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关于”诗歌的韵脚“的英语句子22个,句子主体:Rhyme of poetry。以下是关于诗歌的韵脚的托福英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Rhyme of poetry

1、These rhymes in poems include not only the mutual rhyming of classical poems, but also the phenomena of Jie Yun and Chu Yun of later style poems(they are mainly the poems during Song Dyn… 借、出韵现象也是诗人实际语音的流露,我们从韩诗的用韵情况就可得出这一结论。

2、The landscapes in Fangqian's works were usually ue in shape and color, yet full of mystery, painted in an subjective point of view, and in a unique tone of music and poems. 方倩笔下的风景往往形色迷离、气韵灵动,带有浓郁的主观色彩,弥漫着一种独特的音乐与诗歌的韵味。

3、He is to resist the vulgar prosperity that retrogrades ever to barbarism, by preserving and communicating heroic sentiments, le biographies, melodious verse, and the conclusions of history. 通过保有和传播英雄的情感,高贵灵魂的传记,韵率优美的诗歌和人类历史的结论。

4、This article just give a brief exposition of the ideology of both Buddhish and Confucianism in Tagunt influenced in literary works, such as poems, slangs, verses and other different literary styles. 本文主要对儒释相融思想在诗歌、谚语及各类字书、韵书中的表现作一简要论述。

5、At the sound level, modern poetry differs from traditional poetry in using line breaks and punctuation marks. 从语音层面上看,现代诗歌由于分行排列和标点符号的引入形成了迥然区别于传统的“现代诗韵体系”;

6、"Every man, that writes in verse is not a Poet" (Ben Jonson). “并非每个以韵文写作的人皆是诗人” (本·谅生)。

7、I hate you so much it makes me sick; it even makes me rhyme. 我恨你恨到恶心,恨你让我的诗压韵。

8、Meige is a book of Yi epic which possess the style of epic and Yi people's unique ethical character. 《梅葛》是一部彝族史诗,具有史诗的韵味和彝族独特的民族性格。

9、Rhyme of Sui and Tang Dynasty, as one of the important research data of medieval unciation, has always been valued by scientists phonology. 隋唐诗人的用韵作为中古语音的重要研究资料之一,历来被音韵学家所重视。

10、The composition of this poem is very skilful, full of lingering charm . 这首诗的机抒很是巧妙, 颇具韵味。

11、Selena Li is from Fair Oaks, California. 李诗韵来自于加利福尼亚州的费尔奥克斯。

12、Through music belly art processing technology to achievesinging; 对韵腹技术的艺术处理可达到歌唱性;

13、Please choose "the most appropriate answer" to complete the poem based on the "structure, context, and rhymes" of each poem. 请根据每一首诗的结构、上下文及韵脚,选一个最适当的答案填入诗中空格中。

14、Compared to their recent poetry, the use of rhyme Zhuzhici in more strict, but on the Level and Oblique Tones and highly relatively free from the shackles of the recent poetry. 和他们的近体诗相比,竹枝词在韵脚的使用上比较严格,但在平仄和对仗上就比较自由,不受近体诗的束缚。

15、Now The Wasteland was the first poem to have footnotes, and you have to ask yourself: what do you have to think the poem is in order to think that it needs footnotes? 荒原》是第一首有脚注的诗歌,所以你们需要问问自己:,这首诗究竟有什么特别,而使得它必须要有脚注呢?

16、I remember a video of a church at worship. Part of the video showed people singing a well- mangled version of A Mighty Fortress Is Our God. 我记得曾看过某间教会主日崇拜的录影带,影带其中一个片段是会友在唱颂音韵和谐的圣诗「千古保障歌」;

17、How should the classical Chinese poetry be translated into English?Some scholars insist on translating it into rhymed verse in English, while some advocate the use of prose form. 如何英译中国古典诗歌?有些学者坚持用韵体英译,而有些学者提倡用散文体。

18、He advocated that poems should have forceful horizontal momentum, and pursued the implicit beauty of "the refinement out of rhyme, and the spirit out of taste". 他主张诗要有雄浑横放、纵横脱略的气势,追求诗歌“韵外之致”、“味外之旨”的“含蓄”之美。

19、The original version was one of the best emotional, harmonious poems. 原诗确实是感情真挚、音韵和谐的“乐府”佳作。

20、TVB Jade Solid Gold second round selection will be held on Sept 1. In the canvassing event held yesterday, a group of singers sought votes from the audience for their nominated songs. 无线劲歌金曲优秀选第二回,将于下月1日举行,昨日何韵诗(中)等一班入围歌手率先向观众拉票。

21、Let us find a translation that captures the original poetry better! 让我们找一个更能捕捉原本诗句神韵的翻译!

