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导读: 48个,关于”鼓励幼儿学的话“的英语句子48个,句子主体:Encourage children to learn。以下是关于鼓励幼儿学的话的雅思英语句子。


关于”鼓励幼儿学的话“的英语句子48个,句子主体:Encourage children to learn。以下是关于鼓励幼儿学的话的雅思英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Encourage children to learn

1、It tells us about the feminists who think Hello Kitty infantilises women and encourages them to be servile, quoting their angry outpourings. 书中还说女权主义者认为凯蒂猫将女性幼儿化,鼓励女性屈服。

2、Kamen says there are two reasons he is encouraging students to partite in the Google Science Fair. 卡门说,他鼓励学生们参加谷歌科技博览会,是出于两个原因。

3、Feeding young infants requires active care and stimulation to encourage the child to eat. 喂养婴幼儿需要给予积极的照护和激发以便鼓励儿童进食。

4、They all explained the key concepts clearly, and beyond that, they also helped me in my studies and gave me encouragement. 苏文瑞是实战少林武术学会的会员。他说科大有很多好老师:“他们将重要的概念解释得清楚明瞭,又助我学习,给我鼓励。”

5、I do not regret my choice, and now my granddad's friend who works at the University of Pennsylvania as professor encourages me to apply to Upenn to study chemistry. 我不后悔我的选择,现在我爷爷的朋友,在宾夕法尼亚大学教授鼓励我申请到宾夕法尼亚大学学习化学。

6、I want to inspire you to take some more advanced courses albeit in another department. 我想鼓励你们选一些更深入的课程,尽管那是别的学院开的课

7、The prinl was able to change the minds of Askin’s parents by offering an incentive – a monthly child support allowance of $10 a month if they left their daughter in school. Senvic校长通过一项鼓励措施改变了Askin的父母主意,即如果他们让女儿继续上学的话,就每月支付他们一笔10美元的儿童助学金。

8、Flying Colours, like several other modern coursebooks, contains study advice or learner training aimed at encouraging learners 'to develop positive strategies', thus facilitating the learning process. 和其他几部现在教科书一样,《飞翔色彩》包含学习建议和意在鼓励初学者发展积极策略的培训,还加上促进学习过的过程。

9、Is to guide, inspire and encourage children to create new works vary. 是引导、启发、鼓励幼儿创造新异的作品。

10、This will encourage and facilitate greater scientific co-operation between China and Wales. 这将鼓励并促进中国和威尔士之间更多的科学合作。

11、By encouraging students to do their studying for all courses in the SDA facility, we hoped to continually reintroduce inter-disciplinary ideas into everyday conversations. 通过鼓励学生在SDA范畴内完成各项课程的学习任务,我们希望能在每天的交流中持续、反复强化跨学科理念。

12、Babies love repetition, which initially encourages them to mimic your voice and babble sounds and mimic words. 婴儿喜欢重复,首先可以鼓励他们模仿你的声音,让他们含糊不清地牙牙学语,模仿单词。

13、With the encouragement of one of my teachers, I also did some tutoring in math. 在一位老师的鼓励下,我做起了数学辅导。

14、Universities like MUC try to encourage students from different ethnic backgrounds to learn from each other and get to know each other, often through talent showcases. 中央民族大学(简称民大)鼓励不同民族背景的学生通过才艺展示等方式互相学习、互相了解。

15、In predictive environments, learning is often discouraged. You lay out things in advance and then follow that design. 在可预知的环境中,学习是不被鼓励的。你把事情预先安排好,然后照做就是了。

16、The preschoolers are taught the basics and then from age six onwards they are encouraged to go to formal schools even as they continue getting the support they need at the creche. 学龄前的儿童会被教导最基本的常识,而从xx岁开始,他们就被鼓励去正规学校上学,即使他们继续得到托儿所的支持。

17、They come for afflatus, for account, and for fun. 他们是为鼓励、细想跟乐趣而来。

18、Tangible rewards can teach and encourage self-discipline and end bad behaviour. 有形的奖赏可以训练和鼓励自律,并杜绝不良习惯。

19、Encourage teachers in teaching self-examination and research; simultaneously, fuel the studying development and originality. 鼓励教师教学反省与教学行动研究, 促进研究发展与创新。

20、Let children know the way to put on pullover. 让幼儿了解穿套衫的方法,并鼓励幼儿积极尝试。

21、It was my parents and friends who encouraged and consoled me again and again, and so I made the decision to stay here and continue with my studies. 是父母和朋友们一再的鼓励和安慰,让我下定决心留在这里继续生活和学习。

