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关于”生气的名词“的英语句子32个,句子主体:Angry NOUN。以下是关于生气的名词的初中英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Angry NOUN

1、Gerund is used partly as a noun, partly as a verb. 动名词部分当作名词,部分当作动词。

2、Predicative adjectives follow the noun. 表语形容词放在名词后面。

3、How much discount will you give me for it? (名词用法) 八五折:at 15% discount (名词用法)(AT) 可用可不用。

4、Broadly speaking adjectives are words that qualify nouns. 广义地说,形容词是修饰名词的词。

5、Nouns of motion are a particular kind of nouns, which are easily mixed up with abstract nouns or common nouns, thus cause difficulty in understanding. 英语动作名词是一种特殊的名词,极易与一般抽象名词或普通名词混淆,从而引起理解上的障碍。

6、The second chapter is the survey on the numeral name, which sums up its historical and cultural basis, its practical origin and describes its way of expression and distribution in numeral names. 第二章是数词名称概说,归结了数词名称命名的历史文化依据和和实践渊源,分析描写了数词名称的语言表现形式和常用数词在商名中分布概况。

7、To recognize and use countable and uncountable nouns. 识别并使用可数名词和 不可数名词。

8、Each word you'll get one point. 要求每名学生必答两个单词,一词一分。

9、Student: Same verb,same noun. 同样的动词,同样的名词。

10、Errors often occurring in business writing are those with ouns, adjectives, articles, verbs , adverbs, conjunctions and participles . 商业写作中的错误经常发生在代名词,形容词,冠词,动词,副词,连接词和分词上面。

11、During the process of converting a clause into a noun phrase, some information is lost and ambiguity may arise. 在小句转换成名词词组的过程中有些信息被丢失,因而名物化结构常产生歧义。

12、birth [不可数名词, 可数名词] the time when a baby is born; the process of being born  出生;

13、Since the parallel studies between clauses and nominal phrases have been noticed in the latest development of generative grammar, the phase theory is adopted in nominal phrases. 在生成语法近来的理论发展中,由于人们已经认识到了分句与名词词组的平行关系,语段理论也应用到名词词组的研究。

14、Don't get angry. I was just joking. 别生气了,我只是开开玩笑。(动词)

15、A preponderate governs (a noun or oun in) the objective case. 前置词支配宾格(的名词或代词)。

16、Christine was an invalid all her life. 代词 代词是代替名词的一种词类。

17、The law of its sematic collocation and semantic shift is different from other categories . 抽象名词作为名词的一个大类,其语义搭配和语义偏移的规律与其他类名词不同。

18、Countable Nouns are nouns that can be counted. 可数名词 是指可以计算的名词。

19、Cognitive appellation nouns generally develop from metaphors and metonymies and are mainly used in appellation behind one's back. 我们把称谓名词分为亲属称谓名词、社会称谓名词和认知称谓名词。

20、Reflexive ouns can emphasize a noun or oun. 反身代词可强调名词或代词。

21、A name is more than just a noun, verb, or adjective. 名字绝不仅仅只是一个名词,动词,或者形容词。

22、But there are exceptions whose matching ability is limited to noun-classifiers. No matter which nouns they modify, they can only match a small number of numerals. 一般名量词可以跟任何数词搭配,但有些名量词跟数词搭配的能力却很有限,不管修饰什么名词,它们只能跟某个或某些数词搭配。

23、Are they countable nouns or uncountable nouns? 它们是可数名词还是不可数名词。

24、B. as porridge cannot count but dumpling can count. 因为米粥是不可数名词,而饺子是可数名词。

25、Not only is it a new word in architecture, but in human living too. 它不仅是建筑学上的一个新名词,也是人类生存史的新名词。


26、Hence, the term climate change is often used interchangeably with global warming. 因此,气候变化这个名词经常和全球变暖交替使用。

27、So, once you know the meaning of all the high-frequency root words, you can understand the meaning of their derivatives or associated words (compound nouns, etc. ). 所以,一旦你知道所有高频词根的意思的话,你就会明白它们所有的衍生词和关联词(复合名词,等)的意思。

28、These nouns all refer to something that takes place or comes to pass. 这些名词均指发生或即将过去的事情。

