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导读: 30个,关于”风景的句子“的英语句子30个,句子主体:Scenery sentence。以下是关于风景的句子的专业英语句子。


关于”风景的句子“的英语句子30个,句子主体:Scenery sentence。以下是关于风景的句子的专业英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Scenery sentence

1、Sweeping landscape of Cayambe Valley. 凯扬波山谷的风景如画。

2、Xixi's scenery is good. 西溪风景好。

3、Someone takes you who enjoys the scenery as a piece of scenery; that bright moon that decorates your windows becomes a picture to decorate the dreams of others. 看风景的人被别人当风景看你,明月装饰了你的窗子成为了一幅画,也能连同你和你的窗子一起去装饰别人的梦。

4、The third, draw the art history in the scenery up, the different landscat has different beauty appreciation. 第三,在风景画艺术史上,不同的风景画家有着不同的审美取向。

5、If you have a fall scenery photo or painting, tape leaves to the back of the frame and let them stick out as a border. 如果你有个秋天的风景照片或风景画,粘一些叶子到画框上做成一个花边。

6、Such places of interest can be developed as Ruiyan Temple Forest Park and Seaside Scenic Spots. 并开发瑞岩寺森林公园、海滨风景区和以名胜、特产为景点的旅游风景区。

7、When you watch the scenery from the bridge, The sightseer watches you from the balcony. The bright moon adorns your window, While you adorn another's dream. 你站在桥上看风景, 看风景的人在楼上看你, 明月装饰了你的窗子, 你却装饰了别人梦。

8、Fell to the ground the gl window, the distant place infinite scenery, the wind carries off the heart seed. 落地玻璃窗,远处无限风景,风把心的种子带走了。

9、Illusionary landscapes are real landscapes now. 幻觉的风景如今就成了真实的景致。

10、I am still painting landscapes. 我仍然在画风景油画。

11、Genre painting gives way to landscape. 风俗画让位给景观。

12、So I have many views to the west and east. 所以我既可以向西看风景也可以向东看风景。

13、All these were just like a painting. 真的是风景美如画。

14、Scene a Brokeback Mountain. 断背山的风景明信片。

15、Antibes, View of the Cap, Mistral Wind, c. 1888 安提贝风景,寒冷的西北风,1888。

16、Scenery as fine as postcards. 风景如名信片般精致。

17、Landscape of Guilin at sunset is one of the most breath-taking sites in China. 黄昏时候的桂林风景更是中国闻名风景之一。

18、The rest is landscape. 剩下的只是风景。

19、Chaoyanggou five scenic scenic points, 5 lines, 80 main attractions, landscape 160. 朝阳沟风景区分5个景区、5条线路,主要景点80处、景观160个。

20、Shantou is a scenic coastal city, the four seasons such as spring, the charming scenery; 汕头市是一座风景秀丽的海滨城市,四季如春,风景迷人;

21、Fobao Scenic Spot: The forest scenic resort is located in Hejiang County east of Luzhou. 佛宝风景区:佛宝森林风景区在泸州合江县以东。

22、Day off, bright, scenic area visitor if knit. 假日, 风和日丽,风景区游人如织。

23、Tengchong's main points are the Thermal Sea Scenic Area and the Volcano Park Scenic Area. 腾冲县最主要的风景区是热海景区和火山公园景区。

24、The scenery there was so beautiful. 那里的风景太美了。

25、It is forbidden to destroy seas shelter belts, scenic woods, scenic rocks, mangroves and coral reefs. 禁止毁坏海岸防护林、风景林、风景石和红树林、珊瑚礁。


26、The phrase "Instruction in King, " the "teaching" is not only clroom teaching, but also should be placed among the green beauty of the campus scenery. 有句话叫“寓教于景”,这个“教”不仅仅是课堂上的教学,还应该置于绿色校园的风光美景之中。

27、Strip mining deforms the landscape. 露天开采毁掉了风景。

28、You can walk around the Xuanwu Lake freely and enjoy the scenery as you like. 你可以走到自由的风景区玄武湖和欣赏风景的如你所愿。

29、Tourists tend to visit features of landscape and townscape which separate them off from everyday experience. 旅游者往往是从每天的经历中去看风景和城镇风景的个别的特征。

30、The airport is 88 kilometers (55 miles) from Jiuzhaigou Scenic Area, and 43 kilometers (27 miles) from Huanglong. 机场离九寨沟风景区88公里,离黄龙风景区43公里。

31、Yulong Snow Mountain in the Lugu Lake Scenic Area Scenic Area and to their rich and unique natural landscape and cultural connotation and famous. 境内的玉龙雪山风景区和泸沽湖风景区,以各自丰富独特的自然景观和文化内涵而闻名中外。

32、Langshan landscape area is a new discovered famous scenic area in Hunan Province. 崀山风景区的造景地貌是丹霞地貌。

33、From the five chapters, the first chapter introduces the study background and some correlational theories. 第二章论述了风景环境、风景建筑与自然景观要素的基本理论。

34、Fobao Scenic Spot: This scenic forest resort is located in Hejiang County east of Luzhou. 佛宝风景区:佛宝森林风景区在泸州合江县以东。

35、The lake scenery refers to the scenic areas with the natural lake or manmade reservoirs as the main body of the landscape. 湖泊型风景区是指以天然湖泊或人工水库为主体景观的风景区。

36、The project is situated in the Fuquanshen scenic spot of Dongqian Lake, Ningbo, the landscape of which is as beautiful as painting. 项目位于宁波东钱湖福泉山风景区,景区风景优美,盛产茶叶。

37、The trees, like the longings of the earth, stand atiptoe to peep at the heaven. 群树如表示大地的愿望似的,踮起脚来向天空窥望。

38、Youthla:How can we get the title of"Landscape Architecture". 风景园林新青年:在德国怎样才能拥有“风景园林师”的称谓呢?

