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导读: 51个,关于”有意思的句子“的英语句子51个,句子主体:Interesting sentences。以下是关于有意思的句子的七年级英语句子。


关于”有意思的句子“的英语句子51个,句子主体:Interesting sentences。以下是关于有意思的句子的xx年级英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Interesting sentences

1、Centuries later, Morse codes till draws the attention of geeks. With this app you can translate any English sentence into dots and dashes. 上世纪末,莫尔斯电码仍然引起很多极客的兴趣。利用这款应用你可以随意把英语句子转化成莫尔斯信号。

2、No, not at all. The examples he gives are very interesting. 不,一点也不。他的例子非常有意思。

3、In my first example, I will use the sarcastic undertone. 在第一个例句中,我会带点挖苦的意思。

4、This may be funny, or it may NOT; but I was gratified to find he had not discovered the coral had come off one of my studs. 这句话也许很有趣,也许一点意思都没有。不管怎样,我很高兴他没有发现钮饰上的珊瑚掉了。

5、I don't care what the difference is" is the meaning of the rhetorical question. 我不管区别在哪“,是这个修辞的问句的意思。

6、It's a fun piece I think. It's fun to do. 这是段听有趣的片段,很有意思

7、That old dog next door finally kicked the bucket. 这句话的意思是:“隔壁的那条狗终于死了。

8、What's this innuendo comment about "- loyal soldiers -"? 你那句含沙射影的说“忠诚的战士”是什么意思?

9、The dog's in the gardon, too. It's running across the grass. It's running after a cat. 最有意思的一句:狗也在花园里,它正在草地上跑,它在追一只猫。

10、What dose the sentence "Time flew when I was in Sydney" mean? “在悉尼的时光飞逝”这句话的意思是?

11、Have you heard a sentence from China? "The start of a person's personality is kind-hearted. " This sentence means: A person's first character is kind-hearted. 你是否听过中国有一句话呢?「人之初,性本善。」这句话的意思是说一个人最一开始的本性,是善良。

12、She tried to be funny, but the punch line didn't make anybody laugh. 她拼命想把它说得有意思,但是她那句逗笑的话却一点儿没引人失笑。

13、A bicycle can't stand on its own because it is two-tyred. 这句话的表面意思是:自行车自己站不起来,因为它只有两个轮胎(two-tyred)。

14、Can you see a man and his horse that are crossing the bridge? 妳能看到一个人和他的马正在过桥吗? 这句话有什么特别的意思吗?

15、What does this Shunting-Yard algorithm statement mean? 这是否调车场算法语句的意思是什么?

16、I see you true color "?" 这句话的意思是”我看你真色"?

17、You mean to go there without even a penny? 2(用mean造句)你那样说是什么意思?

18、You are not going anywhere while you are still flunking English. 这句话的意思就是说,在你英语没有及格之前,你哪儿都不许去。

19、And what the hell did you mean by that remark about alcoholism? 你说的那句关于酗酒的话,是什么意思?

20、Desmond Tutu often uses the word ubuntu, meaning "I am because we are." 图图大主教经常说一句话:唔吧图,意思是“有了我们,方有我之为我。”

21、There is room for improvement in your work, It is not as good as it could be. 这句话的意思是“你的工作还有改入的余地”,看来你可得卖力气地干活了!

22、Do you know jack shit? 那例句的 "Do you know jack shit?" 又是什麽意思呢?

23、One example is "One word weighs nine Dings". 字面意思呢就是说一句话抵得上九只鼎。

24、A scholar should keep the mind busy when at leisure, and maintain a relaxed state when busy. 故君子闲时要有吃紧的心思,忙处要有悠闲的趣味。

25、THE COURT: What does that language mean though? I mean it means something. 法院:那句话究竟意何所指?我意思是它代表某种含意。


26、This is the first phrase, meaning a road connecting north and south. There are many ways to continue. 这是对联的上一句,意思是一条通南北的路。要接下去有很多方法。

27、Mike: That's fascinating. What are rice dumplings made of, Lan Lan? 真有意思。兰兰,粽子是用什么做的?

