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导读: 41个,关于”含短语的句子“的英语句子41个,句子主体:Sentences with phrases。以下是关于含短语的句子的小升初英语句子。


关于”含短语的句子“的英语句子41个,句子主体:Sentences with phrases。以下是关于含短语的句子的小升初英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Sentences with phrases

1、In this file we replaced the include for the members.css, as seen in Listing 1, to members_alt.css. 在这个文件中,将 members.css 的包含语句(见 清单 1)替换为 members_alt.css。

2、In other words, the phrase “duty free shipping” will take on a whole new meaning. 换句话说,“免税运输”这个术语到时候就会具有一个全新的含义了。

3、The synchronized block could then encompass both accesses if necessary. 然后这个同步语句可以在需要时包含这两个访问。

4、For SQLJ applications with embedded static SQL statements 对于含嵌入式静态 SQL 语句的 SQLJ 应用程序

5、When Mr. Blankenhorn surveyed fathers about the meaning of the term "good family man, " many responded that it was a phrase they only heard at funerals. 当接受调查的布兰肯霍恩先生的父亲有关用语的含义: “良好的家庭男子” ,许多回应时表示,这是一个短语,他们只听到在丧礼。

6、A reserved word whose use is essential to the meaning and structure of a COBOL statement. COBOL语言中使用的一种保留字,其使用对于COBOL语句的含义和结构是很重要的。

7、Multilingual files that contain pairs of terms or short expressions (source and target) which you have added. Each pair is associated by additional information that is freely configurable. 含有您已添加术语或短语对(原文和译文)的多语文件。每对都由可自由配置的附加信息关联。

8、The level of familiarity with the song lyrics and whether the texts contained formulaic phrases was found to be even more important. 对歌词的熟悉度以及文字是否包含公式化短语更重要。

9、Phrasal verbs extend the usual meaning of the verb or create a new meaning. 短语动词延伸了动词本身的含义,或产生了新含义。

10、But the idiomatic oral English is abundant with short, active and vivid phrases. And most of such phrases are MADE of small words. 而真正地道的英语口语确是充满着短小,活泼,生动的短语,富有生气。而这些短语大部分有小词构成。

11、The query statement above returns the same information as contained in the TAX1120VIEW view. 上面的查询语句返回与 TAX1120VIEW 视图所含内容相同的信息。

12、This article deals with the definition, the formation of the vagueness, the pragmatic function of pragmatic vagueness to illustrate the pragmatic fun. 本文从分析语用含义、语用含糊的形成方式、语用含糊的语用功能着手,通过实例阐明含糊语在言语交际中的语用功能。

13、Chosen texts are as follows: idiom stories, fables, folk stories, etc… 课文内容包含:成语故事,名著寓言与民间短篇小品等等。

14、The reasoning test involvesmathmeticsmathematics and language and includes writing an essay. 这种推理性测试包括数学、语言并且含有一个短文协作。

15、The paragraph uses common words but contains almost all of the sounds used in English. 这段短文使用一些常用词,但却包含了英语使用的几乎所有的发音。

16、Short Introduction of Shih Hsin University Language Center, including the basic rule of Englsih-listening classroom, and an introduction of English Corner. 世新大学语言中心开学简介短片,内容包含英听教室使用规则,以及世新大学英语沉浸园的介绍。

17、Each Chinese phrase should have 1 to 3 English explanation, and semicolons were used to separate the explanation. 每条中文短语包含1到3种英文解释,之间用分号予以相隔。

18、It is also discussed that register factors, subjective factors and paralinguistic factors restrict people from understanding sentences in a correct way. 阐述了语境因素、主观情态因素及作为非语言表达手段的体态语因素等对语句含意正确理解的制约性。

19、In my experiments I have assumed that certification carries the semantics of the signer endorsing the statements in the contained FOAF file. 在我的实验中,我假设证明携带签名者的语义,以此认可所包含的 FOAF 文件中的语句。

20、This phrautomotive service engineers has different meanings in different contexts. 这个短语在不同高低文里有不同的含义。

21、He says it contains 3,000 preprogrammed answers preprogram contain answer, its file size is about half a megabyte, it was written in C language, and it runs on a PC. 他说该程序包含了三千条预编程的应答语句, 雕虫小技编程语句其文件大小大约有0.5兆字节,使用C语言编写,可以在大小可以编写PC上面运行。

22、Begin by adding some library includes and variable declarations starting at line 284. 首先在第 284 行开始添加一些库包含(include)语句和变量声明。

23、A particular 12)slang, the use of particular nicknames, an 13)allusive manner of conversation, are the marks. 一句特别的俚语,特殊昵称的使用,或者含沙射影的对话,都是标记。

24、Anticipation involves the working of long-term memory to identify lexical meanings, sentence structures, and equivalent constituents in target language. 预测需要长期记忆来辨别语句含义,理解内容。

25、So while. And thankfully the jargon that the authors of this language chose early on conjures up the right ideas in your mind while something is true. 即while语句,幸好该语言的创始人,选择的术语都很通俗易懂,让人只通过字面意思就能联想到其真正含义。


26、If MRF is not enabled, FETCH statements are prepared without rowset positioning. 如果没有启用 MRF,准备 FETCH 语句时将不包含行集定位。

27、A literal is a character, a number, or a date that is included in the SELECT statement. 原义字符是在查询语句中包含的一个字符,数字或者是时间数据。

