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关于”夏天的短句“的英语句子53个,句子主体:Short sentences of summer。以下是关于夏天的短句的四级英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Short sentences of summer

1、Summer passed with a flurry of activities, family vacations, visiting grandparents and summer fun. 一个夏天就这样在家庭休假,探望祖父母以及夏日休闲中过去了。

2、Their new Summer Short has been blasted all over the internet, blogs, and news feeds. 他们的夏季短裤已经在互联网、博客和新闻传输上刮起了一阵疾风。

3、The average number of river frozen days has been reduced and the problems associated with ice have been minimized and limited to the reservoir area. 凌期平均封河日期推迟、平均开河日期提前、封冻天数缩短,冰情、冰害有所减轻且主要发生在库区;在一定程度上缓解了宁夏引黄灌区春灌缺水的局面。

4、At Munich-based Siemens, for example, the number of short-time employees has declined from 19,000 last summer to 600 today. 在总部慕尼黑的西门子公司,短时工的数量已经从去年夏天的19,000降到了今天的600。

5、Provence's most refreshing is that it is always full of air lavender, thyme, pine. 这句话好假,只要夏天的普罗旺斯才有薰衣草味,但是也有很多阿人的狐臭味。

6、Summer is the glorious time of the year when most of us can put on our shorts and short- sleeved shirts and actually feel the air and sunlight on our skin; 浪漫夏季,这是一年中最灿烂的季节,我们可以穿上短裤,短袖衬衣,尽情地感受着夏日的空气以及播撒在皮肤上的阳光;

7、The third day. He said he'd be here. 它是我们的夏天假日的第三天。

8、Compared with the “summer” pups, the “winter” pups’ biological clock genes were turned on for shorter periods regardless of the day lengths they were exposed to postweaning. 不论断奶时间长短,相比“夏季”出生幼仔,“冬季”出生幼仔的生物钟基因开启时间较短。

9、It is inherited in Yorkshire Terriers and German Shorthaired Pointers. 在约克夏梗和德国短毛指示犬中为遗传病。

10、Malamutes usually have a shorter and less dense coat during the summer months. 马拉慕通常有短,密度较低,大衣,在夏季的几个月。

11、Foobar Summer Hit! 夏日冲击!

12、We summered by Lake Geneva. 我们在日内瓦湖畔度过夏天。

13、It happens that I had visited Beijing before, for three days in the summer of 2006, as the first stop on a month-long tour of China. 2006年夏天,我曾进行了长达一个月的中国之旅,并在北京短暂游玩了3天。

14、The hottest days of summer begin after the summer solstice and come in three stages with each period lasting for about 10 days. 夏至后夏天最热的日子开始了,然后就进入三伏天了,每一阶段大约10天。

15、That university announced it would abridge its 18 weeks summer semester into 12 weeks. 那所大学宣布把18周的夏季学期缩短到12周。

16、Summer is hot and days are long. 夏日炎炎天气长。

17、Welcome to summer Summer is the glorious time of the year when most of us can put on our shorts and short- sleeved shirts and actually feel the air and sunlight on our skin; 欢迎来到浪漫夏季,这是一年中最灿烂的季节,我们可以穿上短裤,短袖衬衣,尽情地感受着夏日的空气以及播撒在皮肤上的阳光;

18、This short-lived, yet, spectacular sight takes place in mid to late summer. 这短暂的,然而,蔚为奇观发生在夏季中期至年底。

19、The pocket brief summer "in" California, the top 92-95 Jeep Wrangler Rampage products. 加州掌上短暂的夏季最高,为92-95吉普Wrangler,横冲直撞产品。

20、The summer came to an end 《柯林斯高阶英汉双解学习词典》

21、Uncle Wong dresses in heavy fur in the summer and short-sleeved shirts in the winter. No wonder everyone considers him a queer fish. 王叔叔在夏天穿厚重的皮毛大衣,冬天却穿短袖衬衫。难怪每个人都认为他是一个怪人。

22、Two dogs and one Xiahe discord, let a have the performance opportunity. 二狗与夏河一句不和,让庆之有了表现的机会。

23、Arsenal prepared for their second pre-season friendly of the summer with a short workout in Austria on Wednesday morning. 星期三早上,为了备战今年夏天第二场热身赛,阿森纳在奥地利进行了短暂的训练。

24、Please contact us for requesting the Application Form of special summer session. 夏季短期华语交换课程申请表请洽本处承办人。

25、Summer arrived, small unlined upper garment of a brief paragraph can let you show the lumbar curve with good charming, smooth add glamour. 夏天到了,一款短款小衫可以让你展现娇好的腰部曲线,平添魅力。


26、Doug:I traveled to Japan last summer. 道格:去年夏天我去日本旅行了。

27、By the summer, cracks between player and club had appeared. After an all-too-brief two years, he was gone. 那年夏天,劳顿与俱乐部发生了矛盾,总共呆了短暂的两年之后,他离开了切尔西。

28、In the Southwest of China the summer becomes longer and the winter shorten starts in the 21st century. 西南地区在21世纪初才有夏季变长, 冬季变短的现象。

29、The relatively flat landscape is dotted with shallow lakes during the extremely brief summer season 在极其短暂的夏季,相对平坦的地面上点缀着星罗棋布的浅水湖。

30、Me myself in the summer heaven, godlike. 我,身在夏日的天堂,像是神仙。

31、Results 121 - 120 of 118 for in "Short Courses offered in 2010 Summer Term". 「2010年夏季开办的短期课程」中,有118项符合的查询结果,以下是第121 - 120 项。

