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导读: 50个,关于”好听的句子“的英语句子50个,句子主体:Nice sentence。以下是关于好听的句子的小学英语句子。


关于”好听的句子“的英语句子50个,句子主体:Nice sentence。以下是关于好听的句子的小学英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Nice sentence

1、东方女子乐坊的歌曲光芒,来听听吧 女子十二乐坊的歌曲胜利,听听吧 "Good good study and day day's up ^^" Have a nice day!

2、We can go to the cafe or restaurant afterwards。我们先去电影院吧, 我听说那里正在放一部很好看的片子。

3、This author is obviously working to make an elaborate introductory sentence that's the first thing that's heard in this congregation who's hearing this letter read out loud. 这位作者显然在努力,创作一个精巧的概论句,它将是教堂会众,听这封信被大声读出来时,听到的第一句话。

4、I'm sorry. Okay. 没听清,好的

5、But to these words I hearkened in vain for a reply. I grew impatient. 谁知我说了这句话,怎么听都听不到一声回答。

6、We could hear the experience, into a story, seem very light. 传给我们听得时候,变成了故事,好像很轻淡的样子。

7、Cassio. Dost thou hear, my honest friend? 凯西奥你听没听见,我的好朋友?

8、What did he say? I missed a word or two. 他说什么?有一两句话没有听见。

9、Ed's wife is a strong-minded woman and leads him around by the nose. 以德的妻子是一个好强的女生,他什么事都得听她的。

10、The NBA players need to do the math, listen to the yawns, and look in the mirror. NBA员最好去算算数,听听那片哈欠声,再照照镜子。

11、I heard an older sounding chap with a golden voice. 我听到一位有着一把好嗓子的老者在说话。

12、Listen to that child! 听听那孩子吧!

13、You're used to hearing words of praise. 你是听好话听惯了。

14、Women Current in the video singing a little tune, sound beautiful, good to hear. 一次女流在视频里唱的小调子,音质很美,很好听。

15、You've probably heard many pianists playing the same work, but when you hear Gould, it's like it's brand-new. 你可能听过很多钢琴家弹同一首曲子,但你听Glenn Gould弹的时候,这首曲子好像全新的一样。

16、 Down by the Sally Gardens(歌手不明,但是爱尔兰的风笛爆好听娓娓的旋律,背景音乐也很好听) ;

17、Hope to hear better listen to the song! 希望能听到更好听的歌!

18、Underneath this, the informed listener senses, there must lurk the familiar four-bar phrase of popular music, but Mozart never once spells this out. 聆听这样的演奏,那些有着良好音乐素养的听众会暗暗期待,相信总会有类似流行音乐里的四小节分句的东西出现,但是莫扎特从来不曾让他的听众轻易地把握他的意图。

19、I always know "You Put Yourself In" is from TVs, it means somebody goes looking for trouables by himself. 以前听到“那是你自己找的”这句话时,我知道是在电视剧里某人不知好歹而自找苦头吃。

20、Listen up! Can I have your attention? 听着!你能好好听我说吗?

21、You want to read the first sentence? 你愿不愿意把书的第一句话给我们听?

22、Mother: That just goes to show you, dear, that eavesdroppers never hear any good of themselves. 妈妈:孩子,这只不过证明了,偷听者从来不会听到别人说自己的好话。

23、Oh yeah? Sounds like you're gonna beat him up or something. 喔,是吗?听起来好象你要把他痛打一顿的样子。

24、this car is crashed into a big mess. 以前听不觉得好听(音乐)慢慢的听的时间长了发觉还蛮好听的 I don't think it's a good song before, but shortly afterwards I listen to it quite often and start to enjoy it.

