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导读: 54个,关于”动物的句型“的英语句子54个,句子主体:Animal sentence patterns。以下是关于动物的句型的五年级英语句子。


关于”动物的句型“的英语句子54个,句子主体:Animal sentence patterns。以下是关于动物的句型的xx年级英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Animal sentence patterns

1、Now, various kinds of animals including mice, rats, rabbits, and nonhuman primates were experimented as animal models. 动物模型种类较多,包括小鼠、大鼠、豚鼠、兔和猴等都被作为炭疽的动物模型加以研究。

2、Immunodeficient animals are animal models that are suitable for medical research. 免疫缺陷动物是研究免疫相关疾病的良好动物模型。

3、Most of the newly unveiled species are microscopic—no new mammals or large animals have been found so far. 截至到日前,还没有新的哺乳动物或是大型动物被发现,所发现的新物种大多是微型生物。

4、These include social rodents, dolphins, whales, elephants, horses, social carnivores (such as wolves and hyenas), and primates -- including humans. 这些动物包括了社会型的啮齿类动物、海豚、鲸鱼、马、社会型的食肉动物(例如狼和鬣狗),以及灵长类动物——包括人类。

5、The Review on Animal Model of Exercise Fatigue; 孩子们用制型纸制作动物模型。

6、Big, meat-eating animals are in trouble. 大型肉食动物遇到了麻烦。

7、Does it use cells or animal models? 它使用细胞还是动物模型?

8、What's improved, commercial intervention accelerates the improvement of fashion industry and the updating of styling technique, which is a typical "chain"and the motivation of styling development. 可以说,商业的投入直接推动了时尚产业的蓬勃发展,推动了人物造型手段的不断更新。这就是一个典型的“链”,一个人物造型延绵发展的动力。

9、Conclusion The experimental dog model of TCPC is closed to clinical operation procedure and is a reliable, acute animal model. 结论犬心外管道全腔静脉肺动脉吻合术动物模型与临床实际术式相接近,是一种可靠的急性动物实验模型;

10、Common quarry includes eggs and small birds, but skuas also feed on small mammals and fish. 通常的猎物包括蛋和小型鸟类,也有小型哺乳动物和鱼。

11、Bilateral scent pig ock island flap pedicled circle deep iliac artery and vein is an ideal animal flap model. 以旋髂深动静脉的直接皮动脉为蒂的岛状皮瓣是理想的轴型皮瓣动物模型;

12、The animal basis moves the level to be allowed to divide into two activities and the non- activity. 动物根据活动水平可以分为两类: 活动型的和非活动型的。

13、Objective:To set up Laboratory animal model for HEV on wild rodents; 目的:建立野鼠为戊型肝炎的动物模型。

14、Some large animals, jackals, wolves and so on, there are rainbow trout and other rare animals. 大型动物有约、豺、狼等,珍稀动物有虹鳟鱼等。

15、Typically, this is a fish-eat-fish affair, with vegetarians like krill taking their place at the bottom (phytoplankton are plants, whereas zooplankton are animals). 这是典型的涉及在食物链底端(浮游植物是植物,反之浮游动物是动物)的象磷虾等植食动物的鱼吃鱼的事件。

16、Rodentia is the most plenteous race in the world. It's biom is great and it's size is small. 啮齿动物是当今世界最繁盛的动物种群,其生物量与其他动物相比,是十分大的,而其体型却很小。

17、Conclusions Experimental polymyositis model of rats can be induced by logous skeletal muscle genate. 结论用同种大鼠肌匀浆免疫动物可诱导出多发性肌炎的动物模型;

18、The graptolite fauna belongs to the Zhujiang sub-form of Huanan form with typical characteristics of the Pacific graptolite fauna. 该笔石动物群属于华南型的珠江亚型,具有典型的太平洋型动物群的特点。

19、AIM:To establish a rat model of chronic myocardial ischemia and probe into the experimental techniques for constructing the animal models. 目的:建立慢性心肌缺血大鼠动物实验模型,探讨动物模型构建的关键技术点。

20、Results: The mimesis accuracy of Grey pharmainetics model was higher than that of traditional ones. 结果:灰色物动力学模型比传统的药物动力学模型拟合精度高。

21、Amphioxus represents the transitional type of animals from invertebrate to vertebrate. 文昌鱼代表由无脊椎动物进化到脊椎动物的过渡类型。

22、You can go on many animal rides. 你能过很多动物类型的山车。

23、The cat-sized animal, which is reported in the Journal of Zoology, looks like a cross between a miniature antelope and a small anteater. 据《动物学杂志》报道,这种哺乳动物的体型和猫差不多,看上去像是小型羚羊和食蚁兽的交合体。

24、And you can interact with the complement, the pive visualizations in a very nice way. 你可以和物质进行互动,和被动型直观化里的物质,完美地互动。

25、Objective. To validate a large animal model for spine fusion and biomaterial research. 目的:大型动物模型在脊椎融合和生物材料研究的可行性研究。


26、OBJECTIVE:To construct an animal model of delayed cubitus varus. 目的建立缓发型肘内翻畸形动物模型。

27、Methods:Build the model of animal's sports injury and the model of taper and detraining. 方法:建立动物运动损伤模型及减量 训练和停训模型。

28、ObjectiveTo investigate the anti-inflammatory effect of the extract of Artemisia rupestris L. (ARE) . 目的采用不同类型的炎症动物模型评价一枝蒿(AR)提取物的抗炎作用。