32、But, my dear papa, it is supposed to be summer; a warm day in summer. 亲爱的爸爸,画上画的是夏天呀,一个暖暖和和的夏日。

33、There are fewer hours of sunlight per day. 每天的日照时间较短。

34、In the summer, they would play together in the sun and sit beneath the big oaktree when the day was done. 夏天,他们一起在阳光下玩耍,当一天的时光就要画上句号时,他们就坐在大橡树下。

35、Dressed for the Australian summer in T-shirt and shorts, Tobi Gutt left Germany for a four-week holiday. 为了迎接澳大利亚的夏日,托比·格特穿上了T恤衫和短裤,然后离开德国去休四个星期的假。

36、Li qingzhao's "summer" has also wrote "rhyme, born to die as models. 李清照的《夏日绝句》也曾写道“生当做人杰,死亦为鬼雄”。

37、Or the one-shouldered white tail number that she paired this summer in Mallorca with the chunky necklace? 或是今夏在马洛卡单肩白色鸡尾酒会装配短粗项链?

38、Visitors were asked to wear shorts and Hawaiian shirts, and to make the home smell like Hawaii, they were offered copious amounts of coconut oil. 访客被要求穿上短装和夏威夷衬衫,还要带来很多的椰子油,让房间充满夏威夷风情。

39、Fashion Comment: The different tones in blue top brings out the youthfulness, the summer combination of shorts brings out the sporty image of Rainie! 时尚点评:深浅不一的蓝色上装搭配充满了年轻与活力,夏日短打搭配的杨丞琳运动味十足!

40、This might mean going to visit relatives, doing some shopping, going for a drive or a walk, a short hike, or swimming in the summer. 看看亲戚朋友,购购物,兜兜风或者是散散步,一次短途旅行,或者夏天时候游泳。

41、I miss the summer blue sky in my childhood; I miss the refreshing air tainted with the fragrances of plants after a summer rainstorm. 我怀念我童年的夏日的蓝天,我怀念那夏日暴风雨过后掺杂着淡淡树木清香的空气。

42、In his short story The Diary of Adam and Eve, Mark Twain depicts the life of the first human couple based on the Biblical story and interprets the Biblical story of Adam and Eve in his own way. 马克·吐温在其短篇小说《亚当夏娃日记》中根据圣经故事的相关内容,描绘了人类第一对夫妻的日常生活,用相辅相成的两部日记诠释了亚当和夏娃这一古老传说。

43、Since last summer, Bear has replaced much short-term funding with long-term funding. 自去年夏季以来,贝尔斯登用长期融资替换了许多短期融资。

44、In summer, we need to open the air conditioning temperature, make the whole summer cool and comfortable. 夏日炎炎,我们需要开启空调来调节温度,使整个夏天舒爽清凉。

45、Summer is also when we see lots of tank tops and sleeveless tops come out to help keep cool. 夏季的短背心,吊带衫或者各款的无袖上装都会争相帮你,渡过清凉夏季。

46、On a rainy summer day last year, Mr. 去年一个夏日,天下着雨。

47、Consecutive rainy days reduce summer heat in Beijing. 连日阴雨,让北京夏天的暑热减去了几分。

48、Adorable maxi skirts, high-waisted jeans shorts, and, of course, little summer dresses will all be on your shopping list as you get ready for the season. 乖巧的及脚长裙、高腰牛仔短裤、当然还有夏日短裙,这些都是你当季购物清单上必不可少的内容。

49、Last summer I made the transition from an ordinary long-board windsurfer to a more dynamic short board. 去年夏天我从一个普通的长板风帆冲浪运动员转变成了一个更强有力的短板风帆飙网者。

50、This summer, still Sedan road, champagne gold high lumbar Delta short dresses skirts, le fashion. 今夏依旧裸色当道,香槟金的高腰短款礼服裙,高贵又时尚。


51、When summer ends and autumn comes, the days get shorter and shorter. This is how the trees 'know' that they must begin to get ready for winter. 夏去秋来,天气渐渐变短,树木知道它们必须要开始准备过冬了。

52、Freckles appear on her face every summer. 她脸上每年夏天都显露(日晒的)斑点。

53、Summer is hot, Zhaoyi Fashion which make you feel cool in the hot summer. 夏日炎炎,昭仪服饰在这炎热的夏天带给大家丝丝凉意。

54、The Chelsea hotel, in New York. A hot day in summer. 纽约的切尔西酒店,在夏日里的一热天。

55、GeMei qiao peep XiaZhengLang cell phone message, also copy down, she want to know about summer night Yang, for her son is very important. 葛眉巧偷看夏正朗手机的短信,还抄下来,她想了解夏晚阳的情况,儿子对她很重要。

56、The rest of the summer flowed by. 夏天剩下的日子像流水似地过去了。

57、I stayed up all night last night to finish a history essay and this morning my coach made me run five miles in the summer heat. 他说:我昨晚整夜都在赶写一篇历史课的短文,今天上午我的教练还要我在炎炎夏日下长跑五英里。

58、That summer I performed the anthem solo on a cornet for several teams in the Southeast as my son stood next to me. 那个夏天,我为几家东南部的球队用短号独奏国歌,而我的儿子就站在我的身旁。

59、During the recent five to six years, great progresses have been made in the archaeological study of the Xia, Shang and Zhou Dynasties in Haidai Area. 在进入新世纪的短短五六年间,海岱地区夏商周考古取得了显著发展。

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