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关于”对人失望的句子“的英语句子26个,句子主体:Disappointed sentences。以下是关于对人失望的句子的八级英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Disappointed sentences

1、Heart was a massive disappointment to prince. 心中对太子失望透顶。

2、we _plan__ _to__ __travel__ aborad ,but we didn't go because of sars. 13在那个岛上没什么可做。

3、But returns have usually been disappointing. 但是,回报通常是令人失望的。

4、Schindler is very disappointed by today's General Court decision. 迅达对今天总法院的决定很失望。

5、She was disappointed by what Lawrence said. 她对劳伦斯说的话感到失望。

6、We were disappointed that they could not learn the lesson of history. 他们没能吸取历史的教训, 使我们感到很失望。

7、Most disappointing women's player: Caroline Wozniacki 年度最让人失望的女子选手——沃兹尼亚奇

8、But Thursday's unemployment claims report was disappointing. 但周四的失业率报告也令人失望。

9、Lipton: The disappointment of Hard Country. I know. 利普顿: 对《伤心国度》的失望。

10、I was guite disappointed with my partner. 我对我的搭档感到失望。

11、I was so disappointed that I decided to goof around. 我很失望,决定混一天算一天。

12、He was disappointed at the result. 他对这样的结果感到失望。

13、Huge disappointment in results of women fencing semi-finals; Germany Vs. S. Korea. 女子击剑半决赛德国对韩国的结果非常让人失望。

14、Yet even for Ms Bartz the results of the negotiations must be somewhat disappointing. 即便是巴茨女士,对这次谈判的结果也有些失望。

15、“It was disappointing for both of us, ” Emil said. “这对我们两人来说都很失望。” 埃米尔说。

16、(taste) the apples on this apple tree taste delicious. 4请远离这些危险的动物。

17、The mother is disappointed by her unfilial son.妈妈对她那不孝的儿子失望了。

18、"It's very frustrating to be going home tomorrow, I would like to stay longer and play some more tennis," a disappointed Haas said afterwards. 赛后失望的哈斯面对记者表示:“明天就要回家了,这真是令人失望。我本来希望能多打几场比赛,多停留些日子的。”

19、I hold out no hope of you.(这是我套用有道词典上的用法)

20、The prince was disappointed and also went away. 这位王子也失望地走了。

21、It is not a humiliation but I am very disappointed. It is sad for us. 输给巴萨不能说是丢脸,只是我非常失望,对全队和我自己失望。

22、Looking at the new-type camera, the young man with broad shoulders was surprised with his mouth wide open. 他是个心宽广的人; 决不会因为那么一次小小的失败而感到失望。

23、The frustration finally burst out of him and he was sent of for stamping on Carvalho. 令人失望的事情终于出现了,鲁尼因为蹬踏对方球员卡瓦略而被主裁判红牌罚下场。

24、Well this is disappointing. 这太令人失望了。

25、No, I am not disappointed about my failure. 不,我不对我的失败感到失望。


26、He said Fidler was extremely disappointed with the ruling and no local residents had complained about the castle. 他还说费德勒对该判决失望之极,要知道并没有当地居民投诉他建造了这座城堡。

27、Hope will become disappointment, and will become deeply disappointment. 希望会成为失望,而且会成为深痛的失望。

28、Thoroughly frustrated by the dating scene in Motown, he has decided to move. 由于对底特律的约会场所彻底失望,他决定离开。

29、He was disappointed because it wasn’t a penalty, we know that. 他对这个点球的判罚很失望,因为我们都知道那根本就不该是个点球。

30、He saw his worthless days, his wrong desires, his dead hopes, the lost power of his mind. 他看到他过去的那些没有价值的日子、错误的渴望、无生气的失望与丧失的心理。

31、However i was a bit disappointed by how the terrans worked. 不过对于人类的表现我有些失望。

32、That is, when you feel disappointed, do not forget to say thank you to the one who disappoints you. 就是在你失望的时候,别忘了向让你失望的人说声谢谢。

33、The bartender's heart went cold as he saw the main judge pick up the red brush used for writing out the death sentence. 当看到判官拿起用来判决死刑的朱笔时,他彻底失望了。

34、It's very disappointing. 那是很令人失望的。

35、_what__ _else__ can we do but waiting? 12我们计划出国旅游,但因为非典我们没去成。

36、Love comes, to those who still hope, although they've been disappointed; 真有爱心的是那些,对生活仍怀著希望的人,尽管他们失望过;

37、4-Depression-overwhelming feelings of hopelessness, frustration, bitterness, self pity, mourning loss of person as well as the hopes, dreams and plans for the future. 压倒一切的失望、挫折、怨恨、自怜,哀悼所失去的亲人以及对未来的希望、梦想和计划。

