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关于”减肥的建议句子“的英语句子32个,句子主体:Suggested sentences for weight loss。以下是关于减肥的建议句子的高考英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Suggested sentences for weight loss

1、Diets by numbers and letters -eDiets, Number Seven, The GI Diet. 还有关于数字和字母的减肥法,E减肥法,数字七,GI减肥法

2、With so much conflicting advice and so many weight-loss options, how do you know which diet is best for you? 这么多相互矛盾的建议,这样多减肥法可供选择,怎样才能知道哪种减肥食谱最适合你呢?

3、If you need to loose some weight (like I do) just pick the bento box, using this rule of thumb: 1 cubic milliliter equals 1 calorie. 饭盒有大有小,如果你需要像我一样减肥,建议你记住一点:1立方毫米等于1卡路里。

4、I recommend that before starting a diet, buy a scale that is accurate to . 2 (two-hundredths of a pound). 我建议在开始减肥前,先买一台精确到2的数字秤(也就是2%磅)。

5、To lose weight, the recommendation is to do at least 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous aerobic exercise five days each week. 要减肥,建议要每周五天每天进行至少60分钟的从中等强度到剧烈的有氧运动。

6、Basha Nuts Slimming Capsules; 减肥胶囊;

7、To help achieve your winter weight loss goals, I recommend you check out a weight loss program which focuses on your menu plan and exercise to get you to your target weight. 为了帮助你达到你冬天减肥的目标,我建议你着重注意检查一下那份能使你自己达到你的目标体重的菜单计划和体育锻炼的减肥计划。

8、The industry agreement is part of a campaign to reduce childhood obesity. 这个工业协议是减少儿童肥胖活动的其中一部分。

9、They had maintained an average of a 52-pound loss at five years and an average of a 51-pound loss at 10 years. 在减肥5年的时候,他们保持体重平均减少52磅的减肥效果;在减肥10年的时候,他们依然保持体重平均减少51磅的减肥效果。

10、He bucked at the suggestion to reduce his staff. 他反对减少他的人员的建议。

11、In the end, Dr. Lumeng is left with the same advice that made her glaze over: “I’ve had patients who say to me, ‘Wow, doctor, you’ve really lost weight — how did you do it?’ 在最后,Lumeng医生离开并留下那句同样令她目光呆滞的建议:“曾经有个病人见到我后说,‘哇塞,医生,你真的减肥很成功——你是怎样做到的?’

12、What about lots of us lose lot of our weight, being like--really having rebirth to that, really been crazy. 那减肥这个现象呢,很多人减肥,好像得到重生,他们疯狂地去减肥。

13、These diets are based on changing unhealthy habits and behaviors. 这些减肥法建立在戒掉不健康的行为习惯。

14、Many diet experts recommend that people looking to lose weight should replace their dinner plates with appetizer-sized plates, which will help them decrease their portion size. 很多节食专家建议想要减肥的人应该将餐盘换成开胃菜盘子,这有助他们减少饭量。

15、A fat farm was built along the seaside. 沿海滨建起了一所减肥疗养院。

16、The suggestion is presented that the soil and fertilizer sector is combined with the land and resource sector for the production and application of BB fertilizer with sepiolite clay r… 建议湖南省土肥站体系和国土资源部门相结合,组织和指导肥料企业发展海泡石BB肥的施肥模式。

17、Learn how to stay motivated after starting a weight loss program with advice from a registered and licensed dietitian in this free video on nutrition and diets. 了解如何从一开始后留登记及发牌营养师在此免费视频营养和饮食与减肥计划的建议的动机。

18、You need to exercise and lose some weight. 你该运动减减肥了。

19、For women who are obese and already pregnant, GPs and midwives should advise them about eating a healthy diet and keeping active, but should not advise them to go on a weight-loss diet. 对于那些已经很胖的孕妇而言,医生们和产婆们应该建议他们吃健康的食物并保持主动性,而不应该建议他们继续减肥。

20、Rieder agrees, suggesting that healthy changes need to be adopted by all family members, not just children who are trying to maintain or lose weight. Rieder同意,建议全部家庭成员需要采纳健康改变,不只是儿童努力保持体重或减肥。

21、You also should reduce weight! 你也该减减肥啦!

