"I'll get you, my pretty, and your little dog, too!" was No 99. 第99句是:“我会报仇的,小美人,还有你的小狗我也不放过。”

46、Please cherish this scarce book, because except for its high readability , it also possesses collecting value. Several years later you might realize that it is really a priceless book. 请珍惜这本难得的书,因为它除了有很高的可读性外,还有着珍藏价值,若干年后你就会体会到它的确是一本千金难求的好书。

47、All the things you collected, whether treasured or forgotten, will pass no someone else. 你曾拥有的一切,无论是值得珍惜的还是应该遗忘的,那将转予他人。

48、The $99, 150-slice pizza isnt a one-time deal. 这块价值99美元、可切分为150小块的比萨一下子可卖不完。

49、When you have such one, cherish your friendship for life long. 如果有这样的一个朋友,她/他值得你珍惜一生。

50、Its two most common isotopes are Technetium-98 and Technetium-99. Technetium-99 is synthetically produced by the beta decay of Molybdenum-99. 它最常见的两种同位素是锝-98和锝-99。锝-99是人工制造的,由钼-99贝塔衰变得到。


51、I know how to cherish, so I learned to retain . 希望对你有所帮助。

52、Although Fifa has yet to decide the seedings , a spokesman said they were "99% likely" to be based on world rankings. 尽管国际足联并未公布种子队名单,但据一名发言人说,他们有“99%”的可能性会以国际排名作为依据。

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