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关于”句型“的英语句子53个,句子主体:sentence pattern。以下是关于句型的中考英语句子。

英文句子模板1:sentence pattern

1、In the previous example, notice that with implicitly-typed arrays, no square brackets are used on the left side of the initialization statement. 请注意,在上一个示例中,没有在初始化语句的左侧对隐式类型的数组使用方括号。

2、In other words, the supernovae were her away than their redshifts indicated they should be, based on the existing model of the universe. 换句话说,超新星离我们比由基于现有宇宙模型的红移程度估计出来的距离还远。

3、The iconicity of natural language has been one of the most important parts in the study of morphology, syntax, linguistic typology and cognitive linguistics. 自然语言的拟象性是近年来形态学、句法学、语言类型学以及认知语言学研究的重要内容之一。

4、So maybe you can use this pattern to talk about two people that are alike or two places or two things that are alike. 所以可能你会用这个句型来谈论相似的两个人、两个地方或者两件事情。

5、In Canada, grammar translation approach gave way to a number of other approaches including the audio-visual approach where the emphasis was pattern practice. 而在加拿大,语法翻译法则让位于许多其它的方法,包括视听教学法,其重点在于句型练习。

6、The Symmetrical pattern of the school mottos is the embodiment of the Chinese mentality of harmony and beauty. 校训中的句型大多是均衡对称的,且美辞迭出,又体现了汉民族追求和谐、追求美的传统心理特点。

7、It's very convenient to impose numerous contacts with the cycle syntax of the macro, if necessary, the model can be parameter treated. 利用编写的宏命令中的循环语句可以方便地施加繁多的接触力,必要时还可以对模型进行参数化处理。

8、I make up my mind to go home immediately after school every day. 亲:祝你学习进步,每天都开心V_V!

9、In other words, a larger turbine could have a marginally larger diameter, yet produce twice as much electricity per annum. 换句话说,更大型的涡轮机可能直径要更大一点点,然而,每年的发电量却是以前的两倍。

10、The method is used when the model is complex and nonlinear (that is, parameters do not co-vary in a linear manner), or when the model involves more than just two or three uncertain parameters. 当模型复杂且非线性时(换句话说,在线性方式下参数不共变),或者当模型涉及多于两三个不确定参数时,使用该方法。

11、Put another way: NASA is dreaming up massive railguns to launch hypersonic space vehicles into the atmosphere at blinding speeds. 换句话说:太空署梦想着设计大型轨道炮来将超高速太空飞行器以盲速发射至大气层。

12、In other words, a four-door styled with a more sharply curving roofline -- like a two-door coupe. 换句话说,所谓四门轿跑车型首先是一款四门轿车,只是它的车顶弧度更大,就像一款双门跑车一样。

13、You could also use the "Is there" pattern when you want to find out about an event rather than a location. 当你想了解一个活动的情况,而不仅仅是一个地点时,还是可以使用“Is there”句型。

14、The works of Han Fu written in different periods of Han Dynasty have repeatedly proved us there existed typical Pian Wen in Han Dynasty. 汉代各个时期的赋作从不同方面证明了汉代已有典型的骈文而不仅仅是对骈句的个别利用。

15、This provider now supports host variables, modules, the ARRAY data type, compound statements, and variable length timestamps. 目前这个提供程序支持主机变量、模块、ARRAY 数据类型、复合语句和可变长度时间戳。

16、Rows that have not been updated since the ALTER TABLE statement will return the type default value for the column, which is midnight Jan 01, year 1. 自 ALTER TABLE 语句之后未进行更新的行将返回列的类型默认值,该值为 0001 年 1 月 1 日午夜。

17、The background graph is what is specified by a query's FROM clause, by the sparql command's --data switch, or by passing a model to QueryExecutionFactory.create() when using Jena's API. 在使用 Jena 的 API 时,通过某个查询的 FROM 子句、sparql 命令的 --data 开关或者通过向 QueryExecutionFactory.create() 传递一个模型来指定的图。

