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导读: 34个,关于”旅行的唯美句子“的英语句子34个,句子主体:Beautiful sentences of travel。以下是关于旅行的唯美句子的三年级英语句子。


关于”旅行的唯美句子“的英语句子34个,句子主体:Beautiful sentences of travel。以下是关于旅行的唯美句子的xx年级英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Beautiful sentences of travel

1、Last month Miyoko went on a school trip with her friends. 上个月美代子和她的朋友们去了个学校之旅。

2、Lijiang Prefecture is the oldest travel agencies. 是丽江地区成立最早的旅行社。

3、April Paris is beautiful, to go with me to travel! xx月的巴黎很美丽,跟我一起去旅行吧!

4、Yichang is a beautiful city with tourism and hydro-electricity as its main industries. 宜昌是个美丽的旅游城和水电城。

5、Travelers enjoyed their view from Jordan looking out over the West Bank. 旅行者可以从约旦远望,视线越过约旦河西岸地区,欣赏死海的美丽落日。

6、Lucy:My travel in Japan is fantastic. I love the feeling in such a clean and beautiful place like Japan. 露西:在日本的旅行大棒了,我很喜欢侍在像日本这种干净又美丽的地方。

7、Then specific information such as the traveler's last name and date of travel would be used to uniquely identify the right instance of the travel reservation process. 因此,例如旅行者的姓氏以及旅行日期这样特定的信息就能够用来唯一确定旅行预定流程的正确实例。

8、Famous Italian Traveller Mark. Polo Once acclaimed it was"In the world is most beautiful magnificent and expensive Day city "; 著名的意大利旅行家马可。波罗曾赞叹它为“世界上最美丽华贵的天城”。

9、As you travel, you will see beautiful sceneries typical of the region. 当你旅行的时候,你会看到该地区著名的美丽风景。

10、DeGette also owns a Camry hybrid and Camry wagon. DeGette自己也拥有一辆凯美瑞混合动力车及一辆凯美瑞家用旅行车。

11、My wife and I play gin rummy, often when traveling. 在旅行的时候,我和我妻子经常玩金罗美。

12、If you don't go out, you'll think this is the world. 如果你不出去走走,你就会以为这就是世界。

13、The journey of a person, meet the most authentic self on the road. 一个人的旅行,在路上遇见最真实的自己。

14、The Champions Trophy Tour of Latin America ended on Sunday in Argentina, where fans gathered to watch the Manchester derby in Buenos Aires. 冠军之行的拉美之旅周日在阿根廷画上了句号,那里的球迷都聚在布依诺斯艾利丝一起看了曼彻斯特德比。

15、The rate for traveler 's cheque is 847 yuan against USD 100 . 旅行支票的兑换率是100美元兑847元币。

16、Ithaca has given you the beautiful voyage. 伊萨卡已经给予了你美丽的旅程。

17、We take a vacation of a lifetime…. We satiate ourselves with sun, fun, and good food. 拿我们生命中的一次旅行来作一个例子。我们满足于享受到的阳光,嬉笑和美食。

18、It's $25.00 one way or $45.00 for a weekend excursion. 单程票价25美元,周末旅行往返票价45美元。

19、To travel hopefully is better than to arrive. -----R. L. 充满希望的旅行比达到目的地更美妙。

20、He carried glossy pamphlets and maps to show her the plan for their trip to Huangguoshu. 他拿回精美的手册和地图向妻子展示他们去黄果树旅行的计划。

21、Because of the dream, so brave to set out, choose to start, and then only for the wind and rain. 因为有梦,所以勇敢出发,选择出发,便只顾风雨兼程。

22、In the European Tourist Association's "2005 EU-China Tourism Forum brigade", the Kunming and Lijiang, at the same time "for visitors from Europe favorite tourist city of China" name; 在欧洲旅游协会举办的“2005欧中旅旅游论坛”上,昆明和丽江同时获得“欧洲旅客最喜爱的中国旅游城市”美称;

23、Travelers, particularly those arriving to Asia from Africa or Latin America must have a certificate of yellow fever vaccination. 旅行者,尤其是从非洲或拉丁美洲前往亚洲的旅行者,必须有黄热病疫苗接种证明。

24、Walking great rivers and mountains in China, a beautiful journey, accompanied by wonderful music sounded around. 漫步在中国美丽大好河山的旅途中,伴随着身边美妙音乐的响起。

25、Mitchell was traveling with Elizabeth and his wife Wanda Ileen Barzee at the time of the arrest. 米切尔是旅行,他的妻子伊丽莎白和万达Ileen Barzee在逮捕时。


