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导读: 51个,关于”安慰别人的句子“的英语句子51个,句子主体:Comforting sentences。以下是关于安慰别人的句子的高一英语句子。


关于”安慰别人的句子“的英语句子51个,句子主体:Comforting sentences。以下是关于安慰别人的句子的高一英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Comforting sentences

1、The people took the young man home alive and were greatly comforted. 有人把那童子活活的领来、得的安慰不少。

2、This is a kind of comfortable, happy smoothness . 这是一种令人安心、快慰的均匀。

3、Pour countries comfort him. 倾国安慰着他。

4、Snail mother comforted him: "So we have the shell ah!" 小蜗牛妈妈安慰它:“所以,我们有壳子保护我们呀!”

5、Panax(Ginseng) -Panacea or Placebo? 人参——万灵丹还是安慰剂?

6、When I was frustrated when, need someone to comfort you so-called "good friends" not only does not comfort me, but also to sprinkle salt on my wounds, you know what it's like it? 当我沮丧时,需要有人来安慰你所谓的“好朋友”不仅不安慰我,而且在我的伤口上洒盐,你知道它是什么样子的?

7、whence shall I seek comforters for thee? 我何处寻得安慰你的人呢。

8、Our good neighbours came everyday with the kindest condolence , and fixed a time in which they were all to assist at repairing my former dwelling. 邻居人家天天过来安慰我们,又安排了时间,帮助补葺那被烧的房子。致以深切的慰问并望节哀自重。

9、I've seen many girls do it so, " said Amy consolingly." 我看到很多女孩子都这样打扮,”艾美安慰道。

10、LeEr comfort him. 乐儿安慰着他。

11、The next step in stopping the biting behavior is to create empathy by comforting the biting victim. 要阻止孩子咬人的第二步是通过安慰被咬的孩子来表示对弱者的同情。

12、don't let it get you down. it will be over with soon. 不要让这件事击垮你。

13、我知道,对你们来说,这是一个非常艰难的时刻, 你在我心中. Please let me know if you need anything. 如果需要什么请告诉我。

14、He did his best to comfort the old man. 他尽力地去安慰老人。

15、He could feel her forever near him, comforting him. 他觉得她的影子会永远依傍他,安慰他。

16、Are you comforting yourself or comforting the fears and hopelessness that was written all over my face? 你是在安慰自己或者安慰我脸上写满的担心和绝望么?

17、And they brought the young man alive, and were not a little comforted. 有人把那童子活活的领来,得的安慰不小。

18、In the same loving way he welcomed the other son. 他以同样的爱来柔声安慰和肯定他的大儿子。

19、Special comforters soothe and condition skin to help prevent irritation . 特别被子安慰和条件,帮助防止皮肤发炎。

20、That dull child's mother is deluding herself with dreams of his future success. 这个傻孩子的母亲自我安慰地幻想着,将来这个孩子会有出息的。

21、I wasn't taught ways to comfort myself. 也没人教过我怎么安慰自己。

22、Merci de me consoler. 谢谢你安慰我。

23、let's look on the bright side. 我们来看看它好的一面。

24、What comforts us a little is liver. 稍可令人安慰的是肝脏。

25、Now, on top of a few soothing statements, I can do little. 而现在, 我除了几句苍白无力的安慰之语以外, 我什么也做不了.


26、Patients were either given a placebo or etanercept, a compound which blocks the effects of toxic cytokines. 分别给患者安慰剂和依那西普,一种可以阻断毒性细胞因子作用的复合物。

27、Han kept comforting her sister whose house was also buried. 韩女士安慰房子也被冲走了的妹妹。

28、The defects of great men are the consolation of dunces. 伟人有缺点是愚人的安慰。

29、Ding Hai comfort her, after the child will have. 丁海安慰她,以后孩子还会有的。

30、Cloth mothers but they give warmth and comfort. 不给孩子提供任何食物,Cloth,mothers,don't,give,any,food,只提供温暖和安慰。

31、Father is quarrel, Chen and xiao-feng liu came over, on both sides of comfort. 父女俩正争吵着,老陈与刘小凤过来了,两边安慰了几句。

