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关于”句子的步骤“的英语句子28个,句子主体:Steps of sentence。以下是关于句子的步骤的五年级英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Steps of sentence

1、Steps to import subunits as fragments, models or root packages 将子单元作为片段、模型或者根包导入的步骤

2、There is a nested loop join (NLJOIN, step 4) of the insert (step 5) to an index scan (IXSCAN, step 7). 其中有一个 insert(步骤 5)与索引扫描(步骤 7)之间的嵌套循环连接(NLJOIN,步骤 4 )。

3、Navigate the source tree to the Art LLC entry, like in steps 12 and 13. 像步骤 12 和步骤 13 那样,在源树中找到 Art LLC 条目。

4、A set of scary steps I climbed down with no handrail and uneven steps! 我以没有栏干和不平顺的步骤爬下的一系列容易受惊的步骤!

5、The procedure detailed here focuses on extraction of spores from greenhouse-grown pot cultures. 详细步骤集中在从温室选取花盆栽培的。

6、All steps should provide two constructors to create and load the command step. 所有步骤都应提供两个构造器,以创建和加载命令步骤。

7、Step 0: Same as before. 步骤 0:同前。

8、Thestep contains a single sub-pipeline consisting of one step, so it's a compound step.步骤包含由一个步骤组成的单个子管道,因此,它是一个复合步骤。

9、Here is how these steps relate to the corresponding VU script code statements generated by Rational Robot 是这些步骤是如何与Rational Robot产生的相应的VU脚本代码语句进行关联的

10、This section lists and describes the steps required to identify, tune, and optimize high-load SQL statements. 本部分列出了如何如何发现,调整,优化高负载的SQL语句的步骤。

11、With BPEL, you can describe a long-running, multistep process of a business transaction using activities to encompass atomic transactions for individual process steps. 有了 BPEL,您就可以使用活动来封装各个流程步骤的原子事务,从而描述业务事务的长时间运行且多步骤的流程。

12、Step 5 : This is finished look. 步骤五: 打稿完的样子。

13、The first step in the Keyword selection process is a good Keyword Research. 牛鼻子字选择程序的第一个步骤是好牛鼻子字研究。

14、This command has multiple steps, which we will look at in the next section. 该命令有多个步骤,这些步骤我们将在接下来的部分看到。

15、Run the Data Collector Configuration Utility again, do the same step as 6,7, in the same window as step 8, choose "Deploy support ear file" option and click 再次运行 Data Collector Configuration Utility,重复步骤 6 和步骤 7,在步骤 8 中的窗口中选择 “Deploy support ear file” 选项并单击 Next。

16、Each task can be extended by adding addition steps, or by overwriting existing steps. 通过添加附加步骤或覆盖现有步骤,可以扩展每个任务。

17、Follow these steps to map subunits to existing models and packages. 按照以下的步骤来将子单元映射为已存在的模型和包。

18、After doing the above pre-requisite steps, you perform exactly the same tasks as you would for a ‘normal’ (non-Citrix) client install. 执行上述先决条件步骤之后,后面的步骤与 “普通”(非 Citrix)客户端安装的步骤完全相同。

19、If the automated step does not lead to significant cost savings, then it will not be pragmatic to convert the manual step to automated ones. 如果自动化的步骤对节省成本的贡献并不显著,那么将手动步骤转化为自动化步骤就是不现实的。

20、The individual sub-steps each load without visual transition. 各个子步骤的加载没有显示视觉效果。

21、Though each of these steps is required, who performs the step, when the step is performed, and how many times the same step is performed varies with each automation solution. 尽管每一种自动化解决方案都需要涉及这三个步骤,但是由谁执行这些步骤、何时执行步骤以及同一个步骤执行多少次,这些问题都因具体的解决方案而异。

22、A check markcompleted step appears in the left margin of each completed step. 每个已完成的步骤的左页边距上都会有一个钩标记(完成的步骤 )。

23、Drive one recursive step for each child row to detect whether that step leads to a cycle 驱动每个子行的递归步骤,以检测那一步是否会导致循环。

