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导读: 24个,关于”美的句子“的英语句子24个,句子主体:Beautiful sentences。以下是关于美的句子的八年级英语句子。


关于”美的句子“的英语句子24个,句子主体:Beautiful sentences。以下是关于美的句子的xx年级英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Beautiful sentences

1、Nothing else truly matters. The size of our homes, bank balances, the beauty of our spouse, the speed of our car. 除了爱,其他一切——房子大小,银行余额多少,妻子漂亮与否,车速快慢,都无关紧要。

2、Mine is dishes and dusters, and envying girls with nice pianos, and being afraid of people. 锅、碗、瓶、盆,扫帚抹布,嫉妒有漂亮钢琴的女孩,害怕生人,这些都是我的担子。

3、Susan shineth ss and socks; socks and ss shines Susan. 苏珊把鞋子和袜子擦亮,袜子和鞋子把苏珊照亮。

4、However, his wife found the pill, took it, and was banished to the moon as a result. 结果,射手的妻子发现了这颗药,吃了以后便漂到月亮上去了。

5、Jane is 14 years old. She is a beautiful little girl. She has long hair and she always wears red skirt. 简今年xx岁,她是一个漂亮的小女孩,长发,总穿着红裙子。

6、He cut it off, slit it in half and in the hollow of the bamboo he found a beautiful little girl. 他便把竹子砍下来剖成两半,然后在那中空的竹子内发现了一个漂亮的小女孩。

7、A handsome case keeps it all in place; snootiness not included. 一个漂亮的箱子把所有刀具整整齐齐收纳其中,这样就不会显得不屑一顾了。

8、He lived with his wife Ruth in a $7m home on New York's sy Upper East Side and the couple also owned homes in the Hamptons on Long Island and in Palm Beach, Florida. 他和他的妻子一起住在纽约漂亮的上东区的一栋700万美元的家里。而且这对夫妇还在长岛的汉普顿和佛罗里达的帕尔姆海滩拥有房子。

9、After the inspection, Giles had turned to his wife and said, “Aren’t they cute!” 因为那次阅兵之后,吉尔斯中将转身对妻子说:“谁说她们不漂亮啊!”

10、Noses, legs, or statures that are not unusually large or small tend to be perceived as relatively attractive. 通常认为,大小、粗细适中的鼻子、腿、或者身材相对来说比较漂亮。

11、I went to a little black shelf that held a small picture of the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. 我向那个上面放着一个漂亮女子小照片的相架走去。

12、Pisces . Let's put on the beautiful and comfortable ss to do some exercises. come on baby! 鱼鱼们,让我们穿上漂亮又舒适的鞋子,一起来做运动吧!

13、Pretty-printing and syntax highlighting 漂亮的输出和语法高亮显示

14、Daniel Radcliffe turned heads as he arrived at the event sporting long hair extensions for his role as Igor in the new adaptation of Frankenstein. 中英文翻译句子为丹尼尔·雷德克里夫长发亮相,是为了他的新角色《弗兰肯斯坦》中的伊戈尔而蓄起的。

15、Fewer waiters are necessary. The food is attractively arranged on a long table or sideboard. 自助餐的食物都非常漂亮地摆在长方形的桌子或者餐具柜上。

16、HERE was once a fine gentleman who possessed among other things a boot-jack and a hair-brush; 从前有一位漂亮的绅士;他所有的动产只是一个脱靴器和一把梳子。

17、However her mother explains that humans do not find 'fish tails' beautiful and that the Prince will never marry her because she does not have legs. 然而她的母亲告诉她人类不懂得欣赏他们漂亮的鱼尾巴,王子永远不会娶一个没有脚的美人鱼。

18、In this dress, I will go to the fair. I shall look so fine that all the young men will ask me to marry them. 穿上新裙子去赶庙会,我会显得非常漂亮迷人,所有的小伙子都会向我求婚。

19、Adam d the field, and Eve spun the wool. Every year Eve brought a child into the world, but the children were unlike each other. 他们每年都会有一个孩子降临人世,但这些孩子都各不相同,有的漂亮,有的难看。

20、But I stay green and beautiful all the year round. 可我xx年四季都郁郁葱葱、漂漂亮亮。

21、We appreciate your kindness and we shall always cherish this lovely gift from you. 我们感激你的盛情,永远珍爱你给我们的漂亮的馈礼多玩星际盒子。

