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导读: 31个,关于”唯美的短句“的英语句子31个,句子主体:Beautiful short sentences。以下是关于唯美的短句的考研英语句子。


关于”唯美的短句“的英语句子31个,句子主体:Beautiful short sentences。以下是关于唯美的短句的考研英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Beautiful short sentences

1、It has long arms and short legs . 长长的胳膊,短短的腿。

2、I was shocked to find the only WiFi available in Heathrow's business-class lounges costs a princely $15 for a couple of hours. 如果你在伦敦希思罗,会惊奇地发现唯一可用的WiFi登录点位于商务舱乘客的休息室内,短短两小时的上网费竟然要15美元。

3、This was providential rest and shelter until the moon rose. 在月亮出来之前这里可以做短暂的休息和庇护所。

4、Just remember to get your eyebrows done with a perfect shape, so to have a complete eye look. 记得给眉毛化漂亮的妆,拥有完美的眼妆。

5、"In a few days, my income in rubles became nothing, while my dollar debts ballooned, " he says. “短短几天,我的卢布收入重新化为乌有,而美元债务像气泡一样膨胀起来”,他说。

6、Only way out for them is to seize opportunities and develop with local features. 只有抓住机遇,扬长避短,办出特色才是师专唯一的出路。

7、She is very beautiful, I bet this is the most beautiful in the world chameleon. 她真漂亮,我敢打赌,这是全世界最漂亮的变色龙。

8、Last season was the best moment of my short career so far, but I know I can get even better. I want to score more goals, score great goals and win more trophies. 上个赛季是我短暂职业生涯的巅峰,但我知道我能做的更好,我想进更多的,进漂亮的,赢更多的奖杯。

9、In as little as 45 minutes, and for roximately $150 USD, one cleft lip surgery can change a childs life forever. 在短短45分钟,约$ 150美元,其中唇裂手术可以转变一个小孩的一生。

10、In order to reduce the investment, running cost and generation amount of AOX, a two stage short sequence process has been developed on the basis of multistage bleaching. 为降低投资、运行费用和AOX的生成量,在多段漂白的基础上发展了两段短流程漂白。

11、Allow me to conclude my brief speech by wishing the bride and bridegroom all hiness and the best of luck for the future. 谨祝新郎官新娘将来美满、多福,作为我短短讲这些话的竣事。

12、Cash and short-term investments totaled $255.1 million. 目前,Palm的现金与短期投资总计2.551亿美元.

13、Tang has also written short novels and stage dramas, and directed theater productions. 汤唯也写过短片小说和舞台戏,导演戏剧作品。

14、Just this moment a crowd of cowboys on the ox back are blowing their flutes sonore. 牛背上牧童的短笛,这时候也成天在嘹亮地响。

15、Koth was played by Hassani Shapi in his brief earance in Eode I. 在《第一集》的短暂亮相期间,科思由哈桑尼·沙皮扮演。

16、There's much agreement on what makes a woman attractive, such as youth and health, although some prefer blondes over brunettes. 在女人怎么样算漂亮的判断标准上,大家看法高度一致,比如年轻和健康都算漂亮的要素,虽然在金发漂亮还是黑发漂亮这一点上人们各有所爱,这点点差异并不影响基本判断。

17、Pretty-printing and syntax highlighting 漂亮的输出和语法高亮显示

18、Alligators' heads are shorter and wider than crocodiles'. 美洲鳄的头比一般鳄鱼更短更宽。

19、MR: Uveal melanomas are unique among the malignant tumors in that both T1 and T2 are shortened secondary to the paramagnetic properties of melanin. 在恶性肿瘤中葡萄膜黑色素瘤是唯一表现为短T1短T2,这主要是由于黑色素的顺磁性。

20、A short-eared owl on a fence post shows off its bright eyes. 一只短耳猫头鹰在栅栏柱炫耀它的明亮的眼睛。

21、Groupon generated over $700 million in revenue in 2010, after being in business for only two years. Groupon在成立短短两年之内即在xx年实现营收过7亿美元。

22、If the screen is too light, it will decrease the lifecycle of TV and waste electricity. 屏幕太亮,不但缩短电视机的寿命,而且费电。

23、Wuthering Heights is the only novel that Emily Bront? wrote throughouther short life. 《呼啸山庄》是艾米莉。勃郎特在其短暂一生中写的唯一一部小说。

24、If the wooden casks surrounded the vast majority are long, but there is a short board, then the bucket of water will flow from a short plank walk. 如果围成木桶的木板绝大多数都是长的,唯独有一块板是短的,那么木桶里的水就会从短木板处流走。

25、After a few days, he has a nice chain and his only job is not to break it. 几天之后,宋飞就连出了一串漂亮的叉,而他唯一的任务就是不让这串叉断掉。


26、A lot of beautiful women, but only in generalities and over, only jealousy of the woman is profound. 漂亮的女人很多,但只是泛泛而过,唯有醋意的女人才是深刻的。

27、This study showed that male cortisol levels increased after exposure to a five-minute short social contact with a young attractive woman. 这项表明,与一位年轻貌美的女性相处短短五分钟,男性的肾上腺就会升高。

28、G Variety: 95% Sémillon & 5% MalbecStyle: Nice bright straw colour. C葡萄品种:95%赛美蓉、5%马贝克风 格:呈漂亮的新鲜稻草色;

29、She is all perked out in her holiday clothes. 她穿着节日服装,从上到下打扮得漂漂亮亮。

30、I do enjoy looking good, so trips to the mall are always fun with the girls. 我喜欢打扮得漂漂亮亮的,跟姑娘们逛商场。

