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导读: 22个,关于”各科老师的情感语录“的英语句子22个,句子主体:Emotional quotations from teachers of various subjects。以下是关于各科老师的情感语录的初中英语句子。


关于”各科老师的情感语录“的英语句子22个,句子主体:Emotional quotations from teachers of various subjects。以下是关于各科老师的情感语录的初中英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Emotional quotations from teachers of various subjects

1、The ways that teachers build up a good claoom atmosphere are as follows: teacher's self-control of emotions, careful organization of claoom teaching and scientific use of sment. 教师在课堂教学中营造良好课堂气氛的方法有:教师情感的自我调控,课堂教学的精心组织,科学地利用评价手段。

2、In practice, according to the occurrence of the above principles of emotional education a creative way to begin the emotional point of teaching, approaches and specific strategies. 本文认为在初中化学教学中实施情感教学应该遵循寓教于乐、以情施教、师生情感交融的原则。

3、Decade on from the Inception of LPATE in 2001: Can We Determine Whether Teacher English Language Standards have Improved? 自xx年英语科教师语文能力评核成立以来的xx年:我们能否断定教师英语标准有所提高?

4、English teachers from universities and colleges across Poland recently attended workshops hosted by LCCI and the Krakow University of Economics. 最近来自波兰各大学及学院的50名英语教师参加了由LCCI及克拉科夫经济大学共同举办的研讨会。

5、I feel science lesson is very difficult. My Japanese teacher says I excel vernacular speech, and geography the teacher say what I learn quite good. 我觉得科学课很难。我的日语老师说我擅长口语,而且地理老师说我学的不错。

6、As for retake courses not shown on this timetable, please refer to English Teaching Division and Business Teaching Division of Teaching and Learning Department. 关于在时间表上未做安排的重修课程,请重修同学与教学部英语教育系和专业科教育系负责老师联系。

7、Emotion teacing; Englis teacing; Application. 情感教学; 英语教学;应用。

8、For the knowledge of primary Chinese female teachers, the passing rate of subject knowledge is less than 80%. 从当前小学语文女教师的知识掌握状况来看,学科知识的通过率不到80%。

9、The real language of film — and the evocative language of any discipline — has an emotional component. 电影语言——包括任何学科的鼓动性语言——都有情感的成分在其中。

10、Listen to the tape and read after it. Imitate the intonation carefully. 教师放录音,学生跟读,并模仿录音的语音语调。

11、The junior middle school Chinese lessons need to attach importance to the Situational Education, students' unique experience, and personality insight. 李吉林老师在小学语文教学中运用情境教育理论,取得累累硕果。

12、The "student-centered" teaching model gives more tasks to teachers. Teachers attach too much importance to not only cognitive side of language learning but also affective factors. 以学生为中心的教学模式对教师提出了更高的要求,教师不仅要注重语言学习中的认知因素,更要注重情感因素。

13、In English teaching, teachers should develop not only the students' intellectual factors but also their non-intellectual ones, that is factors of psy c hological emotion. 在英语教学中,教师不但要注意开发学生的智力因素,还要开发他们的非智力因素,即心理情感因素。

14、I was educated in a university for 4 years and I majored in English. After graduation I came to a college of Guangdong University of Foreign Studies. 本人本科毕业,本科所学专业为英语,现在在广外的下属学院任英语教师。

15、The teachers of different professional posts utilize information sources in great difference. ②不同职称的教师,利用各类情报源的情况不同。

16、High quality English language teaching for non-English major university students requires College English teachers with high qualities in different aspects. 高质量的大学英语教学需要高素质的英语教师,各高校应该重视对大学英语教师的综合素质培养。

17、In the teaching of change mind, one is a teacher emotion infliction of individual emotion to student influence. 教学中的移情,一是教师个体情感对学生的情感施加影响。

18、His students recorded what the Confucius had said and wrote a book named LunYu. 'Isn't it interesting to revise after you studied it? 孔子的弟子把老师的语言记录下来,编成了一本书《论语》。

19、She has an original opinion on language books' written as well as her own Chinese-speaking teaching method. Her humor, affinity, attentiveness and patient in teaching are always popular with students. 毕老师对汉语教材的组织编写有独到的见解,拥有自己独特的汉语口语教学方法,教学过程富有幽默感、亲和力,坚持细心教学、耐心讲授,深受学员的喜爱。

20、One day, as Mrs. Thompson was reviewing each child's past records, she was surprised by comments of Teddy's former teachers. 某一天, 汤普逊老师检视每个学生以前的学习纪录表,她意外地发现泰迪之前的老师给的评语十分惊人。

21、Conclusion: Educators should pay more attention to training students English learning self-efficacy. 结论:教师应该重视学生英语学习自我效能感的培养。

22、Four, teachers and students" emotion, attitude are studied in teaching." 教学中师生情感、态度的互动研究。

23、Our English teacher wasn't at school, Mr. Wang took her place to teach us English. 我们英语老师不在学校,王老师代替她教我们英语。

24、Amingo is the new mandarin teacher in PYP 2. Her enthusiasm is to be commended. 胡珊珊老师是教授xx年级的新语文老师。她的热情是大家有目共睹的。

