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导读: 37个,关于”句子的正确顺序“的英语句子37个,句子主体:Correct order of sentences。以下是关于句子的正确顺序的初三英语句子。


关于”句子的正确顺序“的英语句子37个,句子主体:Correct order of sentences。以下是关于句子的正确顺序的初三英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Correct order of sentences

1、If elements from one team flow logically to the next team this logical progression should determine the flow of the iteration demo. 即使流程需要在几个团队间流转,也要按照系统的正常逻辑顺序来确定迭代演示的顺序。

2、The default navigation order is the same as the order in which the elements appear in the document; these attributes allow fine-tuning of navigation order. 默认的导航顺序和元素在文档中出现的顺序一致,这些属性可以更精确地调整导航顺序。

3、Put the pictures in the correct order. 将这些图画按准确顺序排出来。

4、In that case, the synchronization protocol forces the correct order, so ConTest only generates legal interleavings. 在此情况下,同步协议强制以正确的顺序执行,所以 ConTest 只是生成合法的 交错。

5、TCP drops duplicate packets and rearranges packets that arrive out of sequence. 此外,TCP协议可以自动地丢弃重复的包,以及在接收方按照正确的顺序对包进行重新排列。

6、Then, the fraction of positive charges in a molecule of some common solvents was calculated, based upon Sanderson's equilibration principle on electronegativity . 基于桑德逊电负性均衡原理,改进了计算方法,计算出溶剂分子中的正电荷分数,得到的常用溶剂极性顺序与实测顺序基本一致。

7、Effects removers and debuff removers are stripping in the right order. 效果去除和DEBUFF去除剥离以正确的顺序。

8、Need to add an auto-number field, but the files aren't in the right order? Just use drag 'n' drop to reorder them manually. 需要添加自动编号,但文件顺序不正确怎么办?没关系,请手动拖放重新排列它们的顺序。

9、In the 20th century, when the structure of atoms was understood, the table was seen to precisely reflect increasing order of atomic number. 20世纪,在了解原子结构后,周期表可精确地反映原子序数增加的顺序。

10、The forming of words with letters in an accepted order; orthography. 拼字,拼法以正确顺序将字母拼成字的行为;

11、When she approached it a set of randomly positioned numbers appeared. Her task was to select each numeral in the correct order. 当她走近大屏幕时,一组随机数字出现在屏幕上,罗妮的任务就是按正确的顺序来选择这些数字,如果她正确地完成所有的排序,她会获得一块无糖甜点做为奖励。

12、In foursome stroke play A plays in correct order but from outside the teeing ground. 在四人二球的比杆赛上,A是按照正确的顺序打,但他却是在发球区之外打的。

13、So I merged them. It's now in the right order, and that's coming from right there. 所以我把它们合并了,现在的顺序是正确的。

14、The row order in the query elements table in which columns are defined determines their left to right sequence within the ORDER BY clause, which in turn determines their sorting priority. 定义了列的查询元素表中的行顺序决定了它们在 ORDER BY 子句中从左到右的顺序,这又确定了它们的排序优先级。

15、Imperative programs are formed by a sequence of statements with an explicit order, and their algorithms and programming constructs rely heavily on application state. 命令式编程由一系列带有明确顺序的语句构成,它们的算法和编程构造严重依赖于应用程序的状态。

16、What is the correct order of Sarkozy's marital history? 什么是正确的顺序萨尔科齐的婚姻史?

17、If you don't pull on the right wires in the right order, the mess becomes worse. 如果你没有按照正确的顺序找到适当的线头,线团就会更乱。

18、If the burrow is blocked, the ants will emerge as soon as possible in the correct order. 以此类推。如果洞被堵住了,蚂蚁会尽快按正确的顺序出现。

19、How do we discover the correct order? 我们如何发现正确的顺序?

