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导读: 55个,关于”激励的短句“的英语句子55个,句子主体:Motivational short sentences。以下是关于激励的短句的高三英语句子。


关于”激励的短句“的英语句子55个,句子主体:Motivational short sentences。以下是关于激励的短句的高三英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Motivational short sentences

1、So what inspires you? 那么,是什么激励了你?

2、But regardless, now you know who the hiSoft stock option incentive plan is for. 但不管怎样,现在你知道海辉的期权激励计划到底是在激励谁。

3、Is stiring centers of your people. 是激励的希望。

4、What is motivating this person? 什么在激励着这个人?

5、Inspires yu to do yur best. 激励你做到最好。

6、It can solve the out of order of incentives and help to achieve the incentive effect and overcome the shortcomings of positive-incentive in big enterprises which increase the cost. 可以解决激励失灵问题;有利于促进正激励效果实现,克服正向激励不断加大企业成本的弊端。

7、Inspires and perpetuates hope. 激励并永存希望。

8、Have you Lived up to"Internal Inspiration"? “内在激励”,你做到了吗。

9、The external incentive of the official is invalid because the condition of the offical's incentive is deficient, therefore, perfecting the official's intrinsic incentive is extremely important. 官员激励条件欠缺也造成外在激励的有效性缺乏,由此也突出了官员的内在激励的重要性。

10、The encouragement of task sment. 任务评价的激励性。

11、Therefore, this search has an in-depth study in the non-material incentives model of grass-roots workers based on motivation theory. 因此,本研究立足于激励理论,在物质激励基础上,对中小企业基层员工非物质激励模式进行深入研究。

12、Positive reinforcement encourages individual growth. 正强化激励个人成长。

13、Primiparof of control group were given nursing cdefinitely will come to be when in routine. 激励组按激励式心理模式护理,对照组按常例护理。

14、Among various encouragements, the objective encouragement is one of the most often used. 其中目标激励是使用频率较高的激励方法之一。

15、Two-factor theory and work characteristic model unveiled the key incentive effect of internal incentive factors on employee. 双因素理论和工作特性模型都揭示了内在激励因素对员工激励的重要作用。

16、Is stiring the hearts of your people. 我儿,是激励的希望。

17、One big problem is that it replaces intrinsic motivation with extrinsic motivation. 这种方式的最大问题在于它用外在的激励代替了内在的激励。

18、That's inspiring to me. 那让我很受激励。

19、Achievers are good at motivating others. 善于激励别人发奋图强。

20、Thus it can be seen that the stimulating fiscal policy is effectual. But I think this policy still has some insufficiencies and need to be mended. 由此可见,激励型财政政策确实起到了一定的激励作用,但是笔者认为此项激励型财政政策中仍存在一些不恰当之处,有待进一步完善。

21、The seismic responses of structure of Nanjing Station are numerically simulated under the uniform excitation and the traveling-wave excitation. 以南京火车站的站房结构为模型,使用一致激励和多点激励计算了结构在不同激励状况下的结构响应。

22、The most important content of agent-construction contract is to determine incentive coefficient of cost and incentive coefficient of time. 代建合同的重要内容是成本激励系数、工期激励系数的制定。

23、The primary resonance bifurcation problems are discussed for an arch structure with parametric and forced excitation. 研究拱型结构在参数激励与强迫激励联合作用下的主共振情形的分叉问题。

24、An asymmetric beat frequency kinematic excitation was adopted, i. e. , only the positive part of a modulated signal excited the mass M2. 使用一种非对称的拍频运动激励,即只用调制波正值部分激励质块M2。

25、Analyze the feedback laser grid-driving power to our feedback channel influence, the laser best operating point and the laser grid-driving power assignment. 分析回传激光器的激励功率对回传通道的影响、激光器的最佳工作点及激光器的激励功率的分配。


26、The Fed has also taken several measures to buoy the financial industry, such as allowing more banks access to low-interest, short-term loans. 美联储也已经采取了几项措施激励金融业,比如让更多的银行获取低息、短期贷款。

27、Secondly, I establish a motivation model used for incenting knowledge workers in high-tech companies. 其次,笔者从这些激励因素出发,建立了高科技企业知识员工激励模型;