28、He was still alive, but beyond anything anyone could do for him. 这句话有否定的意思吗?这样译可以吗?他还活着,可是所有人都回天乏术。

29、Sample 1: Larry is the teacher's fair-haired boy in our English class. 这句话的意思是:拉里是我们英语老师的得意门生。

30、Fun...because it's fun to study ourselves. 乐趣。因为研究我们自己很有意思。

31、I have a big one (snow globe) with bears in it. 这句话的意思是:“我有一个里面有熊的大雪球。”

32、Maximum of 1000 Maximum of 1000 English words are going to be translated into chinese. 请问以上这句话是什么意思?

33、Mary was very upset because of his words. She wondered what kind of greeting this could be. 马利亚思前想后,都不明白这句话的意思,就惶恐不安。

34、The student spent almost an hour trying to puzzle out the meaning of this difficult sentence. 这个学生花了近一个小时思索出这难句的意思。

35、If you have a fere. you will never be jealous of other happy coupl… 这句话是什么意思? 意思是,如果你有了伴侣,你将不会再嫉妒其他成双成对幸福的人们了。

36、A bicycle can’t stand on its own because it is two-tyred. 这句话的表面意思是:自行车自己站不起来,因为它只有两个轮胎(two-tyred)。

37、Interestingly, a friend of mine from Turkey recently told me that the expression has a different meaning in Turkish, where if something 'makes your blood boil', it makes you excited. 有趣的是,我的一位土耳其朋友最近跟我说起来这句俗语在土耳其语中的意思不一样,"makes your blood boil"意思是让你感到兴奋、激动。

38、Literally it means one sentence equals nine Dings. 字面意思呢就是说一句话抵得上九只鼎。

39、” means "for example," and “i.e. “e.g.”的意思是“for example (举例来说)”,而“i.e.”的意思是“in other words (换句话来说)”。

40、In the textbook, of course, people make them interesting. 当然,在课本上有更有意思的例子

41、This means "bon appetit" in Spanish and is a customary salute. 这句话的意思是:“津津有味”在西班牙和是习以为常的敬礼。

42、Kids are curious, they're interested and they're adventuresome. 孩子们好奇,他们感兴趣,他们富有探索意识的。

43、Kids will learn some canonical stories by the famous Chinese Philosopher Zhuangzi. By combining storytelling and performance, the workshop will be a cooperation between the kids. 孩子通过表演中国经典哲学著作《庄子》中的故事片段,了解庄子的思想,把行动和思考有趣地结合起来。

44、  request the pleasure of your company? 这句话啥意思是真没看懂…

45、Some of my favorite bloggers are more interesting or funny than anything else. 有些我最爱的博主比其他的更加有意思或者有趣。

46、But I dare say he said it to annoy, and if he did he certainly succeeded. 我敢说他说这句是有意气一气施特略夫; 如果他确实有这个意思,他算成功了。

47、The saying "to play the lute to a cow" implies a gibe at the audience. “对牛弹琴”这句话,含有讥笑对象的意思。

48、In the sentence-forming activity, the student writers habituate to translating their Chinese thinking into English consciously. 研究还发现在遣词造句的思维活动中,学生习惯于有意识地将汉语思维翻译成为英语。

49、I'm trying to think of one interesting case. 我试着想个有意思的例子。

50、You've learnt what the words mean, but you have abstract and unconscious rules that take these words, figure out the order, and in a fraction of a second, give rise to understanding. 虽然你已经知道了这些单词的意思,但却是你所拥有的抽象且无意识的规则,让你认清单词,确认语序,然后在一瞬间让你理解整个句子


51、That was how I recently happened to hear two Chinese expressions that I found most interesting. 而我最近碰巧听到让我觉得最有意思的两句中国话也是通过这种方式获得的。

52、So that's what the sentence must mean." 这一定就是这句话的意思了“

53、You'll see the value in every word you speak, and you'll find that you're no longer interested in wasting time speaking about trivial things. 你会让你说的每句话都有意义,你将发现你已经不再有兴趣把时间浪费在谈琐碎的事情上。

54、The word in Greek has this purpose: that He should add in prayers to the prayers of the saints. 这句话在希腊文里面有这个意思:他在圣徒的祷告中加上祷告。

55、What does the word "XXXXX" mean? 这个句字是甚么意思?