25、Further researches are needed to probe the effect of "un-natural language usage of teachers of Chinese language" on teaching Chinese as a foreign language. 本文讨论了这种非自然语感语言使用的相关情况和成因,认为对外汉语教师的非自然语感语言对教学的影响值得进一步研究。


26、Teachers pay more attention to affect teaching in English teaching for the application-oriented universities according to the current situation of students and teaching. 针对生源和教学现状,应用型本科院校的英语教学更应注重实施情感教学。

27、In order to establish and remain good interpersonal relationship with students and create favorable claoom atmosphere, teachers should take politeness strategy into consideration. 以示范课录像资料中教师描述性和控制性语言为考察对象,分析了优秀英语教师课堂礼貌策略的使用情况。

28、Math and science teachers are scarce, so if you have certification in either of those areas and you are right for the job, you can expect a quick hire. 数学老师还有科学老师是很匮乏的,因此如果你有这两方面的认证书并且你也想当老师,那你极有可能被录取。

29、Many teachers and linguists complain that using English has hurt efforts to develop a scientific lexicon in Malay. 许多教师和语言学家认为,用英语教学阻碍了马来语中科学词汇的发展。

30、Zhang: A science teacher, an art teacher and an English teacher . 张:一名科学教师,一个艺术老师和一名英语老师。

31、Senior teacher of Chinese, board member of Chinese Learning Science Council, member of Writers' Association of the City. 中教语文高级教师,中国语文学习科学委员会理事,市作协会员。

32、Bachelor Degree. Teaching Chinese to overseas students at the Department of Chinese Language and Culture. 本科,现任广西师大国际文化教育学院汉语言文化系专职教师。

33、We should make the language education in deaf schools based on science, and should be able to explain the relationship between various languages used by deaf children and the regulation of leaning la… 聋校的语言教育应以科学为基础,合理解释各种语言形式之间的关系,阐明聋童学语言的规律,指导教师正确地认识和使用各种语言形式。

34、Chinese-English Translation . English Department. College of Foreign Languages. 宁德师范高等专科学校英语系 《实用翻译教程 …

35、Claooms are designed with different areas of learning, each with its own focus: practical life, sensorial, language, mathematics, geography, art, music, science, history and nature study. 新里程不同教室有用在不同领域的学习,不同的重点:现实生活,感官,语言,数学,艺术,音乐,自然科学。

36、Language teachers often extract examples from grammar books. 语言教师常从语法书里摘录例子。

37、As for elective courses not shown on this timetable, please refer to English Teaching Division and Business Teaching Division of Teaching and Learning Department. 关于在时间表上未做安排的选修课程,请重修同学与教学部英语教育系和专业科教育系负责老师联系。

38、Lian Aiqin, who graduated from Guangzhou Teachers' College, is a senior teacher teaching high school English for many years. 连爱勤,毕业于广州师范学院,中学高级教师,多年从事高中英语科教学。

39、Seventh:Cotton ball. To remind us that this claoom is filled with kind words and warm feelings. 第七件:棉花球提醒你这件教师充满和善的言语以及温暖的感情。

40、We have now six full-time teachers with B. A. degrees and strong background in English teaching. 目前的六位专职教师都有大学英语教育本科学历,长期从事英语培训。

41、Mr. Wang isn't going to teach us English next term. 下学期王老师不教我们英语了。

42、When girls do become interested in science, teachers and academic advisors often actively discourage them from studying these subjects at school. 当女孩确实对科学感兴趣的时候,教师和学术导师常常积极地劝她们不要在学校学习这些科目。

43、The teachers of different subjects, different genders and different ages act differently in the aspect of non-language behaviors. 其中,不同学科、不同性别的教师以及新教师和老教师在非语言的表现上有一定差异。

44、Please look here . There was three pops of warter . Who wants to touch it and say your feeling. 教师出示热、温、凉三杯不同温度的水,鼓励学生到前面来摸一摸,用汉语说出自己的感觉。

45、There fundamental must be followed: teaching with happy, emotion and harmonious relation between teachers and students in class. 高中实施情感教育,要求在教学过程中应该遵循寓教于乐、以情施教、师生情感交融等三条原则;

46、Discourse marker is a common language phenomenon in our daily conversation. On basis of various scopes and functions, discourse markers are classified into three main types. 语言教学环境中的话语标记语是确保师生言语交际得以顺利进行的一种有效手段具有组织话语、安排话题和表达情感等语用功能;

47、Speaking of the elementary school nature study teaching, the teacher mainly should unify "Program" requests, to grasp with other various branches teaching relation. 就小学自然课教学而言,教师主要应结合《大纲》要求,掌握好同其他各科教学的联系。以下就自然教学同语文、地理教学的结合略谈一二…

48、My teaching effect is good and so I am very popular with the teachers and students. 本人擅长科技英语的教学工作和教师的培训工作,教学效果好,颇受师生们的好评。

49、A great teacher has his own love of learning and inspires students with his passion for education. 好老师对待学习有自己的热情,并用自己对教学的热情感染学生。翙。

