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导读: 40个,关于”不可否认的句型“的英语句子40个,句子主体:Undeniable sentence pattern。以下是关于不可否认的句型的中考英语句子。


关于”不可否认的句型“的英语句子40个,句子主体:Undeniable sentence pattern。以下是关于不可否认的句型的中考英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Undeniable sentence pattern

1、There's no denying the fact that… 毫无疑问,无可否认

2、We also point out that the scheme presented by Shum and Victor cannot provide strong non-repudiation and strong unforgeability. 并且这个方案能够满足强不可伪造性和强不可否认性。

3、Tests are available to ess CYP2C19 genotype to determine if a patient is a r metabolizer. 有试验可以用于评定CYP2C19基因型用于确认其是否为代谢功能不全患者。

4、There is no denying the scale of the problem. 问题的规模无可否认。

5、Steven Gerrard greeted the 2007 Champions League semi final win with the comment, " I don't think you can deny that the ball crossed the line today." 杰拉德在xx年欧冠半决赛的时候就引用了这句评论,“我不觉得你今天可以再次否认一个过线的进球。”

6、Admittedly this isn't that impressive given the amount of resources spent. 不可否认,这不值得一提,因为为此耗费了大量资源。

7、Of course, what goes up must come down. 当然,不可否认的是,跳上去就必定得落下来。

8、Theinfluence of Persian miniature painting and Rococo art are undeniable in Laurencin'sworks. 影响波斯语的缩影绘画及洛可可艺术是不可否认的在洛朗桑的作品。

9、A new RSAbased undeniable signature scheme was proposed which is more efficient because of its 3move confirmation and disavowal protocols. 提出了一个新的基于RSA的不可否认签名方案,该方案的确认协议和否认协议是三次传递的,因而提高了效率。

10、Some drawbacks in some current undeniable signature schemes were pointed out. 另外,还指出了一些收方不可否认方案中存在的缺陷。

11、There is no denying that + S + V。(不可否认的。

12、The other cavemen dod not want stanley to act this way. 这句是否可以翻译成“其他的山顶洞人不想像史丹利的行为这样”?

13、Whether you agree with Liu Shinan or not, he broaches a compelling topic. 不管你是否同意刘石南的意见, 不可否认的是, 他提出了一个值得大家关注的话题.

14、It should not be denied that being footloose has always exhilarated us. 不可否认,无疆行走总是让人振奋。

15、As Levy observes, "This nonrepudiation feature is the electronic equivalent of a notary public seal." 正如列维认为:“这种不可否认性特徵是公证人印章的电子等价物。”

16、HIIT is what it says – high-intensity – and the results are undeniable. 我们称HIIT 是高强度的,他的结果不可否认。

17、There's no denying the fact that。毫无疑问,无可否认

18、WORD OF THE DAY - repudiate: to reject; to deny. The gangsters repudiated all accusations of unlawful activity. 否认,否定;驳斥,批驳这些帮派份子,否认他们被起诉的不法勾当。

19、A mannequin Do or die, no reply, don't deny that you're synthetic. 一个人体模型生存还是死亡, 没有回应, 不要否认了你是人工合成的。

20、The popularity of the Short Message Service is undeniable. 短消息服务的普及是不可否认的。

21、It cannot be denied that Van Gogh was a great artist. 不可否认,梵谷是位伟大的艺术家。

22、HIIT is what it says high-intensity and the results are undeniable. 我们称HIIT是高强度的,他的结果不可否认。

23、But the evidence is undeniable. 但证据是不可否认的。

24、Admittedly, there are still good reasons to remain in China. 无可否认,留在中国还是有很多不错的理由。

25、there is no denying that + s + v … ( 不可否认的 …


26、I ume partints didn't know the slang 'chunder', or these results might have been different! (我觉得被试不知道有句粗话叫“chunder”,否则结果可能又不一样了)。

27、Admittedly though, lending through Kiva doesn't revolve around economic efficiency. 不过,不可否认。从 Kiva借贷并不会一经济效率为重心。

28、There was no denying that she had compromised herself irretrievably . 她已经无可挽救地跟他妥协,那是不能否认的了。

29、A denial of God seems so much more intelligible than a denial of the world. 大家总是觉得否认上帝远较否认世界为更可以理解。

30、There's no denying Fann Wong's star power. 范文芳的明星影响力不可否认。

31、How troubling though -- this seems undeniable -- and how strange that Woolf really at her most radical is echoing the very words of the power that she's opposing! 多么让人不解--但这又是不可否认的--多么奇怪,伍尔夫在她最激进的言论中附和弥尔顿的字字句句,而弥尔顿的力量正是她所反对的!