18、Experimental results show that this part- of- speech tagging method based on Markov Family Model has greatly improved the precision comparing the conventional … 马氏族模型在其它一些自然语言处理领域如分词、句法分析、语音识别、机器翻译也有广泛的应用前景。

19、When you‘re discussing your situation with a friend, you could tell them that you were doing this by using the "I'm ~ing" pattern. 当你跟一个朋友谈起你的情况时,你可以用“I'm ~ing”句型告诉他们你在做什么。

20、Observant readers will have notice the "open Microsoft.FSharp.Control.CommonExtensions", this opens a namespace which contains many F# type augmentations. 细心的读者可能会注意到这句代码"open Microsoft.FSharp.Control.CommonExtensions",它打开了一个包含很多F#类型控制的命名空间。

21、There's a scientific word for this: phenotypic plasticity, the ability of an individual to change its traits to adapt to its environment. 套用一句科学术语叫"表型可塑性",指的是生物能改变其特性,以适应其环境。

22、when you feel upset or when you feel frustrated that something is not going the way that you wish it would. 当你觉得很失落,或者当你因为事情不像你期望的那样进展而感到沮丧时,你也可以使用这个句型。

23、For the purpose of practicing Enlish, try to talk about the above contents as much as you can so that your vocabulary or structure can be maximumly improved. 在练习英语时,尽可能地谈论以上所提到的内容,这样你的词汇和句型就可以得到最大限度的提高。

24、Put another way: NASA is dreaming up massive railguns to launch hypersonic space vehicles into the atmosphere at blinding speeds. What's not to like? 换句话说:太空署梦想着设计大型轨道炮来将超高速太空飞行器以盲速发射至大气层。真是皆大欢喜。

25、Input and output parameters can be of type XML, and user-defined functions that are written in SQL can include XML variables and SQL/XML statements. 输入和输出参数都可以是 XML 类型的,用 SQL 编写的用户定义函数可以包含 XML 变量和 SQL/XML 语句。


26、Put another way, bad government, through malaria alone, will bring the deaths of seven jumbo-jets full of children in the next 24 hours. 换句话说,糟糕的统治,仅仅在疟疾一项上,在未来的24小时内就将导致能装满七架巨型喷气式客机的儿童死亡。

27、By the way, small uniform cells with perinuclear halos can be seen focally in otherwise classic glioblastomas. 顺便说一句,局部见到小而一致的具有核周空晕的细胞是典型的胶质母细胞瘤。

28、The speaker recognition rate will achieve up to 93% based on the speaker model of total 50 people, using 30 sentences by each person. 目前资料库共有50人参与录音,以每人使用30句做训练语者模型为辨识基础之下,语者辨识率可到达93%。

29、There is much more and comprehensive work in the realization of the models, such as syntactic parsing, lexicography and standardization. 要使模型达到实用要求,需要在句法标注、词典编纂和规范化方面做大量复杂的工作。

30、But we do have control on all kinds of cache, Data-distribution cache, Dictionary cache, SPL routine cache, and SQL statement cache. 但是,我们控制所有类型的缓存器,数据分布缓存器、字典缓存器、SPL 例程缓存器和 SQL 语句缓存器。

31、Take for example the study of English. In the beginning, it seemed hard to me to ounce each word correctly and to memorize the grammar rules, sentence structures, the whole texts. 比如英语学习,一开始,我似乎很难发准每一个字,很难记住语法规则、句型和整段课文。

32、And it's a way to communicate how you feel that about this possibility is not existing for you. 当你想谈论一些不会在你身上发生的事情时,你可以用“If I were”句型来跟人交流。

33、Developers sometimes call this point in the project "code slush" -- that is, not yet "code freeze," since certain kinds of change are still allowed. 开发人员有时候称项目中这一点为“代码烂泥” —— 换句话说,还没有“代码冻结”,因为某些类型的变更还允许出现。

34、In other words, you measure the typical time it takes to complete an MMF, from start to finish, and extrapolate to various points in the queue. 换句话说,你需要测测完成一个MMF所需要的典型时长,从开始到完成,然后推定队列中其他MMF的时长。

