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导读: 48个,关于”句子“的英语句子48个,句子主体:sentence。以下是关于句子的初一英语句子。




1、In one such exercise he turns to Lewis Carroll's famous nonsense poem "Jabberwocky " to ilrate the importance of sentence structure. 其中一个是这样的,他拿出刘易斯·卡罗尔的那首著名的没意义的诗《jabberwocky》来阐释句子结构的重要性。

2、In Listing 4, the separated strings have been resourced out as a whole sentence, which is much easier for the translator to understand and to translate. 在清单 4 中,各个字符串被作为完整的句子提取出来,这让译者更容易理解和翻译。

3、Just a few words about housekeeping. 再唠叨几句题外话。

4、However, this will slow down searching, and, you will run out of file descriptors if you make it too large. 但是,这样做将降低你的搜索速度。同时,你有可能会用光你的文件句柄如果你把合并因子设置的太大。

5、Civil is presented the topic sentence . 文尾出现主题句。

6、One examines the bud in awe: Where were those seeds a month ago? The apples display their milliner's ss of ivory silk, rose-tinged. 我们不禁要惊羡地问一句:一个月前这些种子还在哪儿呢?苹果树则像卖帽人,向人们展示他帽子上那一片片微带点玫瑰红地乳白色丝缎。

7、In our example, 'aggregate_sales' was defined as a user-maintained MQT, the following statement must be issued to bring the MQT out of check-pending state. 在我们的例子中,'aggregate_sales' 被定义为用户维护的 MQT,必须发出下面这个语句使 MQT 脱离 check-pending 状态。

8、Protecting the entironment, protecting our world is not an alarmism, but is no time to delay related to our offspring. “保卫环境,保卫我们生存的地球”不在是一句危言耸听的口号,而是关系到后代子孙的刻不容缓的大事。

9、A frivolous but not inaccurate interpretation of the Chinese saying "Shan gao, huang di yuan (the mountain is high and the emperor far away)" would be "when the cat's away, the mice play! " 对“山高皇帝远”这句中国谚语的肤浅但非错误的解读是“猫儿不在耗子闹”!

10、To study the transitive closure of similarity matrix in fuzzy cering, the algorithm of once location for solving the transitive closure of similarity matrix is proposed. 论文针对这个问题提出了利用动态规划方法基于句子相似矩阵进行求解的方法。

11、Moreover, previous research on presupposition has been conventionally confined to the sentential level of language with the discourse aspects of presupposition being greatly downplayed. 另外,以往的预设研究是在句子的层面上进行的,忽略了预设在语篇层面上的研究可能。

12、Sentence statements can be true or false, so premises can be true or false, conclusion can be true or false but arguments can't be. 句子论述可能或真或假,所以前提前提可能或真或假,结论可能或真或假,但是论点不能。

13、Asked whether spore trajectories could be scaled up to thrown base or other reader-friendly terms, Money replied that mushroom spores don't go far at all. 当被问到孢子发射过程是否可以用投掷棒球或其他易于被读者理解的语句来形容时,曼尼回答说,蘑菇孢子还远不能做到那个程度。

14、To deal with the points on the line aligned with a segment vertex, clauses that count only the segments that are lower than the line are necessary 要处理与一个线段顶点对齐的线上的点,必须使用仅计算低于该线的线段的子句

15、Primary schools will increase teacher training in standard English diction and syntax, so Singlish isn't inadvertently taught to students. 当地小学将增加对老师英语措辞和句法方面的培训,那样他们就不会再无意中教给孩子们”新”式英语了。

16、Handle to the re drawn window. 重化窗口句柄。

17、"The hustling along changes clothes for her! "The son Rui calm and steady face orders a , throw into own jacket solution bottom without extra trouble health tube. “赶紧给她换衣服!”子睿沉着脸吩咐一句,就将自己的外衣解下顺手扔进了卫生筒。

18、Usage: This parameter controls the decision on whether or not to apply a NON EMPTY clause on member requests when the number of tuples exceeds the set threshold. 用法:当元组数超过设定的阈值时,该参数控制是否对成员请求应用 NON EMPTY 子句的决策。

19、This would be called a statement. 这就是一条语句。

20、What takes more guts to say? 哪句话更需要勇气?

