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导读: 34个,关于”改句子的软件“的英语句子34个,句子主体:Sentence changing software。以下是关于改句子的软件的小升初英语句子。


关于”改句子的软件“的英语句子34个,句子主体:Sentence changing software。以下是关于改句子的软件的小升初英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Sentence changing software

1、Microsoft loves it when developers improve its programs, and Xobni is no exception. 微软喜欢开发商改善它的软件,对Xobni也不列外。

2、The following code changes are necessary to use software-generated IRQs 要使用软件生成的 IRQ,需要对代码进行如下修改

3、Application of the model makes software quality controllable and prevision, and it is useful to improve software process of software companies, thus produce high-quality software. 该度量模型的应用使软件质量具有可控性和可测性,对软件企业进行软件过程改进有很大帮助,从而开发出高质量的软件。

4、We are a download site. We do not make any of the software! What we do is review and rate the … 下载资源(软件等等)都是按软件作者提供的“原样”发布,本站未做过任何改动。

5、In the dojo.declare statement, the example changes the base widget value to cea.widget.ClickToCall. 在 dojo.declare 语句中,将基础小部件的值更改为 cea.widget.ClickToCall。

6、You may need to change the package name or uninstall multiple packages, depending on how your distribution created its Samba packages. 您可能需要更改软件包名称或卸载多个软件包,具体取决于您的发行版如何创建其 Samba 软件包。

7、'It was huge change for us developers, ' said Ryu Jung-won, a software engineer in Seoul who created smartphone maps of South Korea. 首尔的一位软件工程师Ryu Jung-won说,对我们软件开发人员来说,这是一个巨大的改变。

8、Free software licensed under the General Public License (GPL), for example, requires that the source code for the software be made available by anyone who modifies and redistributes the software. 自由软件在通用公共许可证(GPL)下授权,举例来说,要求任何修改和重新分发该软件的人都可以获得软件的源代码。

9、Figure 5: Tracing changes in business rules to software requirements 图五:描述业务规则到软件需求中的改变

10、Edit the input text and re-run the software. 修改输入的文本,重新运行软件。

11、Others use the boards as testbeds for improved display hardware, new "chalk" and interactive software. 其他人将板子作为改善了显示硬件、新“粉笔”和交互式软件的测试床来使用。

12、The second one is to improve the mode of talents training in software college. 第二,改进软件学院人才培养,以提高我国中高层次软件人才培养的效率与效益。

13、The right of alteration, that is, the right to add or delete the elements of their software or to alter instructions or expression sequences; 修改权,即对软件进行增补、删节,或者改变指令、语句顺序的权利;

14、Signing one's name to software developed by another person or altering the signature on software developed by another; 在他人开发的软件上署名或者涂改他人开发的软件上的署名;

15、Secondly, this license does not permit one to deconstruct the software and change the software code. 其次,本许可证,不容许一个解构,软件和改变软件代码。

16、We are a download site. We do not make any of the software! What we do is review and rate the software … 下载资源(软件等等)都是按软件作者提供的“原样”发布,本站未做过任何改动。

17、New software is automatically downloaded and overwrites the existing software at a preset time (default time is 3 am). 新软件是自动下载并改写现有的软件,在预设时间(默认的时间是凌晨三时)。

18、The web has dramatically changed the software industry over the past 15 years. 在过去的xx年中,网络极大的改变了软件业。

19、The occurrence of succession will not change the term of protection of the software's rights. 享有软件著作权的单位发生变更,不改变该软件权利的保护期。

20、We are a download site. We do not make any of the software! What we do is review … 下载资源(软件等等)都是按软件作者提供的“原样”发布,本站未做过任何改动。

21、Using components, Blinco is able to modify its software to suit the business needs of their clients. Blinco 能够使用组件来修改它的软件,以适应其客户的商业需求。

22、At other times, the HTML is stored inside the software program itself, so the programmers must modify the software to change the HTML. 在其他时候,HTML 存储在软件本身中,所以程序员必须修改软件才能改变 HTML。

23、Software Capability Maturity Model (SW-CMM) is a widely used approach to process capability sment and improvement. 其中,软件能力成熟度模型CMM是目前被广泛采用的软件过程能力评估和改进的指导框架。

24、Software measurement is a key factor in managing, controlling and improving software development process. But software size concept is neither well understanded nor widely applied. 软件度量是管理、控制和改进软件过程的基础,然而软件规模的概念没有被很好地理解,也没有得到广泛应用。

25、Who can cooperate on interchanging and improving software. 这些成员进行合作,替换和改善软件。


26、The team set loose the malicious software on a quarantined computer, recording all the files and strings of instructions (processes) created and modified by the malware. 团队把恶意软件置于一台隔离的计算机中,记录被恶意软件创建和篡改的所有文件和命令字符串(处理)。

27、The company’s filing explained that jailbreaking could allow hackers to altering the iPhone’s BBP —the “baseband processor” software, which enables a connection to cell phone towers. 苹果宣称越狱软件的存在使黑客可以修改iPhone的BBP(基带处理器baseband processor)软件,该软件负责与电信公司的无线基站进行联系。

28、Of course, software (being soft) is also easier to fix: we can spackle in the hole (fix the bug) and instantly remanufacture the house. 当然,软件易于修复:我们可以在洞上抹墙粉(修复 bug)立即改造房子。