35、And my idea is like this, the fixed sentence patterns in English are kind of limited, let's say from 20 -35. They are all included in the book. 我的想法是,英语中固定不变的句型是很有限的,我们说大概20到35个,书里面全部包括了。

36、Empirically, there is evidence to show that the extracted element of ATB constructions is originated in the first conjunct only. 从实证角度上看,有?据表明横越式句型的成分提取仅起始于第一个并列项而已。

37、There are different types of coverage measurements, but most tools focus on line coverage, also known as statement coverage. 存在不同类型的覆盖度量,但是绝大多数的工具会关注行覆盖,也叫做语句覆盖。

38、In other words, the values of these data types are decomposable, and we must therefore be aware of their internal construction. 换句话说,这些数据类型的值是可分解的,因此必须知道它的内部构成。

39、But quietly so. Even when an archetypal Allen quip slips out, there are no eye-rolls, no grandstanding, no bada-boom. But quietly so.即使一句典型的艾伦式讽刺脱口而出,他也不会眨一下眼睛,不会有哗众取宠的表演或者bada-boom。

40、There is no need to specify a SQL statement for updates because the Relational DAS derives this from the model and the contact data object's change summary. 不需要为更新指定 SQL 语句,原因是关系型 DAS 可以从模式和联系人数据对象的更改概要中派生它。

41、Facts may take the form of natural language statements or as attributions, relationships, or generalizations within a formal model. 事实可以采用自然语言语句的形式,也可以作为一个规范模型中的属性、关系或概要。

42、You use "I can't help but" when you feel helpless, when you want to get something across that needs to happen. 当你觉得无助时,或者当你说明需要做到这件事情的时候,你就可以使用“I can't help but”句型。

43、One of the key technique of QAS is entity recognition and tagging which directly decide the judgement of question type and the extraction of answers. 其中,实体的识别与标注是问答系统的关键技术之一,直接关系到问句类型的判定和答案的抽取。

44、Part four The construction of"You VP": In this sentence pattern, the part of speech of"You"is an adverb. 第四章“有VP”句式的构成成分:新兴的“有VP”中“有”的副词性使VP的性质和类型获得了发展。

45、The other type of data stored in the Performance Warehouse is that which is collected by the statement event monitors you can run from within DB2 PE. 存储在 Performance Warehouse 中的其他类型的数据是指那些由可以从 DB2 PE 内部运行的语句事件监视器所收集的数据。

46、Pattern matching in Erlang also handles the execution flow of individual statements, and extracts the individual vales from compound data types (tuples, arrays). Erlang 中的模式匹配还会处理各个语句的执行流,以及从复合数据类型(元组、数组)中提取出值。

47、In other words, the Qashqai has drawn on multicultural London for its inspiration - it is, after all, a European car, created for European buyers. 换句话说,逍客的设计灵感中利用到了伦敦的多文化特点——毕竟它是为欧洲消费者设计的一款欧洲车型。

48、He was, in other words, the equivalent of the Argentinian playmaker, given a free role in what was effectively a 4-3-1-2. 换句话说,比帕相当于阿根廷足坛的组织者,在一个实际上是4312的阵型里,他被赋予了一个自由角色。

49、Using detailed and humour ilration to help the children to retell the story, make predictions and relate events to their own daily experiences. 重复的句型继续帮助小读者建立阅读的信心。故事插图细致、幽默,有助培育读者的观察力和理解文意。

50、This statement creates the "showControls" binding, and associates the binding with the instance('localState')//displayControls element in the data model. 这个语句创建 “showControls” 绑定,并将这个绑定与数据模型中的 instance('localState')//displayControls 元素关联起来。


51、The ESAX bytecodes are encoded using one of several multiplexed PPM models based on its syntactic structure (elements, characters, attributes, and miscellaneous symbols). ESAX 字节码根据其句法结构(元素、字符、属性和杂项符号)通过多个复用 PPM 模型之一进行编码。

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