39、Translate: Nowhere in the world can one find more attractive scenery than in Switzerland. 世界上任何地方的风景都不如瑞士的风景迷人。

40、Extensive professional background, precise words-weighing style and the spirit of hard struggle will surely make me an excellent interpreter! 广博的专业背景、字斟句酌的严谨作风以及不怕吃苦的拼搏精神,一定能使我成为一个出色的翻译!

41、The landscape here is beyond compare. 风景这边独好。

42、Bamboo nature landscape consists of mainly nature bamboo forests landscape, bamboo forests as a special subject, bamboo gardens and bamboo potted landscape. 竹的自然景观主要包括风景竹林景观、专类竹园景观、庭园竹景观和盆景竹景观;

43、In addition, reasonable selection of the tree species could promote scenic beauty the forests while stabilizing their stand structures in the study area. 阔叶林型风景林和针阔混交型风景林的经营措施以抚育间伐为主,合理选择树种提高风景林景观美景度的同时稳定林分结构。

44、I love beautiful scenic spots. 我喜欢看美的风景点。

45、Okay, before enjoying the scenery. 好,那在看风景之前。

46、This landscape is photogenic. 这个风景很上镜头。

47、The near water balcony gets a month first, Several through change, Return how can entertain wild hope that ever Is the scenery only good here? 近水楼台先得月,几经变迁,还怎能奢望那句曾经的风景这边独好?

48、In the National Parks, sight-seeing is a quite importance function and it directly relates to the tender subject of the exploitation of the National Parks. 风景名胜区中,风景游赏是其中一个相当重要的功能,并且直接涉及到风景区的开发这一敏感问题。

49、The trees, like the longings of the earth, stand atiptoe to peep at the heaven. 群树如表示大地的愿望似的,踮起脚来向天空窥望。

50、The Sun Yat-sen's Mausoleum area is a world-famous scenic spot. 中山陵园风景区景色秀美,是享誉海内外的世界级景区。


51、It is widely known as a wonderland with dreamlike sceneries and unique folk customs. 它是一个有着梦一般美景和独一无二的风土人情的著名风景区。

52、Visiting Laoshan at end of April, Friends and i take the north route, along the rock mountain in Beijiushui scenic area. xx月末访崂山赏景, 北九水风景区,一石一景皆风情。

53、The town is encircled by beautiful scenery, with its north of Lotus Mountain Scenic Area (Lianhuashan Hill) and its east of Lianhuashan Watercourse. 亚运城周边风景独特,北部为莲花山风景区,东部紧靠莲花山水道,景色秀美。

54、For example, some people think that wind-power turbines are ugly and that they scar the landscape and ruin scenic views. 比如,有些人认为风力涡轮机是难看的,它们是在风景中划上伤痕并且埋葬风景如画的美景。

55、Youthla: What are the main backgrounds of the researchers in landscape architectural history researching area? 风景园林新青年:风景园林历史研究领域研究者的主要背景是怎样的?

56、I wouldn't have thought A View from the Bridge was worth much discussion, but it has gotten such very-important-picture treatment from the press … that I think maybe I should say a few unkind words. 我没想到《桥上风景》会值得大书特书,但媒体似乎给了它“非常重要的影片”这一待遇...... 我想我也许应该说几句煞风景的话。

57、On the streets, absolute scenery line! 出街,绝对风景线!

58、Landscape Stone - These exquisitely carved stone landscapes are natural stones. 风景石-这些玲珑剔透的风景石都是纯天然的奇石。

59、The munility's Xiangxidong cave, the Nangongshan Mountain and the Yinghu Lake Scenic Spot are provincial-level tourist attractions. 境内的香溪洞,南宫山和瀛湖风景区是省级旅游风景名胜区。

60、According to the survey and essment on the view spots of Tongshan scenic spot, proposed overall arrangement of the scenic spot and planning conception on each function region. 通过对铜山风景区的景源概况描述和景源评价分析,提出了风景区总体空间布局及各个功能区的规划构思。

61、Fascinated by the surreal beauty of the harsh natural landscape she utilises this as her canvas. 迷恋于粗旷自然风景超自然之美的艺术家运用这些风景作为她的画布。

62、The kites fly upwind. How beautiful the scene is! 这些风筝迎风飞翔,多美的景色啊!

63、Other Scenic Spots: Huangjing Scenic Resort in Gulin County, Old Pit of Luzhou Daqu Liquor. 其它风景区:古蔺黄荆风景保护区。泸州大曲老窖窖池。

64、The surroundings include the Wofo Park, Yimeng country park and the Maqi Mountain. The transportation is convenient. 周围有著名的卧佛寺风景区、沂蒙乡村风情园、马亓山风景区,交通十分便利。

65、U are standing on the bridge, looking at the view. someone who looking at the view is looking atu. 卞之琳《断章》 你站在桥上看风景, 看风景的人在楼上看你。

66、YouthLA: then what social responsibility do you think we should have as a landscape architect? 风景园林新青年:那么您认为风景园林师的社会责任是什么呢?

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