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1、,【我只是一朵向日葵,等待着属于我的唯一的阳光, 【when my heart is broken ,is it needed to fix?

2、As the article says: 'After you land that date with a wealthy surfer, take a romantic gondola cruise-or better yet-shop for yachts which are plentiful here.' 文章说,当你和一位爱好冲浪的富人约会,两人可以划着平底舟浪漫地游戈,或者更浪漫一点,去选购游艇,游艇在这里多的是。

3、For RMB 1,388 enjoy the "Be My Valentine" package with a one night stay in a deluxe room, buffet dinner and buffet breakfast for two, and a bottle of house wine. 币1,388元净价共享“相约一生”爱侣浪漫夜,含双人自助晚餐及次日双人浪漫自助早餐及红酒一瓶。

4、A kind of attractive romantic atmosphere is created in the kitchen, conduce to the close affection of promotional family, make domesticity makes a person be intoxicated. 在厨房里创造一种迷人的浪漫气氛,有助于增进家人的亲密情感,使家庭生活令人沉醉。

5、The nationwide survey reveals that Tasmanians are more romantic and feel more loved than other Australians. 全国范围的调查显示,塔斯马尼亚更浪漫,感觉比其他澳大利亚人喜爱。

6、If you weeped for the missing sunset,you would miss all the shining stars 感受梦的火焰,感觉飞舞瞬间,当一切浪漫遥远,永恒依然

7、I tell Julie I don't have head-over-heels romantic feelings toward her. 我对她没有疯狂的浪漫感觉。

8、内在美胜于外在美   Goodness is better than beauty.

9、Women often require romance as well as a sense of being heard, understood and appreciated. 女性通常需要浪漫,就是被人聆听、被人理解和被人欣赏的感觉。

10、The researchers also found that men get greater emotional benefits from the positive aspects of an ongoing romance. 研究者也发现男人也会从进行中的浪漫爱情中情感上可以得到更多的快乐。

11、The romance of a full moon sometimes gets the better of Acropora palmata. 满月的浪漫气氛也感染着角珊瑚。

12、He attributes liberties Nyiregyhazi took with the music to a true Romantic sensibility. 他把尼莱吉哈奇处理音乐的自由随意,归结为一种真正浪漫的情感。

13、Not romantic, and perhaps drop to forget a very important day, not like others and I'm angry! 没有浪漫情怀,也许会忘记很重要滴日子,不喜欢别人和我生气!

14、People often call French "Conutry of Romance", where I enjoyed the beauty of the emotional country. 人们常把法国称为“浪漫之国”,在那里,我感受到了它与众不同的美。

15、This well-balanced and fruity wine has lively notes of cherries with a long and dry finish. Its pleasing aroma recalls the romance of roses, raspberries and peaches. 这款有着良好平衡感及丰富果味的葡萄酒具有樱桃口感及回味无穷的余味。让人联想到玫瑰,覆盆子及粉红桃子的弥漫浪漫。

16、Come and feel the art at Autumn in September. 盛夏将去,秋意渐浓,于九月秋时感受艺术的浪漫。

17、They watched their first movie together &were both touched in the romantic film. 就这样,他们一起去看戏…看着看着不禁被浪漫的画面所感动…

18、, 【A we missed the time, France.,【时间一点点被我们错过,擦肩而过。

19、Being emotioanl, you will show more romance and gentle of a delicate woman, and the beauty and love of life. 用感性可以让你体会更多小女人的浪漫、温柔,以及生活中的美和爱。

20、A splendid idea on Valentine`s Day is to open your heart to your sweet one and let know your feelings for her. 情人节浪漫点子之一就是向爱人倾诉衷肠,让她了解你的内心世界。

21、Speaking to People magazine, Weitz said that he hoped that the romantic scenes would prove emotional for audiences. 在接受《人物》杂志的采访中,Weitz说他希望片中的浪漫桥段能引起观众们感情上的共鸣。

22、Like the romantic emotion, like doing the exaggerative thing, it is noticeable to like, there are ones that only like oneself to like. 喜欢浪漫的感情,喜欢做夸张的事,喜欢引人注目,还有只喜欢自己喜欢的。

23、According to the thank-hui become is so romantic and gentle. 在感谢的辉照下变得是如此的浪漫而温柔。

24、Owing to the close relation with one kind of romantic flavor, "sentiment" acts as the emotional mark which the romantic literature camp—the Creation Society presents most obviously. 由于“感伤”更多地是与一种浪漫的诗性联系在一起,因而它成为“五四”文坛的浪漫主义文学阵营——创造社最为彰显的感情标记。

25、Food does a lot of things - but does it make you feel romantic? That's the idea behind aphrodisiac foods. 食物能做很多事情-但它能使你感到浪漫吗?