22、Some, like "the most beautiful female soldier, " and "beautiful Israeli soldiers" and other posts will be for a period of time in hot pursuit of the network of fans. 像一些题为“我国最美丽的女”、“以色列漂亮女兵”等帖子也会在一段时间受到网迷们的追捧。

23、Two and a half years later, my beautiful, quixotic son had grown into a devilish handful. 两年半后,我那漂亮又爱幻想的儿子长成了一个难缠的小恶魔。

24、Girls will remember when someone calls them beautiful for 5 mins. And when someone calls them ugly they'll remember for rest of their life. 被人称赞漂亮,女孩子会记住五分钟;被人说丑,则会记忆一辈子。

25、Most trendy Marslings at this point have a whole closet full of nice headphones. 大多数时尚的火星人在此刻有一整柜子各种各样漂亮的耳机。


26、We grow up, we must bring this beautiful tree, that is, we have to make a beautiful leaf, our trees have become robust, lush. 我们长大后一定要把我们的树这对漂亮,也就是我们要作一片美的叶子,把我们的大树变得茁壮、葱翠。

27、My beautiful sister. 我漂亮的妹妹。

28、The houses look nice enough, but every third one has a for-sale sign, and there are almost no cars in any of the driveways. 房子看上去都很漂亮,但是有三分之一都挂上了待售的牌子,并且路上基本没有车。

29、It features a painting by Georgia O'Keeffe which depicts a ladder floating against the night sky, with a half-moon high above it. 那是乔治亚·奥基夫的一幅画,画面上有一架梯子漂浮在夜空,梯子上悬挂着半轮月亮。

30、Besmear with the bottom cl in a kindergarten below lubricious activity " beautiful house " for exemple, talk about my practice. 下面就以小班涂色活动《漂亮的房子》为例,谈谈我的做法。

31、“I know that, ” said he, “but I want you to see how marvelously beautiful these are. “我知道,”他说,“但我想让您瞧瞧这些袜子是多么漂亮,令人赞叹!

32、Well, not so much actually, other than the fact that Rupert Murdoch's wife has got a very good left punch. 其实学不到什么,除了默多克的妻子那一记漂亮的左勾拳。

33、Well, she is the queen she's got a crown and sceptre and sits in her fancy chair. 她的确是皇后嘛,有皇冠,权利,坐在那张大而漂亮的椅子上。

34、“These are beautiful machines,” said his friend, who claimed not to know his own name. “这些机器真漂亮”,他的朋友说道,这个孩子自称不知道自己的姓名。

35、Suddenly, the thought of my beautiful patio came to mind. I can be quiet out there, I thought. 我又忽然想到家里漂亮的院子,我能够在这里宁静地呆会。

36、It was a rather fragile house and it swayed in the wind, but it was very beautiful. 这是一个非常脆弱的房子,风一吹就会摇晃,但它漂亮极了。

37、This is how our header should look after adding a nice tagline and some ons. 在添加了一些按钮和漂亮的条纹之后,头部区域就是像上面那样子的。

38、His back was as blue as a sword fish's and his belly was silver and his hide was smooth and handsome. 它的背部和剑鱼的一般蓝,肚子是银色的,鱼皮光滑而漂亮。

39、Chih-sheng, do you know that smart young fellow In the white flannel that dashed In a moment ago? 芝生,刚才跑进来的那个穿白色西装的漂亮男子,你认识么?

40、We've got to hand it to the Joneses, they have the most beautiful house in the neighborhood. 我们承认钟斯一家真了不得,他们拥有邻近最漂亮的房子。

41、When we first walked into the house, I noticed the wonderful pen-and-ink drawings that adorned the walls in all the rooms of the house. 我们刚走进那座房子的时候,我留神到房子里所有房间的墙上都挂着十分漂亮的水墨画。

42、He felt very happy. Morten found a beautiful girlfriend---grey goose Dunfin. 而公鹅马丁也找到了一个漂亮的女朋友——灰鹅美羽。

43、Tonight we showed good football and Pippo did well to score another hat-trick. 今晚我们踢出了漂亮的足球,菲利普又一次上演了帽子戏法。

44、The first pig found some straw, and he built a fine house with straw, and he built a fine house with straw. 第一只小猪找到一些稻草,他盖了一座漂亮的草房子。

45、“I know that,” said he, “but I want you to see how marvelously beautiful these are. “我知道,”他说,“但我想让您瞧瞧这些袜子是多么漂亮、令人赞叹!