32、The state of being consoled. 受到安慰的状态。

33、when god closes a door, he opens a window. 上帝关上一扇门,会为我们打开一扇窗。

34、The studies compared the blood-thinner unfractionated heparin to a placebo, or low-molecular-weight heparin with a placebo, or both types of heparin with each other. 这些研究比较了血液稀释剂普通肝素和安慰剂、低分子肝素和安慰剂或是两种肝素之间的作用比较。

35、Tony comforts her. 托尼安慰了她。

36、And a third group received a placebo. 第三群人吃的则是安慰剂。

37、For the childless, all this research must certainly feel redeeming. 所有这些研究成果,对于那些膝下无子的人来说,无疑是一种安慰和补偿;

38、every cloud has a silver lining. 守得云开见月明。

39、12The people took the young man home alive and were greatly comforted. 有人把那童子活活的领来,得的安慰不小。

40、I am so sorry for your loss. 我对你失去亲人深表哀悼。

41、Arashi again afraid exposes three iron peak, and comforted them a few words will follow day soldier walked. 岚么又怕暴露了铁峰三人,于是安慰了他们几句便跟随日兵走了。

42、Please convey my sympathy to your family请向你的家人传达我的关怀之情

43、See mother crying, she wants a few words of comfort, but she found herself speechless, she cried. 看到妈妈在哭,她想安慰几句,但是她发现自己说不出话来,她失声了。

44、May this soul rest in peace in heaven and guide you for years to come愿英灵在天堂安息,永永远远保佑你

45、A man needed to have an anchor in the safe world. A man needed a wife. 男子需要扶持和安慰,需要一个铁锚把他碇泊在安全地下,需要一个妻子。

46、The lonely mourner was following to the grave her sole earthly support and comfort. 要埋到坟地去的,是这孤苦伶仃的妇人的儿子,她的唯一依靠和安慰。

47、hang in there. things will get better. 坚持住,情况会好起来。

48、The frightened child was quieted by his mother. 妈妈正在安慰那个受惊吓的孩子。

49、Daughter Wang Xinyan comfort. 王新严安慰女儿。

50、Imogene, Amy, and Louise were anxious to be consolatory , but they did not know what to say. 伊木真、阿弥和露意丝都急于要安慰他几句,可是一时找不出话来。


51、Maloney says the reduction in the placebo group is a reflection of thetypical placebo response. 马洛尼说,安慰剂组的周长减少是典型的安慰剂反应的反映。

52、The sick man found solace in music. 那男病人从音乐中获得了安慰。

53、You must be strong and brave for the sake of the other members of the family为了其他的家人,你一定要勇敢坚强

54、To make her comfortable, her little son has come of age safely though he got a chronic inherently. 让她安慰的是,尽管她的小儿子天生就有痨病,还是平安的成年了。

55、Song of small comfort him Road. 小崧安慰他道。

56、He might be a comfort to her later when she needed someone around to lean on. 过后指不定他还能好好安慰安慰她,等到她亟需温暖怀抱依靠的时候。

57、The rich brocade also not many asks, the soft voice comforted several other parties. 锦绣也不多问,柔声安慰了对方几句。

58、Physical well-being of students is the greatest comfort. 身体安康是学生们最大的安慰。

59、They perfunctorily consoled him with a few words. 他们敷衍了事地安慰了他几句。

60、The aged, especially those from empty-nest families, are in eager need for reassurance. 老年人,尤其是那些来自于空巢家庭的老年人,急需安慰慰。

61、things are never as bad as they seem. 事情往往不像看上去的那么糟。

62、If someone loses money or other valuable things, you can try to comfort him by saying:"Trade money for safety." 如果某人丢了钱或者贵重的东西,你就可以说“破财免灾”这句话来安慰他。

63、The miser seemed as much consoled at having the halter provided for him free of expense, as the impoverished man had been by the discovery of the treasure. 这个嗜钱如命的人拿到一根不花钱的绳子甚感安慰,与那个一贫如洗的人意外发现财宝所感受到的安慰完全一样。

64、The Charioteer of York will soothe the people . 约克郡的战车御者会安慰人们。

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