26、Men may not make sbooks of mementos of their love experiences, but they are every bit as loving, loyal, and yes, romantic, as women--and sometimes more so! 男人们也许不会做展现他和恋人共渡时光的剪贴簿,会和女人一样去爱,一样忠诚,并且一样浪漫——有时,甚至比女人更浪漫!

27、If you don't leave me ,I will love you till the world ends 你若不离不弃,我会生死相依。

28、QI and Valentin. E clan use romantic themes to trick users into activating them and then infect their computers. 最浪漫病毒-Nuwar.OL Nuwar.QI和Valentin.E,这一家子病毒利用风花雪月的标题内容来吸引用户激活它从而感染电脑。

29、Can Ye under the romantic and admirable, but also sadly, dying of loss, there is always a trace of lingering melancholy. 残叶下的浪漫,叫人羡慕,却也叫人伤感,凋零的失落,总有一丝挥之不去的惆怅。

30、They began to look for salvation in the world of their own dreams, hopes and emotions. 那一时期的浪漫主义已经内化,人们开始在自己的梦想,希望和情感世界中寻找救赎。

31、Music makes one feel so romantic-at least it always gets on one's nerves, which is the same thing nowadays. 音乐让人感到熏染非常浪漫,起码让人感到熏染没有安,目下现古二者是一回事。

32、情人眼里出西施    Beauty is in lover's eyes.天作之合    Marriages are made in heaven.

33、Doré has often been called the last of the Romantics. 多雷常常被人称为最后的浪漫派画家。

34、Add wings on one's body , add one more the feelings of romance and poesy. 给自行车手身上加上翅膀,再增添一份浪漫和诗意的感觉。

35、He felt trapped and isolated by the freakish particulars of a romance that Pam, even now, was endeavoring to celebrate in a film script. 他感到被怪异的浪漫细节弄得困惑不解和孤立无助,即使现在,帕姆都一心想着要用一部电影剧本去颂扬这种浪漫的色彩。

36、High quality whole hazelnut chocolate. The packing shows love and romance. It is liked by those who are in pursuit of something special and romantic. 高品质的全榛仁巧克力。爱意与浪漫昭显于包装之中。深得追求个性与浪漫人士之欢心。

37、Fading is true while flowering is past. 感受梦的火焰,感觉飞舞瞬间,当一切浪漫遥远,永恒依然。

38、, 【Why is this once, only once in without you.,【为什么又是这样的曾经,只不过曾经里没有你。

39、As a talented poet of the 20th century, Haizi took the initiative to lead the Romanticism in a sadness mood in China. 海子作为20世纪的天才诗人,开创了中国当代感伤的浪漫主义先河。

40、【l only live in those days that we are falling in love ,【我只活在我们相爱的日子里。

41、Going for a sunset ride and then having a romantic dinner for two is one of the most romantic dates. 落霞中拥着爱人骑在马背上缓缓而行,有种要浪迹天涯去私奔的感觉哈哈。之后再享用一顿两人晚餐,真是再浪漫不过了!

42、Mike: Yuck! I hate romance. That show sounds like a soap opera to me. 迈克:讨厌!我不喜欢浪漫。那个节目给我的感觉象是肥皂剧。

43、The combination of ueness and specificity in the answer gives a sense of somewhere romantically incommunicado. 这一回答既含混又明确,让人感觉那是个富于浪漫气息的与世隔绝的地方。

44、Whether it's romantic or platonic, there are endless reasons why people fail to connect and maintain their relationships with each other. 无论感情是浪漫的或是柏拉图式的,关于人们没有更进一步的原因是多种多样的。

45、Romantic Diasporas: French Emigres, British Convicts, and Jews. 浪漫散居:法国移民,英国罪犯,和犹太人。

