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关于”自由的句子“的英语句子25个,句子主体:Free sentence。以下是关于自由的句子的小升初英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Free sentence

1、Blackwood is executed by hanging, and declared dead by Dr. Watson himself. 布莱克伍德被执行绞刑,并由华生医生亲自宣告死亡。

2、Free I was born, and free I will die! 我生而自由,死亦自由!

3、“自由女神” 是 Goddess of liberty 才对。

4、What lies in the outside is a free sky, a wide land, a care-free heart and unrestricted air. 外面是自由的天,自由的地,自由的空气,自由的心。

5、Like the waves out on the blue sea. 就像大海中的海浪

6、Say you'll always be my friend, babe. 你永远是我的朋友

7、匈牙利诗人裴多菲 Life of course should be cherished

8、Who loses liberty loses all. 失去自由即失去一切 教授说还有一种翻译 可我不知道是怎么翻译的

9、I was released in 1979 and have been "free" and sober since. 我于1979年放刑,获得了自由,也开始清醒人生。

10、The basic content of economic globalization is the three liberalizations, namely, the liberalizations of trade, investment and finance. 经济全球化的基本内容是三个自由化:贸易自由化、投资自由化、金融自由化。

11、If we consider the major idea of Zhuang Zi philosophy, we must define Peripateticism as liberty. 定庄子哲学的主旨为精神自由,首先必须界定逍遥游为自由。

12、New Liberalism and Neo-liberalism are two anamorphosises of traditional liberalism. 新自由主义与保守自由主义是传统自由主义的两个当代变体。

13、Repealing commentators argue that the two problems are the defects of the death penalty and advocate that the death penalty should be substituted by inflict. 废除论者认为,死刑误判难纠和死刑是歧视之刑都是死刑的弊端,因此主张用自由刑替代死刑。

14、Is there a tour that visits the statue of liberty? 有去自由女神像的观光没?

15、Once the sentence was ended, they were free to get jobs if they could. 一旦刑满,只要他们有能力就可以自由地寻找工作。

16、I wanna be freeI wanna be free 我渴望自由

17、Now the statue is closing again. 他的雕塑是如此的小,都可以放在一个针头上或在放在针眼里,就像他的这个自由女神像。

18、At the same time, the aroma macromolecule free radical of coal made the chain reaction end by combining with polymer macromolecule free radical. 同时,煤中固有的芳香大分子自由基也可与聚合物大分子自由基结合发生自由基链终止反应。

19、Of course law should control it, or else it would no longer existe if it exceeds law's circription. 当然,这种裁量的自由是法律控制下的自由,超出法律界限的自由将不复自由。

20、Swallows fly about, carefree and at liberty. 燕子自由自在地飞翔。

21、We can make it to the end, babe, 我们可以做到最后

22、The results indicated that postharvest quality deterioration of plum fruit may be attributed to the decrease of superoxide, DPPH radical, and hydroxyl radical scavenging activity. 李果采后品质劣变可能与清除超氧阴离子自由基、羟自由基及DPPH 自由基能力的降低有关。

23、So if the Son sets you free, you are truly free. (John8:36) 所以,神的儿子若使你们自由,你们就真的得自由了。(约翰福音8:36)

24、The plasma filter (22) produces free radicals by which contaminants in the air stream are neutralised. 等离子过滤器(22)生成自由基,通过自由基 去除气流中的染物。

25、As a focal point revised by international judicial law, the right of meeting and communication for juvenile suspects and defendants, should also obtain the attention by Chinese criminal law. 被刑事羁押者的会见交流权具有人身自由权与诉讼权的双重性,必须由刑事法律加以确认和保障。


26、So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed. 所以,神的儿子若使你们自由,你们就真的得自由了。

27、Liberty is highly integrated with inherence and exterior. 自由是外在自由和内在自由的高度统一。

28、Determine the superoxide anion radical O2. - and hydroxyl radical . OH by flow injection chemiluminescence. 流动注射化学发光法对超氧阴离子自由基O2。-和羟基自由基.OH的检测。

29、Liberal criminal execution-style changes from closed to open, semi-open changes, the rise of the execution of social and non-custodial sentence flourished. 自由刑行刑方式发生变化,由完全封闭向公开、半公开变化,行刑社会化兴起以及非监禁刑的兴盛。

30、We investigate the free-free transition in the presence of the resonant bichromatic laser field. 研究了双色共振激光场中电子原子碰撞的自由-自由跃迁过程。