26、Quiet, leisurely, at ease. A beautiful journey… 安静,悠然,轻松。一段美丽的旅程…

27、A backpack, a few books, all the songs you like, a oneway ticket, a smart heart. 一个背包,几本书,所有喜欢的歌,一张单程车票,一颗潇洒的心。

28、Cars and motorbikes are banned from the old heart of Hoi An, a pretty tourist town in central Vietnam. 会安,越南美丽的旅游城市,老城的中心禁止汽车和摩托车通行。罶。

29、This trip is out of my budget by a few dollars. 这次旅行经费超出我的预算几美元。

30、Terry: Well, I'd like to cash these four checks for $100 each. 泰瑞:好的,我想换四张100美元的旅行支票。

31、When Conrad Hilton was a child, his father ran a $1-a-night rooming house for traveling salesmen who were passing through San Antonio, Texas. 康纳德·希尔顿还是个孩子的时,他的父亲经营着一家“一晚一美元” 的旅店,接待经过得克萨斯州的圣安东尼奥的旅行商人。

32、To travel hopefully is better than to arrive. ----R. L. 满怀希望的旅行比抵达目的地更美好。

33、So, that is why I ask if anyone have joined the tour ? 请问有冇人跟和联旅行社去过昆明丽江旅行。

34、Last year, the average ecotourism two-week package cost is $3,500. 去年,两周生态旅游的一揽子费用平均为3500美元。

35、Experiencers: Spend freely on experiences, such as good food or travel, but not materialistic. 阅历者:在经历上,比如美食,旅行,花销甚多,但也不唯物是求。

36、The pair, who are rumoured to be dating, are in the Brazilian city to film honeymoon scenes for the next Twilight film Breaking Dawn. 为了筹拍暮光系列之《破晓》,他们来到美丽的巴西进行蜜月拍摄之旅。

37、My wife and I have just returned from our honeymoon here and we had a fabulous time. 我和妻子刚刚结束了蜜月旅行,我们在马尔代夫度过了美妙的时光。

38、MIKE: I grew a beard during the trip.but 迈 克:我在旅行时留了胡子

39、The rate for traveler 's cheque is 847 yuans against US 100. 旅行支票的兑换率是100美元兑847元币。

40、China travel, Inner Mongolia, Horqin prairie, beautiful birch forest. Photo by KaKa. 中国旅游,内蒙古,科尔沁草原,美丽的白桦林。

41、As a tourist, Harriet was touring a famous city for the holidays. 作为一名旅行者,哈丽特要去一个著名的城市度假旅行。

42、After all my travels, I still think western Montana is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen. 在我旅行去过的所有地方中,我始终认为蒙大拿西部是最美丽的地方之一。

43、Ithaka gave you the GetWord("marvelous"); journey. 伊萨卡给了你美丽的旅程。

44、Miyoko is looking at her pictures from her school trip. 美代子正看着她的学校之旅的相片。

45、If you don't go out, you'll think this is the world. 如果你不出去走走,你就会以为这就是世界。

46、We coasted South America on our trip last year. 去年旅行我们是沿著南美洲航行的。

47、Showing off three 180MM Marble cutter to his traveling companions, Preston said the dollar's woes have made his trip especially economical. 普莱斯顿向他的旅行同伴炫耀了三包昂贵的国际红茶等级标注,并且说美元贬值使他的旅行特别值。

48、Expect beautiful scenery when you visit Calgary. 期待来卡加利旅行看到美丽的风景。

49、The rate for traveler's cheques is 300 yuan against 100 dollars. 旅行支票的兑换率是100美圆兑300元。

50、Hawaii is the best place I've been and 9 days camping and hiking in Inner Mongolia was the most memorable journey. 夏威夷是我去过的最美丽的地方,9天的内蒙徒步驴行是我最难忘的旅程。


51、After retirement, our friends Jim and Evelyn began traveling around the United States in a motor home, towing their compact sedan behind. 我的朋友吉姆和依娃林退休后,开始用他们的家庭式旅行车进行环美旅行。他们在旅行车后面还施着一辆小桥车备用。

52、I fell in love with the beautiful sceneries in Gui Lin when I traveled there. It was a trip worth while. 在桂林旅游时,我被那里美丽的风景迷住了,真是不虚此行。

53、This product is the only North American hotels recommended by the non-slip products. 本产品是北美旅馆联盟唯一推荐的防滑产品。

54、Without craziness, I might not have gone on those amazing trips. 如果没有疯劲,我可能就不会有那些美妙的旅行。