29、English nouns can be practically classified into countable nouns and uncountable nouns. 英语名词可以从实用的角度分为可数名词及不可数名词。

30、It was a clear and unemotional exposition of the President's reasons for willing to begin a Chinese-American dialogue. 这篇发言清楚明白、心平气和地说明了总统希望开始中美对话的原因。2. 英语动词译成汉语名词时,修饰该动词的副词往往转译成形容词。如

31、Nouns, verbs, verb phrases and adjectives are included so that students can begin to use the language immediately. 书中网罗动词、名词、形容词及动词片语等各类词性字汇,帮助学生建立完整语言架构,现学现用。

32、Objective personal ouns act as objects of verbs or prepositions. 受格人称代名词担任动词或介词的受词。

33、Is "happiness" an abstract noun? “幸福”这个词是抽象名词吗?

34、Chapter Two is about the derivatives of eponyms. 第二章是关于名祖名词的派生词。

35、' Hunger' is an abstract noun. “饥饿”这个词是抽象名词。

36、Splendidness" is the elegant word which has the honor to name this cirtance." “宝气”是一个优雅的名词,它将获得命名这一境遇的荣誉。

37、The combination of this kind of nouns with degree words makes up the vacant problem of adjectives semantic expression and results in the conversion of some nouns to both nouns and adjectives. 这类名词与程度词的组合弥补了形容词语义表达上的缺失问题,并由此引发了部分名词向名形兼类词的转变。

38、Chinese modal particles belong to functional auxiliary words, whose modal meanings are elusive. 汉语语气词属功能助词,其语气义是难以捉摸的。

39、Valence of noun existence in semantic plane, embodiment combines the ability of dependent noun for noun. 名词的配价存在于语义平面,体现为名词结合名元的能力。

40、acupuncturist 本身就是名词词性“针灸医生”了 可以直接说 i want to be a acupuncturist 即可

41、They seem to have lost their desire for life.(名词) 他们似乎已丧失了对生活的热望。

42、Mr Jones: For example, there aren't any articles before nouns. 琼斯先生:例如:名词前不加冠词。

43、The attributive use is 936 Mongolian compound nouns, the Center includes language nouns and compound nouns. 选用的定语是936个蒙古语复合名词,中心语中包括了名词与复合名词。

44、The noun to which a relative oun refers is called the "antecedent" of the oun. 关系代词所指代的名词唤作关系代词的“先行词”。

45、English nouns can be divided into two types: countable nouns and uncountable nouns. 英语名词有可数名词和不可数名词之分。

46、The term "Xiao Hua Miao Zu" may be unfamiliar to you, but 4 BBA students know it well. 这名词对你来说可能很陌生,但对四名商管生来说便再熟悉不过。

47、Let's assume that proportions of full NP to ominal subjects stays constant throughout development. 假设在他语言发展期间,完整名词片语和代名词主词的比例维持不变。

48、In terms of sense, nouns can be divided into concrete noun and abstract noun, whose grammatical functions are different and asymmetrical. 名词按照意义的不同可以分为具体名词和抽象名词。

49、Draig meant leader, warrior or chieftain, and denoted bravery. DRAIG的意思是领导者,战士或酋长,是勇气的代名词。

50、We use ' have' with a plural oun or noun. 与复数代名词或名词连用。


51、The woman with a large hat on her head is beautiful. 冠词,顾名思义,就是戴在名词头上的一顶帽子。

52、Let's assume that proportions of full np to ominal subjects stays constant throughout development. 假设在他语言发展期间,完整名词词组到代名词当主语的比例维持不变。

53、We'll compare common nouns and proper nouns today. 我们今天来比较一下普通名词和专有名词。

54、College non-English majors were found to commit significantly more adjective-noun collocational errors than high school learners and college English majors. 非英语专业大学生所犯形容词与名词搭配类错误显著多于高中生和英语专业大学生;

55、For a long period, a lot of research on the collocation of matter-measuring words and nouns has been done. 长期以来学术界对名词和名量词的搭配研究得多,但对动词和动量词的搭配则关注得少。

56、Terminology was updated only to present process names consistently in a verb-noun format. 专有名词的部份是针对的流程名称统一改为动词加名词的形式。

57、I will argue that gerunds always have a-structure and that derived nominals are typically ambiguous in its respect. 我还将讨论,动名词总是拥有论元结构,并且派生的名词就这一方面来说具有典型的模糊性。

58、Please study Hiragana and Katakana and study Nouns, Verbs, Chinese Characters, Adjectives, and Adverbs of elementary 1st grade level in this app! ! ! 请平假名和片假名的研究和学习名词,动词,汉字,形容词和副词在小学一年级的这个程序!