38、The obvious turning point was the dismissal of Spurs forward Mido. Martin Jol was disappointed but understanding of the referee's decision. 比赛明显的转折点是热刺前锋米多被罚出场,他对裁判不明不白的判罚感到失望。

39、Most people will disappoint themselves but find it impossible to let down a friend. 大多数人会让自己失望,但决不会让自己的朋友失望的。

40、John: I am abosolutely disappointed with them. 我对他们极其失望。

41、I have been particularly dissapointed tonight with just about every word you and I have chatted tonight. 我对今晚我俩谈话中的每一句话都特别失望。

42、and I was really disappointed with the results. 对自己的成绩感到很失望。

43、disappointed [ˌdisəˈpɔintid] adj. 失望的 We were disappointed. 我们失望了。

44、Dont get down. Things will work out eventually. 别失望,事情最后总会有办法解决的。

45、But the soup is a disappointment – a "bit gluey". 她是对的,但汤却令人失望。

46、We could no longer be disappointed, because to be disappointed in something presupposes that it could've been some other way. 我们不会再感到失望,因为对某些事情失望就表明,事情可以是另一个样子。

47、Brother, I'm very disappointed in you. 兄弟 我对你很失望

48、So it's very disappointing. 真让人失望。

49、success covers a multitude of blunders.成功由大量的失望铸就。

50、You let me down to a large degree.(这个貌似有点高级)


51、I was so disappointed with the referee, he should get punished by FIFA. 我对那个裁判太失望了,他应该受到国际足联的处罚。

52、This is disappointing the children to his parents disappointed 希望对你有点帮助o(∩_∩)o。

53、3in the duel of hope and disappointment, if you use the courage and firm hold in their hands, the victory will certainly belong to you. -- Prini. 3在希望与失望的决斗中,如果你用勇气与坚决的双手紧握着,胜利必属于希望。——普里尼。

54、The resolution had been received with great disappointment within the PLO. 巴解组织内部对决议表现出极大失望。

55、That was the greatest disappointment of those Games for Brazilians. 这对巴西人来说,是雅典奥运会的最大失望。

56、Others plop disappointingly. 有些令人失望地“扑通”的掉下去了。

57、For you have disappointed hope never see 对你已经失望透顶,希望以后再也不见

58、Others come here to disappear. 有人到这里后很失望。

59、Dont get down. Things will work out eventually. 别失望,事情最后总会有办法解决的。

60、We could no longer be disappointed, because to be disappointed in something presupposes that it could've been some other way. 我们不会再感到失望,因为对某些事情失望就表明,事情可以是另一个样子。

61、I was dismayed by the violence. 我对这些暴行感到失望。

62、I don't want to let my parents down. I don't want to let my country down! Most importantly, I don't want to let myself down! 我不想让我的父母失望,我不想让我的祖国失望,最重要的是我不想让我自己失望!

63、The man, frustrated, walked away. 于是,那名男子失望沮丧的转身离开了。

64、Because your writing will always disappoint you. Your laziness will always disappoint you. 因为您的文字总是让你失望,您的懒惰总是让你失望。

65、"It's just disappointing, " Sharapova said. “太令人失望了,” 莎娃说。

66、And for the despondent, some hope. 而对于失望者,给他们一些希望。

67、My son felt dreadfully disappointed. 儿子失望极了。

68、I was completely disappointed to hear that. 听到那个消息后我彻底失望了。

69、After another disappointing round of negotiations, Sam Geall considers the figures behind the impasse. 谈判结果又一次令人失望,山姆•吉尔对僵局背后的原因进行分析。

70、Some people fear others' opinions, and they worry that someone may be disappointed by their decision. 有些人畏惧他人的意见,耽心有人会对他们的决定感到失望。

71、(be bad for ) eating too much junk food is bad for your health. 3这棵树上的苹果尝起来很可口。

72、Love comes To those who still hope, although they've been disappointed; 真有爱笑的人是那些对生活仍怀着希望的人,尽管他们失望过;

73、It's not like he's lost all hope for a season -- not even close, actually. 看起来他不像失去对下个赛季的全部失望——实际上,希望也所剩无几了。

74、The team had a very disappointing winless season. 这支球队经历了一个失败的令人失望的赛季。

75、I am very disappointed with you.(这是最常用的表达方式吧)

英文句子模板76:Disappointed sentences

76、Yes, I am disappointed about my failure. 是的,我对我的失败感到失望。

77、He is disappointed with his new bicycle. 他对他的新自行车失很望。

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