20、Non-determinism is a factor in many real-life applications where the visible outcome is a function of the order in which events happen. 非确定是许多真实的应用程序的因子,在这些应用程序,可见的输出是某个功能或者事件发生的顺序。

21、However, their ordering is non-deterministic. 然而,它们的顺序是不确定的。

22、So here's the pneumonic I mentioned for writing the electron configuration and getting those orbital energies in the right order. 这里是我提到的,对于写电子构型,和以正确的顺序得到轨道能量。

23、seem to do sth 按照正确的顺序 in the right order 放下 drop off / put down 接近于…

24、To write a spellchecker you need a word list for a language with definitive proper spelling. 你只需要一张拼写正确而且权威的词表就能写一个拼写检查顺序;

25、Read her diary and put the pictures in the rihgt order. 读她的日记,把下列照片按正确的顺序排列。


26、BerkeleyDB - implications of incorrect sorting order? 不正确的排序顺序的影响。

27、So each respectively, this is sorted 1 and 2 respectively 4 and 5, this is sorted but clearly they are not in the right order. 分别地,1磅和2磅的是有序的,同样4,4磅和5磅的也是有序的,但显然它们的顺序并不正确。

28、You will find signs which list the stations in alphabetical order, with the correct fares, near the machines. 你会找到站台标记,它是按字母顺序列的,机器旁有正确的票价。

29、Installing storage nodes in the correct order 按照正确的顺序安装存储节点

30、And no flashbacks please; it's hard enough focusing on things in the right order. 不要倒叙,因为要能集中精力保持正确的叙述顺序已经够难了。

31、Prepositions are words that commonly indicate movement, but they must be in the correct order. 介词是一种通常表示运动的词语,但要在正确的顺序里来使用。

32、Next, move pairs of adjacent anyons around one another in a carefully determined sequence. 其次,以明确的顺序让一对对相邻的任意子彼此环绕。

33、Be sure to enter your payment and receipt values in the correct sequence. 请确实依正确顺序输入付款与收款值。

34、Choosing the right order can affect whether the correct data source is queried and the resilience of your network in case of failure. 选择正确的顺序可以影响是否能查询正确的数据源以及在出现故障时网络的恢复能力。

35、The JLS spells out the sequence explicitly. JLS 明确给出了这一顺序。

36、Please look at the time on the small blackboard. Try to retell Confucius' life in order. 教师根据排出的正确顺序,用小黑板呈现一些表示时间概念的词,让学生来复述孔子的生平。

37、The order shown in the display box is the order each rich text body field response is concatenated in the new email. 在显示框中的显示顺序就是每个富文本正文字段回复连接到新电子邮件中的顺序。

38、It is the general principle to arrange the categorical sequence. 它正是安排范畴顺序的总纲。

39、ASSEMBLY: If the backflow preventer is disembled during installation, it MUST be reembled in its proper order . 组装:如果在安装期间拆卸了防回流阀,则必须按照正确的顺序重新组装。

40、The deuterostomes do it the other way round. 而后口动物的这个顺序正好相反。

41、Have your child place them in the correct sequence. 让你的小孩把它们按正确的顺序排列好。

42、This design satis-fies requirements for powering this DSP core and I /O, and has correct start-up sequence. 该设计方案满足了DSP内核和I/O单独供电的要求和正确的上电顺序。

43、Error messages from the three utilities are intermixed, but the order of the messages will be correct. 来自三个实用工具的错误消息会混在一起,但保持正确的顺序。

44、You want to ume that the user will execute tasks in the right order, but you can't. 您希望可以假设用户将按正确的顺序执行任务,但这显然是不可能的。

45、Therefore, in a multi-threaded environment, you must ensure the correct order of nested locks in order to avoid deadlocks. 因此,在一个多线程环境中,您必须确保使用正确的嵌套锁顺序,从而避免产生死锁。

46、To keep this all straight, the p element has three object children in the order that those things appeared in the HTML in Listing 1. 为了保持一切正常,p 元素有三个子对象,其顺序是在 清单 1 的 HTML 中显示的顺序。

47、There is no set time line or proper order of disclosure and each person's situation is different. 这个过程并没有设置时限和正确的顺序,何况每一个人的情况都是不同的。

48、Researchers found that the results held true even when taking into account difficult temperaments in the children, anxiety by the parents and birth order. 研究人员发现即使考虑到孩子难相处的性情,父母的焦虑以及出生顺序,该结果都是正确的。

49、Life is like a combination lock; your job is to find the right numbers, in the right order, so you can have anything you want. ——Brian Tracy. 生活就像一把号码锁。你的任务就是发现正确的号码和正确的顺序,这样你就会得到你想要的一切。——博恩崔西。

50、But the worst is that the essential songs avowedly do not stand in the proper order. 但最糟糕的是,基本的歌曲公然没有站在正确的顺序。


51、Verify the order of the instances in the trust service chain modules is correct. 验证信任服务链模块中的实例的顺序是否正确。

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