59、Please decide whether the following nouns are CNs or UNs. 判断下列词是可数名词(CN)还是不可数名词(UN)。

60、Terms are the outcome of society. The relationship between nouns and social phenomena is closer than other kinds of terms. 词是社会生活的产物,与其它词类相比,名词同社会生活、社会现象的关系更为密切。

61、Have the students look at the sentences on the blackboard , pay attention to the possessive ouns of adjectives and nouns . Let the students find the difference . 以上环节主要呈现名词性物主代词,板书时用彩色粉笔突出让学生注意到这组词与形容词性物主代词的相似和区别。

62、Chapter three is concrete nouns of common nouns. 第四章普通名词中的抽象名词。

63、It clings to verbs, adjectives, some numerals and counts to express that things will happen. 它可以放在动词、形容词、少数名词、数量词之后,表示事件即将发生。

64、Noun The development of noun is mainly epitomized on prefix and suffix. 名词的发展主要表现在词头词尾上。

65、As with solitary appositives, appositive phrases are placed near the noun or oun they describe. 同位词组放置在他们所描述的名词或代名词附近。

66、When the suffix or ending is added, the English word or root will become a noun, but the Chinese word might become a noun or an adverb. 将词尾或词缀加在词或词根之后,在英语中该词或词根会变为名词,而在汉语中却会形成名词或副词。

67、Most content words, nouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs, are stressed. 大多数实义词,也就是名词、动词、形容词和副词等都要重读。

68、In English, some nouns or adjectives can be converted to the causative verbs. 英语中,部分名词或形容词可转化或派生为使役动词。

69、Embedded Chinese noun or noun phrase follow the morphological changes as to number, case and possessee; 嵌入的汉语名词或名词性短语发生数、格和从属的变化;

70、Embodied in the Arusha Programme for Collective Self-Reliance, 1979. 此名词出自1979年的“阿鲁沙集体自力更生计划”。

71、How many hours did you spend on this project? 可以看出来,两个词的用法还是很灵活的,spend后面的on和in的介词选择根据后面是名词还是动名词来决定。

72、“I wouldn’t use the word ‘hard feelings, ’ ” Mr. Catsimatidis said. “我不会用‘怨气’这个词,”卡奇马提底斯先生说。

73、Mr Jones: And there isn't a different form for plural nouns. 琼斯先生:名词没有单复数形式的区别。

74、This will benefit students gradually and substantially and this certainly helps them to overcome their difficulties in understanding and applying nominalizations. 这将有利于加强学生对名词化的理解和认识,学生将会逐渐受益,最终会克服理解和应用名词化时遇到的困难。

75、Differentiate between countable and uncountable nouns. 区分可数名词与不可数名词。

英文句子模板76:Angry NOUN

76、Chinese anomic aphasic patient is reported to exhibit in oral modality greater selective impairment in producing nouns than verbs, and the dissociation does not occur in other modalities. 报道了一例汉语命名性失语症个案,他在口语命名图形与口语产生句子时均表现为对名词的作业能力差于动词,而且这种动-名词分离现象仅局限在语音输出通道上。

77、Most finite verbal forms diachronically derive from nominalizations and periphrastic constructions with auxiliary verbs. 副词,后置词几乎完全都有名词性的,形容词性的或动词性的起源。

78、be/get used to doing sth.表示习惯于做某事或习惯于某事,to是介词,后面要跟名词、代词或动名词.而used to do sth.则表示过去常常,to后跟原形动词.

79、This thesis is concerned with eponyms, mainly with their sources, derivatives, influence on rhetoric, and applications to naming and advertising. 本文主要论述了名祖名词的来源、派生及名祖名词在修辞和实践中的应用和影响。

80、An Abstract Noun Teacher: What's an abstract noun, Jane? 抽象名词 老师:简,什么是抽象名词?

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