50、The emotional education plays a role in encouraging, influencing, motivating and adjusting. 情感教育在语文教学中具有激智作用、感染作用、移情作用和调节作用。


51、However, teachers attach too much importance to cognitive side of language learning in college English teaching while neglecting the function of affective factors. 目前,在我国外语教学中,教师片面强调语言学习中的认知因素,而忽视了情感因素的作用,以致影响教学效果。

52、Secondly, the effect of language violence to teacher-student emotional communication; 教师语言暴力对师生间情感交流的影响;

53、In sports teaching, teachers and students also use language and body languages to express their feelings and communicate with each other. 在体育教学中,教学信息的传递方式同样是由教师通过有声语和体态语与学生进行信息交流,传达感情的。

54、English teaching is the process in which teaching contents and ideas between teachers and students should be communicated. 英语教学过程是教师与学生、学生与学生之间教学内容和思想感情交流的交际过程。

55、From these two aspects, the author discusses the functions of affective factors in foreign languages learning and shows what teachers can learn from Pygmalion effect. 从学习动机和态度两个方面讨论情感因素对外语学习的影响,及皮格马利翁效应对外语教师的启示。

56、Another impact of globalization is that more and more foreigners come into Chinese EFLT, which makes the native and non-native English speaker teachers two camps. 全球化的另一个影响是越来越多的外籍教师进入我国的英语教学,使得本族语英语教师和非本族语英语教师成为英语教师中的两大阵营。

57、Abstract: The language teachers according to the characteristics of the subjects, the teaching content and clever legal education combined. 摘要:语文教师要根据学科的特点,将教学内容与法制教育巧妙地结合起来。

58、Diploma of Linyi Key English Teacher. Sponsored by Linyi Education Bureau.January,1995. 英语学科市级骨干教师.山东临沂市教育局.xx年xx月.

59、My English teacher concerns not only our English study but also our learning of all the other subjects. 我的英语老师不仅关心我们的英语学习,而且关心我们的各门学科学习。

60、Later on Richards changes his vocabulary, and he no longer talks about scientific and emotive language. 后来,Richards换了一种说法,他不在使用科学或者情感类的语言。

61、The sense of language is developed with the combination of the teacher's English teaching, non-language teaching, the students'imitation and reading etc. 语感是通过教师的英语教学、非语言教学、学生的摹仿、阅读等方面相结合而培养出来。

62、One day, as Mrs. Thompson was reviewing each childs past records, she was surprised by comments of Teddys former teachers. 某一天,汤普逊老师检视每个学生以前的学习记录表,她意外地发现泰迪之前地老师给的评语十分惊人。

63、Teacher's sayings: "love sincere commendable, life price is higher, leave, there is hope!" 老师语录:“爱情诚可贵,生命价更高,留的青山在,不怕没柴烧!

64、Translation is one of the most important courses for the undergraduate English majors, but the teachers teach the course in different ways because there is no standard textbook for it. 英语专业本科生翻译课的教学是各外语学院的重头戏,但由于没有统一的配套教材,翻译课的教师在翻译课的教学上是各行其是。

65、The "Primary School English Education Seminar", sponsored by the Beijing Academy of Education Science, was held recently. 200 select primary school teachers from all over the country attended. 北京教科院日前举办了“小学英语教学研讨会”,来自全国的小学英语教师骨干共200人出席了研讨会。

66、To implement emotional education, teachers should have passion to students, and cultivate their habits of athletic sports. 实施情感教育,教师要热爱学生,培养学生爱好体育运动的情感。

67、Teacher-student interaction in English claoom is the process that teacher and students are applying English in the situation of class. 中学英语课堂师生互动是教师和学生在课堂情境中使用语言的过程。

68、She is an English teacher from Shuren Middle School. 她是来自育才中学的英语教师。

69、I was amazed to find that primary-school teachers in China do not use phonics in teaching children how to read. 当我发现中国的小学老师教孩子读英文单词不使用基础语音教学法时真是感到惊愕。

70、She is an English teacher from Yucai Middle School. 她是来自育才中学的英语教师。

71、They'll also work to point out writing's many claoom uses, among them labeling a graph in math, composing a thank-you note to a class visitor, or recording the results of a science project. 老师也会给孩子们指出写作在教室里的各种用途,比如标记数学中图表,给来访者写感谢条或者记录科学活动的结果。

72、Teacher's sayings: "don't beat her, not to scold her feelings, must use torture her!" 老师语录:“不打她,不骂她,要用感情折磨她!

73、My science tefeel sorer is Mr Wag. 我的科学教师是王教师。

74、Teachers professional emotion is composed of the professional sense, the professional ethics and the professional aesthetic feeling. 教师职业情感的结构由教师职业理智感、教师职业道德感、教师职业美感三要素构成。

75、The integral optimization of the modern Chinese subject teaching is the discussion which modern Chinese major teachers research in Jilin Normal University and other three Universities. “现代汉语学科教学整体优化”是吉林师范大学、东北师范大学、白城师范学院三所院校的现代汉语专业教师协作进行的研究课题。

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