46、We Earthlings owe a lot to the moon, and not just for its romantic appeal. 月球带给我们的可不仅仅是浪漫的感觉。

47、This incoming tournament is themed with "dynamic beach volleyball, vigorous Changsha and romantic Orange Isle". 本次赛事活动主题为“动感沙排、活力长沙、浪漫橘洲”。

48、Steamboats were wonderful and exciting and romantic. 蒸汽船是如此美妙,令人激动及浪漫

49、romance is far away,the eternity is always there.感受梦的火焰,感觉飞舞瞬间,当一切浪漫遥远,永恒依然

50、As the article says: 'After you land that date with a wealthy surfer, take a romantic gondola cruise-or better yet-shop for yachts which are plentiful here.' 文章说,当你和一位爱好冲浪的富人约会,两人可以划著平底舟浪漫地游戈,或者更浪漫一点,去选购游艇,游艇在这里多的是。


51、According to a recent survey, the number one subject of regret is romance -- named by 18 percent of those polled. 最近的一项调查表明,容易感到后悔的人中有18%的人性格浪漫。

52、Soft soft affection and continuous missing is women's hopes and romantic feelings with women's tolerance and gentle. 柔柔的亲情和绵绵的思念是女人的寄托,浪漫情感带着女人的宽容和温柔。

53、The inspiration of this song comes from the Beijing Opera – Hua Tian Cuo which is a romantic comedy. 这首歌的灵感来自京剧——浪漫戏剧花田错。

54、To feel the flame of dreaming and to feel the moment of dancing,when all the romance is far away,the eternity is always there.感受梦的火焰,感觉飞舞瞬间,当一切浪漫遥远,永恒依然

55、For the romantic poets, nature is full of sentiments and spirituality and able to purify the human mind and reawaken humanity. 因而在浪漫主义诗人的眼里,自然是有感情、有灵性的,可以恢复人类完美的人性。

56、Traditional people are less open-minded and will cut-out romance, and public displays of affection. 传统的人思想没那么开放,他们缺少浪漫也不会公开表达情感。

57、to feel the flame of dreaming and to feel the moment of dancing, when all the romance is far away, the eternity is always there. 感受梦的火焰,感受飞翔刹时,当一切浪漫迢遥,永恒仍然。

58、Researchers believe the pair bond evolved from the parent-child bond, which may ex­plain why we feel romantic attachments so strongly. 研究人员相信,伴侣之间的关系源自亲子关系,这可能解释了为什么我们对浪漫的依恋的感觉如此强烈。

59、Not all of us can offord to be romantic. 并不是我们所有的人都会拥有浪漫。

60、Others will view their emotional control as hard and unfeeling, regarding them as unresponsive to their moods and undemonstrative in romantic affairs. 其他的人会把他们对情感的控制看作是顽固、没有感情,认为他们对情绪反应迟钝,在浪漫的事务中是含蓄的。

61、Let music touch your sensitive soul, and with romantic violets and illusory floating clouds, paint a perfect world which seems both real and imaginary, so that romanticism can meet harmoniously here . 让音乐触动您敏感的灵魂,用浪漫的紫罗兰与飘渺的绕云,勾勒着一个似真似幻的唯美空间,使浪漫主义与在这里体现融洽。

62、The most romantic color, pink, is more tranquilizing. 粉红色是最浪漫的颜色,看起来给人以安静的感觉。

63、FEEL THE ROMANCE OF THE ROYAL FAMILY? “感受英国皇家的浪漫”? 我差点被苹果噎住。

64、The romantic scene - People relaxing themselves in the of cherry trees… … 人们在樱花影下休息的浪漫景象… …

65、Everyone thinks it's so romantic. Romeo and Juliet, true love, how sad. 每个人都觉得那非常浪漫,罗密欧与茱莉叶,真爱,多感人!

66、, 【Love is like sand.. If you hold it too tightly.. It will slip away..,【爱情就像攥在手里的沙子,攥的越紧,流失的越快。

67、If two people love each other cordial, Shi Yao do not do anything, the relative quiet would be romantic feeling. 如果两人彼此倾心相爱,什幺事都不做,静静相对都会感觉是浪漫的。

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