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导读: 23个,关于”介绍年龄的句子“的英语句子23个,句子主体:Sentences introducing age。以下是关于介绍年龄的句子的专业英语句子。


关于”介绍年龄的句子“的英语句子23个,句子主体:Sentences introducing age。以下是关于介绍年龄的句子的专业英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Sentences introducing age

1、Based upon introduction of land use scope and conditions in greening of city rivers the principles for tree selection is mentioned. 介绍了柳江造纸厂的企业基本情况,重点阐述了该厂原料林基地规划布局、树种选择以及主伐年龄、轮伐期和产量情况。

2、E Stevens, An Introduction to Oriental Mysticism (1974); 电子邮件史蒂文斯介绍东方神秘主义( xx年) ;

3、She briefed her lawyer on the case. 她向律师简要介绍了这个案子。

4、Jeong door lookout middle-aged man said he came here Kandian few days, a friend introduced. 门口望风的中年男子郑某说,他来这里看店没几天,是朋友介绍的。

5、Women Group:No age limit. 女子组:年龄不限。

6、Choose Age Appropriate Toys: Safe toys are synonomous with age appropriate toys. 选择适当年龄的玩具:玩具是安全与孩子的年龄是对应的。

7、The construction and operation principle of a long melting life water-cooled cupola was described. 介绍长龄水冷冲天炉的结构及工作原理,分析风眼漏水和炉体挂渣的原因。

8、A kind of semi-implicit methods for nonlinear equations; 介绍了一种新的移动粒子半隐式方法。

9、Recent progresses in the studies of macromolecular prodrugs are summarized on types of main chain of macromolecular. 按大分子主链分类,介绍了近年来大分子前药的研究进展。

10、If the customer is professional, we can recommend and introduce with pertinence . 如果是驾龄较长的客户,推荐、介绍时可以采用相对专业的语言;

11、The college said five students aged between 16 and 50-plus took part in the cles, and said the reactions were overwhelmingly positive. 据南泰晤士学院介绍,共有五名学生修了这门课,年龄最小的有xx岁,最大的有50多岁,学生对课程的反响非常好。

12、He/She is five feet six inches.(5英尺6英寸)(1公分=0.39英寸;1英尺=12英寸)

13、  If you don't mind, could you tell me your age? 如果你不介意,可否告诉我你的年龄?

14、The concept of T-unit ("the minimal terminable unit") is first introduced and then applied to test the students' writing ability. 第二章介绍“最小可终止单位”的概念并运用它来检测不同年级和同xx年级不同班级学生的句法成熟性。

15、The current advance in molecular biology of bioaerosol is mainly introduced. 主要介绍近年来生物气溶胶在分子生物学方面的研究进展。

16、Anonymous. " Woodruff introduced the six bottle carton in 1923." 伍德拉夫介绍了六瓶纸箱于xx年。

17、The overall annual age-standardized prevalence rates ranged between 29-37/1000 for males and 38-46/1000 for females. xx年间所有年龄的男性标准化盛行率介于29-37/1000,女性标准化盛行率介于38-46/1000。

18、This was the introduction to an email I received from Neil Boorman last August. 这是我在去年 8 月收到的 Neil Boorman 的电子邮件的开头介绍。

19、Recent studies on carbolithiation reaction including both inter - and intra - molecular reactions as well as enantionselective reactions are reviewed. 介绍了近年来碳锂化反应在分子间和分子内以及不对称反应方面的研究进展。

20、I introduced the valedictorian of the Cl of 2006. 我介绍了xx年毕业生的第一名。

21、A study of six children with ADEM (mean age at presentation 7.7 years) were tested for a range of neurocognitive tests after an average of 3.5 years of recovery. 研究六个孩子与脑脊髓炎(平均年龄在介绍7.xx年)进行了测试一系列神经认知测试后平均3.xx年的复苏。

22、We don't ask the respondents about their ages directly but provide them an age range to choose. 我们不会直接问被调查者的年龄,而是提供年龄区间供他们选择 这句话英文怎么说。

23、Set off firecrackers 放鞭炮的英语介绍3)Sweeping the dust扫尘的英语介绍。

24、Kyoko, 20, is half his age. 他的年龄是xx岁的恭子的两倍。

25、Do I mind telling my age? 我会介意说出我的年龄吗?


