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关于”运动的短句“的英语句子21个,句子主体:Short sentences of sports。以下是关于运动的短句的高三英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Short sentences of sports

1、My grandfather exercises with his healthcare every day 我爷爷每天都拿着保健球锻炼。

2、For workout duds, he wears basic T-shirts and shorts with cross-trainers. 他锻炼时穿的行头是最简单的T恤、短裤和运动鞋。

3、"World-class. " Usain Bolt: world-class sprinter, Olympic medals to prove it. 尤塞恩-博尔特是世界级短跑运动员,奥运金牌可以为证;

4、B I suppose you are right. It’s quite a short walk. And it’s good exercise! B 我想你是对的。路程是挺短。同时,这还是很好的运动。

5、The correlativity between woman sprint race and woman long jump athletes' height and special program is very strong, but man's are weak. 男子短跑和跳远专项运动员身高和专项得分之间相关性较弱,女子短跑和跳远运动员的身高和专项得分之间则均呈强相关。

6、Sports Law: short-term void, because a pound of fat burning exercise at least 4500 kcal, which needs to run 15 hours or more. 运动法:短期无效,因为燃烧一斤脂肪至少需要4500 千卡运动量,这需要跑 15 小时以上。

7、Within a few years, Sabine's father had lost all of his motor control and his ability to speak. 短短几年内,Sabine的父亲就丧失了所有的运动神经控制能力和说话能力。

8、Applying trigonometry, only a few measurement datum are needed to confirm the status of the emitter, so it is a fast means of passive location. 运用解三角的方法,只需要少量的测量数据即可解得目标的运动状态,可在较短时间内实现被动定位。

9、Doing situps is an effective way to exercise abdominal muscles 仰卧起坐是锻炼腹部肌肉的有效办法。

10、Regular physical exercises can strengthen one’s resistance against illness 经常锻炼身体,能够提高人体的抵抗力。

11、I just want to be comfortable, and old college sweatpants cut off at the knee and ratty exercise tops are pretty darn comfy. 我只是想穿得舒服点,一条顶到膝盖学生式的运动短裤,再戴一顶破旧的运动帽,让我感觉非常舒适。

12、If you do cardio exercise such as running, cycling, rowing, or what have you …rev it up with higher-intensity intervals. 如果你做类似跑步,骑车,划船的有氧运动,用短时间的高强度运动来加速脂肪燃烧。

13、The simulation revealed that despite providing a mechanical disadvantage, the short lever arm of a sprinter’s heel actually produced more force than the longer lever arm of a non-sprinter. 这个模拟实验显示:尽管这样的结构造成了力学上的缺陷,但事实上短跑运动员短足跟所提供的短力臂比非短跑运动员的长力臂能提供更大的力量。

14、He goes for a longdistance run every day at a specific time 他每天都定时进行长跑锻炼。

15、Usain Bolt: world-class sprinter, Olympic medals to prove it. 尤塞恩-博尔特是世界级短跑运动员,奥运金牌可以为证;

16、The reason the propeller shaft shortens as the angle increases is that the rear axle and differential move in a shorter ARC than the propeller shaft . 当角度增加时,传动轴变短的原因是后桥和差速器运动的弧度小于传动轴运动的弧度。

17、With few exceptions, table-tennis champions compete in baggy shirts tucked into elastic waist-bands. 除了少之又少的特例,桌球好手多半穿著宽松的运动衫,塞进松紧带裤头的运动短裤里。

18、For example, a short-running process generates an event that results in launching a long-running process. 例如,短时间运行的流程会生成事件,用于触发长时间运行的流程启动。

19、"World-class . " Usain Bolt: world-class sprinter, Olympic medals to prove it. 尤塞恩-博尔特是世界级短跑运动员,奥运金牌可以为证;

20、A Jamaican sprinter has taken a very short time to rewrite two cherished world records on the track. 牙买加短跑运动员博尔特在很短时间里刷新了两项令人敬佩的径赛世界纪录。

21、The evaluation criteria of the special psychological abilities are made. 制定了少年短道速滑运动员专项心理能力的评价标准。

22、I always keep a clean t-shirt and in my gym bag. 我总是在我的运动包里放一件乾净的汗衫及短袜。

23、For workout duds, he wears basic T-shirts and shorts with cross-trainers. 他锻炼时穿的行头是最简单的T恤、短裤和运动鞋。

24、It is highly suggested that the time be shortened in order to ensure the safety and athletic longevity of the players, so that they are able to be themselves in the next round of matches. 应适当缩短长盘赛制的比赛时间,以确保运动员身体安全,延长运动员的运动寿命,对运动员下一轮比赛的正常发挥起非常重要的作用。