22、The Staffordshire academics report that a third of the polled football fans encouraged this type of reform. 斯塔福德郡的学者们报告,三分之一的受访球迷鼓励实行这种改革。

23、At my university we encourage students to travel abroad to one of our project centers for at least one of their project experiences. 在我的大学内,我们鼓励学生到我们的项目中心广泛旅游,以得到最少一种项目经验。

24、"We have to encourage consumers to buy, " he says. “我们必须鼓励客户买车”,他表示。

25、Our premiere “in-park” program for children and families is the Junior Ranger Program, encouraging children to “Explore. Learn. 我们为儿童和家庭举办的一个主要"园内"项目叫"少年管理员项目"(Junior Ranger Program),目的是鼓励儿童"探索、学习、保护"。


26、Increasingly, those entrepreneurial instincts are being fostered at school -- and at an early age. 那些创业的本能在学校里和在人们还小的时候就不断得到鼓励。

27、DFI, positioning itself as a design school of tomorrow, encourages its students to reflect the meaning of creativity and the responsibilities of a designer. DFI作为面向未来的设计学院一直鼓励着它的学子们思考创意的真义和设计师的责任。

28、Our teachers encouraged us to find as many ways as possible to work out this mathematics problem. 34. 老师鼓励我们尽可能多找出儿种方法来解这道数学题。

29、"Sange"'s performance was very good, has received their applause by the side younger brothers and sisters who study in our university. 其中,三哥大胆的表演很不错,得到了我们旁边学弟学妹们的掌声鼓励。

30、Thirdly, right policies and incentives have to be put in place to encourage every worker to acquire a positive attitude towards life-long learning and skills up- grading. 第三,正确的政策和奖励措施必须到位,以鼓励每名员工以积极的态度面对终身学习和技能提升。

31、Breastfeeding is not only encouraged by attachment parenting gurus, but by most of the medical community as well. 不但亲密育儿法的权威们鼓励母乳哺育,医学界的绝大部分人士也这么认为。

32、And there are a few regular children's programs that develop the child's interest in learning, amuse his or her curiosity to explore the unknown and encourage them to be creative. 还有些固定的儿童节目,能培养他们的学习兴趣,激发他们探索未知世界的好奇心,鼓励他们的创造性。

33、CELE will offer a 1000 RMB scholarship and certificate to any student who achieves an overall IELTS 7.5 within 6 months of taking a CELE IELTS course. 为了鼓励学习,我们提供奖学金和证书给优秀的学员。评定标准:在结束课程六个月内,雅思总分达到7.5。奖学金金额:1000元。

34、An advocate of 'total education, ' Vincent urges students to partite fully in university life. 作为“全人教育”的拥护者,郑元山鼓励学弟学妹们全面参与大学各项活动。

35、We now have a positive outlook on life and can upgrade ourselves continuously. What's more , we've also made some truly supportive friends. 现在我们享有乐观人生,也可以在安利天地堣断学习,充实自己,还得到了一群互相鼓励的朋友。

36、Wang suggested rural children be discouraged from attending university, “because as soon as rural kids start studying, they won't go back to their ancestral homes, which is a tragedy. 考虑到城市化对中华民族“xx年”的农耕文化的影响作用,王平建议,农村儿童不应被鼓励上大学,“因为农村的孩子一旦开始了学习,他们将不会再回到祖祖辈辈生活过的家乡,这将是一场悲剧。”

37、Since movement is crucial to this learning process, it should be encouraged from birth. Thus Rousseau was hostile to swaddling infants and to controlling toddlers with leading reins. 既然活动在这个学习过程是重要的,从婴儿时期就应该鼓励运用。因此卢梭反对所谓的缰绳引导,它们束缚了婴儿和控制了孩子的成长。

38、We'd be our daughters' support group, their all-round encouragers. 我们将会是女儿的支持团,她们永远的鼓励者。

39、Geraldine Doogue: Now to this utterly challenging matter of encouraging Australians, you and me and our children, to learn to speak more than just English. 现在轮到一个非常有争议的问题,就是鼓励澳大利亚人学习其他的语言。

40、Shortly after, with the encouragement of Stanford professor Fred Terman, they started HP. 不久后,在斯坦福大学教授弗雷德·特曼的鼓励下,他们创建了惠普。

41、Elf finished his school work in Beijing modern music school, he is a professional drumer. In beijing he had joined lots of bands, and also had. 精灵自幼习鼓,并在北京现代音乐学校完成学业,现在在许多学校专职教架子鼓。精灵在北京参加过许多乐队,有着丰富的演出经验,鼓点。

42、We promote intellectual, creative, and emotional growth in our students by providing a structured, supportive learning environment that encourages self-discovery and social responsibility. 我们提供组织合理的支持性的学习环境,鼓励学生自我认识和建立社会责任感,提升学生的智力,创新精神和情绪控制力!

