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关于”烟花的句子“的英语句子46个,句子主体:Fireworks sentence。以下是关于烟花的句子的初三英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Fireworks sentence

1、烟火的施放 短语 protechny odor 烟火味 protechny is doomed to disperse 烟花注定消散

2、They set off firecrackers and watch fireworks displays。人们放鞭炮,看烟花。

3、Provide cold light fireworks, hand-hold fireworks, firecrackers. 提供冷光焰火,手持烟花,组合礼花弹。

4、There will be fireworks in Chinatown. 唐人街将会有烟花。

5、In March, clouds permeating the hollow are typical in the south. 满谷烟云,缭绕着江南的烟花三月。

6、Safety gl should be worn when setting off fireworks and sparklers. 应戴安全眼镜时燃放烟花爆竹和烟花。

7、Brilliant fireworks (or catharine) of many years. 是经年烂漫的烟花。

8、I put fireworks in the Spring Festival.! [搜狗问问][1] 烟花有两个词可以表示:如果是鞭炮类的用firecrack,如果是冲上天的那种烟花用firework I play firecrack and firework in Spring Festival. 拓展资料: 放烟火是中国民间古老的节日民俗活动。

9、Authentic Romeo and Julieta Coronas. 正品的罗密欧和朱丽叶花冠烟。

10、Or explode fireworks. 或是放烟花。

11、A whirl of sparkles leaped up the flue . 旋转的火花窜出烟囱。

12、Of the 227 kinds of fireworks set off on the opening ceremony, 60% were provided by a Jiangxi fireworks company. 开幕式燃放的227个品种烟花中,江西某烟花集团就提供了60%。

13、Fireworks rain lane, whose kite is broken line, who really injured. 烟花雨巷,谁的鹞子断了线,谁的真心受了伤。

14、Evening, hold fireworks let go , ous see very beautiful fireworks, exist sky centre. 晚上, 把烟花放了, 我们看到好漂亮胡烟花,在空中闪耀着。

15、HUAHUA: And a non-smoking section! You know what the boss is like. 花花:还有一个无烟区。你知道老大不抽烟的。

16、HUAHUA: And a non-smoking section! 花花:还有一个无烟区。

17、Infants should be away at a safe distance from fireworks and not be held or cradled when lighting sparklers. 婴儿应立刻在烟花爆竹安全距离,从不能持有或怀抱当光线烟花。

18、The children's fireworks sparkled. 孩子们的烟火发出火花。

19、We also get to set off fireworks. 我们还要向套燃放烟花。

20、Yuanxiao, lanterns, colorful fireworks down smile; 元宵到,灯笼闹,七彩的烟花朝天笑;

21、A basic fireworks safety rule is to remain standing when using sparklers. 烟花爆竹安全的一个基本规则是站立时,使用烟火。

22、The children gathered in the garden to set the fireworks off. 孩子们聚在花园里放烟火。

23、Fireworks or other pyrotechnic articles of heading 36.04; 品目36.04的烟花、爆竹或其他烟火制品;

24、They set off firecrackers and watch fireworks displays. 人们放鞭炮,看烟花。

25、They set off firecrackers and watch fireworks displays. 人们放鞭炮,看烟花。


26、All kinds of fireworks bloom in the sky 各种各样的烟花在空中绽放

27、The smoke blackened the ceiling; The ceiling blackened. 烟幕把天花板熏黑了。

28、The son rode in the trunk and enjoyed the fireworks. 商人的儿子骑在他的飞箱上欣赏烟花。

29、"150 million, 50 percent of smokers, buy one pack of cigarettes for five yuan or less and the expenditure for 100 packs occupied merely two percent of per capita GDP in 2009, " the authors wrote. 报告说:“1亿5千万,50%的烟民,买一包烟花5元钱或更少,而100包烟的花费只占人均GDP的2%。”

30、Can datura flower do Chinese traditional medicine smoke? 中药洋金花可以做烟吗?

31、Makro fireworks fireworks export factory located in China's townships, beautiful Liuyang River transportation is very convenient. 万客隆烟花出口制造厂位于中国烟花之乡、风景秀丽的浏阳河畔,交通十分便利。

32、On July4we set off fire crackers in many places. 烟花据说是中国人发明的。

33、Don't allow children to light fireworks. Don't relight fireworks. 千万别让孩子去燃放烟花爆竹。

34、I have already decided to reduce my pyro budget by 50% or more. I will probably stay out of the retail stores. The belt tightening has begun. 太糟了。我已经决定减少我的烟花预算至50%或者减少更多。我可能得放弃插手(烟花)零售店了,弦已经开始绷紧了。

35、The elderly take children to buy snacks and fireworks. 长辈们让小孩子们去买小吃和烟花。

36、Sell Spring Festival couplets, into the sell fireworks, there are "flowers" in "tanks" these are all the children play. 走过卖春联的,就进入了卖烟花爆竹的地方,那里有 有“花中花”“坦克车”这些全部是孩子们玩的。

37、Roses smell sweet . Smoking room smells of tobacco smoke. 玫瑰花闻起来很香。吸烟室有烟味。

38、The ban on fireworks was repealed this year. 今年弛禁了烟花爆竹的燃放。

39、Weak cigarette sales willows, fog light falling volumes. 烟销垂柳弱,雾卷落花轻。

40、But we shouldn't set off fireworks unrestrainedly. The smoke of the fireworks can pollute the environment. 但是我们也不能无节制的放烟花。烟花产生的烟尘对环境造成染。

41、放鞭炮 setting off firecrackers 放烟花 display fireworks

42、In addition, fireworks offer nonrivalry, in that one person’s viewing of the display doesn’t impinge significantly on another’s viewing. 另外,烟花表演没有竞争性,即一个人观看烟花并不会明显影响其他人的欣赏。

43、But we love it; we have been setting off these things since we were three and for 5, 000 years. 但我们喜欢烟花,我们从3岁起就开始放烟花,这传统已经流传了5000多年。

44、Joseph approached a firework to ignite it. 约瑟夫*近一个烟花去引燃它。

45、on july4we set off fire crackers in many places. 烟花据说是中国人发明的。

46、Colorful, large and small fireworks sparkling reflection in the lake, as if the fish are also in their homeland fireworks it! 花花绿绿,大大小小的烟花倒映在波光粼粼的湖面上,仿佛鱼儿们也在它们的家园里放烟花呢!

47、Luga's Villa MASSIVE Fireworks party! 卢卡斯别墅超级烟花派对!

48、The Strip, fireworks propagation, you all look back. 长街长,烟花繁,你挑灯回看。

49、The person that loves smoking often throws in flowerpot, the person that loves to drink tea often pours boiled water in flowerpot. 爱吸烟的人往往把烟头扔在花盆里,爱喝茶的人经常把茶水倒在花盆里。

50、I put fireworks in the Spring Festival. 烟花有两个词可以表示:如果是鞭炮类的用firecrack,如果是冲上天的那种烟花用firework


51、那些孩子喜欢放烟花 英文 Those kids like to set off fireworks. or The children like to display fireworks.

52、protechny is doomed to disperse 烟花注定消散

53、Fireworks are not beautiful who crazy beauty, fireworks do not laugh who silk. 烟花不美谁痴美,烟花不笑谁人绸。

54、New Year celebration includes fireworks. 新年我们都放烟花。

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