46、I was very self-conscious at the time; she was so beautiful, so healthy. 但是当时我非常敏感的就是看了这个女孩子,她真的也非常漂亮,那么健康。

47、I want to have my own family, a beautiful house and a few dogs and kids. 我希望有我自己的家庭,一所漂亮的房子,几条狗,还有几个小孩。

48、Lao Zhang's son, Zhang Liang, can be a real lulu in his looks. 老张的儿子张亮可算是个美貌出众的人。

49、To this end there is no manner of need that she should take you for a beauty. 为了这个目的,根本用不着要她把你当作是一个漂亮的公子哥儿。

50、Three of the children are tall, good looking and athletic, but the fourth and youngest is an ugly runt. 其中三个孩子长得很高,很漂亮,而且都是运动健将,但是第四个,也就是最小的孩子像是个丑陋的侏儒。


51、While attractiveness is a positive factor for a man on his way up the executive ladder, it is harmful to woman. 漂亮对于步步高攀想当主管的男子是一种积极因素,但对于女子却反而有害。

52、With an unchristian price, it is worth a good house or a nice car. 价钱高的离奇,它甚至抵得上一所不错的房子或者一辆漂亮的汽车。

53、Step1: Comb the hair with toothcomb orderly, arranging slippery hair is the foundation with long straight beautiful hair. 把头发用细齿梳子梳整洁,顺滑的头发是长直发漂亮的基础。

54、Halter strap can be slipped over head and shoulders to convert to a bandeau shape. 主人把他身上的金笼头和漂亮的鞍子取了下来,卖给了一个车夫。

55、To Badr-al-Budur, the most beautiful woman in Morocco, ' Abanazar said happily, ' and my wife. ' “为白狄伦·布杜鲁,摩洛哥最漂亮的女人,”阿巴那扎尔高兴地说,“我的妻子。”

56、I will use some of the money to buy a drum set and have a cool l. 我会将一部分的钱买架子鼓还会弄一个漂亮的游泳池。

57、But Kuche not beautiful girls, beautiful to have the field instead. 但是这库车的女孩却不漂亮,漂亮的都到外地去了吧。

58、This one is strange-looking…The other ones are beautiful bird… 这只长相奇特… 其它的都非常美丽…还另外一只漂亮的鸟…

59、Everyday, all of him is a dress is an underclothing , a pair of pants and a pair of beautiful ss. 每天,他都是穿着一件衬衣、一条裤子和一双漂亮的皮鞋。

60、He achieves this by wearing bright eye makeup, a brightly colored scarf, and of course, his hat. If you 're looking for a standout hat, discount stores like Stein Mart, T. J. 尽管他的外套和裤子都平平无奇,但他运用色彩让自己五彩斑斓——明亮眼妆、漂亮的丝巾,当然不能忘了他的标志帽子。

61、Wait till I get hold of those elegant locks - see if I won't pull them a bit longer! ' 等我把这漂亮的链子锁起来——瞧我不把它们放得长了一点!

62、Now, let's beautify the girl whose skirt has been tattered with a new suit of fineries. 现在,就让我们给这个被扯破裙子的女孩再换上一身漂亮的衣服吧“。

63、How I hope that every family could live in a big house with a beautiful garden! 我多么希望每个家庭都住上带有漂亮花园的大房子啊!

64、A man was in his front yard mowing gr when his attractive blonde female neighbour came out of the house and went straight to the mailbox . 一个男人正在自家前院剪草,邻居漂亮的金发女子从房子里跑出来直奔邮箱。

65、His name was Lucifer , and he was a beautiful shining angel. 他的名子叫鲁西弗,曾是一个美丽明亮的天使。

66、'Yes, I have. Mine is dishes and dusters, and envying girls with nice pianos, and being afraid of people. ' 我也有负担,妈妈,我的负担是不喜欢洗盘子做卫生,嫉妒拥有漂亮钢琴的女孩子,还有害怕生人。

67、She had laid out her son’s body, having dressed him in smart clothes and surrounded him with his favourite cuddly toys. 她把儿子的尸体平放,为他穿上最漂亮醒目的衣服,四周堆满儿子最喜欢的可爱玩具。

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