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导读: 52个,关于”一些好听的句子“的英语句子52个,句子主体:Some nice sentences。以下是关于一些好听的句子的托福英语句子。


关于”一些好听的句子“的英语句子52个,句子主体:Some nice sentences。以下是关于一些好听的句子的托福英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Some nice sentences

1、During the wait, some students listened to a funny tape, whereas others heard a humorless speech or nothing at all. 在等待中,一些学生听滑稽的录音带,而其他人则听一个不好笑的演讲或者是什么也不听。

2、Tap it lightly on your desk and the carbon granules will line up and it will work much better. 将听筒在桌子上轻轻叩击,碳粒将松散开来,工作得更好一些。

3、We never know the worth of water till the well is dry. 井干方知水珍贵 Less is more.

4、"Mrs. Follett, " I said, "I heard Mrs. Lloyd say something nice about you. " 我说,「我听乐得太太说你一些好听的话。」

5、When I first started listening to the CA music produced by Monk, some of the best-sounding CAs seemed to me to be examples of the Gnarl. 当我第一次开始聆听 Monk 生成的 CA 音乐时,一些最好听的 CA 对我来说就像是 Gnarl 的例子。

6、判断一个人,不听言语看行动 We only live once, but if we work it right, once is enough.

7、she's very good at paying lip service.她很会讲一些言不由衷的好听话。

8、智者通权达变,愚者刚愎自用 Wise men love truth, whereas fools shun it.

9、凡人皆有得意日 Sharpening your axe will not delay your job of cutting wood.

10、Some teachers have a tendency to overrate the abilities of obedient, conscientious children. 一些老师有喜欢对那些听话,谨慎的孩子的倾向。

11、She's very good at paying lip service。她很会讲一些言不由衷的好听话。

12、What is done by night ears by day. 若要人不知,除非已莫为 When a man is going downhill, everyone will give him a push.

13、the day you went away dear diary girl in your dreams 这些都很好听!

14、One day, her voice enchants a prince passing through a nearby forest. 一天,一个恰好经过树林的王子听见了她的歌声。

15、Take a break from typing long sentences in the chat window, and talk on Skype instead. Listening to a human voice has its own soothing effects. 在对话窗口中打出一些长句后,小休息一下,再用Skype说说话,听听真人的声音会让你感到舒适不已。

16、一个巴掌拍不响 When poverty comes in at the door, love flies out at the window.

17、无风不起浪 Kill two birds with one stone.

18、闪光的东西并非都是金子 Many hands make light work.

19、考虑要仔细,行动要迅速. One sin opens the door for another. German

20、三思而后行 Two heads are better than one.

21、Shocking as it sounds, failure can be a good thing. 听起来有些令人震惊,失败可能会是一件好事。

22、谁笑到最后谁笑得最美 Deal with a man as he deals with you.

23、事后诸葛亮 As you make your bed,so you must lie in it.

24、不能以貌取人 Don′t count your chickens before they are hatched.

25、Son, everyone has to listen to criticism sometimes. 儿子,每个人在某个时候都得听一些批评。


26、好的开端是成功的一半 Time flies never to be recalled.

27、Manni:Okay, if you don't want to hear it… 好吧,如果你不想听这些。

28、人多力量大 Nothing is too difficult if you put your heart into it.

29、Deliberate in counsel, prompt in action. 考虑要仔细,行动要迅速. One sin opens the door for another. German

30、The little boy listened to the loder students and finally got in a word. 这小男孩一直听年龄大些的学生谈话,后来总算有机会插上几句。

31、The children were beyond control. 这些孩子不听管束。

32、Okay, look, these things are not very well-engineered, all right? 好吧,听着这些东西设计的不好,好吗?

33、That was the last we heard from her. 这是我们听到她说的最后一句话。

34、"That is, you have heard our Daqin? Also heard of some celebrity, say to listen … …" The sparrow at come interest like. “那倒是,你也听过我们大秦吗?还听过一些名人,说来听听……”麻雀一下子来了兴趣似的。

35、智者沉默寡言,愚者滔滔不绝 Wise men change their minds; fools never do.

36、意志就是力量 Wise men are silent; fools talk.

37、若要人不知,除非已莫为 When a man is going downhill, everyone will give him a push.

38、知识就是力量 Failure is the mother of success.

39、走东串西,还是家里好 Equal pay for equal work.

40、一根筷子易折断,十根筷子硬如铁 Wealth is best known by want.

41、Underneath this, the informed listener senses, there must lurk the familiar four-bar phrase of popular music, but Mozart never once spells this out. 聆听这样的演奏,那些有着良好音乐素养的听众会暗暗期待,相信总会有类似流行音乐里的四小节分句的东西出现,但是莫扎特从来不曾让他的听众轻易地把握他的意图。

42、Later I heard some people around, Baotai Metazoan children could hang good. 后来听说周围一些人,保胎后生的宝宝,都挺好的。

43、You want to read the first sentence? 你愿不愿意把书的第一句话给我们听?

44、不劳则无获 Time and tide wait for no man.

45、She's very good at paying lip service. 她很会讲一些言不由衷的好听话。

46、Oh yeah? Sounds like you're gonna beat him up or something. 喔,是吗?听起来好象你要把他痛打一顿的样子。

47、条条大道通罗马 Don′t judge a person by the clothes he wears.

48、It sounds to me as if things are better than you suppose. 听上去情况似乎比你想象的要好一些。

49、In some respects, the findings are curious, Emberson said, because when overhearing half a conversation you're actually hearing less sound than you'd hear while listening to a full conversation. 恩博森说,这些研究结果在有些方面令人好奇,因为一个人在旁听一半对话时听到的声音实际上要比倾听完整的对话时听到的要少。

50、墙倒众人推 When children stand quiet, they have done some harm.


51、All right, let's hear from some critics. 好吧,我们来听些批评意见。

52、Where there is s will,there is a way. 有志者事竟成。

53、贫穷进门来,爱情越窗飞 When the cat is away, the mice will play.

54、人穷方知钱可贵 We can't judge a person by what he says but by what he does.

55、Let your kid listen to some soothing music. Lullabies have existed since time immemorial for a good reason. 让孩子听一些舒缓的音乐,如催眠曲,催眠曲很早就有了,对于催眠来说效果非常好。

56、Take time out to sleep properly, laze around, listen to music or have some form of leisure activity. 停下来花些时间好好的睡觉,好好的放松闲散下,听听音乐或者进行一些放松活动。

57、智者热爱真理,愚者回避真理 Words are but wind, but seeing is believing.

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