31、The electron free flying time is determined by the electron -neutral particle collision frequency. 电子的自由飞行步长由电子与中性粒子的碰撞频率来决定。

32、Freedom: Freedom means being conscientious, comfortable, natural and ease. 自由:自由就是自觉、自适、自然、自在。

33、Also in the field of criminal law norms, due to the general terms of criminal law, the provisions relative to determine punishment, the existence of criminal discretion is inevitable. 同样在刑事法律规范领域,由于刑法的概括性用语、相对确定刑的规定等也使刑事自由裁量权的存在不可避免。

34、Don't say you love me say you like me,不要说你爱我,说你喜欢我

35、Like the bluebirds flying by me 就像蓝鸟从我头顶飞过

36、But when I need you beside me, 但当我需要你在我身旁时

37、This represents the free electron. 这就是自由电子。

38、Free penalty, fine penalty and qualification penalty are leading ones in the legislation of the administrative pun… 行政刑罚制度的立法体系应当以自由刑、财产刑和资格刑为主导,在程序上适用司法程序。

39、This article introduces the development and application of free-electron laser after outlining its theory. 本文在简述自由电子激光器的原理之后,介绍自由电子激光器的发展及其应用。

40、The Statue of Liberty stands in New York Harbor. 自由女神像耸立在纽约港.

41、Criminal discretionary power is a hot issue in the criminal judicial reform. 刑事自由裁量权是我国刑事司法改革的一个热点。

42、You give me a cave, surrounded by the rain.真正的自由,是由自己给的!

43、But what's a pity that scholars always pay much attention to those typical punishments, but ignore those non-typical mandatory sanctions such as confiion in criminal law. 然国内学者多关注典型刑罚如生命刑、自由刑及财产刑等,对非典型刑罚或准刑罚之研究,如刑法没收财物罚,尚付阙如。

44、At last, some corresponding suggestions are put forward, such as abolition of death penalty, prolongation of impriso… 最后,提出相应的立法建议,如删除生命刑、延长自由刑、完善财产刑、增加资格刑、明确起刑点等。

45、Stay close enough to guide me, confide in me,靠近我,指引我,想诉说Ohohoh I wanna hold your hand,我想握着你的手

46、In current, the criminal law of intellectual property rights stipulates the crime constitution, the penalty method of the fine and the free punishment, the private and prosecution. 当前我国的知识产权刑事法律规定了知识产权个罪的犯罪构成,规定了罚金刑和自由刑结合的刑罚手段及公诉与自诉相结合的起诉方式。

47、It has the following legal characteristics: first, criminal discretion is generated during the criminal trial procedure. 它具有以下法律特征:第一,法官刑事自由裁量权产生于刑事诉讼过程中。

48、If your love has to tie me, don't try me, 如果你的爱会约束我,那么不要对我这样

49、Action libera in causa is one of the important theories in foreign Criminal Law. 原因自由行为是外国刑法中的一个重要理论。

50、VZ: I love the growth of free culture around the world, where people share their art, music and other creative endeavors freely. VZ:我热爱自由文化,随着自由文化全世界的普及和发展,人们自由分享着自己的艺术、音乐和其他非常有创意的点子。


51、Free radicals are cell-damaging molecules. 自由基是损伤细胞的分子。

52、I think that we shall restrict the discretion through the elaborateness to reason of sentencing, the establishment to keynote of sentencing and legal case. 可以考虑从量刑理由的阐述、量刑基准点的确立和量刑刑事判例的角度对法官量刑自由裁量权的行使进行制约。

53、The Statue of Liberty stands in New York Harbor. 自由女神像耸立在纽约港.

54、Allowing one's children free time is called free-range parenting. 那些给孩子更多自由时间的家长就可以被称为“自由放养父母”了。

55、Pecuniary Penalty, one of the methods of criminal punishment, has a longer history which emerged before the Imprisonment does. 财产刑作为刑法方法,具有悠久的历史,其产生远远先于自由刑。

56、Free radical of BTF was identified by ESR. 用电子自旋共振证实了BTF的自由基。

57、To tie me down.I wanna be free,Like the warm September wind, babe, 就像9月的风

58、This is true Liberty when free born men 真正的自由,是生而自由的人

59、Liberty is so-called "Xiao Yao You", means both spiritual liberty and practical liberty. 自由即“逍遥游”,它包括精神的自由和实践的自由两个层面。

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