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导读: 26个,关于”学习的句子“的英语句子26个,句子主体:Learning sentences。以下是关于学习的句子的小学英语句子。


关于”学习的句子“的英语句子26个,句子主体:Learning sentences。以下是关于学习的句子的小学英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Learning sentences

1、Now this week went on well and some of the students did extra work (worksheets and finish their workbook), we have completed unit two and we will start reviewing soon. 本周进行的很顺利,一些同学做了附加的练习(练习篇子和练习册),我们已经完成了第二单元的学习,很快我们将开始复习。

2、Autonomous learning model is a learner-centered learning model. 自主学习模式是以学习者为中心的一种学习模式。

3、At the end of this thesis, we gave some suggestions for rhetorical question teaching. 第四,针对留学生习得汉语口语反问句存在的问题我们提出了相应的对策。

4、Master said: "Learning and perseverance and not also said that peace?" 子曰:「学而时习之,不亦说乎?

5、Childern go to school to learn it for four or six years in primary school. 孩子们要在小学里学习四到xx年的英语。

6、I lead all of my students through these 'house-building' phases. 我会让我所有的学生都像造房子一样来学习他们的中文。

7、Learning through PBL website learning tactic, students have positive studying responses. 学生对透过PBL网路学习教学策略进行学习有正向的学习反应。

8、The method needs rule learning, so there must be plenty of emails as learning seeds. 自动过滤方法要求进行规则学习,这样就必须有大量的邮件来做为学习的种子。

9、Get rid of distractions like e-mail and your cell phone during this time and focus your attention on your learning goals. 学习时,抛开诸如电子邮件、手机等令人分心的事物,专心于你的学习目标。

10、However, when they studied procedural knowledge, the learners'rate of p who utilized video of cl were higher than the learners'rate of p who utilized electronic textbook for study. 当学习程序性知识时,学习风格为动视听型的学习者,使用课堂录像呈现方式进行学习后取得的该类知识的及格率明显较使用电子课本呈现方式取得的及格率高。

11、Students can learn the sense of mathematics and learn some experience in practice by constructing mathematical model. 通过学习数学建模的学习,可以促进学生在实践中学习,体会数学的价值;

12、Learning the piano is the basis for learning other instruments, in particular the keyboard, such as accordion, electronic organ, organ, etc. ; 学习钢琴是学习其它乐器的基础,特别是键盘乐器,如手风琴,电子琴,风琴等;

13、Learning mathematic rules is the bridging from accepting ma thematic concepts to solving real mathematic its; it s one of the critical phases in high school mathematics learning. 数学规则学习是联结数学概念学习与数学问题解决学习的桥梁,是中学数学学习的关键环节。

14、Measuring the distance learners' learning style will help the learners to choose suitable learning strategy , and then to improve their distance learning quality. 测量远程学习者的学习风格,可以帮助学生选择适合自身学习风格的学习策略,进而提高远程学习的质量。

15、All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. 只学习,不玩耍,聪明孩子也变傻。

16、And let ours also learn to maintain good works for necessary uses, that they be not unfruitful. 14并且我们的人要学习正经事业(或作:要学习行善),预备所需用的,免得不结果子。

17、Motivation, conception and strategies are the three controllable elements that have a direct effect on English learning. 学习观念、学习动机和学习策略是直接影响英语学习者的可控因素。

18、The parents also allow their children to use electronic dictionary. Students can learn new words in electronic dictionary. 家长们也允许他们的孩子使用电子词典,学生可以从电子词典上学习到新词。

19、I finished learning《Jason sings the Blue》sentence by sentence just now. There is no time left for me to write down the main clue of it. 我刚刚一句接一句地学习完了《当众出丑》,现在没有时间把它的主要内容记录下来了。

20、Language learning is a kind of active learning. Language learners should look for every chance to use the language. 语言学习时一种主动的学习。学习者应该利用一切机会学习语言。

21、While you are doing this practice, alos learn all of the tunes which do not require bending. 在你做练习的同时,也要去学习那些不需要压音的曲子。

22、We've used these workbooks for several summers to help bridge the school year through the summer. 连续几个夏天我们都在用这套练习册,它能帮助孩子把下个学年的学习衔接起来。

23、For those interested, Wikiversity is a vital e-learning medium. 对于那些感兴趣的,维基学院是一个重要的电子学习媒体。

24、The princess had not attended cles since Tuesday, according to an official at the Gakushuin primary school, the alma mater for most Japanese royals. 学习院小学的一名官员称,从上周二起,爱子公主一直没有去上学。学习院小学是日本多数皇室成员就读的学校。

25、Not one in ten of the boys could spell well. In other words, they study hardly. 这些男孩中拼写正确的不到十分之一,换句话说,他们学习相当吃力。


26、I hope to learn the palanquin all new advancement at the same time without hoping to see the commentary like this, and fight over the elite in a top student. 我不希望看到这样评论,同时也希望大家新学习学习进步,尖子生里争尖子!

