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关于”秋天的句子“的英语句子24个,句子主体:Autumn sentences。以下是关于秋天的句子的小学英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Autumn sentences

1、When I'm watching him play, it's like I'm enjoying the fruits of my labors. 当我看着儿子打球的时候,感觉就像秋天里收获劳动的果实。

2、There is a breath of autumn in the air today. 今天的天气已露出了一丝秋天的气息。

3、On this day, many children use pomelo peels to make hats and they wear them for fun. 中秋这一天,孩子们喜欢把柚子皮做成帽子,戴上后很好玩。

4、Autumn is still warm in Xizhen. 西镇的秋天还很暖和。

5、Don't let the bride eat the autumn eggplant. 不要让新娘吃秋天的茄子。

6、In fall, the wind blows the leaves off the trees. 秋天时,风把叶子从树上吹落。

7、Autumn comes , it gets cooler and cooler. The sky is blue and the clouds are white. You would say autumn is blue and white. 秋天到了,天气变得越来越冷。天空是蓝的,云是白色的。你会说秋天是蓝色和白色的。

8、the weather in september was positively autumnal. 我喜欢收集秋天赤褐色的叶子。

9、i think autumn is the most beautiful season in a year. 秋天时叶子变黄。

10、Teresa told her son that leaves turn yellow in autumn. 特丽萨告诉儿子秋天树叶变黄。

11、It is a common belief that sharp frosts color the autumn leaves. 一般人都以为秋天叶子的颜色是由急骤的霜冻造成的。

12、IV. Or picture the unlighted house, empty at fall of night. 第四,无爱的生物就像一间没有光亮的屋子,在秋天的夜色中空荡荡的。

13、I’m the tallest boy in the class. 我是班上个子最知高的男孩 Autumn is the best season in New York 秋天是纽约最道好的季节。

14、Leo:It's very windy in the fall. The wind blows the flowers and… oh, My hat! 秋天是多风的风吹着花和…天啊! 我的帽子!

15、It was a crisp autumn evening . 那是一个天朗气清的秋天的黄昏。

16、Oh, my God, Rach. Beanbag chairs. 哦我的天,瑞秋,充气椅。

17、I like to collect russet autumn leaves. 我喜欢收集秋天赤褐色的叶子。

18、There eis a breath of autumn in the air today. 今天的天气显出了一丝秋意。

19、there ia breath of autumn in the air today. 九月的天气确实像秋天了。

20、In autumn,the weather is very dry and cool. 秋天的时候,天气很干燥和凉爽。

21、Autumn, is a harvest day, autumn, of course, is the most common fruit, orchard fruit of joy, the joy of exposing their harvest. 秋日,是一个丰收的日子,秋天里,最常见当然是水果,果园里果农的欢乐,暴露了他们丰收的喜悦。

22、Sky blue, the fall grass fragrance is in heart's heaven. 天蓝蓝,秋草香是心中的天堂。

23、In autumn,the weather is very dry and cool. 秋天的时候,天气很干燥和凉爽。

24、Autumn has arrived, and will fall Kapok fluff and seeds. 秋天来临了,会落下木棉花的绒毛和。

25、Qishuang autumn sky, climate is dry, the elderly in the autumn to early to bed and early to rise. 秋季天高气爽,气候干燥,老年人在秋天要早睡早起。


26、In the fall, I like to watch the leaves falling from the trees. 秋天里了,我喜欢看到叶子从树上落下来。

27、Leaves fall down from trees in autumn. 在秋天,很多叶子都从树上飘落。

28、That little boy asked his parents why the leaves fall from the trees in autumn. 那个小男孩问他的父母为什么树在秋天掉叶子。

29、A deer casts its horn in autumn. 鹿在秋天脱落的角。

30、Summer-born children are considerably less likely to attend top universities than pupils with autumn birthdays, according to research published today. 今天公布的一项研究显示,比起秋天出生的孩子,夏天出生的孩子考上顶尖大学的概率要小得多。

31、If I were a reed, in these days of deep autumn, the girl of autumn changed my look and gave me a furry coat. 假如我是一支的芦苇,在这秋意浓浓的日子里,秋天姑娘改变了我的模样,给了我毛茸茸的外衣。

32、Autumn is quite pleasant, but winters are cold. 秋天的气候宜人,冬天则寒冷。

33、The cool night time, will cover the quilt, but during the day but still very hot. 秋凉的时候,夜里要盖被子了,可是白天却依然很热。

34、Ah yes, summer's out and autumn's in. 哦,好耶,夏天结束了,秋天来了。

35、We could smell the last barbequed breezes of summer, and the newly fallen leaves of autumn. 我们甚至闻到了最后一次夏天烤肉的气味,还有刚刚落下来的秋天叶子的味道。

