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关于”好听的句子“的英语句子27个,句子主体:Nice sentence。以下是关于好听的句子的中考英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Nice sentence

1、The NBA players need to do the math, listen to the yawns, and look in the mirror. NBA球员最好去算算数,听听那片哈欠声,再照照镜子。

2、There’s just one thing left for us to do, and it’s your only chance, so attend very carefully to what I tell you. 咱们只有一个法子,这是你逃脱的唯一机会,好好听我说。

3、But to these words I hearkened in vain for a reply. I grew impatient. 谁知我说了这句话,怎么听都听不到一声回答。

4、And the organ pealed, and the children's voices in the choir sounded so sweet and soft! 风琴奏着音乐。孩子们的合唱是非常好听和可爱的。

5、Underneath this, the informed listener senses, there must lurk the familiar four-bar phrase of popular music, but Mozart never once spells this out. 聆听这样的演奏,那些有着良好音乐素养的听众会暗暗期待,相信总会有类似流行音乐里的四小节分句的东西出现,但是莫扎特从来不曾让他的听众轻易地把握他的意图。

6、If I could just come in here. I couldn't help overhearing. 我可以插句话吗?我无意中听到。

7、Listen up! Can I have your attention? 听着!你能好好听我说吗?

8、His language is a sort of mishmash of poorly used academic locutions: "worklife plans." It sounds almost like corporate speak, in a way. 他的语言是一种用得很不好的学术语句的混杂:,职业生涯计划,听起来就像是电脑在说话一样不自然。

9、And finally--get this--he folded her nightclothes and left them on a chair by the bed. 最后,你听这个,他把她的睡衣叠好放在床边的椅子上。

10、I would be sure to come to this class again and locate this friendly person. 我肯定还会来听这门课,并来寻找这个很友好的小伙子的。

11、Children have nerver been very good at listening to their elders, but they have nerver failed to imitate them. 孩子们从来不会好好听长辈的话,可是他们从来忘不了模仿长辈。---------巴舍拉尔(法)

12、Children at this age can hear the sound of letter combinations better now and can hear the phonic differences. 这个年龄的孩子已经可以更好地听清字词组合,也可以听清字词的不同处。

13、The " pah , pah " sound was heard. And little monkey said unhappily:"The watermelon is not delicious at all as it is said. 只听见“呸、呸、呸”的声音,小猴子苦着脸说:“说什么西瓜好吃,一点都不好吃。”

14、We can go to the cafe or restaurant afterwards。我们先去电影院吧, 我听说那里正在放一部很好看的片子。

15、Goes in her pocket, pulls out a tiny necklace locket, it's got a … 拉出一个小小的项链盒子,里面有张照片….beautifu .music box…超好听 …

16、Now, listen carefully. 现在,好好听着。

17、His face set when he heard such a word. 听到这句话,他当时就沉下了脸。

18、Women Current in the video singing a little tune, sound beautiful, good to hear. 一次女流在视频里唱的小调子,音质很美,很好听。

19、听到这句话,他当时就沉下了脸。His face set when he heard such a word.

20、We\'ve all heard this. Maybe said this. 我们都听过这句话,也许还说过。

21、That picture of the children being tasked to by the PrimeMinister is wonderful. 那张小孩子们正在聆听首相语言的照片照得十分好。

22、"I'm good" ---- so often heard these days ---- has a complacent and almost boastful ring, very different from that of "I'm well, thank you. 如今,随处可以听见“我状态不错”这句带有自鸣得意和几近傲慢的特质,这与“我身体很好,谢谢”迥然不同。

23、Helen: OK, why not. Let's hear it. 好吧。也好!说来听听。

24、It is said that a real good mirror can't be stained by the dust; 我听说一面真正好的镜子,任何灰尘都沾不上镜面的;

25、M: Oh, you've got to hear from someone! You're never home long enough to know them. 玛:但是,你总得听人说,你从来不在家久住,没法子好好了解他们。


26、In fact, we heard that kid is right here in the jungle. 实际上,我们听说那个孩子就正好在森林里。

27、Thenardier pretended not to hear this unamiable remark. 德纳第只装做没有听见这句不大客气的话。

28、"Such a pretty girl, " she thought she heard the Fifth Master say. "It's shame to make her a concubine of that old man. " 她好像听见五老爷对人说:“好个标致的姑娘,白白送给老头子做姨太太,真可惜。”

29、When it rained, funny sounds came from the splashing raindrop on the erbur leaf. 下雨了,雨点溅在款冬叶子上发出好听的声音。

30、Mother: That just goes to show you, dear, that eavesdroppers never hear any good of themselves. 妈妈:孩子,这只不过证明了,偷听者从来不会听到别人说自己的好话。