22、In other words, for long term weight loss, all of the diets failed. 换句话说,每种减肥法对长期减轻体重都没什么用。

23、Conclusion compound Chinese medicine slimming capsule with a role in weight loss. 结论复方中药减肥胶囊具有减肥作用。

24、Also known as the “Russian peasant diet, ” the “Sacred Heart diet, ” and “TJ miracle soup diet, ” this diet consists of eating a low-calorie cabbage soup for 7 days. 卷心菜汤减肥法:这种方法也被称为“俄罗斯农夫减肥法”、“圣心减肥法”和“TJ奇迹汤减肥法”,它包括持续吃7天低卡路里的卷心菜汤。

25、Still, there are millions of overweight people in the world and bookstores are packed with all of the “secret,” “painless” and “miracle” ways to lose weight. 但全世界仍然有数以百万记的肥胖人群,书店里仍有着标榜着“减肥秘诀”、“轻松减肥”和“特效减肥”之类标语的各种减肥书。


26、Steven. Julia, look at me! I'm gaining weight. How could I lose weight? Do you have any good ideas? 史蒂文:茱莉娅,你看,我长胖了!我怎样才能减肥啊?对此你有什么好的建议吗?

27、"We are recommending hand-washing with soap, " Ms Dooley said. “我们建议用肥皂洗手,”Dooley女士说。

28、If you have serious health problems because of your weight, your doctor may suggest weight-loss surgery or medications for you. 如果你出现了因肥胖引起的严重健康问题,医生可能建议你进行减肥手术或药物治疗。


30、The conference center offers a health spa. 这个会议中心提供减肥温泉疗养池。

31、In order to make themselves pretty-looking, they try many different ways of losing weight. Some go on a diet, some take exercise,some eat medicine ,others even turn to operation for help. 减肥的方法层出不穷,有的采用节食减肥,有的进行运动减肥,有的利用药物减肥,有的甚至进行手术减肥。

32、All this suggests front-loading of aid rather than immediate cutbacks. 的 建议,并非是马上削减资金。

33、Forget the diets… 忘掉减肥这码子事…

34、Amanda: Hmm. Well, my doctor said that the best way to slim down is to think about your long-term health. 我现在的医生建议我最好的减肥方法是为自己的长久健康考虑。

35、There hypolipidemic, slimming effect, and after weight loss, it is not easy rebound. 有降血脂,减肥的功效,而且减肥后,不易反弹。

36、These meetings are the very core of Weight Watchers, and the means to keep you motivated. 这些会议是慧俪轻体减肥的核心部分,目的就是为了让你保持减肥的目标的明确性。

37、There's the Butterfly Diet, the Astro Diet, the Get Well with Hay Diet. 还有蝴蝶减肥法,天文减肥法,干草减肥法

38、“Spend some time online reading about bariatrics abroad,” said Vicky Gould, 48, who had adjustable-band surgery in Monterrey, Mexico, in 2007. 48岁的Vicky Gould在2007年在墨西哥蒙特雷进行了可调节束带手术,他建议到:“花一些时间在网上浏览关于国外的减肥手术。

39、Despite centuries of supposed weight-loss remedies from anti-obesity soaps, crash diets based on vinegar to even amphetamines, fads have failed. 尽管几百年来出现了许多减肥的方法——从减肥皂,到以醋为基础的速效减肥食品,甚至到安非他明,但种种的减肥潮流都以失败告终。

40、Our advice: Eating 500 calories a day will make anyone lose weight–and become malnourished. 我们的建议: 每天吃500卡路里会使任何人都减肥——并且营养不良。

41、For obese people who want to lose weight, Foster recommends keeping track of what they eat, using portion-controlled meals and walking 30 minutes a day. 对于那些想减肥的肥胖者,福斯特建议跟踪他们的饮食,用多餐控制的方法,并且每天走30分钟。

42、So a higher K/N ratio is recommended for basal fertilizer but a lower K/N ratio for start fertilizer. 据此,建议在基肥中使用较高的K/N比,而在窝肥中使用较低的K/N比。

43、He advised losing some weight, getting plenty of sleep and eating good meals. 他建议病人减肥,保持睡眠充足,吃好饭。

44、You can try my weight loss ah, I bought US Bollywood Capsule weight loss victory. 你可以试试我的减肥方法啊,我是买的“美宝莱减肥胶囊”减肥胜利的。

45、I need to lose some weight. 我得减减肥了。

46、The recommendations about diet, exercise, and weight loss before and after pregnancy are based on the best-quality research available about managing obesity. 这些关于产前产后饮食、锻炼和减肥的建议都是基于有效管理肥胖症的高质量的研究报告。

47、Objective To observe the traditional Chinese medicine slimming capsule of the role of weight loss. 目的观察复方中药减肥胶囊的减肥作用。