24、The readout step also involves measuring anyon states. 读取的步骤也牵涉到如何测量任意子的状态。

25、I think I labeled this one two, 3 ionization I labeled three, 4 electron affinity I labeled four 5 and crystallization I labeled five. 这一步为步骤,离子化为步骤,电子亲合为步骤,结晶为步骤。


26、I am going to call this one. Let's see. 这一步为步骤。

27、Its subject coverage includes: prepreg molding and lay-up processes; 它的主题涉及的范围包括:预浸处理模子与拆卸修理步骤;

28、E-business transactions often involve several interactive steps. 电子商务的交易通常涉及几个互动的步骤。

29、Large cycle: Besides the preparation step, the cycle itself contains five steps. 大循环:除了预备步骤,这个循环本身含有五个步骤。

30、The subgroup members are treated as in step 2. 子组成员按照步骤 2 进行处理。

31、Step2: pour a small amount into the glass and swirl it around. 步骤二:在杯中倒入少量的葡萄酒并且旋转杯子。

32、Because there's no window-shade effect between the sub-steps within a single tab, users can tell that they're not yet finished with the current step. 由于在单个选项卡内子步骤间没有百叶窗效果,所以用户就能知道他们没有完成当前步骤。

33、Reverse-osmosis (RO) and deionization (DI) are common water purification steps. 反渗透(RO)和去离子(DI)是通用的水纯化步骤。

34、Stage 4 (final). Teaching the first layer, i. e. , teaching the perceptron that is in the upper layer. 步骤4 (最终步骤) “教育”第一层,即“教育”在上层的感知机。

35、Messages fulfill the logic of the steps of the use case, summarized down the left-hand side of the diagram. 消息实现用例步骤的逻辑,图的左侧概括了这些步骤。

36、Putting together some very technical or complex set of steps, and trying to force the team to follow them, is probably not going to be very effective. 堆砌一些技术步骤或复杂步骤,并试图强制团队遵循这些步骤,这样的做法可能并不会非常有效。

37、This is a major step and also can be the most tedious step in tuning. 这是调优中的一个主骤,同时也是最冗长乏味的一个步骤。

38、Variables: Variables are used with compound steps and define XPath variables for use within a compound step sub-pipeline. 变量:变量和复合步骤一起使用,定义在复合步骤子管道中使用的 Xpath 变量。

39、The draw step is the third step of the beginning phase . 开始阶段的第三个步骤,就是抽牌步骤。

40、To make them, follow this easy process. 要包成饺子,遵循以下那容易的步骤。

41、After we compose our SQL statement, all the other steps are the same as for any dynamic statement with parameter markers. 在构造 SQL 语句之后,剩下的步骤就与其他具有参数标记的动态语句完全相同了。

42、Lines 17, 18, and 19 correspond to Steps d and e above. 第 17 行、第 18 行和第 19 行对应于上述的步骤 d 和步骤 e。

43、The steps to generate such external wrappers are similar to those described in Step 3 for the internal services. 生成这种外部封装器的步骤同 步骤 3 中描述的用于内部服务的步骤类似。

44、Skip the step Map inputs as you do not have any input variable in the query. 跳过步骤映射输入,因为您在查询语句中没有任何输入变量。

45、: Groups a series of steps into a named sub-pipeline:将一系列步骤分组到指定的子管道中

46、Modern C compilers combine the compile and assemble steps into one step. 最新的 C 编译器将编译和汇编步骤组合成一个步骤。

47、A2. a seed pre-treatment step; 预处理步骤;

48、Learn the basic cross chasse steps for men dancing the foxtrot in this free video dance lesson. 学习基本的男子在这个自由舞蹈课的狐步舞视频交叉沙塞步骤。

49、In Listing 2c, the selected step description and step name are displayed in Line 1. 在清单 2c 中,第 1 行显示所选步骤的说明和步骤名称。

50、To define the procedure, standard and interval for Calibration of Electronic balance. 定义电子称的校准步骤, 校准标准及校准周期。


51、Once selected④, they are boiled in water and the threads can be separated in the unwinding stage⑤. 我们通常能想到的是采用单句来描述每一个步骤,然后把每个步骤用连接词衔接起来就算完成了。