28、Motivates and communicates. 激励与沟通。

29、And improving long-term incentive in their salary structure, it can play skillfully a strong incentive effect. 而提高长期激励在其薪酬结构中所占比例,则可以起到四两拨千斤的强激励效果。

30、But this is about incentives and control. 但要做的是激励和控制。

31、We set the hortative methods for teachers to praise teachers' performances. 以制度化奖励措施重视教师表现,激励教师。

32、The feeling degree of incentive factors and incentive condition are positively correlated. 激励因素的感受程度与激励状态成正相关。

33、They motivate others. 他们激励他人。

34、Is stiring the hearts of your people. 是激励的希望。

35、Why are we still subsidizing and incentivizing oil companies and we won't incentivize the solar energy project? 为什么我们仍补贴和激励石油公司,而我们不激励太阳能计划?

36、His courage infected the followers. 他的勇气激励了后来人。

37、You should never take more than you give. 一直激励我的话。

38、Except the thought guiding, we also discuss the outer prompting and the self-prompting in behavior guiding. 在行为引导方面,除了思想引导外,还探讨了对项目经理的外在激励和自我激励。

39、Short-term incentive mode is suitable to the human capital with lower post and less contribution. 对于高职务低贡献的人力资本,宜采用以固定激励为主的中期激励模式;

40、Now all of you know who this incentive plan is for? 现在你知道海辉的期权激励计划是在激励谁了吧?

41、It encourages deeper intrsonal relationships. 它激励大脑深处的关联性思维

42、When the actuator is energized these actuator parts cooperate with one another via an air gap to generate a lifting force. 当激励器通电时,这些激励器经过空气隙互相配合,以产生提升力。

43、In organization construction and management practice, the misunderstanding & misuse of motivation by executives is bound to having little effect & efficiency on encouragement. 在组织建设与管理实践中,领导者对激励方法的错误认识和使用,直接造成激励效果不佳,激励效率低下的问题。

44、When you hit those short term milestones it will give you encouragement to continue on your journey. 而当你完成这些短期目标后,其所积淀的基础就可以给你更多的激励从而继续你的追求。

45、For example, the progam often focuses on material incentives only and even exaggerates the importance of this direction, while the values of spiritual incentives are neglected. 激励方式、手段单一,物质激励作用被严重夸大,从而忽视了精神激励的存在必要等。

46、My duty s me on. 责任感激励着我。

47、According to the pseudo excitation method, the pseudo road excitations in automotive front wheel and rear wheel are constructed by the statistical characteristics of road excitation. 根据路面激励的统计特征,应用虚拟激励法建立了汽车前轮和后轮的虚拟路面激励。

48、How does your club motivate and recognize member achievements? 您的分会如何激励与奖励会员达成各项荣衔与成就。

49、Extrinsic motivation is a motivation that comes from outside, like when you’re paid to achieve something specific. 外在的激励是来自外部的激励,比如说你因为完成特定的事情而获得报酬。

50、In China, however, the stock-based incentive plan is seldom used in the state-owned enterprises and the effect of existent plan is not good. 目前,由于现有制度的问题,我国国有企业的股权激励不足与激励不当的问题并存,激励效果也不尽理想。


51、What is motivating the workers at NUMMI? 什么事情激励了NUMMI的员工。

52、For example, how does one inspire? 举例来说,人是怎样激励的?

53、Love is a strong motivator . 爱是个很好的激励因素。

54、With the increment of the input energy, the velocity of the synthetic jet could be increased to the supersonic state. 当激励能量增加,激励器产生的合成射流速度增加,可达到超声速状态;

55、Experimental modeling of a middle-rise office building via ambient modal identification is presented. 通过环境激励模态识别技术对一座中高层新结构大楼环境激励试验建模研究。

56、Can't evaluate properly - lack motivation. 评价不到位——缺乏激励。

57、At present, all kinds of stock-based incentives which are testing in Shanghai, Wuhan, Hangzhou are probably belong to deferred stock incentives and different with the real ESO. 目前,在上海、武汉和杭州等地试行的一些股权激励方式主要是期股型激励方式,与经理人股票期权的激励方式还存在较大差别。

58、The experiment was carried out using a transversally excited flow CO2 laser. 该实验是用横流电激励CO2激光器进行的。

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