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导读: 60个,关于”积极乐观的句子“的英语句子60个,句子主体:Positive and optimistic sentences。以下是关于积极乐观的句子的五年级英语句子。


关于”积极乐观的句子“的英语句子60个,句子主体:Positive and optimistic sentences。以下是关于积极乐观的句子的xx年级英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Positive and optimistic sentences

1、It is because of this kind of optimistic, not afraid difficulty mentality. 正是由于这种乐观积极,不惧困难的心态。

2、His positive attitude and his laugh were infectious. 他积极乐观的态度和他的笑声很有感染力。

3、To look at the sunny side of everything aned make your optimism come true. 要看一切事情的光明面,活出积极乐观。

4、When Ma ponders the potential this work has to offer, he becomes positively effusive. 当马毅在深思这项工作的潜力时,他变得非常乐观积极。

5、Be positive, hy, and love life! 积极、快乐、热爱生活!

6、Keep a positive outlook on your vacation, Farley advises. Farley建议,对你的假期保持积极的观点。

7、You do if you're an upbeat person. 如果你是个积极乐观的人,一定看过。

8、We advocate a healthy, optimistic, positive and scientific view towards working. 我们倡导“健康、快乐、积极、科学”的工作观。

9、Optimism diverts our attention away from negativism and channcls it into positive, constructive thinking. 乐观主义能使我们的注意力从消极方面转向积极的、有建设性的思考。

10、Objective: To investigate how the factors affect subjective well-being through positive affection and negative affection. 目的:探讨主客观因素如何通过积极情感和消极情感影响主观幸福感。

11、Positiveness . Being upbeat usually elicits a positive response. Encouragement and sincere compliments are always reciated. 乐观的表现通常会得到积极的回应。鼓励,真诚和称赞是很必要的。

12、By inducing optimism the prepared mind becomes a positive one. 通过产生乐观,有准备的头脑变得积极。

13、Have a positive and supportive attitude, and provide a positive and supportive environment for other business people. 有积极的、乐于助人的态度,为其他的商人提供积极的支持的环境。

14、China is a strong advocate of the new security concept. 中国是新安全观的积极倡导者。

15、You can't be a positive person all of the time. How do you do it? 你不可能事事都顺心,你是怎样做到一直都这么积极乐观的呢?

16、Although scenery behind career and family each have malaises, but optimistic she face actively, full of positive energy. 虽然风光背后事业和家庭各有隐忧,但乐观的她积极面对,充满正能量。

17、Develop a positive attitude by setting realistic goals and focusing on fitness instead of weight. 拥有积极乐观的心态。调整好心态,设定一个现实的目标,专心健身。

18、He viewed death from the perspective of ontology, dialectics and the different connotations of death, which makes outstanding contributions to Marxist view of death. 孔子的死亡观具有积极入世的理性主义,他一生亦积极实践这种死亡观,他的生命成为他学问最好的脚注。

19、Forgiveness gestates higher sense of safety, active self-evaluation and optimistic thoughts and decreases risk factors of illness. 宽恕可能孕育更高的安全感,及更为积极的自我评价和乐观思想,减少患病的风险。

20、A leader is seen as someone with a can-do attitude, the person whose glass is always half full. 领导者被认为是有着积极肯干的态度,乐观进取的人。

21、No mater it is for the daily life or the daily work, they are active and enterprising. 无论是在生活,还是工作上,他们都拥有积极奋发,进取乐观的心态。

22、Peter Eavis at Heard On The Street offers a more positive take along the same lines. 专栏华尔街新闻作家彼得·伊阿维斯从一个更为乐观积极地角度来看待同件事情。

23、Watch for surges in positive and negative emotions and note what caused it. 观察积极和消极情绪的起伏,注意是什么引起的。

24、Optimism draws our attention away from negativism and channels it into positive, constructive thinking. 乐观精神使我们的注意力从消极的否定态度转向积极的、建设性的思考。

25、Hy people don’t just think positive, they act positive. 快乐的人不只是积极思考,而且积极行动。


26、In addition to this, exercise also reduces stress and promotes a positive self-image. 除了这个,运动还可以减压并建立一个积极乐观的形象。

27、Optimistic people can always discover what's good side, and negative and pessimistic people always losing things sad for him to complain. 积极乐观的人总是能够发掘事情好的一面,而消极悲观的人总是为他失去的东西伤心抱怨。

28、This will help you avoid unpleasant conversations and communicate only with positive people. 这会使你避免不愉快的对话,只和积极乐观的人交流。