21、Input is validated using the validate() method; if the clause (latitude90.0 || longitude= 180.0) is true, it throws an IllegalArgumentException. 使用 validate() 方法对输入进行验证;如果 (latitude90.0 || longitude= 180.0) 子句为真,将抛出一个 IllegalArgumentException。

22、Phew, that was a long sentence. 唷,这是一个长句。

23、Upon reading a Bible verse, Sister 1 believed that God wanted her to have the house that she and her sisters were accused of burglarizing . 当阅读一本圣经诗句,姐姐一相信上帝希望她和她的姐妹们的都是撬窃被告的房子。

24、I don't want to form grammatically clumsy sentences like recipe.add 2.gram.of("flour") in my DSL when I'm clearly adding more than one gram. 在我清楚地添加超过一个 gram 时,我不想在我的 DSL 中语法化地形成像 recipe.add 2.gram.of("flour") 那样笨拙的句子。

25、In other words, don't wait for your company to give you the green light to dream up new ideas--just do it. 换句话说,不要等到公司为你开“允许为新点子异想天开”的绿灯后才这样做,现在就去异想天开。


26、" Many people often ask questions like this. (二)中间段落句

27、I never think that I 'm doing eight-minute cures on television. 这个句子中重点解析的是"cures"与"lies in"的意思,另外 "point……down"是词组吗? 翻译为:我从未想过我在用电视做一个8分钟的治疗。

28、Full disclosure: I have, at times, used my university e-mail to remind my wife to feed the cats, confirm dinner plans with friends, etc. 完整的句子是:我偶尔会使用自己的学校邮件提醒太太喂猫,确认与朋友的晚餐计划等等。

29、If you provide a second command-line argument, other than those listed above, you get an error message (the * clause), and the program exits. 如果提供上面所列之外的第二个命令行自变量,将得到一条错误消息(* 子句),然后,程序退出。

30、Of course, this is a question. 当然,这是一个问句。

31、Not asking can lead to mistrust and uming the worst based on two random sentences whose context you don't know. 不闻不问会引发信任危机。当你在不明前因后果的情况下随便挑两个句子说事儿,你总是会往最坏处想。

32、According to the scholars, the vermin of the earth such as snakes, scorpions, dung beetles, roaches, rats etc. , are haraam. This is the view of Abu Haneefah, Ahmad and Dawood. 第一句说根据学者说,大地的寄生虫,比如蛇,蝎子,大粪虫,蟑螂,老鼠等等不可食用。

33、Then look for them in the transcript and see if you can guess their meaning by looking to see how the word is used in the sentence. 然后看看他们在誊本,看看如果你能猜测它们的含义看,看看如何字是用在句子。

34、Even if students didn't understand all the words, they grasped the concepts of treating their elders with respect and their clmates with care. 即使孩子们并不能完全理解这些字句的含义,他们也从中学会了尊重长辈和友爱同学的概念。

35、Small clause is the self-similar entity in sentence, on which the research of PRO in Chinese is founded. 小句的自相似性为小句空主语PRO的存在提供了理论依据。

36、The more grammatical knowledge a writer has, the greater the chance of discovering an incorrectly used word, a rly composed phrase, or an awkwardly structured sentence. 作者的文法知识越丰富,就越能找出误用的字词、累赘的片语或是结构失当的句子。

37、"No matter how far away would be the vast expanse of desert, I admire the staunch spirit of a woman, who pursuit her object firmly". 欣赏您的一首诗中这么一句:“不管前途浩瀚中的渺渺、歆羡女子刚强卓绝的自我追求”。

38、A sentence is missing here. 这里脱漏了一句。

39、Because remember I said that, typically, when you hear a sentence you make --you manufacture in your mind gaps between the words. 你们记得我之前说过,通常来说,当你听到一个句子时,你会通过心理活动,在词与词之间创造出间隔