22、I could, indeed, even frame verse, German Books of Sorrow after the manner of Ovid 's Libri Tristium. 事实上,我甚至能写下诗篇并把奥维狄乌斯的《哀歌》重新以韵文写成德文的《哀书》。

23、Ancient books to join two people talk, shun hatred to tell striking again, when his kick his dead father. 古韵书加入两人谈话,再舜怨恨地告诉韵书,当年他那一脚踢死了自己的父亲。

24、Since then, rhyme bell, temple name of poetry, spread abroad. 从那时起,钟韵,诗中寺名,传到了国外。

25、I sing about my right foot. 我歌唱我的右脚。


26、They have the common characteristic of alternation between dialogue and stanzas. 在对话和韵诗之间他们有一般的特点。

27、Ballad meter is usually iambic. The number of unstressed syllables in each line may vary. The second and fourth lines rhyme. 民谣的韵脚往往采用抑扬格的形式,每一行中非重度音节的数目不等,二、四行押韵。

28、Like most of pop music, its songs tend to be written in a basic format employing a verse–chorus structure. 和大部分风行音乐一样,它的歌曲通常是写在基本的模板里,采纳韵文-合唱诗的结构。

29、I think there are really three strong metrical accents in a row there. 我想这行诗中,有三个重音韵。

30、They can be divided into songs of etiquette and custom, farming, bitterness, ask-and-answer of knowledge, current politics and love, rich in regular rhymes. 百色平话山歌内容丰富多彩,有礼俗歌、农事歌、苦歌、知识问答歌、时政歌、情歌等。百色平话山歌很讲究押韵且用韵相当固定而有规律。

31、He Yunshi on the other day "Sense of humor" photographed MV for the new song, she looked once again cooperates multiple old racket files Mai Wanxin to direct. 何韵诗日前为新歌《幽默感》拍摄MV,她再度找来合作多次的老拍档麦婉欣执导。

32、Their poetry was full of aesthetic sentiments: bold and free-wheeling, natural and harmonious, forging ahead, positive and optimistic, multiple accommodated and fresh and smart. 他们的诗歌充满草原文化阳刚豪放、自然和谐、开拓进取、积极乐观、多元包容、鲜活灵动的审美情韵。

33、The music of the composer stirs our emotions and etches the word upon our memories. But above all hymns aid us in our worship of the One who is truly worthy of our praise. 圣诗乐韵把歌词镂刻在记忆中,连连牵动人的情感——但圣诗的最大意义,是领人到神的跟前,感召人称颂神、敬拜神,因为唯有神配得一切颂赞。

34、In the third chapter, Dickinson's ways to realize the 'Circumference" of her poems are explored from four aspects: rhyme and rhythm, grammar, rhetorical devices, and negative expressions." 第三章从四方面—韵律、语法、修辞手段及否定表达,探讨艾米莉.狄金森实现其诗歌“周延”的手法。

35、Because each new stanza introduces a new set of rhyming sounds, the Shakespearean sonnet is well-suited to English, which is less richly endowed than Italian with rhyming words. 每个诗节都转换韵脚 这一改变很好的适应了英语的语言特点 因为英语在韵脚方面没有意大利语丰富.