31、And I yours, sir, " I replied curtseying and utrusively amiring the gold trimmed coat, ornately threaded waistcoat and blue breeches neatly enclosing a veritibal Greek god." 先生,我也很高兴认识你我回答并行屈膝礼,私底下打量起他的打扮:带金边的外套,有华丽边装饰马甲,有漂亮希腊装饰的蓝色短裤。

32、What the remaining ones did was to dress up to displaythemselves on the stage. 剩下的人儿只会在舞台上打扮得漂漂亮亮展现自己。

33、Japanese respect Sakura, but also because her life is short, but with short time for yourself, to witness the beautiful. 日本尊敬樱花,也是因为她的生命虽短,但用尽短暂的时间盛放自己,见证美丽。

34、It was as if the hundred-Arce Wood had decorated itself for Christmas. 百亩林为了过圣诞节,也把自己打扮得漂漂亮亮的。

35、But I stay green and beautiful all the year round. 可我xx年四季都郁郁葱葱、漂漂亮亮。

36、But Kuche not beautiful girls, beautiful to have the field instead. 但是这库车的女孩却不漂亮,漂亮的都到外地去了吧。

37、I am going to get dolled up for the party. 她以皮大衣和珠宝把自己打扮得漂漂亮亮。

38、They're having a fight. 打漂亮的一仗。

39、These days, many Asian girls believe that western-style beauty is the highest form. 最近,许多亚洲女孩认为,最漂亮的形式是西方美。

40、My only object was to keep off his inquiries . 我的唯一目的是不让他问长问短。

41、Again, my apologies for being so short with this post - house guests, book writing, and preparing for a couple little trips - all creating the perfect storm of distraction this week! 再次为这篇这么短的文章报歉—因为招待客人、写书以及准备几个小出行—本周的所有这些都给我添了一个“漂亮的乱”!

42、Chela, a 3-year-old German Shorthaired Pointer, is the only dog in Peru who knows how to box. xx岁的德国短毛犬“切拉”是秘鲁唯一一只会拳击的狗。

43、In my view, Yves Saint Laurent, all these changes are largely relied on their changed beautiful and straight short hair style and GHD hair straightener from a further aspect. 在我看来,马卡圣徒,所有的这些变化在很大程度上依赖于他们的变漂亮而直头发短发型和GHD从进一步调整。

44、I knew my grandma's beauty wasn't there in the photo - short, straight, silver hair, and large, slightly protuberant brown eyes. 我知道照片上的祖母并不美丽——短短的银色直发,大大的略显突出的棕色眼睛。

45、During the exposure, passing car lights briefly illuminated the tree branches. 曝光期间经过的汽车灯光短暂地照亮了树枝。

46、It's a puff piece wred in beautifully baked fantasy-land pastry. 正如包裹着漂漂亮亮的烘烤而制成的空心油酥点心-泡芙。

47、Two months ago, the Oracle of Omaha spent $26 billion in just 12 days. 两个月前,这位“奥马哈先知”(Oracle of Omaha)在短短12天里就花掉了260亿美元。

48、The only issue that remains concerns timing — who does what. Within a week or two it should get the go-ahead. 唯一需要考虑仍然是时间—短短一两周之内,谁能为它一路开绿灯呢?

49、No tree has so fair a bole and so handsome an instep as the beech. 没有一颗树有白桦美丽的树干,和赶上它出奇的漂亮。

50、Then we discuss some basic properties of U. S. C. graph and a necessary and sufficient condition for a graph to be a U. S. 然后讨论了唯一最短链图的几个基本性质,以及一个图成乃唯一最短链图的充分必要条件。


51、Contrasting a bright blue sock with bright red heels! 鲜蓝色短袜,搭配亮红色高跟鞋,打胆玩对比撞色风!

52、My beautiful little treasure. 我的漂亮小宝贝。

53、He tried to smarten up for the graduation. 他尽力打扮得漂漂亮亮,以便去参加毕业典礼。

54、'Boys expect girls to be perfect and beautiful,' said Rozi Bhimani. “男孩希望女孩完美又漂亮”,罗技·比曼尼(Rozi Bhimani)说。

55、The necklace harmonicas do look nice. However, the 10 hole harmonicas make better music. 项链口琴的确漂亮,然而,美妙的音乐更来自于十孔口琴。

56、In the winter he made wooden ss, and then he had an assistant, a journeyman, who understood how to make the wooden ss strong, and light, and graceful . 在冬天他就做木鞋。他还有一个助手——一个短工,这人知道怎样把木鞋做得结实、轻巧和漂亮。

57、'Boys expect girls to be perfect and beautiful, ' said Rozi Bhimani. “男孩希望女孩完美又漂亮”,罗技·比曼尼(Rozi Bhimani)说。

58、I have long arms but short legs. 我有长长的胳膊、短短的腿。

59、A good-looking girl. 一个漂亮的女孩。

60、Pomeranian is a compact , short -backed , active toy dog . 博美犬是一种紧凑、 短背、 活跃的玩具狗。

61、My beautiful sister. 我漂亮的妹妹。

62、He felt very hy. Morten found a beautiful girlfriend---grey goose Dunfin. 而公鹅马丁也找到了一个漂亮的女朋友——灰鹅美羽。

63、Today I truly believe ---My dream of speaking beautiful English will come alive! 今天我坚信---讲一口漂亮英语的理想一定会美梦成真!…

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