55、Some things do not do now, will never do in their lifetime. 有的事情现在不做,就一辈子也不会做了。

56、I am a keen trekker and photographer and have spent many weekends and vacations in the delightful trekking areas of Nepal. 我爱好徒步旅行和摄影,我的许多周末和假期都在尼泊尔的美丽的可徒步旅行的地方度过。

57、Ithaka gave you the marvelous journey. 伊萨卡给了你美丽的旅程。

58、Some things do not do now, will never do in their lifetime. 有的事情现在不做,就一辈子也不会做了。

59、Then Blue Beard said, "I shall go on a journey. 蓝胡子说:“我要去旅行。”

60、In the examples above, in the Americas, going from 25 percent contribution to 20 percent contribution would save your hotel $19, 000 annually in expenses. 比如在以上例子中,在美洲地区,把在线旅行社贡献率从25%降低到20%,每年就可以节省开支19 000美元。

61、Go to different places, see different scenery, know different things, feel different life. 去了不同的地方,看了不同的风景,知道了不同的事,感悟了不同的人生。

62、The traveller's face was covered with insect bites. 旅行者满脸都是被虫子叮咬的疙瘩。

63、The journey of a person, meet the most authentic self on the road. 一个人的旅行,在路上遇见最真实的自己。

64、Lastly, Caroline Bremner, Head of Global Travel and Tourism discusses the North American trend of using health and wellness to forget about economic hardships. 最后,全球旅行和旅游主管Caroline Bremner讨论了在北美用健康的旅游来忘记经济困难的新趋势。

65、Paul Merhige's cover was blown when the motel owner recognized him in a preview for the TV show “America's Most Wanted”. 这个旅馆馆主在电视的“全美通缉犯”节目中认出了该男子,致使这名男子的行踪被暴露。

66、I have taken similar trips in Asia, Central America and Europe. 我在亚洲、中美洲和欧洲都做过类似的旅行。

67、a travel mug, in beautiful maroon. 旅行杯,在美丽的栗色。

68、The notes concluded with a piece of Confucius-style advice that framed our trip as a test of character: “He who can bear hardship should carry on.” 须知用一句孔夫子风格的忠告作为结尾,把我们的旅行作为个人品性的测试:坚忍不拔,无往不胜。

69、Travelers fell 36 cents to $49.51. 旅行者集团股价上涨36美分,至49.51美元。

70、The virtual conference saved hundreds of thousands (in US$) in travel and conference costs and eliminated travel "down-time" for partints. 虚拟会议节约了数十万(以美元计算)旅行和会议费用,消除了参与者的旅行 “宕机” 时间。

71、Welcome tw China tw travel, because here was tww beautiful. 欢迎到中国来旅行,因为这里太美丽。

72、The more I travel, the more I have seen how beautiful this world is. 随着我不断旅行,我愈发发现这个世界是如此的美丽。

73、The cost ranges from a low of $22, 450 at the 10 percent contribution level to a high of $173, 881 at the 25 percent contribution level. 成本变动从最低的22 450美元(在线旅行社贡献率为10%)到最高的173 881美元(在线旅行社贡献率为25%)。

74、We will make you a pleasant business trip by the service principle : being perfect and sincere comes first . 我们将以“唯美至真、真至善”的服务宗旨,令您的商旅之行称心如意。

75、You can also check out other strange travel tips here, as well as my 52 Perfect Offbeat Travel Tips! 你们也能在我的《关于诡异旅途的52条完美建议》里找到其他奇怪的旅行建议。

英文句子模板76:Beautiful sentences of travel

76、Bring along Peas to travel to all places, enjoy the beautiful scenery and share the story of each trip at the same time. 带着豆豆去各地旅行,欣赏美景的同时分享旅行中的每一个小故事。

77、Sure, you may have an ideal time when you want to travel, but what if you could cut your travel costs in half by traveling a couple of days earlier or later? 当然,如果你在想要旅行的时候去旅行,你可能度过美妙的时光。但是如果提前或者推后两天旅行可以削减一半的旅行成本,怎么样?

78、United's new International Business Class isn't business as usual. It's the all-new standard for business travel across the Pacific. 美联航新近推出的国际商务舱决非通常的商务舱,它将成为横跨太平洋商务旅行的全新旅行标准。

79、Showing off three expensive watches to his traveling companions, Preston said the dollar's woes have made his trip especially economical. 普莱斯顿向他的旅行同伴炫耀了三块昂贵的手表,并且说美元贬值使他的旅行特别值。

80、They travelled in China on funds provided by the U. S. -China Friendship Association. 他们用中美友协提供的钱在中国旅行。

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