26、The deputation about of the author of the book; 其次介绍关于《管子》书作者的争议;

27、A new phenomenon of single- event upset is introduced. 综合介绍一种新的单粒子作用现象。

28、First Ann and Ken introduce themselves, then the BINGO Kids introduce themselves. 首先安和肯做了自我介绍,然后宾果少年们也做了介绍。

29、This section describes the SQL statements that were introduced with IDS 11.50.xC3 to support savepoint processing. 本节介绍了 IDS 11.50.xC3 为了支持保存点处理而引入的 SQL 语句。

30、Simply introduce the concepts of the population age structure. 简单介绍有关人口年龄结构的相关概念。

31、Despite the age of these archaeological findings, it is believed vine was introduced in Sardinia by Pnicians, during the period in which they occupied the island. 虽然这些结果年龄考古,它被认为是撒丁岛藤介绍了腓尼基人,在这期间,他们占领了该岛。

32、Older dads' children are 'less intelli… 爸爸年龄大孩子不聪明?……

33、However, in men aged between 45 and 54 years with precipitated AUR , there was an almost 24-fold increase in mortality compared to the general population. 然而,在为男子,年龄介乎45及xx年与沉淀金子,有一个近24倍,死亡率增加相比,向一般人群传播。

34、The major methods within two paradigms:statistics-based and rule-based, are discussed in detail. 本文详细地介绍了xx年代以来国内对汉语部分句法研究的方法以及研究动态。

35、The right selection and application process thereof are introduced. 介绍了原子灰的正确选择和施工应用。

36、Howerver, I don't care of your age, gender and anything. 我唔会介意你哋嘅年龄,性别…所有野。

37、The fourth chapter Wang Zian mixing comments terminology; 第四章介绍了《王子安集注》的注释术语;

38、First you need to include your basic information, such as your name, age, gender and major, etc. 首先你要介绍自己的基本情况,像名字、军龄、性别和专业等等。

39、The study included 261 116 women aged 15 to 44 years. 本研究包括了年龄介于15到xx岁之间的261,116名女性。

40、Finally, the significance of aluminium cers research is given. 最后介绍了研究铝原子簇的意义。

41、Introduction Pujiang Innovation Forum 2011 Annual Meeting of the agenda, partints, the forum introduced and technical support. 浦江创新论坛:介绍浦江创新论坛xx年年会的会议日程、参会人员、论坛介绍以及技术支持。

42、Would you mind disclosing your age? 你介意公开你的年龄吗?

43、Brian Goetz's " Introduction to generic types in JDK 5.0" (developerWorks, December 2004) introduces you to language changes to support generics. Brian Goetz 撰写的“ 介绍 JDK 5.0 中的泛型”(developerWorks,2004 年 12 月)介绍了泛型支持上的语言变化。

44、Bolden was born Aug. 15, 1890, according to the Gerontology Research Group, a Los Angeles organization that tracks the ages of the world's oldest people. 据洛杉矶的老人科学研究组织介绍,波尔顿出生于xx年xx月xx日。这一组织专门负责追踪世界上寿命最长老人的年龄。

45、The next sections show the mapping of query statements from weblogic-ql element to ejb-ql element. 下一部分将介绍 weblogic-ql 元素到 ejb-ql 元素的查询语句映射。

46、Li said that every year he will buy seeds of loofah and plant them in spring. 据李先生介绍,他每年都会从集市上买回丝瓜种子,开春种下。

47、Then one day, a young woman (Yeo Min-jeong) introduces herself as the 'manner teacher'. 然后有一天,一名年轻女子 (Yeo Min-贞) 介绍了自己作为 '方式老师'。

48、As a girl gets older, and still doesn't have a boyfriend, parents will be pestering non-stop, friends and relatives will keep a lookout for someone suitable. 女孩子年龄一大,如果还没有男朋友,父母就会一天天地催,亲戚朋友也会不停地帮你介绍对象。

49、The ages of a father and son add up to 66. The father’s age is the son’s age reversed. 父亲和儿子的年龄加起来xx岁,父亲的年龄是儿子年龄的颠倒数,他们俩多大?

50、People between the ages of 15 and 55. 年龄介于15到xx岁。


51、Chapter 1 mainly introduces the aging process of population and the construction surveys of apartment for the aged; 第一章主要介绍了人口老龄化和老年公寓的建设概况;

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