32、There is no denying that coffee is not for everyone. 无可否认,咖啡不一定适合每个人。

33、Yes, there have been differences between America and Europe. 不可否认,欧美之间已存在分歧。

34、There’s no denying it. 在片头,他咆哮道:“这是不可否认的黑暗时期。”

35、But there's no denying how world-changing those inventions were. 但是不可否认,世界因为这些创新而改变。

36、Fairness and non-repudiation are two necessary properties of secure E-payment protocol, and non-repudiation is the precondition of fairness. 公平性和不可否认性是安全电子支付协议必备的两个性质,其中不可否认性是公平性的前提。

37、But didn't disown the bird. 但不否认这鸟是自己的。

38、E-commerce security needs six factors : confidentiality, integrity, authentication and non-repudiation, and access controlled irresistible. 认证性、不可否认性、不可抗拒性和访问控制性。

39、Undeniably high in sugar, but preserves have an unexpected health benefit. 不可否认果酱含糖量很高,不过它有你想不到的健康益处。

40、Admittedly, the risks involved in LASIK surgery are minimal. 不可否认,LASIK手术的风险是微乎其微的。

41、That the Ryugyong Hotel's silhouette is unusual is undeniable. 这个很不寻常的柳京饭店的轮廓是不可否认的。

42、A new identity based non-interactive deniable authentication protocol is proposed. 提出了一种新的可否认认证协议。

43、How troubling though -- this seems undeniable -- and how strange that Woolf really at her most radical is echoing the very words of the power that she's opposing! 多么让人不解--但这又是不可否认的--多么奇怪,伍尔夫在她最激进的言论中附和弥尔顿的字字句句,而弥尔顿的力量正是她所反对的!

44、There's no denying that the Magic looked completely outmatched against the Heat. 不可否认魔术看起来完全优于热火。

45、Non-repudiation and accountability fore-banking transactions. 电子银行交易的不可否认与可追查责任特性。

46、"In other words, you found that your view of the world, your ideology was not right, it was not working, " asked Waxman. 换句话说,你是否发现你的世界观,你的理念是否不对头,是否行不通呢?

47、The protocol not only guarantees the non repudiation and anonymity of the bidder, but also ensures the non repudiation of the bid received. 协议不仅保证了投标者对所投价位的不可否认性和匿名性,而且保证了拍卖代理对接收标书的不可否认性。

48、There is no gainsaying her ability. 她的能力是无可否认的。

49、To disclaim knowledge of, responsibility for, or ociation with. 否认,不承认否认熟悉;拒绝对…承担责任;否认与…有关系。

50、I cannae deny it. 我不能否认这一点。


51、There’s no denying, though, that a good air conditioner can beat the heat. 可是,不可否认的是,好的空调设备可以抵御炎热。

52、Do you deny it? - No, I don't deny it. 你想否认吗? - 不,我不否认。

53、Maybe - I don't deny that. 也许吧,我不否认。

54、Unarguably, this environment of creative chaos has greatly enriched the field. 不可否认,这种创造性混乱的环境在该领域大大强化。

55、The distance between the product and the impediment to be not less than 80mm. 第三句是否可以如下? 3。产品与周围障碍物的距离不小于80mm。

56、Believe it or not, the same gap exists at the low end. 不可否认,此种不匹配现象在低端市场同样存在。

57、Apophasis Allusion to something by denying that it will be mentioned, as in I will not bring up my opponent's questionable financial dealings. 阳否阴述通过否认某事物将被提到来加以暗示,如在句子我不想提及竞争对手其令人置疑的财政交易。

58、We believe (that) the proverb that all men are created equal is self-evident. 我们认为「世人生而平等」这句话不言可喻。

59、Modern agnosticism denied that subjective cognition could attain to objective existence by stressing the primacy of subject. 近代不可知论则通过强调认识的主体性,而否定认识可以达到客观存在。

60、The proposed protocol provides strong non-forgeability and strong non- deniability . 协议具有强不可伪造性和强不可否认性。

61、There was no school in the village at that time. (=there was not a school。) 注意:在否定句中,否定词用no,也可用not a或not any。

62、There is no denying that + S + V。(不可否认的…

63、The mistakes are not indelible. 这些错误是不可否认的。

64、But there is no denying it. 但是却是无可否认的。

65、But there is no denying this is a risky strategy. 但不可否认这是个具有风险的策略。

66、There is no gainsaying his innocence. 他的清白不容否认。

67、Yet there is no denying that Will has a point: The old man is a blowhard. 不可否认,儿子威尔认为:老爸是个吹牛大王。

68、But the influence of their thought on Confucians can not be denied. 但孟子和荀子的思想对汉儒的影响是不可否认的。

69、There’s no denying that watching movies and television can also be beneficial. 不可否认,看电视或电影自然也有其有利的一面。

70、As Levy observes, "This nonrepudiation feature is the electronic equivalent of a notary public seal." 正如列维认为:“这种不可否认性特征是公证人印章的电子等价物。”

71、In other words, Saussure denies that there is such a thing in language as a natural sign. 换句话说,Saussure否认,语言中有自然符号这种东西。

72、Non-repudiation is used to ensure that a sender cannot deny sending the XML. 抗否认性用于保证发送者不能否认发送了 XML。

73、Michael doesn’t respond, not quite ready to believe a man who has no proof other than his word. Michael没有回答,没有其它证据,只凭Westmorland的几句话,他还不能确认是否该相信他。

74、There’s no denying that the iPad has been a mega-hit. 不可否认,ipad已经是一个百万级的成功产品了。

75、 There's no denying the fact that… 毫无疑问,无可否认

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