36、There is a breath of autumn in the air today. 今天的天气已露出了一丝秋天的气息。

37、I like autumns, for there are lots of leaves falling from trees in autumns. I like the feel of treading on the fallen leaves. 我喜欢秋天,因为秋天会有很多叶子从树上落下来。我喜欢踩在落叶上的感觉。

38、In autumn the leaves on the trees all turn yellow. 秋天树上的叶子都变黄了。

39、And drama is autumn. 而百花凋零的时候是秋天。

40、Autumn leaves that are golden today are often gone tomorrow. 秋天的叶子今天还是金黄,明天可能就凋落了。

41、In the autumn of 2007, Jiang Chunyang sent his son to private senior middle school with money. 2007年秋天,姜春浩花钱将儿子送进私立高中。

42、Making leaf rubbings is a nice way to celebrate autumn with the kids. 制作叶子拓片是和孩子们一起庆祝秋天的好办法。

43、The trees were naked during autumn.秋天里树木都

44、They spent two weekends this fall, repairing homes in Jonesville, Virginia. 今年秋天,他们花了2个周末修缮在弗吉尼亚Jonesvilles的房子。

45、When it's an autumn leaf. 当这张叶子是一张秋天的叶子时。

46、in autumn,the weather is very dry and cool. 秋天的时候,天气很干燥和凉爽。

47、I like to collect russet autumn leaves. 我喜欢收集秋天赤褐色的叶子。

48、When autumn comes leaves turn yellow. 当秋天来到的时候叶子都变黄了。

49、In autumnal evening very cool, the quilt became thin easy cold, receive the towelling coverlet of summer so. 秋天夜里很凉,被子薄了轻易感冒,所以把夏天的毛巾被收起来吧。

50、In the fall, the leaves of both types turn a brilliant red. 在秋天这两种叶子会变成鲜艳的红色。


51、The group Friends of a primary school children off a piece of leaf said, I want to pick up a piece of autumn home. 群友一位上小学的孩子摘下一片秋叶说,我要摘一片秋天带回家。

52、Autumn, , banyan tree leaves turn yellow, autumn mother-in-law deeply breathed a sigh of relief. 秋天,榕树一些叶子变黄了,秋婆婆深深地吹了一口气。

53、And yellow leaves of autumn which have no songs , flutter and fall there with a sign. 秋天的落叶,它们曲子可唱,一声叹息,飘零在地上。

54、I felt autumn all around me, even in the heat and humidity that will just not let up where we are. 我能够感觉到整个秋天把我包围起来,甚至我的心里也是秋天的影子,潮湿也并不能够使我停止下来。

55、there is a breath of autumn in the air today. 九月的天气确实像秋天了。

56、"Today, right now, is a wonderful day, " says computer scientist Pausch, here with son Logan, 3, last fall. “此刻的今天真是美妙的一天”去年秋天,与三岁的儿子洛根一起嬉戏的计算机专家Pausch说道。

57、At the time their son and daughter are like the swallows go out from their nest and fly far apart from each other, the autumn of life also dyed mother'sr hair to be grey. 岂不知儿女们长大一天,她们就接近了秋日一天,待儿女们像燕子出巢,飞向天南地北的时日,秋色也就染白了她们的发鬓。

58、The erflies that return south are the great-great grandchildren of the erflies that left for the north. 这年秋天飞回南方的蝴蝶是这年春天飞回北方的蝴蝶的曾曾孙子。

59、The fields in autumn are fruity. 秋天的田野果实累累。

60、I like to collect russet autumn leaves. 我喜欢收集秋天赤褐色的叶子。

61、I needed some falling leafs on the ground for autumn scene and the leaves. 我需要关于秋天现场,地面的树叶落了一些叶子。

62、Fall girl marched slowly toward the pace of nature, she was like a magician, put into a colorful autumn leaves. 秋姑娘迈着姗姗步伐走向大自然,她像一位魔术师,把秋天的叶子变成了五颜六色。

63、The autumns in Beijing are very beautiful. 北京的秋天都很美。

64、If I were a chrysanthemum flower, in these days of deep autumn, the girl of autumn had bestowed me life. 假如我是一朵菊花,在这秋意浓浓的日子里,秋天姑娘赐予我生命。

65、Here are four distinct, and letting a hundred flowers bloom in spring, summer, tree-lined, better weather in the fall, winter makeup silver-wrapped. 在这里四季却是分明的,春天百花齐放、夏天绿树成荫、秋天秋高气爽、冬天银妆素裹。

66、Autumn rain, the weather cool day by day. 秋雨绵绵,天气一天比一天凉爽。

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