25、Moving clocks run slow.Lengths are foreshortened along the direction of motion. 运动中的时钟运行是缓慢的,沿着运动的方向长度是缩短的。


26、Games played with curved sticks and a ball have been played for thousands of years. 一根弯曲的短棒,一个球,这种运动已经持续了数千年。

27、The puffiness is generally short term and releases through movement. 身体虚胖通常是短期的,并通过运动而消除。

28、You should exercise to improve your health, but be warned: fiery spurts of vigorous exercise could lead to weight gain. 你应该运动以改善健康,不过要警惕:短期爆发性剧烈运动可能导致体重增加。

29、I think maybe a sport or a buzz cut would work. 我想或许可以剪个比较运动的发型或者短寸头。

30、Of them, most are retired athletes, teaching the high-level sports team, but have short teaching service life. 多为退役运动员进高校执教高水平运动队,执教年限短;

31、The great number of moving parts, the sliding friction, the reversal of direction at rapid intervals, and the mechanical shock involved all contribute to severe wear. 大量运动部件、滑动摩擦、极短时间内运动方向的变化以及机械冲击等都使摩损加剧。

32、Walking is also a form of exercise. 运动中的物质

33、When the short-running process started, a transaction was opened. 当短期运行流程启动时,一个事务就打开了。

34、Based on the biomechanics basics and the knowledge of the track and field, the essay argued on the sprint skill periods and the term of "leg drive", "the buffer after landing", and so on. 运用运动生物力学的基本原理,结合田径运动理论知识,对短跑的动作周期划分为“后蹬”、“着地缓冲”等问题进行了剖析。

35、Seeing her in just a sports bra and running shorts -- with no makeup on and her hair pulled back -- drives me crazy. (我是真的真的这么觉得的。) 看她只穿着运动内衣和运动短裤,没有化一点妆,头发向后梳。

36、Kirsch says that any exercise is beneficial, no matter how little. 克尔士说任何的运动都是有益的,不管时间长短。

37、Sprinting finals, of course. The lightening speed of the athletes always excites me. 那当然是短跑比赛了。运动员风驰电掣般的速度总令我激动不已。

38、In the discourse cohesion function of passive sentences, Vietnamese students generally use theme propulsion model. 在运用被动句的语篇衔接功能时,留学生普遍运用第一种主位推进模式。

39、They take less time to load and run; acceptable start-up time is cr UCial. 装载和运行的时间更短;可接受的启动时间非常重要。

40、People are toughened by difficult experiences 艰苦的环境锻炼人的意志。

41、It suggests that exercise does not increase but reduce Q-T dispersion in healthy aged, while myocardial ischemia induced by exercises might increase Q-T dispersion of myocardium in aged. 提示运动缩短健康老年人心肌复极离散度,但运动诱发的心肌缺血却使之延长。

42、No matter how cold it gets, we must all stick to our exercise routine 不管天气多么寒冷,我们都要坚持锻炼。

43、For short - term this change is thought as one of the reasons for exhaustion , as for long - term , it is related to the anemic induced by sports. 而此变化的短期效应被认为是运动性疲劳产生的原因之一, 长期效应则与运动性贫血导致的运动能力下降有关。

44、The modern entrepreneur can get away with wearing a t-shirt and sweatpants. 现代的企业家可以衣着T恤和运动短裤大获成功。

45、It's during those brief spells of non uniform motion that her ageing races way ahead of the grandfather's. 就是在这短短的非匀速运动的时间里,她变老的速度就超过了她的祖父。

46、She fixed the exercise time for Saay afternoons 她把锻炼的时间固定在星期六下午。

47、Thus, mobile learning, Twitter, text messaging, cultural fad, and so on have emerged. 于是,移动学习、微博、短信、文化快餐等等应运而生。

48、In minutes, the crate appeared, carried by a small forklift and accompanied by a large group of zoo staff members. 短短几分钟,托运车来了,透过透明的塑料包装泰山仅能看到小小的运载装置和一大群陪伴在它身边的动物园工作人员。

49、Track and field sprint is a typical speed of the physical class-based project. 田径短跑运动是典型的体能类速度型项目。

50、If necessary, plus a sports shorts only. 如果有需要的话,只许加穿一条运动短裤。


51、With the rising speed, the duration of the two-foot-support reduces; 随着滑行速度的提高,运动员双脚支撑时间缩短;

52、Outward-bound is an exotic form of physical education. It has been rapidly expanding in the last few years. 拓展运动是一种外来的运动形式,在短短的几年中,得到了迅速的发展。