40、Because remember I said that, typically, when you hear a sentence you make --you manufacture in your mind gaps between the words. 你们记得我之前说过, 通常来说,当你听到一个句子时,你会通过心理活动,在词与词之间创造出间隔。

41、Finally, x has the value 0, at which point the loop is exited and the code in the else clause is executed, printing out the values of the two variables. 最后,x 的值为 0,此时循环退出,并执行 else 子句中的代码,打印出两个变量的值。

42、Harry sed up a snful of porridge, then stuck the sn in his mouth and left it there, just because he could. 哈利刮了一勺麦片粥,然后将勺子贴在嘴上不拿下来,仅仅因为他可以这么做。(第一句,就很见功力。)

43、I wish my family happy every day, health. 两句都可以

44、Who knows the first verse now? 谁知道第一句歌词?

45、"But not for the same reason, " she said. "I thought you were a beggar. " She looked at my worn sandals and added: "Not even any socks. " “但是原因不一样,我以为你是个要饭的。”看了看我的凉鞋她又追了一句,“连袜子都没得穿。”

46、At the end, a series of deductions like these would handle entire sentences and paragraphs to yield an accurate text-meaning representation. 最后,如此一系列的演绎推理将能处理整个句子和段落,从而生成一个精确的文本意义的陈述。

47、He spluttered out a few words. 他急速迸出几句话。

48、If, when she embarked on this errand, the words and sentences had been whirling around in her head, they had got themselves in order en route. 如果当她有事在身的话,她脑子里总是转悠着那些词句,一路上把要说的话捋出个头绪。

49、He fashioned no stilted epigram. 他不追求夸张的警句。

50、We'll call this phrase A. 我们称这它为乐句A


51、Only about 18 sentences in the entire mcript are written in the first person – it is extremely rare for him to say 'I saw this with my own eyes’. 整个手稿只有约18个句子是以第一人称写的 - 他极少提到”这是我亲眼所见。

52、Then, it sets the callback handlers. 然后,设置回调句柄。

53、Never mind, if you are doing that strategy, take it from a Brit, most princes are as dumb as toast, not worth waiting for. 如果你真的采取这个策略,记住这句英国的俗语吧,王子和土司一样蠢,不值得你去等的

54、In other words, if I had all different atoms, so I could label them all, then I don't have that correction. 换句话说,如果所有的原子都不相同,那么我就可以标记它们,就不需要修正配分函数。

55、Asks you to be self-possessed! 还是那句话,请自重!

56、Bear in mind that the word order for sentences differs from language to language; you do not want to take away the translator's ability to control word order. 记住不同语言之间的句子中的语序是不同的;您可以让翻译人员来控制语序。

57、Xiaogang, like most Chinese men I know, does not speak one word of French. His five-year-old son has become his translator. 晓刚和我认识的大部分中国男人一样,一句法语也不会说,他xx岁的儿子也就当了他的翻译员。

58、That's also from--say it. 这句也是出自…说出来。

59、"Wow, you don't look that old, " the boy said. I was breathing a sigh of relief when another child chimed in, "Parts of her do. " 哇,你看上去没那么老“男孩说。正当我松了一口气的时候。另一个孩子说了句:”有些部分有。

60、The undignified outburst came at Naudero in Sindh province, the burial site of his wife and her similarly “martyred” father Zulfikar Ali Bhutto. 这句有损尊严的话是在信德省的瑙德罗,他妻子和“殉难”的岳父阿里.布托的墓地上放出来的。

61、Gets a security key identifier clause that references this security token when this security token is included in the SOAP message in which it is referenced. 获取当此安全令牌包含在引用它的 SOAP 消息内时引用此安全令牌的安全密钥标识符子句。

62、From this day on, I will share with you my understandings on the sentences in English, French and Chinese. I hope that I can make progresses together with you. 从今天开始,我会把自己对英法汉句子的理解和大家分享。希望能和大家一起进步。

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