43、The teacher encouraged us to find out as many ways as possible to work out this maths problem. 34. 老师鼓励我们尽可能多找出儿种方法来解这道数学题。

44、Rich Products Corporation's dynamic culture has been fostering innovation, cultivating learning and encouraging excellence since 1945. 自xx年以来,维益充满活力的企业文化就一直鼓励开拓创新,培养学习文化,追求完美卓越。

45、The AAP also recommends further research in this area to examine the long-term effects of early TV viewing on toddlers’ development. AAP同时也鼓励开展这一领域远期的研究----幼儿观看电视是否会有长远的影响。

46、encourage safe walking/bicycling to school and to other social activities; 鼓励安全地步行/骑自行车上学和前往其它社会活动场所;

47、We encourage guardians to perform the activities shown in the video with their children. 我们鼓励家长来重复碟片中所展示的儿童活动。

48、Her uncle, a professor of pediatrics, encouraged her to attend medical school, and she was admitted to the German Charles-Ferdinand University in Prague in 1914. 她的叔叔是一名小儿科教授,鼓励她学医。xx年她进入 布拉格查理大学。

49、He values education – when we were younger, he would tell me and my brother to constantly seek improvement in ourselves through learning. 当我们兄妹俩还是少年时,他就鼓励我们锐意进取,在学习中不断提升自己的价值。

50、He waved his hor as ift urge us on. 他挥挥手,似乎在鼓励咱们前进。


51、Partner with Ergo team to promote early reporting and prevent ergo- related injuries; 协助人机工程学小组鼓励员工汇报和预防与人机工程学相关的各种伤害;

52、So – let me encourage you to take action. 为此,请允许我鼓励你们采取行动。

53、Jenny’s success in school made it easy to encourage her outside interests. 珍妮在学校中的成就,更有利于鼓励她发展课外兴趣。

54、This promotes the combination of the plastic surgery with the cosmetic surgery as well as the formation of medical aesthetics and cosmetology. 我们不要排斥传统医学并鼓励传统医学与眼整形与美容医学的结合。

55、Instead of children only receiving a clroom book-learning education, we should encourage them to mingle with society and nature so that they can be more adaptable in society. 相反的儿童只有一间教室接受书本学习教育,我们应鼓励它们混杂在一起,社会和自然,使他们能够更加适应社会。

56、Parents of these children need to be encouraged to demand that schools take action, and pediatricians probably need to be ready to talk to the prinl. 必须鼓励家长们敢于要求学校采取行动。儿科医师可能需要准备与校长交谈。

57、I'm come to fetch you home; and I hope you'll be a dutiful daughter, and not encourage my son to further disobedience. 我是来把你带回家去的;我希望你作个孝顺的儿媳妇,不要再鼓励我的儿子不听话了。

58、She will encourage her 10-year-old twin daughters to hew to similar values when they start their college search, she says. 她说,等自己xx岁的双胞胎女儿选择大学时,她会鼓励她们秉承同样的价值理念。

59、These lanterns enable students to study after dark without using kerosene lamps and have encouraged local businesses by enabling villagers to work at night from their homes. 有了这些灯,学生们晚上学习就可以不用煤油灯,村民们可以在灯下工作,当地的经济也将受到鼓励。

60、We need to encourage scientists from other areas, such as immunology, even nanotechnology. 我们也需要鼓励诸如免疫学、甚至是纳米技术等其它领域的科学家参与。

61、From now on, we’ll be able to encourage the progress at schools like Ricci’s. 从现在开始,我们将鼓励能像里奇这样取得进步的学校。

62、Qian Liangliang, a career consultant at Zhaopin.com, encourages students to take part-time jobs which make good use of their campus knowledge. 智联招聘网职业顾问钱亮亮鼓励同学们去做兼职,以便更好地利用在学校里学到的知识。

63、He told New Scientist that stockpiling just one drug would encourage resistance. 他告诉《新科学家》说,只储备一种药物将鼓励耐药性。

64、It is essential not just that more girls stay in school, but also that they are taught science well, encouraged into science careers, and helped to stay in them. 关键不仅仅在于让更多的女孩上学,而且还在于好好地教给她们科学,鼓励她们从事科学职业,以及帮助她们坚持下去。

65、Discussions with the TAs and instructor are encouraged. 我们鼓励你与助教或讲师讨论。

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