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导读: 47个,关于”告白的句子“的英语句子47个,句子主体:Advertising sentence。以下是关于告白的句子的专业英语句子。


关于”告白的句子“的英语句子47个,句子主体:Advertising sentence。以下是关于告白的句子的专业英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Advertising sentence

1、Internet advertit: Banner, Button , Sponsorship , Interstitial Ads , E-mail Ads . 网络广告:横幅,按钮,赞助,内置广告,电子邮件广告。

2、With in the course of time, the judge wndered a decision in favor of the defendant. As the defendanL leR the counhouae. 最后,法官作了一个有利于被告的判决,当被告离开法院时。

3、However, before the judgment is ounced, the final statement of the defendant shall be heard. 但在判决宣告前应当听取被告人的最后陈述意见。

4、The judge may deliver the judgment after hearing the arguments or evidence given by one of the parties (plaintiff or defendant) only. 法庭可能会于单方面聆听由原告人或被告人所提出的论据或证据后,便宣告判决。

5、In the research of outdoor media touch, BUSCO is better than shelter advertising and express advertising. 在对户外广告的接触度调查显示,公交车身广告的接触度明显优于候车亭广告与地铁广告。

6、Fig4. Is the creative guy, who thought up the slogan“Technology liberates your communication”, telling a big white lie? 图四:老王:有句广告词叫“科技让交流更轻松”,写这个广告创意的家伙没撒谎吧?

7、Melatonin promos very "soil"? 脑白金的广告片很“土”吧?

8、Advertising with a high number of Diggs will fetch lower ad revenue and buried advertisers will be charged more. 被“挖”次数较多的广告将收取较低广告费,而被“埋”的广告主将支付较高广告费。

9、Advertising Gifts: advertising mouse pad, personalized cloth slippers, coasters, bar mats, wall picture, flags, advertising cap and so on. 广告礼品类:广告鼠标垫、个性布面拖鞋、杯垫、吧垫、挂画、旗子、广告帽等。

10、The term "advertit publisher" refers to a legal person or an economic organization that publishes ads for advertisers or for advertising agents entrusted by advertisers. 本法所称广告发布者,是指为广告主或者广告主委托的广告经营者发布广告的法人或者其他经济组织。

11、The plaintiff battled the decision all the way to the Supreme Court. 原告不服这项判决,上诉直到最高法院。

12、The judge decided the case in favour of the defendant. 法官对此案做出有利于被告的判决。

13、Yahoo's display-ad business -- which includes graphical, interactive and video ads -- is a $2 billion annual business. 雅虎的展示广告业务(display advertising,包括图形广告、互动广告和视频广告)年收入有20亿美元。

14、The advertit door can receive and play advertit and can expand advertising effect. 本发明的 广告门可接受并播放广告,扩大广告效果。

15、The unfilial son deserves it. What's the sentence? 这种不孝子该告。法院怎么判?

16、This advertit won a Silver Press Lion at Cannes International Advertising Festival in June 2008. 这则广告赢得xx年xx月戛纳国际广告节银狮子奖。

17、Advertisers knowwho viewed and acted on an ad, and pay based on real impact rather thanestimated “impressions.” 广告主知道谁看了他们的广告,谁对他们的广告做出了反应-------这样一来,广告主就能以精确的“广告实效”(impact)而非粗估的“广告印象”(impression)来为广告付费了。

18、Advertising and advertit are different. 他把广告钉在广告板上。

19、A higher court of law overruled a lower court and set the accused person free. 上级法院否决了下级法院的判决, 把被告释放了。

20、According to the international usual practice, subjects of false advertittort are advertiser, advertising operator, advertising releaser, and recommender inthe false advertit. 根据国际上的惯例,虚假广告的行为主体是广告主、广告经营者、广告发布者、商品推荐者。

21、Online, of course, the healthiest category of advertising is search-related. 在网上做广告的话,最稳健的广告方式就是把广告和搜索联系起来。

22、In others, they may be looking to advertising to solve a non-advertising problem. 在他人看来,他们或许会用广告宣传,来解决一个根本不用广告就能解决的问题。

23、All ouncements of judgments shall be public. 第一百六十三条宣告判决,一律公开进行。

24、The experimental results indicate that the priority of attention-getting is: interstitial ads, on ads, banner ads, expanding ads. 实验结果指出网际网路形式广告吸引注意程度依序为:插播式广告、按钮广告、横幅广告、扩张式标题广告;

25、The judge ounced for the defendant, and also said that his opponent should pay the court costs. 法官做出对被告有利的判决,并且还说,诉讼费应由原告交付。


26、The advertising department operates much as does the editorial department. It gathers and assembles advertising copy. Advertising is divided into classified and display advertising. 广告部的运作很像编辑部,他们收集并编辑广告资料。广告也有分类广告与展示广告之分。

27、Althought seldom to take a bus , but those ads aim to ads just stand there everyday, today, just take a look at the creative ads from abroad. 虽说坐公共汽车的日子比较少,但那些为了广告而广告的车站广告牌还是天天竖在那里,今天就来瞧瞧几个来自国外的公车站创意广告。

28、We must cancel paid image ads and pave the way for legal image ads in order. 对有偿形象广告应坚决取缔,对合法的形象广告应积极创造条件,让其健康发展。