48、I think I need to lose some weight. 我想我该减减肥了。

49、Deciphering through all of the marketing hype and promises can be overwhelming, so closely adhering to these weight loss tips is advised in the weight loss process. 从所有的营销宣传和承诺中做出清醒的判断是尤为重要的,所以尽量遵循在减肥过程中建议的这些减肥小贴士。

50、To prevent snoring, doctors suggest sleeping on your side (ladies, roll him over if you need to), using nasal strips or losing weight (less pressure on the airways means more space for air to flow). 医生建议,要防止打鼾,可以侧睡(女士们,如果需要,帮他翻个身),使用鼻带,或减肥(减少气道压力会给空气流入增加空间)。


51、We get in shape for events, but not for life. 为了某件事减肥,却不为了生活减肥。

52、The synthetic banting meted can access health. 综合减肥方法减肥后能达到健美和健康要求。

53、Most weight-loss programs advise to weigh at the same time of the day to try to minimize this variation. 大多数减肥计划建议每天的同一时间称量体重,以求减弱这种变化。

54、Pitt students what kind of weight loss tea? Pitt students slimming tea work? Pitt students how effective slimming teas are concerned it? ? ? 碧生源减肥茶怎样样?碧生源减肥茶有用吗?碧生源减肥茶效果如何有反作用吗???

55、I’m against dieting, especially “crash” diets: after the age of 50, when the skin is less resilient, dieting can give you wrinkles. 我反对减肥,尤其是“速成”减肥:五十岁之后,皮肤弹性减弱,减肥能增加皱纹。

56、Although wildly popular, and quite effective for some people, the Atkins diet is just not sustainable for most dieters. 艾特金斯(低碳水化合物减肥法):虽然艾特金斯减肥法十分流行,对一些人也颇有效果,但是对大部分减肥者来说,艾特金斯减肥法还是不能接受的。

57、"Don't yell at your overweight spouse, but say, 'Let's go for a walk together, '" says McCarthy. 锡建议“不要对你肥胖的妻子大吼减肥,而要说,‘让我们一起去散步吧’”。

58、Try to eat at least the recommended number of servings (2.5) every day for a month. You will be amazed at the weight loss results. 如果一个月坚持每天吃全谷物食品,份额不少于专家建议的2.5份,你将会惊讶于自己的减肥成果。

59、What tips and ideas do you have for limiting on-the-job stress? 关于减少工作压力你有什么点子或建议?

60、Why would a dieter's body rebel against weight loss? 为什么减肥者在研究中会出现身体反抗减肥的情况呢?

61、Forget about the diets… 忘掉减肥这码子事…

62、'If you stick to a diet that's healthy - around 1,500 calories a day, you'll lose 1-2lb a week,' she advised. “如果你坚持用健康的节食法减肥——一天消耗大约1500卡路里的能量,你一周会减去1-2磅体重,”她建议说。

63、Then the anti-obesity function of compound fat-reducing tea was examined by model rats with nutritional obesity, and its safety evaluation was studied by mice. 采用营养肥胖型大鼠,检验该复合减肥茶的减肥功效,并以小鼠为实验对象对复合减肥茶进行安全性评价。

64、In the beginning if you eat to much fiber you may experience bloating, cramps and gas, so do it gradually day by day. 不过,一开始就摄入大量的纤维食物,会导致浮肿,痉挛和胀气。因此,这里建议减肥者逐日加量。

65、It suggested Santa slim down by ditching the cookies, mince pies and milk, and instead snacking on his reindeers' carrots and celery sticks. 它建议圣诞老人减肥,方法就是抛弃曲奇饼、甜馅饼和牛奶,改以驯鹿的胡萝卜和芹菜条作小食。

66、I hope he’s not walking around looking like he’s “seven-months pregnant, ” while giving “weight-loss” advice to his wife. 我可不希望他在走路时看上去像是怀有七个月身孕的,但是还建议自己的妻子去减肥。

67、Furthermore, it also acknowledges that a dieter’s weight will eventually reach a plateau—far more realistic than the old advice, which implied, incorrectly, that weight loss will continue steadily. 不仅如此,这种模式认为,减肥者的体重最终会达到一个稳定水平——这比以往的建议更加现实,以往的建议错误地认为体重会一直稳定地持续下降。

68、The task force recommends that children aged 6 to 18 have their body mass index — B.M.I. — measured and, if they are found to be overweight, be referred to a weight-loss program. 该专责小组建议,6岁到18岁的孩子应测量他们的体重指数(B.M.I.),如果发现他们超重,就应当提及减肥计划。

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