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导读: 56个,关于”婚礼美好的句子“的英语句子56个,句子主体:Wedding beautiful sentences。以下是关于婚礼美好的句子的专业英语句子。


关于”婚礼美好的句子“的英语句子56个,句子主体:Wedding beautiful sentences。以下是关于婚礼美好的句子的专业英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Wedding beautiful sentences

1、The wedding was held outside in a beautiful park near Keith's parent's house just outside of Baltimore. 婚礼是在巴尔的摩郊外基斯的父母的房子附近一个美丽的公园中举行的。

2、These are great moments to give to your son for a wedding present - at the rehearsal dinner. 对你的孩子来说,有关这些时刻的记忆是婚礼排演晚餐上最好的礼物。

3、If there are fewer potential mates around, men may delay marriage or forgo it entirely, losing out on these nuptial niceties. 如果周围有极少潜在的伴侣,男人会推迟甚至放弃结婚,遗失这种婚礼的美好。

4、Thanks. I wanted to look good for my brother's wedding. 谢了。我哥哥的婚礼,我要弄得好看才好。

5、They have named a date for their wedding. 他们已经订好的婚礼的日期。

6、Wedding season is here again. Your attendance has been requested. Dust off your finest, buy a well-wrapped gift, and slap on an optimistic smile. 婚 季再次来临了,你被邀请参加婚礼,穿上最漂亮的礼服,买来精美包装的礼物,并带上乐观的微笑。

7、This was his marriage proposal, and - like his elaborate dinner parties and everything else he did - it was a grand gesture. 这就是他的结婚誓言,就像那个隆重的婚礼,和他所作的别的事情一样—一切都那么美好。

8、The wedding preparations are almost complete. 婚礼的准备工作快好了。

9、好几个少女被邀请去参加她的婚礼。Several maidens were invited to attend her wedding.

10、Chinese traditional wedding with the bride and groom when the red dress, a symbol of good luck, indicates the days after marriage is booming. 中国的传统婚礼是新娘和新郎都要穿着红色礼服,红色象征着好运,预示着婚后的日子红红火火。

11、Her wedding cake had three tiers . 婚礼蛋糕看起来很好吃。

12、The wedding cake really looks delicious. 婚礼蛋糕看起来真好吃。

13、Boys, boys! Now, ye men who's bestest with ye bow and arrow shall leadeth me down the straight and narrow. 小伙子们,小伙子们!现在,你们男人中射箭最好的将会带我走向婚礼的通道。

14、From the earliest planning stages all the way through to your big day, our dedicated Wedding Specialist and expert team are here to support you. 从婚礼筹划到婚典当天,我们专业的婚宴策划团队将时刻伴您左右精心打理一切,让这一天成为您永恒珍藏的美好回忆。

15、A wedding gown can be comfortable and relaxed but also classic and elegant for a better day. 一件使人舒适放松又不失典雅的结婚礼服会带来很美好的一天。

16、Thee ceremonies are often lavish, multiple-day affairs, with many costing thousands -- sometimes millions -- of dollars. 婚礼通常持续数天,极为奢华,很多婚礼都是花费数千——有时是数百万——美元。

17、No, mermaid style wedding dresses 2011, you ambition learn a all-natural earth where the wedding ceremony dress namely a gown and isn't proper. 不,美人鱼式婚纱礼服xx年,你的野心学习全天然如同地球上的婚礼仪式上穿着的礼服即是不妥当的。

18、意外的惊喜an unexpected surprise 完美的婚礼a perfect wedding 完美的世界a perfect world

19、Technopak says costs can climb as high as $30 million. Relatively modest weddings start at about $300,000. Technopak公司说,海外婚礼的费用最高可达3000万美元,相对简单的婚礼则需要30万美元左右。

20、I'm sure it will last longer than a certain someones 72 day 10 million dollar wedding. 我肯定他们的这场婚礼比某人花了1千万美元持续时间达72天的婚礼耗时还要长。

21、Paradise setting, perfect weather, wonderful friends - it was a wedding from heaven. Congratulations to Dave and Alice. 乐园环境,完美天气,非常好的老朋友重聚- 真是一个天堂般的婚礼。

22、I saw my sister together to hold a collective wedding ceremony, a beautiful wedding, Ruyi groom, lead them to the direction of happiness; 我看到我的好姐妹在一起举办集体婚礼,美丽的婚纱,如意的新郎,带引她们走向幸福的方向;

23、Her beautiful looking heightened with her wedding garment. 穿上结婚礼服她显得更加姣美了。

24、Her T$50, 000 ($5, 675) wedding comes after online publicity that has netted 1, 800 largely sympathetic comments. 她的婚礼计划在网上曝光后吸引了1800条评论,大多是表达同情和支持的。婚礼花费了5万新台币(合5675美元)。