36、Whenever the joy of that day comes back to me, even now, I realise why rhyme is so needful in poetry. 直至今天,那些日子的欢乐图景还铭刻在我心上。我明白了,为什么韵律对于诗歌来讲是那么的必要。

37、Some people have said there's a relationship between poetic meter and the fall of your foot – and possibly your heartbeat might be thought of as an iambic beat when it's amplified by walking. 有的人说诗歌的长度和你的步伐有着微妙的关系——而你因步行而放大的心跳也许可以被看成是一种韵脚。

38、Selena Li, a 17-year old first-generation Chinese-American from Sacramento, California, is working on a more effective treatment for liver cancer. 例如,李诗韵(Selena Li)的研究就是这样。17岁的李诗韵是第一代美籍华人,来自加州萨克拉门托。她正在研究治疗肝癌的一种更有效的方法。

39、His play has endless charm, is implicit and poetry-rich. 他的剧作含蓄蕴藉,韵味无穷,富含浓郁的诗情。

40、Finally what to need to be pointed out is, this article impenetrate with the thinking of nationality and poetry, the ultimate attention is the modern spallation of national poem. 最后需要指出的是,本文以对民族性和诗性的思考贯穿全文,最终的落脚点却在民族诗歌的现代蜕变这一点上。

41、Reading aloud, one can first feel the rhythm distinctively, then this reader will be alerted to the message while the rhythm changes. 朗读这首诗,第一个感受可能是感到它的韵律特别,继之会在韵脚变化时警觉地注意到那里的意味。

42、The ordinary name would have fitted the metre quite as well. But this was the one word in the whole poem on which I had pinned my hopes. 普通的词也能同样地合乎韵脚,但这词是我在整首诗中寄予希望最多的一个。

43、Firstly, the thesis is devoted to the convergence of sound form on the basis of the Western literary criticism and classical Chinese literary theory. 首先,作者运用西方文学批评和中国古典文学理论来阐述中英诗歌声韵形式的共同点。

44、On midautumn festival, we eat moon cakes.There is full of the moon and people have a reunion. 月圆人团圆 压韵脚yuan

45、I love your translation: accurate, rhythmic and clear. An excellent match! 我喜欢你的翻译:准确、韵感和明晰。与原诗绝配!

46、And the poem goes on, and this is the tone of a poem. It's a poem of crisis, a poem of a kind of hollow speaker, someone who emerges as, more or less, buried alive. And this is supposed to reflect both personal crisis and a historical crisis. 然后这首诗继续娓娓道来,这就是诗歌的韵律,这是首关于危机的诗,关于一个有点言之无物的叙述者,最后活活烧死的诗,这恰好反映了,个人和历史的危机。

47、His editorial helloghlights confounding variables in the studies. 他的案语强调了研究中娇韵诗瘦腿的混杂变量。

48、What cats lack in retail homage, they do make up for in embroidered quotations and cheesy poetry. 对于猫咪缺失的那种份顺从,人们用夸张的语录和蹩脚的诗歌加以粉饰。

49、It helps them memorize the months with a catchy rhyme. 它以朗朗上口的韵脚来帮助他们记起月份。

50、The most striking feature in its poetical form is the use of alliteration. 最醒目的特征以它的诗形式是头韵的使用。


51、Also, he speaks in obnoxious rhymes. 而且他说话的韵脚也很讨厌。

52、We consider that poetic words had deep effected by thinking of Chinese characters, and it made poem attach importance to visualize and the meaning in it, also get profound lingering charm. 汉字的思维深刻地影响了诗歌语言的思维特征,使诗歌重象及象中之意,并借重语言获得深厚的韵味。

53、It broke up into ss of songs and lay tered at your feet. 它裂成诗歌的碎片散撒在你的脚边。

54、Jack Gladstone, Montana-based songwriter and storyteller of the Blackfeet nation of the northern Great Plains, carries on his tribe’s tradition in poetry. 杰克·格拉德斯通(Jack Gladstone)是蒙大拿州的歌词作者,也是北部大平原(Great Plains)地区黑脚(Blackfeet)部族的讲故事人,他通过诗歌传承黑脚部落的传统。

55、Tibetan folk song cadence, rhyme Hezhe paste, attractive. 藏族民歌抑扬顿挫,合辙贴韵,悦耳动听。

56、Thousands of Wuwa folk songs are still popular today. The folk song, whose words are improvised, usually has 24 rhymes and is rich in content and subjects. 花瑶呜哇山歌至今还流传着几千首,共有24个韵脚,内容丰富,涉及到的题材十分广泛,歌词带有即兴性。

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