29、The party that appeals is known as the" appellant"; the other party is the" appellee. 宣告判决时,必须告知当事人上诉权利、上诉期限和上诉的法院。

30、They're so fascinating those presidential campaigns whenever an advertising agency does them that's all it does. 那些总统竞选广告是如此的吸引人,当某个广告公司接下这类案子时,他们就只做这个广告案了。

31、Advertising-- Tabulate response-card mechanisms from ads, web site ads, and other forms of advertising. 广告——使用列表法来比较平面媒体广告、站广告或其他形式广告的推广效果。

32、Advertising College offers advertising planning, advertising design, television advertising, still photography and other professionals. 广告学院开设广告策划、广告设计、影视广告、静态摄影等专业。

33、When the spark becomes a fire, start going all out and promote in other forms of advertising like commercials, radio ads, magazines ads, internet ads, events in order to ride the momentum. 当火星成为火焰,全面出击并以各种形式的广告如商业、广播广告、杂志广告、网络广告、事件等广告促进,以便借势。

34、Advertit school set up advertising planning, print advertit, video advertit and new media advertit and other professional direction. 广告学院开设广告策划、平面广告、影视广告、新媒体广告等专业方向。

35、Advertising mirror, advertising gifts, promotional gifts, gifts. 广告镜子,广告礼品,促销赠品,礼物。

36、Read books on advertising; include anthologies of the best ads of the year and how-to's by advertising greats. 阅读广告方面的书籍;包括年度最佳广告选集,以及广告巨人关于如何做广告的书籍。

37、We must cancel paid image ads and pave the way for legal image ads in order to develop them healthily. 对有偿形象广告应坚决取缔,对合法的形象广告应积极创造条件,让其健康发展。

38、Zaidi's lawyers said he would appeal against the sentence. 扎伊迪的律师说被告将就判决提出上诉。

39、广告主知道谁看了他们的广告,谁对他们的广告做出了反应-------这样一来,广告主就能以精确的“广告实效”(impact)而非粗估的“广告印象”(impression)来为广告付费了。Advertisers knowwho viewed and acted on an ad, and pay based on real impact rather thanestimated “impressions.”

40、Titles of the subjects of advertising activities: advertising operators and promulgators in the Advertising Law, namely advertising operators in the Regulations. 《广告法》中的广告经营者和广告发布者,即《条例》中的广告经营者。

41、Our solutions help service providers and advertisers to offer end-users interesting content and advertit. 我们的解决方案可以帮助服务提供商和广告客户为终端用户提供有趣的内容和广告。

42、The businesses surveyed reported a 1% click-through rate on Facebook posts, which pales in comparison to the 11% average click-through rate seen with good old-fashioned email marketing. Facebook的商业调查报告称有1%的广告点击率,和老式的电子邮件市场拥有的平均11%的广告点击率相比,显得苍白无力。

43、Any argument with a referees decision will result in a Yellow Warning Card. 对裁判决定如有争论,给予黄牌警告;

44、She advertised her house for sale. 她登广告卖房子。

45、Its language must be fresh and special, exact and clear, easy to understand and remember. 从广告语言来看,好的广告文稿应新颖独特,准确明白,易懂易记;

46、Some networks offer certain targeting or verticalized capabilities that allow more refined advertising reach. 有些广告网络提供定位广告或垂直广告,以使广告投放更精准。

47、{10}When a man loves a woman——蓝妹啤酒广告歌

48、Four, white wine, liquor advertits identical outer packing showiness. 白酒外包装雷同,白酒广告宣传浮夸。

49、An advertiser can create an ad. 广告客户可以创建广告。

50、You should only run about 4-10 ads at a time per campaign depending on the daily traffic levels. 在同一时间,你应该仅仅运行4-10个广告,广告的数量取决于每天的流量水平。


51、The chief editor decided to kill the advertising pages. 主编决定取消广告版。

52、It is something we can't control so we would just need to shoot again. I had a very busy day today. I had to shoot the commercial, take some stills , and I had to be interviewed. 今天是最后一天拍广告,坦白说,拍广告对我来说是驾轻就熟,但是都是那一句,每一次拍广告最令人头痛的就是要控制人群不要用闪光灯拍照。

53、The report -- compiled in partnership with Pricewaterhouse Coopers and the World Advertising Research Centre -- shows that online advertising currently accounts for 16% of media spending. 报告还显示当前网络广告已经占到媒体广告的16%。这份报告是由网络广告局、Pricewaterhouse Coopers 和世界广告研究中心共同发布的。

54、Two defendants surnamed Wang request any size reduction of billboards, not to exceed the current height of the pat wall . 王某请求判令二被告缩小设置广告牌尺寸,不超过现有护墙高度。

55、One advertising exec tells me that it is still too early to tell whether that lift was directly caused by the TV ads or by other factors. 一位广告业者告诉我,要判断是电视广告还是其它因素引发了流量的提升,还有点言之过早。

56、Melatonin TV advertit in "melatonin, brain platinum, brain, white, golden" ground stops talking. 脑白金的电视广告中“脑白金、脑白金、脑、白、金”地说个不停。

57、In the false advertit behavior, advertiser, advertising operator, advertising releaser, and recommender in the false advertit areCo-tortfeasors and should undertake joint indemnity. 在虚假广告行为中,广告经营者、广告发布者、虚假广告中的商品推荐者构成与广告主的共同侵权,应当承担连带赔偿责任。

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