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关于”家乡变化的句子“的英语句子30个,句子主体:Sentences of hometown changes。以下是关于家乡变化的句子的小学英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Sentences of hometown changes

1、Many people like Zhong Wei regard with great interest how their hometowns have changed. 很多像钟伟这样的人对他们的家乡发生了怎样的变化很感兴趣。

2、Our hometown has changed but I remain the same. I'll be here waiting for you! 家乡变了,我没有变,我在这里等妳回来!

3、It's very warm in spring in my hometown. Trees get green very soon and flowers blosom. 我家乡的春天很温暖,树变绿了,花儿很快。

4、We grow rice, wheat and cotton in my hometown. 在家乡,咱们莳植稻子、小麦和草棉。

5、Syntactically, English is a synthetic language, with ample variations in terms of tense, aspect, number and case. 从句法层面上看,英语动词有时态变化,名词有数的变化,而汉语则没有这些变化;

6、The 63-year-old clergyman is staying in his hometown of Hue. 现年63岁的阮文黎神父目前住在他的家乡顺化。

7、My hometown People often say that most beautiful but hometown of water. 我的家乡 人们常说,最美不过家乡的水。

8、I was born in a relatively remote and poor village ,But with the rapid development of China , great changes have taken place in my hometown . 我出生在一个相对偏远和贫困村,但随着中国的迅速发展,大变化,在我的家乡举行。

9、Until today, the overwhelming majority of China's population still live in rural areas, the local character still has not changed fundamentally. 直到今天,中国绝大多数人口还定居于乡村,乡土本色依然没有发生根本变化,仍是乡土社会色彩浓厚的社会。

10、The estimated of the numbers of home-schooled children vary widely. The U. 家中教育孩子的估计数量变化较大。

11、Changes in home really fast. Previously, clothes are always broken supplement and complement the Zaichuan. Now, each bought a set of clothes for Gesanchaiwu. 家乡的变化真快。以前,穿的衣服总是破了补,补了再穿。而现在,每隔三差五的就买一套衣服。

12、I love my home town. I'd like to have it introduced to more people. Let my home town be known to the world ! 我爱我的家乡,我要向更多的人介绍我的家乡,让我的家乡闻名于世界。

13、Acid House Kings: Are We… 金树林在家乡提子园开园时…

14、If the Rural Coalition is serious about villages being part of the armoury against climate change, then turning them into economic hubs is not the answer. 如果乡村联盟把乡村当作应对气候变化的武器库,那么就不能把其变成经济中心。

15、For the change of spatial pattern, the north section of Usinwu and the south section of Kuanyin are observed more appreciably . 在空间分布之变迁方面,则以新屋乡北段和观音乡南段的变化幅度最大。

16、The relatives of the millet is gone, the villagers from back home. 亲戚的谷子没了,乡亲们再从家里背来。

17、Since 1978, my hometown has changed much, which now has becomed a modernized city. 自从1978年以来,我的家乡发生了很大的变化。

18、Some village novel writers stand in the village culture morals standpoint, degenerates to the city capital invasion local associated morals with the human nature variation attacks. 一些乡村小说作家站在乡村文化道德的立场上,对城市资本入侵乡土所伴生的道德堕落和人性变异予以抨击。

19、Now, my hometown has developed into a big and rich town. 现在,我的家乡已经变成一个富裕的大城镇。

20、Chinese traditional culture context of Shanghai school literature includes: Shanghai was a local city, where there were many fellow Halls, genealogy writings prevailed; 海派文学的传统文化语境包括:从儒家文化角度看,上海是一个乡土都市,同乡会馆林立,修家谱之风盛行;

21、Flying like a tercel, watch my hometown as a white cloud… Je p… 我愿化作一只雄鹰自在去飞翔我愿变成一朵白云守护我家乡…

22、If it was expected to solve, the only way was to revive Confucian civilization. The key of the problem was beginning with countryside and practicing his"rural construction" . 而要解决中国问题就得复兴儒家文化,复兴儒家文化的关键又在从乡村着手,进行“乡村建设”。

23、We really big changes in home! 我们家乡变化真大呀!

24、My hometown had changed so much that I could hardly recognize it. 故乡变化太大了, 我几乎认不出来了。

25、关于影子变化 About change 关于影子变化 About change


26、The evolution of the marriage customs in Wuyi displays the openness, inclusiveness and diversity of its folk culture. 五邑侨乡婚俗演变,体现了侨乡民俗文化的开放性、包容性和多元化特征。

27、Last year I returned to my long separation hometown, the hometown change often to reappear in my brain. 去年我回到了我久别的家乡,家乡的变化时常在我脑中浮现。

28、It was Tess Durbeyfield, or d’Urberville, rather changed, living as a stranger in her home village. 这就是已经有了很大变化的苔丝·德北或德伯。在家乡的村子里,她就像一个陌生人一样生活着。

29、I choose this major i hope i can use the acadamic knowledge to change my hometown. 我可以用我的知识来为我家乡服务,来改变我家乡的面貌。

30、My aunt loves our hometown. 姑姑爱家乡,我更爱家乡。

31、In 1949 my hometown was liberated. Since then great changes have taken place there. 自从1949年我的家乡解放以来,家乡发生了翻天覆地的变化。