25、After all, capturing the day on camera is what makes wedding photography such an integral part of the multi-billion dollar wedding business. 由于要用相机记录当天的点点滴滴,婚礼摄影才成了数十亿美元婚礼行业中的一个主要环节。


26、Choose me, rry me. Let me ke you happy. 出自《我最好朋友的婚礼》

27、The "naked marriage" is in sharp contradiction with China`s established marriage customs, which encourage parents to help lay the material foundation for their children`s marriage. “裸婚”和中国现有婚俗形成了鲜明对比。在中国传统婚礼中,双方父母会帮自己的子女打好物质基础。

28、At Tainan Jung-Sheng banquet hall, with 20 years of experience. Our professional wedding planning team provides heartfelt, fully organized wedding ceremony with gourmet foods. That… 在台南荣胜宴会餐厅, ��xx年的婚礼经验传承,精致的佳肴、专业的服务团队及贴心的婚礼企划,让每对新人留下一生一次的美好回忆。

29、Royal wedding shop, creats every perfect wedding for every couple! 皇家喜铺,为每一对新人,打造完美婚礼!

30、Tomoharu Saito, who took part in Tokyo with his wife Miki days before they were set to file for divorce, said crushing the rings felt cathartic. 在离婚登记几天前,斋藤友治和妻子美树在东京举办了离婚典礼。他说,砸毁婚戒使。

31、The key to a healthy marriage is to keep your eyes wide open before you wed and half-closed thereafter. 美满婚姻的诀窍就是:婚礼之前睁大两只眼睛,婚礼之后睁一只眼闭一只眼。

32、It is the dream of almost every young lady to have a beautiful, memorable wedding ceremony, with all her friends present. 几乎每一个年轻女子都梦想有一个美好的、难忘的婚礼,还要让她所有的朋友都参加。

33、When I got married, can give me a flower, a blessing, I fear no courage you into the wedding hall. 我结婚的时候,能否献给我一枝花、一句祝福,我怕没有勇气走进你的婚礼殿堂。

34、Select Xing Meng, choose the perfect. Wuhan wedding, do the Xingmeng! 选择星梦,选择完美,武汉婚礼,尽在星梦!

35、This is "Fairy Annie's `Wedding"--a bonny tune--it goes to a dance.' 这是,安妮仙子的婚礼,——一个快乐的调子

36、Two Argentine men wedded in Argentina's southern Tierra del Fuego province Monday in Latin America's first gay marriage. 当地时间xx日,两名阿根廷男子在阿根廷南部的火地岛省举行了婚礼。这是拉丁美洲首例同性恋婚礼。

37、Wedding eve and friends he was nervous Karen Mok, wearing a white wedding day, beautiful and le. 婚礼前夕和好友倾诉自己很紧张的莫文蔚,当天身披纯白婚纱,美丽而高贵。

38、Other attendants may read Scripture, hold candles, pack the crowns in a special box after the ceremony. 别的出席婚礼的人则朗读《圣经》,手持蜡烛,并在婚礼后将花冠放置在一个特殊的盒子里。

39、 Choose me, marry me. Let me make you happy. 出自《我最好朋友的婚礼》

40、They`re spending $4, 000 (27, 304 yuan) on wedding shots, both in a pre-wedding "engagement session" and at the wedding. 两人的结婚摄影费共计4000美元(27304元币),包括 订婚和婚礼两部分。

41、Chicago came in second with wedding costs of $53,069, The price tags ranged from a high in Manhattan, which topped the poll of 20 cities to Detroit, where couples spend $27,017 on their nuptials. 排在第二位的是芝加哥,平均婚礼花费为53069美元。曼哈顿地区结婚费用在受调查的20个城市中最高,而底特律的婚礼花费仅为27017美元。

42、B: Good, you must be going to the ceremony. B:好啊,那你一定要去参加婚礼喽。

43、King Chang cannot recognize the beauty of Lin, the second day back home, preparing for the son's wedding. 王美嫦无法认了何琳,第二天赶回老家,为儿子婚礼做准备。

44、“She had a perfect dress, a very traditional dress for a very traditional wedding,” Oscar de la Renta said. 服装设计师奥斯卡•德•拉•伦塔说:“她穿的是一条完美的裙子,一条传统的裙子正好配一场传统的婚礼。

45、Several maidens were invited to attend her wedding. 好几个少女被邀请去参加她的婚礼。

46、Before weddings, warriors and beaded girls prepare by applying makeup of red ocher and sheep fat. 婚礼之前,部落勇士和姑娘们用褐土混合羊脂制造的珠子饰物装扮得美轮美奂。