29、Bailes: I am outgoing , optimistic and always an active partitor in life. 梁艳:我是一个开朗乐观的人,总是积极的面对生活。我喜欢孩子,热爱教育。

30、The ceaseless creativity of destiny promotes the progressive activity of nature and leads to an optimistic attitude to life. “命”的“生生不已”促成了“性”的积极有为,进而引领出一种乐观向上的人生态度。

31、He's always positive and he's one of the best in the training sessions because his attitude is always good. 他总是很积极,训练中的状态也是最为出色的几个员之一,因为小光总是很乐观。

32、But when asked more personal questions, men were still more positive about life in a legal union. 但当问及更私人的问题时,取得合法婚姻的男性对生活更积极乐观。

33、Optimism diverts our attention away from negativism and channels it into positive, constructive thinking. 乐观主义有助于我们摆脱悲观消极的想法,并引导我们积极地、建设性地思考问题。

34、Finally, it is most desirable for landscapes to be elating, enveloped in an euphoric, buoyant, proactive and uplifting feelings. 第三,风景画最好能使人开心 (即充满乐观的、积极的、向上的感情)」。

35、And when Julio thinks about the way he looks, it's also a lot more positive. 况且夏利奥想到自己的样子时也表现得更加积极乐观。

36、It is found from the calculation that the prospects of the reservoir sedimentation can not be optimized and the measures to minimize the sediment deposition should be studied. 分析结果表明:未来潘家口水库的淤积发展趋势不容乐观,应积极开展水库防淤减淤措施的研究。

37、Fu Niu Lele reflects a positive attitude towards life. 福牛乐乐体现一种积极的人生态度。

38、Meanwhile, I set up my mind to be "an optimistic, active, and helpful sunshine boy" no matter what hens. 与此同时,不论什么事情发生,我自始至终把自己定义为“ 一个乐观、积极、乐于助人的阳光男孩”。

39、I try really hard to be upbeat and positive but I slowly fall into the abyss... 我真的很努力地试着乐观,积极,但我还是缓慢地滑入深渊。

40、Be willing to look at gaining knowledge as a child does, unembarrassed and optimistically. You may find that you can gain their same enthusiasm. 准备好以儿童的方式去获取知识,这一点也不令人难堪、要积极乐观地对待,你也许就会发现自己又拥有了孩子般的热情。

41、The reformer and ideologist Zheng Guanying was the exponential. 郑观应是这一思想的积极倡导者。

42、The surprising thing is that there is often only a small degree of difference between a positive, optimistic perception, and a negative, pessimistic one. 令人奇怪的是往往仅有一点点差异便会导致积极,乐观或是消极,悲观两种截然不同的人生态度。

43、It has positive significant for keeping life goal to set correct viewpoint on hardship and hiness. 树立正确的苦乐观对于正确把握人生坐标具有积极意义。

44、Germany's ZEW survey of investor sentiment continued to paint an upbeat of Europe's largest economy. 德国ZEW调查报告继续描绘出这个欧洲最大经济体乐观积极的一面。

45、It makes you more active, positive and invincible. 这能够让你更加积极乐观和不可战胜。

46、Public finance's active effect in macro-control 财政宏观调控积极有效

47、So put on a hy face. Talk as if you feel positive self-esteem, are optimistic, and are outgoing. 所以把快乐写在脸上,感觉像很积极的自尊一样谈话,是乐观的,开朗的。

48、It’s almost impossible to be filled with positivity and productive optimism without loving yourself. 如果不爱自己,充满积极性和持久的乐观几乎是不可能的事。

49、"Voters are responding to the Governor's positive and optimistic message," says his campaign communications director, Katie Levinson. 施瓦辛格竞选外联主任凯迪·勒文森说:“选民们对州长积极、乐观的资讯做出了回应。”

50、At this point in Chrysler's turnaround, Marchionne has won over few supporters with his upbeat story. 在克莱斯勒此时的转变过程中,马奇奥尼积极乐观的描述并未赢得太多支持者。


51、Or actively seeking pleasure? 或积极寻找快乐?