53、The elite player's services spot are often left half table's shortness. 改大球后左短与中短是优秀运动员常用发球落点。

54、Compared with control group, reaction time was shorter(P<0.05) and error hits reduced(P<0.05) in treadmill running group and technical movement group. 跑笼运动组和技巧运动组较对照组反应时间缩短(P<0.05),错误次数减少(P<0.05)。

55、Methods The ventricular wall motions were observed in serial LV short - axis view. 方法在多个系列左室短轴观中观察室壁运动。

56、ResultsAfter the test, the duration of QRS loop was prolonged in group A, but shortened in group B, the corresponding changes were most obvious just after the exercise. 结果冠心病组运动后QRS环时间延长,而冠状动脉造影正常组运动后QRS环时间缩短,两组QRS环时间变化均在运动后即刻最为显著。

57、South Africa both legs amputated man Sprinters Pistorius and swimming athletes Natalie Dutuo Hitt become Olympic champion no less favourable than the star athletes. 南非双腿截肢男子短跑运动员皮斯托留斯和游泳运动员纳塔莉·杜托伊特成为不逊于奥运冠军的明星运动员。

58、Water-based stretch/resistance cords are great tools for sprinters. 对于短距运动员来说,水中阻力绳是一个非常棒的工具!

59、The short track speed skaters psychological preparation before competition can help them overcome the difficulty on own initiative and keep well mood for getting some ideal competitive results. 短道速滑运动员的赛前心理准备,能使运动员在比赛中主动克服困难,保持适宜的心理状态,取得理想比赛成绩。

60、Sweatshirts and tank tops are combined with sports clubs’ blazers, tennis skirts with white blousons or polo shirts with stripes. 运动衫及紧身短背心与运动俱乐部的运动夹克相结合,网球裙与白色夹克衫,球衣与条纹织物相结合。

61、Compared with control group, the latency was shorter(P<0.05) and the frequency of crossing platform increased(P<0.05) in treadmill running group and technical movement group. 跑笼运动组和技巧运动组较对照组潜伏期缩短(P<0.05),穿越平台次数增多(P<0.05)。

62、Aerobic exercise may make you tired in the short term. 有氧运动会让你短时间内感到疲倦。

63、The population of netball boosted and we are looking forward that netball would become one of the main sport for females within our country. 短短一年半的时间篮网球运动就有惊人的成长,有朝一日将能成为国内女性主要运动项目之一。

64、Who can tell how they moved in one sentence. 谁能用一句话说一说他们是怎样运动的?

65、Short race, contributes performance of warm up. It can avoid sports injuries also. 短距离的比赛,暖身有助于比赛的表现,更可以避免运动伤害。

66、There are for special purposes: athletic , crew etc. 有一些短袜子有特殊的用途,如运动袜,水手袜等。

67、Wind sprints are an anaerobic exercise. 极速短跑是一种无氧运动。

68、She was very busy at work, but she managed to stick to her exercise regime 工作很忙,但是她还坚持锻炼。

69、After only one month with the Chicago Bulls, he made the cover of Sports Ilrated and was already considered a star. 他进入芝加哥公牛队才打了短短一个月,就登上《运动画刊》的封面,而且被视为巨星。

70、We should take exercise to build up resistance to disease 我们应该坚持锻炼以增强对疾病的抵抗力。

71、Such exercises as weight-lifting are anaerobic , which require brief spurts of intense effort. They improve muscle strength or build up speed. 比如举重无氧运动,他需要短时间内用力屏气,这种运动增强了肌肉的力量,加快了运动的速度。

72、By using a PreparedStatement, you can dynamically modify your SQL statement at run time. 通过使用 PreparedStatement,可以在运行时动态修改 SQL 语句。

73、Hiccup is a brief involuntary inspiratory movement followed by glottal closure. 呃逆是一个简短的自愿吸气运动其次是声门关闭。

74、The shorter of interruption duration, the more obvious interruption effects, and this support the motion opponency theroy. 阻断时间越短,导致特定运动方向反转的几率越大,即阻断效应越明显,支持运动知觉对立理论;

75、Friction wears away metal in the moving parts,which shortens their working life. 运动部件间的摩擦力使金属磨损,这就缩短了运动部件的使用寿命。

英文句子模板76:Short sentences of sports

76、Interval training alternates short bursts of intense activity with lower intensity activity. 交替训练是指短期的爆发训练和较平缓的运动交替进行。

77、In morning, there are a lot of old men doing exercise in the park 早上在公园锻炼的老头儿特别的多。

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