52、Login is actually a sub-step of Step 1, and discount codes are a sub-step of Step 4. 登录实际上是步骤 1 的一个子步骤,而折扣编号则是步骤 4 的子步骤。

53、Collect the powder as was done with mercury beads. 收集粉末的步骤同收集水银珠子一样。

54、Fouth Step:paint whole colour. 步骤四:上色。

55、Step 2b: This step is specific only to user-maintained MQTs. 步骤 2b:这个步骤是用户维护的 MQT 特有的。

56、The next step is executing all the DDL statements. 接下来的步骤是执行所有的 DDL 语句。

57、The only exception is for nested ordered lists, which are placed in substeps. 惟一的例外是嵌套有序列表,它被放在子步骤中。

58、These steps are almost the same as creating an instance page until Step 2-F. 这些步骤大体上和创建一个实例页面是一样的,直到步骤 2-F。

59、The process is decomposed into a series of steps, each representing a business service. 流程可以分解成一系列的步骤,每一个步骤表示一个业务服务。

60、The procedures are similar to the linear graphic method. 其步骤与常用雅各布直线图解法步骤相似;

61、Duplicatetwo circle shapes that we have created in Step 32 – Step 34. 重复的两个圆圈的形状,我们已经创建在步骤32- 步骤34。

62、The procedures are similar to thesis flow rate-time method. 其步骤与常用泰斯流量—时间配线法的步骤相似;

63、You can do the above steps in just one step if you want. 如果希望,只在一个步骤中就可以完成上面的步骤。

64、Step 2 -- Locate resources. 步骤2 -- 定位资源。

65、Writing down each step of an action plan and attacking it one step at a time without looking to the next step is amazing. 把一个行动计划的每一步骤写下来,然后行动起来,一次只解决一个步骤,不去想第二个步骤。

66、So, in Listing 6, step S0 is executed followed by steps S1 through S4, which are executed simultaneously. 所以,在 清单 6 中,执行完步骤 S0 之后执行步骤 S1 到 S4,它们是同步执行的。

67、Your linear, tabbed process remains unchanged, except that some steps (1 and 4) are compound steps that include multiple sub-steps. 线性的选项卡式的过程没有改变,但包含多个子步骤的某些复合步骤(1 和 4)除外。

68、Next, we'll look at each of these steps in detail, including code examples. 接下来,我们将详细分析这些步骤中的每一步,包括代码例子。

69、Well, that process occurs in a series of steps and one of those kinds of steps is shown here. 这个过程的发生包含一系列步骤,而这些步骤中的一个步骤即如图所示

70、Step 9 : To make a good separation of silicone mold and oil clay. 步骤九: 把制作好的矽胶模子和土分离。

71、Here are seven steps to become an investor, the low-risk way. 这里有成为投资者的七个步骤,低风险的步骤。

72、As you complete each step, the cheat sheet starts the required tools for you. 随着您完成每个步骤,步骤说明书为您启动所需的工具。

73、This example builds on example 1, so perform the steps in example 1 before proceeding with the following steps. 这个例子以 例 1 为基础,所以在进行后面的步骤之前,先执行例 1 中的步骤。

74、The logic here corresponds to steps 1 through 4 above. 这里的逻辑对应于上述步骤 1 到步骤 4。

75、Combining the statements into a single one avoids excessive initializations and destruction steps, resulting an in overall performance boost. 而将这些语句组合成一条单独的语句可以避免重复的初始化和销毁步骤,从而提升总体性能。

英文句子模板76:Steps of sentence

76、Note that Step 3A of Listing 4 is the same as Step 3 of Listing 1, so I'll start with Step 3B. 注意,清单 4 中的步骤 3A 与 清单 1 中的步骤 3 相同,所以我将从步骤 3B 开始。

77、Perform only these steps. 仅执行这些步骤。

78、In this step, you need to combine them in the sequence of test case steps. 在这个步骤中,你需要将它们整合成为一系列的测试步骤。

79、The step completion widget closes all step processor widgets. 步骤完成小部件关闭所有步骤处理器小部件。

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