28、The brand-new dictionary contains more than 240, 000 words, phrases and definitions, reflecting language used widely in the UK today. 这本新出炉的词典包含24万多个词语、短语和释义,反映了英国当下普遍使用的语言。

29、But in cases of straightforward ambiguity, fine tuning terminal priorities is a great tool. 但是假如是简单含糊短语, 则微调结束优先级是一个非常好的工具。

30、Other expressions that mean boss or employer have nothing to do with brass or hats. 其它有老板或雇主含义的短语和金属橡树叶或帽子无关。

31、Language sense schema includes language writing laws , the meanings , evocations and implications of words and sentences. 语言图式是以一定的形式积淀、储存在主体大脑里的语言文字规律、词句的含义、情味、意蕴等。

32、By actively explaining what a new word or phrase means, you will be thinking about the word or phrase-and helping you to fix it in your memory. 凭着解释一个单词或者短语的含义,你在思考所讨论的对象,这些可以帮助你将单词或者短语固定在脑海中。

33、The style below contains phrases appropriate for most write-ups. 下述风格包含了对大多数捧场文章都适用的短语。

34、Each file contains the SQL statements captured by each cluster member. 每个文件包含每个集群成员捕获的 SQL 语句。

35、Note that a single SQL statement can contain multiple aggregations. 注意,一条 SQL 语句中可以包含多个聚集。

36、There are two means : one is that the machine can turn the spoken langue to written langue sentence by sentence; the other is that it can response to langue requirement correctly. 听懂有两种含义,一种是将这种口述语言逐词逐句地转换为相应地书面语言,第二种则是对口述语言中所包含的要求或询问做出正确的响应。

37、The REOPT bind option affects the optimization of statements that contain parameter markers or host variables. REOPT 绑定选项将影响其中包含参数标记或主机变量的语句的优化。

38、The fetch statement will be re-prepared without rowset positioning. 将重新准备 FETCH 语句,并且不包含行集定位。

39、This is actually a new meaning of the phrase die-hard. 其实我们现在说的这个意思是die-hard这个短语的新含义。

40、English songs, for the most part, include a lot of colloquialisms, slang and generally useful phrases that aren't necessarily going to show up in your average textbook. 大部分英文歌都包含许多你的教科书上不会出现的俗语、俚语和有用的短语。

41、Idioms are words or phrases that cannot be understood literally, but are derivative. 习语是不能照字面意思理解、另有引申含义的词或短语。

42、If life were a meaningful poem, college life would be one of the most beautiful words. 倘若一生是一首含义深刻的诗篇,那么大学生活一定是那最为清丽的语句。

43、This example includes only one elif statement, but in practice you can include as many as the program needs. 本例只包含一个 elif 语句,而实际中可根据程序需要包含任意多个。

44、The script files may contain any supported DDL, DML, and DCL SQL statements. 脚本文件可以包含任何所支持的 DDL、DML 和 DCL SQL 语句。

45、Precompile the file containing the SQLstatements to generate the C code. 预编译包含 SQL 语句的文件,以生成 C 代码。

46、The brand-new dictionary contains more than 240,000 words, phrases and definitions, reflecting language used widely in the UK today. 这本新出炉的词典包含24万多个词语、短语和释义,反映了英国当下普遍使用的语言。

47、A phrase search is semi-exact, and it excludes documents that contain only inflected versions of the term. 一个短语搜索是部分精确的,并且它会排除只包含变形词汇的文档。

48、So, in every statement, the condition or conclusion of the axiomatic semantics of expression has the "REASON" . 因此,在每个语句,表达式的公理中的条件部分和结论部分都含有REASON。

49、Some phrases, such as “play hardball” are more common in the derived or idiomatic sense. 有些短语更多是用于其引申或习语含义,例如“play hardball”("打硬球",比喻采取强硬态度)。

50、The LSCI questions, like those of the FCI, were phrased, as much as possible, in ordinary language, and they include "distracters" drawn from common misconceptions. 跟FCI 中的问题一样, LSCI 中的问题也是尽可能运用普通语言、运用短句表达的,其中包含由于常见的概念错误而造成的“错误选项”。


51、A search for color returns documents with color and colour, both for keyword search and phrase search. 搜索 color 会返回包含 color 和 colour 的文档,这适用于关键字和短语搜索。

52、This variable contains the error code of the latest SQL statement executed. 该变量包含最近执行的一条 SQL 语句的错误代码。

53、In this case, we introduced a deliberate error by including Underline error.. 在这个例子中,我们特意包含了 加下划线的短语,从而引入了一个错误。

54、For example, a called COBOL program contains a GOBACK statement (a language element) and returns control to a C program. 例如,一个已调用的 COBOL 程序包含 GOBACK 语句(一个语言元素)并向某个 C 程序返回控制权。

55、The statement above at label A shows table t1 with two columns: col1 and col2. 以上标签 A 的语句表示包含 col1 和 col2 两个列的表 t1。

56、Parents shoudn't make a fuss of their children. 一般用短语make a fuss of/about/over,其本身就含有过分关怀或溺爱的意思。

57、By using numerous examples from contracts, the writer mainly discusses meanings, usages and translations of the frequently used prepositions and prepositional phrases in business contracts in English. 本文作者利用大量的合同用词例子重点论述了英语经贸契约中常见的介词和介词短语的含义、用法和习惯用法及其翻译方法和技巧。

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