27、It is absurd to force children to take extra studies after sch ol. 因此,放学后强迫孩子额外学习是不明智的。

28、In his follow-up work, How Children Learn, 1967, he tried to demonstrate the learning process of children and why he believed school short-circuits this process. 在他的后续作品(xx年的《孩子如何学习》)中,他展示了孩子的学习过程以及他为何认为学校会使这个过程发展不良。

29、Hubbard did take a college course in molecular and atomic physics, which he flunked. 哈伯德确实学习过分子和原子物理的大学课程,但他最终没及格。

30、The experiment is modeled after priming studies with L 2 English learners of Spanish involving transitive and dative constructions. 那么在关键期之后,中国英语学习者对英语句法是如何表征的。

31、Through reading learning culture and knowledge can help learners to deepen their thoughts, and can actually become the learner-centered study. 阅读中学习文化、学习知识,可以帮助学习者提高思维的深度,并且能真正成为以学习者为中心的学习。

32、The matter that is strangely fits, my studying time of giving musical performance the electronic organ is similar to time of study English long. 巧合的事,我学习演奏电子琴的时间和学习英语的时间是一样长的。

33、Whole condition in learning adaptability of student whose parents were out for work: About 31.2% of them had bad learning adaptability. 父母外出务工家庭子女学习适应性总体情况:学习适应不良学生,占总人数的比例高达31.2%。

34、A proper part-time job does not occupy student’s too much time. In fact, it is unhealthy for them to spend all of time on their study. 一份适当的业余工作并不会占用学生太多的时间,事实上,把全部的时间都用到学习上并不健康,正如那句老话:只工作,不玩耍,聪明的孩子会变傻.

35、Learning mathematic rules is the bridging from accepting ma thematic concepts to solving real mathematic problems; it's one of the critical phases in high school mathematics learning. 数学规则学习是联结数学概念学习与数学问题解决学习的桥梁,是中学数学学习的关键环节。

36、This week the kids enjoyed a global rendezvous, revisiting all the culture's they had seen during the semester. 本周孩子们来了一个全球大联欢,他们复习了本学期所学习的异国文化。

37、The learning of connectionism, which consists mainly of supervised learning, intensive learning and unsupervised learning, is modelled after the learning of human beings. 其学习是对人类学习的模拟,主要有监督学习、强化学习和无监督学习三种。

38、She believed that children learned at their own pace and that the best guide to their learning is her structured materials. 她相信孩子们以自己的节奏学习,他们学习的最好指南是她的结构化的教具。

39、Terry had to retrain himself how to think, how to speak, even relearning something as basic as how to shave. 特里必须重新学习如何思考,如何说话,甚至学习像刮胡子这么简单的事情。

40、Now let's look at these sentences again. If we want to change Direct Speech into Indirect Speech, what should be changed?Students discuss in pairs. 在学习直接引语与间接引语时,采用小组讨论的方式,让学生自己观察句子变化前后的不同,并总结把直接引语变成间接引语的变化规则和注意事项。

41、The higher achievement of science and Chinese that a student has, the better performance will be on correct scientific explanation sentences while doing scientific writing. 自然科与国文科学习成就越高的学生,在进行科学写作时,正确科学解释句数方面的表现会越多。

42、The web-based self-regulated learning emphasizes the learners are the corpuses of study, but they must be the corpuses of valid study. 网络自主学习强调学习者是学习的主体,但必须是有效学习的主体。

43、Gordon: I am learning how to play the sns. 戈登:我正在学习如何弹奏勺子。

44、The basic features of the learning society are tob e good at learning, to advocate life-long learning, all people learning and organizational learning. 学习型社会的基本特征是善于不断学习, 强调终身学习、全民学习、组织学习。

45、All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. 死学习不玩耍,聪明孩子变傻瓜。

46、The former usually helps the learners acquire standard unciation by imitation and cultivate good language sense by retelling long sentences, texts, and films. 语音复述训练有助于学习者习得纯正的发音,并且通过对长句、文章以及对影片的复述,培养其良好的语感;

47、We should call on study for all members and leaders take the lead to study in order to establish the enterprise centering round study. 创建学习型企业,强调全员学习,领导者带头学习、互动学习、反恩学习、创新学习,必须做好观念、组织、制度、领导、内容等方面的创新。

48、This child tries and works harder than anyone else in the clroom. 这个孩子比班里的其他任何同学学习都更努力。

49、Really be a sentence, the society is a university, we can only in the process of learning, takes its essence, goes to its dregs. 真的应了那句话,社会是一所大学,我们只能在学习的过程当中里取其精华,去其糟粕。

50、The man devoted himself to study when he was young. 这个男子小时侯专心于学习。


51、Students studying electronics and computer engineering need to learn how to program; many take a software engineering course that teaches them how to work on large projects. 学习电子学和计算工程学的学生需要学习如何编程;教授那些选修软件工程课程的学生如何工作在大型的项目中。

52、Learn the sound CH The chocolate is on the chair. 学习声音 CH 巧克力在椅子上。

53、There are two basic role types—Learner and Staff, which can be sub-typed to allow learners to play different roles in different learning activities. 这里有两个基本的角色类型——学习者和职员,可以被派生出子-类型,允许学习者在不同的学习活动中扮演不同的角色。

54、The ability of sefe-learning is the base of significant study and the guarantee that students can continue their study. 学生自主学习的能力是进行一切有意义学习的基础,是学生继续学习和高效学习的保证。

55、Any learning task is the combination of implicit learning and explicit learning, there exiting synergies between them. 任何一个学习任务都是内隐学习和外显学习的结合物,内隐学习和外显学习之间存在协同效应。

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