47、But when you're dressing for a wedding, you'll want to look just as beautiful and be just as appropriately-dressed as the other wedding guests. 但是当你打扮的婚礼,你要看起来也只是美丽的适当,与其他穿着婚礼的宾客。

48、The Associated Press reported the wedding cost $130,000. 据联合通讯社报道,整个婚礼的在130,000美元。

49、He's been happily married to his wife, Pauletta, since 1983 and has four children, the eldest of which is a professional American footballer. xx年他和妻子幸福地步入了婚礼殿堂,并有了4个孩子,大儿子是专业美式橄榄球员。

50、And it's virgins who get to sing the nuptial song at the wedding of the lamb that John also envisions. 只有处子才可以在约翰想象,的羔羊婚礼上唱这首婚礼之歌。


51、One of the funniest weddings I ever attended was that of Liza Minnelli to David Gest. 我参加过的最好笑的婚礼是丽莎·米内利和大卫·杰斯特的婚礼。

52、Chinese traditional wedding with the bride and groom when the red dress, a symbol of good luck, indicates the days after marriage is booming. 中国的古早婚礼是新娘和新郎都要穿著红色礼服,红色象征著好运,预示著婚后的日子红红火火。

53、At weddings, relatives and friends come to offer their congratulations. 婚礼上,亲朋好友都来称贺。

54、Malcolm: Would you like to buy my wife's wedding dress? 你想买我妻子的婚礼服吗?

55、The couple married for the second time in Aberdeen on January 3, having reignited theirrelationship after attending their son Stewart's wedding in 2013. xx年,在参加了他们的儿子斯图尔特的婚礼之后,两人重归于好,今年xx月xx日,这对夫妇在亚伯丁举行了两人的第二次婚礼。

56、He strengthened my faith, officiated my wedding and baptized my children. 他加深了我的信仰,主持了我的婚礼,为我的孩子行洗礼。

57、We will never have the perfect wedding or the perfect marriage or the perfect family because we are imperfect, sinful people. 我们永远不会拥有完美的婚礼,完美的婚姻,完美的家庭,因为我们是不完美的,是罪人。

58、Gorgeous bride, Wow what a lovely Wedding and the fantastic turnout of Tourans. 美丽的新娘,哇,多么可爱的婚礼,难以置信有那么多途安车主出席婚礼。

59、"Every girl dreams of having a beautiful, romantic wedding, " says Longoria. 朗格莉娅说:“每个女孩都梦想能有一个美好、浪漫的婚礼。

60、Choose me, marry me. Let me make you happy. 出自《我最好朋友的婚礼》

61、Hamas sponsored a mass wedding ceremony for 382 Palestinian couples and gave each couple $2100 as a gift. 日前,哈马斯赞助了382对巴勒斯坦新人举行大型集体婚礼,每对新人还获得2100美元作为结婚礼物。

62、The ring and the wedding were just the tiniest parts of all of this. Marriage is so much better. 婚戒和婚礼是其中最小的一部分,婚姻本身要比那些要好更多。

63、The two yes villa wedding walked into the sight field of New appointee by degrees and held nuptial atmosphere daintiness over there, the private was strong. 近两年别墅婚礼逐渐走进了新人的视野,在那里举办婚礼环境优美,私密性强。

64、Wants her own wedding was perfect in front of your friends are to face what to do? 想要自己的婚礼很完美在朋友面前又很给面子该怎么做?

65、The next 591 married network Xiaobian wedding way to save money for your perfect strategy. 接下来591结婚网的小编为您提供婚礼省钱之道的完美攻略。

66、A marriage can be a wonderful and joyous occasion full of happiness, laughter and unicorn s for two very lucky people. 婚礼对两个非常幸运的人而言,是一个充满着快乐、欢笑和好运的美好幸福场合。

67、"Every girl dreams of having a beautiful, romantic wedding," says Longoria. 朗格莉娅说:“每个女孩都梦想能有一个美好、浪漫的婚礼。

68、In modern day era, halter mermaid marriage ceremony dresses are surely styles that maintain sway more than approximately the fashion bridal wear hippodrome. 在现今的时代,露背美人鱼婚礼礼服肯定是摇摆风格,保持超过约时尚婚纱跑马场。

69、Yuan for my best friend's wedding. 我花费了1000 元在我最好朋友的婚礼上。

70、If you go to the wedding in this dress, you'll make a fool of yourself. 你要是穿这身去参加婚礼,你会出丑的。(每日一句11-21)

71、She said "The wedding dress was huge, I wanted to get my boogie on, so I had to change. 她说:“结婚礼服很大,但我想跳我的boogie舞,所以只好换裙子了。”

72、If such contractual arrangements are really just as good as marriage, then what is a wedding good for, other than cake? 如果这些契约性的协议真的像婚姻一样美好,那么除了蛋糕,婚礼对什么是有用的呢?

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