52、I love her sense of joy and optimism. And her ever-ready willingness to share it. 我爱她那积极乐观的心态,爱她总是乐意与他人分享这种乐观心态的品质。

53、Still, Dong Ying can find something positive to say about her home: "The house management is OK. 但是,董英对她的“家”还是积极乐观的,她说,“这里的物业还是不错的。

54、"The pine tree, like New Yorkers who are known for their can-do attitude, takes root where it can, " Mr. 泰顿先生发言称:“纽约人具有乐观积极的态度,松树也是如此。

55、It has both positive and negative effects on college students' oral communicative and pragmatic competences. 面子观念对大学生的英语口语交际能力和语用能力既有积极影响,也有消极影响。

56、Ka Sin is an enthusiastic and optimistic person. 嘉倩是一个积极乐观的人。

57、Catalysts positively promote the new direction or idea. 促进者积极地发扬新的方向和观念。

58、Photographer Huang Hao was impressed by Zeng's outgoing and optimistic character. 曾晶的乐观,积极向上的性格特征给黄摄影师留下了深刻的影响。

59、Marge's girl although home, but they are poor in anything positive and optimistic attitude. 马奇家地女孩虽然家里贫寒,但它们却对任何事都有积极乐观地态度喜悦。

60、You’re a success because you are able to remain positive in a world that’s full of negativity and hopelessness. 你是成功的,因为你能够保持一种积极乐观的心态,即使消极绝望的事情充斥着这个世界。

61、But what a difference optimism makes in the attitude of the problem solver! Optimism diverts our attention away from negativism and channels it into positive, constructive thinking. 但是,乐观使解决问题的态度有所不同!乐观会使我们把注意力从消极转向积极的、建设性的思考上。

62、Did people feel like their lives were dominated by positive experiences and feelings, or negative ones? 那么人们对生活的感受是由什么决定的呢,乐观积极的情感经历还是消极悲观的感受?

63、To look at the sunny side of everything and make your optimism only the best. 要看到一切事情的光明面,活出积极乐观。

64、Just roach it with a positive attitude and a willingness to experiment and you'll amaze yourself at what you can produce. 只要你怀着积极乐观的态度和一颗敢于试验的心,你将被自己做的菜惊艳。

65、"Voters are responding to the Governor's positive and optimistic message, " says his campaign communications director, Katie Levinson. 施瓦辛格竞选外联主任凯迪·勒文森说:“选民们对州长积极、乐观的信息做出了回应。”

66、Engraving life with music, facing life with a positive "Lohas" attitude. 用音乐雕刻生活,用“乐活”的生活态度积极地对待人生。

67、Yess lets you stand out in a crowd, to be the optimist, to stay positive, to be the one everyone comes to for help, for advice, or just for fun. Yes会让你从人群中脱颖而出,成为乐观者,保持积极的人生态度,成为人人都来寻求帮助、征求建议或找乐子的对象。

68、In colleagues' eyes, i'm an energetic , positive, kind-hearted and have the sense of team unity. 在同事的眼里我是一个积极乐观,善良,乖巧有团队精神的同事;

69、Gay is still optimistic the entire season won't be lost. 鲁迪盖还是很乐观积极的,他相信整个季赛,志在必得。

70、You are in rare form, hy, optimistic, and ready to plan your bright future. 你现在非常积极乐观,准备规划你的锦绣前程。

71、To look at the sunny side of everything and make your optimism come true. 学会看到事物积极的一面,让自己成为了一个真正乐观的人。

72、Well, sort of upbeat, positive. 一种乐观,积极

73、Look for the good in everything - You don't have to be a Pollyanna about life but there can be positive things about every situation if you will just make a point of identifying them. 积极看待每件事—不必盲目乐观,但如果你仔细辨别,每种境况下你都能发现积极的一面。

74、Ppl always tell me that as long as I look at things positively, I ' ll be hy. Well, my body ' s a bit weak tho . 人们都说只要我积极乐观的面对事情。我就会快乐。恩,不足就是我的身体有点点虚弱。

75、Positive thoughts about your new cirtances and a positive attitude toward your new home and hosts will bring positive results. 对新环境的乐观看法和对新家的积极态度会带来好的结果。

英文句子模板76:Positive and optimistic sentences

76、“He was a different kid, more active and hy all the time, ” said Dr. Hershey. “他是一个与众不同的孩子,从头至尾都比别人更加积极和乐观,”赫尔希医生说。

77、I will educate him and guide him to be a sunny, positive, hy man full of careerism . 我要教育他、引导他成为一个阳光、积极乐观、充满事业心的人。

78、Humor also plays a role in immunity, seratonin, and dopamine levels in the brain, as well as helping to maintain a positive and optimistic outlook on life. 幽默还能提高人体免疫力,大脑中的血清素和多巴胺的水平,并有助于保持积极乐观的人生观。

79、Hu Shis viewpoints have some positive significance. 胡适的观点有一定的积极意义。

80、The kids at St. Florian wear shirts that read, "Do Something Positive — Be Someone Positive — Have Something Positive." 圣弗洛里安中心的孩子身上穿着标有这样字幕的衬衫:“做积极的事—成为积极的人—拥有积极的心态。”

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