32、Bamboo reminds me of hometown, a place named Bamboo City. 竹子让我想起家乡,一个叫竹城的地方。

33、My hometown in Hainan Wuzhishan City, is a chemical city, my hometown has changed greatly. 我的家乡在海南东方市,是一个化工城市,我的家乡发生了很大变化。

34、I love my hometown. All the more I love its people. They are working hard so as to make it still richer and more beautiful. 我爱我的家乡,我更爱我家乡。是他们的辛苦劳动让我们的家乡变得如此的美丽富饶。

35、In the sunbelt, migrant labourers still have rights to a plot of earth back in their villages, where land has not yet been privatised, as a fall-back. 在阳光带,打工者作为退路还有权返回家乡种地,老家村子的土地还没有被私有化。

36、I introduced the great changes taking place in my hometown and the life and study of Chinese students. 在带领他们回旅馆的了路上,向他们介绍了家乡的巨大变化和中国学生学习、生活情况。

37、My hometown had changed so much that I could hardly recognize it. 故乡变化太大了,我几乎认不出来了。

38、My hometown air is very good, pollution is not much. 我的家乡空气很好,净化不多。

39、The Robinsons decided to lease a house in the country for a year. 罗宾森家决定在乡间租一年的房子。

40、His fwoulmily moved to the countryside for the sake of his sons health. 他一家为了他儿子的壮健搬到乡下去。

41、What you see is that the radius changes with atomic number for constant electron number. 对于等电子数的粒子,离子半径随着,原子数的变化而变化。

42、Beautiful landscape and customs of his homeland together with his feelings gradually became potential genes and blended in his passion. 故土的绮丽风光、乡情风俗等早已随着情感的日积月累变成了潜在的文化基因,融入了作家的思想感情。

43、My hometown is very beautiful, I love my hometown! 我的家乡真美,我爱我的家乡!

44、Confucius's image changed in different times and different schools of thoughts and even in the writings of Confucian post-study, Confucius's image is also changing. 孔子的形象在不同时代、不同学派中形象有变化,即便是儒家后学的典籍中,孔子形象也不断变化。

45、Association is a concept change, and a relationship is a lie. 同乡是变化的一种概念,而且是骗人的一种关系。

46、Where I come from, if we see a pigeon, we throw a stone at it. 在我的家乡,如果我们看见鸽子,就会拿石子儿丢它。

47、My hometown is not very modern, but it’s beautiful. 我的家乡并不很现代化,但是很漂亮。

48、Changes in home without push and changes in office pushed, what action to take? 家乡的变化没有变化处推推,采取什么行动?

49、When she saw the great changes of her home town, all sorts of feeling welled in her mind. 当她看到家乡的巨大变化,真是感慨万千。

50、Five thousand years of Chinese culture, " Lu Shine" bring you to validate cultural change of Chinese history . 中国文化五千年,“绿箸乡”带您鉴证中国历史长河的文化变迁。


51、I love my hometownMy hometown is beautiful, especially in Riverside road. 我喜欢家乡我的家乡可美了,特别是滨河路。

52、Topic 97 : What change would make your home town more appealing to people of your age? 为吸引更多与你同龄的人,应怎样改变你的家乡?

53、Great changes have taken place in my home village. 我家乡有了很大的变化。

54、Pingle is my father's hometown, but also the home of my ancestors. 平乐是我父亲的家乡,也是我的祖先的家乡。

55、She feels a little homesick after working for only days. 她刚工作三天就有点想家了。

56、How has the life changed in your hometown? 你的家乡有何变化。

57、But everyone didn't see out his cuckoldry variety. 但是大家都没有看出来他妻子的变化。

58、If I could change just one thing about my hometown, it would be the environment. 如果我只能改变家乡的一样东西,那么我想改变的就是它的环境。

59、(take part in )I don't think you will take part in the meeting tomorrow. 在过去的几年里,我的家乡发生了很大的变化。

60、More than twenty years ago, my hometown was just a small , old and poor town. 在我的家乡的巨大变化 超过二十年前,我的家乡是一个小,又老又穷镇。

61、Lvju; Generation; Rural Beauty of QiLu; Cultural Changes; Cultural ecology reconstruction. 吕剧; 生成; “齐鲁乡土美”; 文化变迁; 文化生态重建。

62、Plan an educational/cultural outing right in your hometown. 在家乡计划一次教育/文化郊游。

63、I hope my hometown will be better and better. 我希望我的家乡将变得越来越好。

64、No smallest atom of our moral, mental or physical structure can stand still a year… In other words, we change—and must change, constantly, and keep on changing as long as we live. 我们的道德、精神和身体结构的最小原子没有一个能保持一年静止不动的……换句话说,我们在不断地变化,也必须不断地变化,只要生命不息,变化就不止。

65、When she saw the great changes of her home town, all sorts of feelings welled in her mind. 当她看到了家乡的巨大变化,真是感慨万端。

66、Desalinating nostalgia is the symbol of immigrant writers wide cultural vision. 淡化乡愁是移民作家文化视野开阔的表征。

67、The changes to our town makes our life modern.我们乡镇的变化让我门的生活变的美好

68、I return to the road with my father said: "The really big changes in his hometown, really fast!" 我在返回的路上跟爸爸说:“家乡的变化真大、真快!

69、I love my hometown. All the more I love its people. 我爱我的家乡,更爱家乡的人们。

70、Three years later, when he returned home to get married, he found he had changed. 三年后,当他回家乡结婚,他发现他变了。

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