29、Objective To establish an animal model for research of orthodontic tooth movement. 目的建立正畸牙移动的实验动物模型。

30、Amphioxus is a humble small animals, but it is no vertebrate evolution from lower to higher vertebrate animals in the middle of the transition, but also ancestors of the model. 文昌鱼虽然是不起眼的小动物,但它是从低级无脊椎动物进化到高等脊椎动物的中间过渡的动物,也是脊椎动物祖先的模型。

31、The Bryozoa is a group of small, sessile, filter-feeding, aquatic, colonial animals. 苔藓动物为一类底栖、滤食性、营附着生活的小型水生群体动物。

32、Objective To duplicate the animal model of drinking brick-tea type fluorosis. 目的复制饮茶型氟中毒动物病理模型。

33、D-galactose-induced pathologic animal model were divided into 4 types :①free radical injury induced-brain senile model; 根据药物在动物病理模型的应用情况,将之分为4个类型的病理模型:①自由基损伤诱导脑老化模型;

34、Some of the animals were better swimmers than others because they were much bigger and stronger. 有些动物比其它动物游得好,因为牠们体型大又壮的多。

35、Feeds on small crustaceans and fishes (Ref. 1602). 吃小型甲壳动物与鱼。

36、A wolverine is a small, fierce mammal. 貂熊是一种小型,凶猛的哺乳动物。

37、The biom of macrobenthos is higher in Autumn while that of meiobenthos tends to be higher in both Spring and Autumn. 黄海冷水团水域大型底栖动物生物量秋季比较大,而小型底栖动物生物量存在春、秋两季的高值。

38、Objective:To establish the animal model of skeletal fluorosis caused by coal-burning. 目的:复制不同类型燃煤型氟骨症动物模型。

39、Motion sickness models generally include animal and clinical experiment models. 晕动病模型一般包括动物模型和临床试验模型。

40、He’s an 18)omnivore, and what a trainer would call food-driven. 他是杂食动物,驯兽师称之为“食物驱动型”。

41、To study the seasonal dynamics of macrozoobenthos community in Xiangxi River, the individuals of macrozoobenthos in the River were quantitatively monitored. 通过大型底栖动物的量化监测,对香溪河水系大型底栖动物季节动态进行研究。

42、She says numerous species are targeted, from turtles and snakes, along with much larger animals. 她说,除了大型的动物,像乌龟、蛇等许多小型的动物也是偷猎的对象。

43、ObjectiveTo establish a model of chronically cyanotic heart disease. 目的探讨建立兔紫绀型心脏病动物模型的方法。

44、These animals are small herbivores that are most likely the ancestors of the giant apatosaurus (once known as brontosaurus). 这些动物是小型食草动物,极可能是巨型虚幻龙属(一度被称为“雷龙”)的祖先。

45、Some of the brain-based chemical changes that occur in a lean animal simply don't occur in an obese animal," he said. 体型纤瘦的动物的大脑会发生一些化学变化,而体型肥胖的动物的大脑则不会发生这些变化”,他说。

46、These archetypal eerie animals are the only mammals that subsist solely on blood. 这些原始型的可怕动物是唯一一种以吸血为生的哺乳动物。

47、the other group feeding on copepods (small crustaceans) and shrimp. 另一群以桡脚类动物(小型甲壳类动物)和虾为食。

48、Conclusion This animal model is reliable of cardiac allograft vasculopathy. 结论该模型是一种可靠的移植物血管病的动物模型。

49、Antell has 25 years to tame the large-scale cat branch animal the experience, tames the large-scale cat branch animal total to surp 350. 安特尔有xx年驯养大型猫科动物的经验,驯养大型猫科动物总数超过350只。

50、Among its prey would have been insects, small mammals, amphibians and possibly small dinosaurs that lived in the swamps and forests of the late Cretaceous. 它所能捕食的猎物包括昆虫、小型哺乳动物、两栖动物以及可能生活在沼泽和森林后白垩纪的小型恐龙。


51、A tree dwelling marsupial of Asian origin. 原产亚洲的树居型有袋动物…

52、Animal model is an important tool for experimental research, however, date to now, there is no ideal animal model for osteonecrosis of femoral head. 动物模型是实验研究的重要工具,然而,到目前为止,还没有理想的股骨头坏死的动物模型。

53、Animal bones unearthed are categorized as herbivores, mainly cattle (Bos), horse (Equus) and deer (Hydropotes). 出土的动物骨骼经鉴定多为牛、马、鹿类等大型食草性动物。

54、Methods We proceed stretch experiment on elbow joint ulnar nerve of animal model with reproducing fluorosis animal model. 方法复制氟中毒动物模型,取动物模型肘关节尺神经进行拉伸实验。

55、Tigers, big cats carnivorous species. 虎,大型猫科食肉类动物。

56、Know different types of animals, such as water animal and bird . 认知不同类型的动物,例如水生动物,鸟类等。

57、Establishing animal models is one of the methods in the research field of sports kinetics. 运用动物实验的方法建立动物模型是运动人体科学研究领域的一种方法。

58、We found a total of 38 species, belonging to 23 families, 8 cles and 7 phyla, most of them were arthropods and mollusks. 共发现大型底栖动物38种,隶属7门8纲23科,主要为软体动物、节肢动物和环节动物多毛类。

59、The Manchurian tiger is the typical forests inhabit animal. 东北虎是典型的林栖动物。

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