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导读: 26个,关于”很好的句子“的英语句子26个,句子主体:Good sentence。以下是关于很好的句子的初中英语句子。


关于”很好的句子“的英语句子26个,句子主体:Good sentence。以下是关于很好的句子的初中英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Good sentence

1、Female lions are really good and even Yoshikatsu strong, but often true to bear the scars. 狮子女很真很好强甚至好胜,却常常真到伤痕累累。

2、Map design looks great, and it's fairly difficult not to lose the campaign. (in the double meaning of the word) 地图设计看上来很好,而且很难不输掉战役。(双关句)

3、OK. So there's one quick example. 好,我们很快的看完了一个例子。

4、Roll up your sleeves. That's great. 卷起袖子就开工,那很好。

5、The children looked all right: Dr. Kanner called them "well-formed, well-developed, rather slender, and attractive." Many were bright, too. 孩子们看上去都很正常:Dr.Kanner 说他们都“发育的很好,成长的很好,身材相当苗条,还很吸引人”,许多孩子也很聪明。

6、这件衣服很适合你 This dress/outfit/pants/shirt looks really good on you. 你穿的这连衣裙/一套衫/裤子/裙子很好看啊。

7、Is very good, Luo shows clearly and oneself son all too good! 很好,罗明秀和自家儿子都太好了!

8、Polar aprotic solvents possess excellent metal cation coordinationability, so they can solvate and dissociate enolates and other carbanions from ion pairs and cers. 极性非质子性溶剂能够很好的与金属阳离子配位,因此,这些溶剂能够很好的溶解和分离烯醇式盐,以及别的碳负离子的离子对和离子群。

9、Young. You're a man-child, okay? 很年轻,你是男人孩子,好吗?

10、他对孩子们很友好 He is very friendly/ kindly for children.

11、At the end of each session tell your child he is very good and very bright. 每次给孩子看过卡片,你都要夸孩子很好很聪明。

12、Justin:They're great. But your brother-in-law is a pain. 贾斯汀:他们人很好。只是你小舅子真的很讨厌。

13、Repellents are excellent for mosquitoes but not bees. 它对于蚊子很有效,但好像对蜜蜂效果不好。

14、“It was a perfect Hollywood moment,” Seliger says. “The weather was great, we were outdoors, and the water was controlled. “这是一个完美的好莱坞时刻”,他说:“天气很好,我们在户外,池子里的水控制的很好。

15、The bridge is a very good lieh-tzu. 这座桥,是一个很好的列子。

16、Your house has good ventilation. 你的房子通风很好。

17、So this is kind of a nice chichi. 这就是个很好的例子。

18、The kids on her back:The headwear is beautiful and special. 背上的小孩子》小孩子的头饰很好看,很有特色。

19、Geminis are lots of fun and are always interested in new things. 双子座的人很有趣,对新鲜的事物总是很好奇。

20、All the parents are good to their children. 天下父母都对自己的子女很好。

21、He is much of a good chap. 他真的是一个很好的小伙子。

22、I miss you, my dear, but we are hy and healthy, and the children send their love. 酷好的, 我真惦念你, 我们都很高兴很健康。孩子们都向你问好。

23、. He can take good care of your babies. 他能很好地照料你们的孩子。

24、Hurdles champion Liu Xiang is a case in point. 男子110米栏冠军刘翔就是一个很好的例子。

25、She dressed her children well. 她给孩子们穿得很好。


26、Confucius nodded, "Very good!" 孔子点点头说:「很好!

27、Moby-Dick is a perfect case in point. 《Moby-Dick(白鲸)》就是一个很好的例子。

28、By examining the SQL statements in an lication, you can build a hypothetically perfect index. 通过检查应用程序中的 SQL 语句,可以建立一种想象起来很好的索引。

29、But it was the most innocuous sounding of the ten principles—“It’s best to do one thing really, really well”—that would prove to be most fateful for the company. 但是这十条中最无伤大雅的一句是:“最好把一件事做的很好,很好。” 而事实证明这也是这个公司宿命的真实写照。

30、The Hollywood Reporter's Kirk Honeycutt writes: "It's a gutsy movie but not necessarily a good one." 《好莱坞报道》的科克·豪尼克特写道:“这部片子很红,但还算不上很好。

31、These coats are very nice. 那些裙子很好看。

32、He was kind with his wife and children. 他对妻子儿女很好。

33、A leading example is Lashkar-e-Taiba. 虔诚军就是一个很好的例子。

34、It looks nice, but I like close-fitting dressing. 这条裙子很好看,但我喜欢紧身的裙子。

35、My ss smell fine! 我的鞋子好闻得很!

36、John: "Good, See those columns behind you?"" 很好,看见你身后的那两大柱子吗?

37、Batswana's another good example can stand for. 巴茨瓦纳是另一个很好的例子。

38、Captain. This smoked salmon is very good. Excellent. May I have some more capers? 领班,这种薰鲑鱼很好,很棒,请多给我一些续随子酱好吗?

39、Again, Charles Schwab is a good example. 同样,嘉信理财是一个很好的例子。

40、This is a old film, but very good. 这是老部片子,但很好。

41、A good example is belladonna. 一个很好的例子就是颠茄。

42、Gordo and Miranda are Wonderful kids. 戈多和米兰达都是很好的孩子。

43、The teacher is good with students. 他与这些孩子处得很好。

44、There are many instances of good people and good deeds in our factory. 我们厂里,好人好事的例子很多。

45、Her nose tickles and she feels as if something's tickling inside. 陶子的鼻子很痒,好像有东西在鼻子里绕痒痒。

46、Pretty high sill, seems difficult for common women to get through. 门槛很高,一般小女子好象很难进呢。

47、I am tall and I have got long, golden wavy hair with blue eyes. 你好,我是玛丽。我的个子高,我有长、 金卷曲的头发,蓝眼睛。我很好,很友善。

48、His head teems with good ideas. 他脑子里有很多好主意。

49、It's an old film, but it's very good. 这是老部片子,但很好。

50、She's tall. She's speaks English well. 她个子高。她英语讲得很好。


51、Yeah, I like Orange County. I mean, living there is really nice. 好的。我喜欢橘子郡。我是说,住在那里很好。

52、A good example of these directories is the Ezine Articles. 这些目录的一个很好的例子是电子杂志文章。

53、Children's clothes were selling like gangbusters. 小孩子的衣服卖得很好。

54、so that's a great example also. 这个例子很好

55、And rabbits and puffins get on pretty well. 而且兔子和海雀相处的很好。

56、Chess-playing was a good example. 下棋是一个很好的例子。

57、I don't like the man, but give credit where credit is due-he is very good at his job. 我不喜欢那个人,但说句公道话,他的工作还是干得很好的。

58、These are elements that are good electron donors. 这些元素是很好的电子给体。

59、The child's hair grew in pretty waves. 那个孩子长著的鬈发很好看。

60、But every child did that. 其实每个孩子都做的很好。

61、I have an excellent piece development and a powerful center, I have a very good chance to attack . 我的子力布局很好且形成强有力的集群,我有很好的进攻机会。

62、Anyway, dumplings with courgette are also very tasty. 再说,西葫芦包饺子也很好吃的。

63、Panda cub fares well! 熊猫崽子活得很好。

64、My grandson really loves this house. When he feels good, I feel good, too. 他说,我的老房子又旧又脏,新房非常好;从不漏水,还有一个很好的供热系统;我孙子很喜欢这座房子,他满足了,我也就满足了。

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