25、If you haven’t heard of Guy Macon’s Original Post before, you should check it out. 如果你之前从未听过马扎小子的邮件,那么你真该好好的搜出来看看。


26、Think about this example. 听听这个例子。

27、In fact, we heard that kid is right here in the jungle. 实际上,我们听说那个孩子就正好在森林里。

28、Children at this age can hear the sound of letter combinations better now and can hear the phonic differences. 这个年龄的孩子已经可以更好地听清字词组合,也可以听清字词的不同处。

29、In other words, it's no good repeating a weak argument to people who are listening carefully. 换句话说,对仔细听讲的听众而言,重复一个绵弱的观点是无益的。

30、“People laughed,” he recalled. 他回忆到“人们听到这句话后都笑了。

31、Down by the Sally Gardens(歌手不明,但是爱尔兰的风笛爆好听娓娓的旋律,背景音乐也很好听) ;

32、One day, her voice enchants a prince passing through a nearby forest. 一天,一个恰好经过树林的王子听见了她的歌声。

33、'You never tell me anything nice!' yelled the blacksmith's wife. “你从来没对我说过好听的话!” 铁匠的妻子喊叫着。

34、Take that Yankees. 好好听听,这是北方佬

35、Now, when you listen to it then, again, knowing that, you hear it that way. 当你再次听到这句话时,你便知道,你是听到的是这个

36、But that "wver has ears to hear should listen!" 但那句“但凡有耳的就该当听

37、His face set when he heard such a word. 听到这句话,他当时就沉下了脸。

38、So listen carefully. 请竖起耳朵好好听哦!

39、I am here here with you. 这是我喜欢听的歌!好听!

40、When it rained, funny sounds came from the splashing raindrop on the erbur leaf. 下雨了,雨点溅在款冬叶子上发出好听的声音。

41、We all sit quietly and pay attention teaching how to be good listeners is important too – and then wildly laud when the speech is finished! 我们都安静的坐好并专心的听着--教孩子如何作一名好的听众也很重要--然后当演说结束后热烈的鼓掌。

42、It seems to me that Constance also knew about the verses . 看起来康斯坦斯也打听到诗句的事。

43、M: Oh, you've got to hear from someone! You're never home long enough to know them. 玛:但是,你总得听人说,你从来不在家久住,没法子好好了解他们。

44、Helen: OK, why not. Let's hear it. 好吧。也好!说来听听。

45、Now, listen carefully. 现在,好好听着。

46、Thenardier pretended not to hear this unamiable remark. 德纳第只装做没有听见这句不大客气的话。

47、Where whole nose is better? Hear of what stitch finalizes the design now? 哪里整鼻子比较好?听说现在有一针定型的。

48、A wise son heeds his father's instruction, but a mocker does not listen to rebuke. - Proverbs 13:1, The Bible. 智慧的儿子听从父亲的教训,好讥笑人的不听责备。-圣经:箴言13:1。

49、Baby, you know what? Can, you have finished speaking this words , I have been fond of moving really , hey-hey, has sweated carelessly in self's eyes. 宝贝,你知道吗?听你说完这句话,我真的好感动,嘿嘿,不小心眼里出汗了。

50、Stop mouthing and listen to what I have to say. 别再装腔作势,好好听听我说的话。


51、That was the last we heard from her. 这是我们听到她说的最后一句话。

52、We\'ve all heard this. Maybe said this. 我们都听过这句话,也许还说过。

53、A: Well, give me the walkman. I'll listen to the music then. 好吧,给我随身听,我听音乐好了。

54、I don't know how to express"more than" 听起来很好听,他弹得很好。

55、This is the best chinese popular song I've ever listened. Thanks Mao Ning. 赞!好歌,这是我目前所听过的最好听及意…

56、Enjoy your English likes Chinese Pop music! 东方女子乐坊的歌曲光芒,来听听吧 女子十二乐坊的歌曲胜利,听听吧 "Good good study and day day's up ^^" Have a nice day!

57、Listen to your middle schooler. 听听你上中学的孩子的想法。

58、Listen then, brahman, and pay attention, I will speak. 那么,婆罗门啊!好好用心听着!我讲给你听。

59、听到这句话,他当时就沉下了脸。His face set when he heard such a word.

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