31、In other people'eyes, maybe I'm a docile child. Never to court disaster, study is also well, a typical representative who is a lambkin. 在别人眼里,我可能是一个听话的好孩子,从不惹祸,学习也挺好,是一个让父母省心的乖孩子的典型代表。

32、Actually I'm fine, I just haven't get used to it. I just feel unhappy for a while, miss someone in a moment and feel sad when hearing some familiar words. 实在我很好,只是不习惯,只是会偶然好受一下,只是会在某一霎时忽然很想某个人,只是会在听到某一句熟习的话时很难过。

33、He's helping them keep time. Without him, the music might not sound good. 他在帮他们打拍子。没有他,音乐可就没那么好听了。

34、Ed's wife is a strong-minded woman and leads him around by the nose. 以德的妻子是一个好强的女生,他什么事都得听她的。

35、Children can share their thoughts on them, because they are the best listener; 孩子可以对它们倾诉自己的心事,因为它们是最好的倾听者;

36、You will often hear the phrase "you can achieve anything if you want it bad enough" most of us dismiss it as a line from a movie or something told to children at a sports carnival. 你可能会经常听到这样一句话,“做好最坏的打算,你就能无往不胜”。

37、Before leaving , P said :"Do not bloat, maybe we'll meet again in years. "That's the last word I heard from him , I'll never forget. 临走时大P说:“别得意,搞不好折腾了几年还是我们俩。”这是我听到他说的最后一句话,我永远都忘不了。

38、Children have never been very good at listening to their elders, but they have never failed to imitate them. ---------J. Baldwin. 孩子从来不好好听从长辈,但他们从来不会不模仿长辈。-----------鲍德温。

39、We could hear the experience, into a story, seem very light. 传给我们听得时候,变成了故事,好像很轻淡的样子。

40、A wise son heeds his father's instruction, but a mocker does not listen to rebuke. - Proverbs 13:1, The Bible. 智慧的儿子听从父亲的教训,好讥笑人的不听责备。-圣经:箴言13:1。

41、If you haven’t heard of Guy Macon’s Original Post before, you should check it out. 如果你之前从未听过马扎小子的邮件,那么你真该好好的搜出来看看。

42、I would never have known what it meant to build a sandcastle or smell a flower or listen to great music or have a good friend. 我从来不知道建立一个沙子城堡是什么或者是闻一闻花或者是听好听的音乐或者是有一个好朋友。

43、The doctor nodded, "It's alright, now that we have your sinus' cleared up, we'll work on your hearing next! 医生点点头说:“好吧,现在你的鼻子看好了,下一步就该医治你的听力了。”

44、We all sit quietly and pay attention teaching how to be good listeners is important too – and then wildly applaud when the speech is finished! 我们都安静的坐好并专心的听着--教孩子如何作一名好的听众也很重要--然后当演说结束后热烈的鼓掌。

45、Return of course some are more blackguardly is, link you today, will link yours tomorrow take out, say sentence not Orphean, the family becomes you LULU! 当然还有些更无赖的就是,今天链接你的,明天就把你的链接去掉,说句不好听的,人家把你当LULU了!

46、She touched the son's head and said to his father, "You have such a good son. He is both obedient and hardworking." 她摸着儿子的头夸奖说:“你儿子又听话学习又好,你真有福气!”

47、The tone differs from place to place — listening to a German official denounce deficits, my wife whispered, “We’ll all be handed whips as we leave, so we can flagellate ourselves.” 不过,不同地方说话的调子不同——听到德国官员谴责财政赤字,我太太悄声说“走时大家人人都好像给了把鞭子,回家好好抽打自己。”

48、Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen. 不健康的言语,一句不可出口,只要随事说造就人的好话,叫听见的人得益处。

49、I think they are, literally. It sounds like they're renovating. 我想他们是在拆房子,就跟你说的一样。听起来他们好像在装修。

50、She touched the son's head and said to his father, "You he such a good son. He is both obedient and hardworking." 她摸着儿子的头夸奖说:“你儿子又听话学习又好,你真有福气!”


51、Take that Yankees. 好好听听,这是北方佬

52、One day, her voice enchants a prince passing through a nearby forest. 一天,一个恰好经过树林的王子听见了她的歌声。

53、There aring a lot of secrets in the man heart can't say literally that let wife listen to. 男人心中有好多秘密不能随便说给妻子听。

54、For example, if you go to an interview for a position for which thousands of people are competing with you, you are actually a leaf that matches the final flower-the final winner. 好比你去面试一个有上万人竞争的岗位,而这个岗位只招一个人,那么说句不好听的话,你是去当绿叶的,你是去衬最后一朵红花的。

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