56、What is the meaning of this sentence? Or What does this sentence mean? 留学解答资讯网:这句话的意思是什么。

57、These chickens were being fed with left-over rice. 这句话的意思是: 这些鸡是用剩饭(米)喂的。

58、When you're twenty-five years old, sometimes it's hard to worry about rainy days off in the future. 这句话的中文意思是:当你只有xx岁的时候,你恐怕很难为将来的需要担心。

59、Rather long sentence that looses its meaning perhaps the point coud be made more clearly? 这句话啥意思啊?是我说的描述太长而意思不明确吗?

60、Larry is the teacher''s fair-haired boy in our English class. 这句话的意思是:拉里是我们 英语老师的得意门生。

61、Larry is the teacher’s fair-haired boy in our English class. 这句话的意思是:拉里是我们英语老师的得意门生。

62、It's fun, but it could have been more. 有意思,但它还应更有趣才对。

63、Perhaps you too have felt wine talons grip you unexpectedly sometime and carry you aloft. 可能你也觉得这句有时很出乎人意料,让人百思不得其解。

64、Put into the tank lt. 25 of NaClO with lt. 25 of treated water. 请问这句话确切意思是什么,25升水里含有次氯酸钠吗?

65、What he means is what he says in the following clauses. 他的意思是他在下面这个从句中所说的东西。

66、Can you prove that your neighbor stole your lawnmower? 这句话的意思是:你有证据证明你的邻居偷了你的割草机吗?

67、Fridley: That’s a very interesting example. 弗里德利:这个例子很有意思。

68、i want you to send in a carpenter to fix the floor。这句的send in 是什么意思?

69、You can count on him, though. 不过你行的意思可以指靠它句号。

70、The saying 'to play the flute to a cow' inplies a gibe at the audience. “对牛弹琴”这句话,含有讥笑对象的意思。

71、IOI's or "Indicators of Interest" are clues women give off when they're genuinely interested in you. Here are examples of a few IOI's. IOI是兴趣指标的意思。如果女孩子真的对你感兴趣的话,就会流露出这些“兴趣指标”。下面举几个例子。

72、This is an interesting rabbit procedure is to be calculated rabbit fertility, very interesting. Competition is a small subject, your information. 这个是一个有趣的兔子程序,是要来计算兔子的生育的,十分有意思。是一道比赛的小题目,大家参考参考。

73、What does it mean that " readerships are 'sticky'" (p. 48)? “读者是‘难缠的’”这句话是什么意思(第48页)?

74、子有“You’ll be the death of me.”意思是指你和你惹的麻烦会毁了我。

75、I'm sure you don't really know what that means. 也不知道这句的意思。

英文句子模板76:Interesting sentences

76、Well personally, Moohyuk was interesting for me to act, but Hyun Woo was also very interesting. 对我来说,表演武赫很有意思,而贤宇(小胡子)也很有趣。

77、What is the meaning of the word rather? Well, it has various meanings depending on the context in which you use this word. 这个词有多种意思,所以很难用一个汉语词来概括。不过本节目将通过大量的例句来说明这个词的多种意思和用法。

78、With this Nietzsche proposed the dependence of conscious thinking on the grammatical functions of language. 通过这句话尼采提出了有意识的思考,是依附于语言的语法作用上的。

79、What was it that Orwell said? 奥威尔说这句话是什么意思?

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