29、Software compiled with GCC 4 will be generally more compact and faster, meaning software industry goodness all around. 用 GCC 4 编译的软件通常更加紧凑和快速,这意味着软件行业的全面改善。

30、Icon Packager is a great software to change icons. 图标包装机是一个伟大的软件更改图标。

31、The architecture of software-defined radio which is emphasizing the openness and full programmability, through software updates to change new features. 软件无线电强调体系结构的开放性和全面可编程性,通过软件更新改变硬件配置结构,实现新的功能。

32、Developed by the Software Engineering Institute (SEI), CMM was the initial model for software process improvement. 它由软件工程研究所(SEI)开发,CMM是为软件过程改进开发的初始模型。

33、Also, version-control software like Subversion (SVN) can be used to control changes to configuration files. 而且,像 Subversion (SVN) 这样的版本控制软件可用来控制对配置文件的更改。

34、Modifying design, designer modifies the file of drawing information, and software generates all the drawings. 修改设计时,设计人修改图形信息文件,软件生成全部设计图纸。

35、Effective evaluation of early childhood education software is a measure to cope with quality problems and lack of standards for selection. 有效评价幼儿教育软件质量是改变当前幼儿教育软件产品质量良莠不齐、软件选择无章可循局面的一个举措。

36、With the software reverse engineering and the modification of target code summarized, the improvement of the off- course alarm function of the software is provided in detail. 在概述软件反向工程和目标代码修改的基础上,给出了对卫星导航仪监控软件的偏航报警功能改进的具体过程。

37、The software development efficiency is improved and the software quality is enhanced by reusing the framework in the well-log software projects. 在实际软件项目中通过重用该框架可有效地提高软件开发效率和改善软件质量。

38、Based on which the primary codes are corrected. The software quality of TV-tracker is increased obviously after the software testing. 通过软件测试找到一些软件错误与缺陷,针对出现的问题进行软件的修改,保证电视跟踪仪软件产品的质量达到要求。

39、Experienced in software delivery process improvement, a SEPG experience is advantage. 有软件过程改进或者SEPG 经验者优先。

40、It's even worse if they've ever dabbled in software development themselves, because then they "know" that software is easy to change. 更加糟糕的是客户自己曾经在软件业内打拼,因为他们懂得软件是容易修改的。

41、Stallman's crusade for free software started with a printer. 斯托曼的自由软件改革始于打印机。

42、Refocus design and development resources to improve software 使设计和开发资源重新关注于改进软件

43、We are a download site. We do not make any of the software! What we do is review and rate the software, categorize … 下载资源(软件等等)都是按软件作者提供的“原样”发布,本站未做过任何改动。

44、Stow can not only organize software installations, but it can also change any previous arrangement of software installations any number of times, as required. Stow 不仅可以组织软件安装,而且还可以根据需要任意次数地更改任何以前的软件安装布局。

45、The representation can be used by software organizations to reduce the costs and risks in applying CMM-SW and improve its software process continuously. 连续表述降低了软件组织应用CMM -SW的成本和风险,并使组织可以进行连续的软件过程改进。

46、Edit the /etc/security/limits file and change for soft and size, respectively 编辑 /etc/security/limits 文件,修改软和硬核心大小的

47、Once segmented, with appropriate software it is possible to change the segmentation so that the translation memory document can be used in other situations with other software. 一旦分割完成,用适当的软件就可以改变分割,使翻译记忆库文件在其他情况下可用于其它软件。

48、MobileMail.app needs major overhaul. 电邮软件需要大改。

49、How much will my malware detection improve with Artemis ? 有多少我的恶意软件检测改善与阿耳特弥斯?

50、Software is going to change so many fields. 软件会改变如此多的领域。


51、We are a download site. We do not make any of the software! What we do is review and rate the software, categorize it and make it available to you. 保证站内提供的戴帽子的猫下载资源(软件等等)都是按软件作者提供的“原样”发布,本站未做过任何改动。

52、Our website only pack up the original software without any altering, but we cannot guarantee the integrality and safety of the software or program. 本站仅对原软件包“依样”打包,未做过任何改动,但不保证所提供软件或程序的完整性和安全性。

53、In this context, Gottwald spares no effort to ensure its own software can be easily integrated in superordinate TOS software. 高华不遗余力地改善其软件系统,使其更易于整合入高级的码头管理系统(TOS)软件。

54、The free software movement aims for a social change: to make all software free so that all software users are free and can be part of a community of cooperation. 自由软件运动目的在于改变我们的社会:让一切软件皆走向自由,只有这样,所有的软件用户才能实现自由,并参与到合作的社区中来。

55、Its software actually improves as each new user downloads it. 其软件,每当有新用户下载,就确实得到改进。

56、Wireless networks to provide software modifications SSID, channel and password functions. 提供软件修改无线网络SSID、信道和密码的功能。

57、How do I customize and extend the software? 改如何实现自定义扩展CRM软件?

58、Improving the integration of architecture and it's intimate connection with software development 改进架构的集成性以及架构与软件开发的连接性

59、Invest continually and cost-effectively in software design improvements. 在软件设计改进中持续且有成本效益地投资。

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