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关于”电影中的名句“的英语句子38个,句子主体:Famous sentences in movies。以下是关于电影中的名句的专业英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Famous sentences in movies

1、"Greed is good" said Gordon Gekko famously in the Wall Street of the silver screen. “贪吃是好的”这是著名华尔街电影Gordon Gekko中的话。

2、The movie star just his movie. 这位著名的电影演员刚拍完电影。

3、Jet:The movie is loosely based on the classic Chinese novel Journey to the West. 这部电影是根据中国古典名著《西游记》改编的。

4、I am a big movie fan. I really love to see movies. 我的名字是派特。我是个超级电影迷。我的真的很喜欢看电影。

5、You’re gonna love it.” Then there was Paranormal Activity, which built its reputation at one film festival after another, until it was finally released in 13 college towns. 然后,电影《灵动.鬼影实录》,在一个又一个电影节中创造了他的知名度,最终它在13个大学城中播放。

6、(The line “Play it again, Sam,” as cinephiles know, isn’t actually in the flick but comes from the 1972 movie of the same name written and starring Woody Allen). 影迷们都知道,台词:“再弹一曲吧,山姆”原句并没有完整地出现在该影片中,它是1972年由乌迪-艾伦主演的一部电影的片名。

7、Another actor that is better known for his lesser rolls than his major ones, Seth Green overs every roll he’s ever taken in this movie. 塞斯·格林是另一个扮演配角的电影比其扮演主角的电影还要出名的演员,在这部电影中他比在其他任何电影中都要出众。

8、Film shipped to some theaters under the name "Sundaye". 为防泄露,电影胶片运到电影院时用的名字是“Sundaye”。

9、The French New Wave cinema is arguably the most fascinating of all film movements, famous for its exuberance, daring, and avantgarde techniques. 法国新浪潮电影也许是所有电影运动中最迷人的,因其丰富、大胆和先锋技术而著名。

10、It said about a famous musician. 电影说的是一个著名的音乐家。

11、It queries a movie database for movies with the title "Music Man". 它从电影数据库中查询片名为“Music Man”的影片。

12、Everything you ever told me was a lie. 我为何要相信你?

13、And the clip we're going to see is the most famous part of the movie. 我们即将要看的,是电影中最著名的部份。

14、The title? No, the title isn't enough because you have remakes. 电影名称?不,只有名称是不够的,因为一部电影可以重拍多次。

15、CFCA along with CPCC issues copyrights for films and does all related functions. 中国电影保护协会和中国保护中心为电影实施版权以及有关电影的内容而工作。

16、The 101 finalists were compiled from 1,400 screenplays nominated by members for consideration. 这101部入选的电影剧本是从由作家协会成员提名的1400部电影剧本中筛选汇编而成的。

17、Over The Rainbow, sung by Judy Garland in The Wizard of Oz , was third. 第三名是影星朱迪·嘉兰在电影“绿野仙踪”中演唱的“跨越彩虹”。

18、Life is like a box of chocolate , you never know what is the next . 生活就像一盒巧克力,你永远不知道接下来的是什么。

19、The 6th Chinese film festival in Paris was opened at the renowned Gaumont cinema on Tuesday. Celebrities from both France and China's film industry attended the opening ceremony. 第6届巴黎中国电影节周二在闻名遐迩的高蒙电影院开幕。来自法国、中国电影界的名人参加了本次开幕式。

20、That yearning is reflected in the recent success of "The Autobiography of Nicolae Ceausescu, " a largely sympathetic biopic that played to full audiences at a downtown cinema complex. 这一怀念在最近的一部名为《齐奥塞斯库自传》的电影上得到了体现。这部同情齐奥塞斯库的电影在市中心的电影院里放映。

21、January 21, 1983: This is Jamie at work. He was a cinematographer and music video editor back in the early days of MTV. 1983年1月21日:杰米在工作。在音乐电视发展的初期,他是一名电影摄影师,也是一名音乐影片编辑。

22、Zheng Junli (1911-1969) is a Chinese famous film artist, film theorist and film historian. 郑君里(1911-1969)是中国著名的电影艺术家、电影理论家和电影史论家。

23、It is powerful to use movie clips (especially well-shot ones) to being out the learning points. 在课堂当中用电影(尤其是著名的电影)来引出学习要点是非常有效的。

24、How do film stars cope with being famous? 电影名星是怎样对待成名的?

25、One of his lines from the film, "I coulda been a contender, " has been widely imitated. 他在电影中的一句台词 我本来可以奋力拼搏一回的 被广泛仿效。


26、It’s like you are back from the dead. 好像你是死而复生似的。

27、He made his first movie in 1956. It was "Love Me Tender. " The title song was a big hit. 1956年他首演电影,电影名字叫《温柔爱我》,其主题歌曲名震一时。

28、Gizu is a name of a deer from Tsai Ming-liang 's film "Face". Gizu 是蔡明亮电影「脸」之中,出现的一只鹿的名字。

29、And in the BFI evaluations the 20th century best 100 movies was 21st in the Britain Film society, indicated its influence. 并在英国电影协会( BFI 评选的20 世纪最佳100 部电影中名列第21 位,足见其影响力。

30、He embarked on learning film photography in 1950, tutored by the famous film photographer Wang Yuru. 1950年开始学习电影摄影,师从著名电影摄影师王玉如先生。

31、The most famous example of 'telepresence' in movies appears in the original Star Wars when the droid R2D2 projects a holographic image of Princess Leia delivering a call for help. 电影中出现的最著名的“远程临场感”的例子就是最早的《星球大战》,在电影中机器人R2D2投射出莉亚公主求救的全息影像。

32、Maybe there’s a movie to be made. 活血将来也会有一部电影,名叫《中国人来啦! 中国人来啦!

33、Film names reflect the contents of films. 电影片名好比影片的门楣。

34、Fall in Love at First sight 一见钟情(也是电影名)

35、For intance, Truffaut, Godard, famous film critics of the world-known film magazine 《Movie Guide》"." 像特吕弗、戈达尔就是法国著名电影杂志《电影手册》的影评人。

36、A similar name, Mace Towani, appeared in the made-for-television Ewok movies. 一个相似的名字“梅斯·托瓦尼”出现在以伊渥克人为主题的电视电影中。

37、There are lots of famous film stars in the world. Among them, Jia Jingwen is my favourite. 世界上有很多著名的电影明星,其中,贾静雯是我最喜欢的电影明星。

38、The title refers to one of Taipei's oldest areas. 电影片名“艋舺”取自台北一个古老城区的名字。

39、Disney’s Up was also nominated last year so it’s not unprecedented for an animated film to earn a Best Picture nomination. 动画电影赢得最佳电影提名并非史无前例,迪士尼影业的《飞屋环游记》(Up)在去年也获得了最佳影片提名。

40、They were asked to come up with the name of a movie that made them really uncomfortable. 试验中,他们被要求说出一部曾经有很不舒服的观影经历的电影名称。

41、Just like the first film, none of the cast member's names are written on the posters, mentioned in the trailers or shown in the opening credits. 正如电影的第一集,任何一个演员的名字都没有出现电影海报上,也没有在预告片里提到,或者出现在电影开场字幕中。

42、Note: The movie’s poster insists the title is "(500) Days of Summer." 另:电影海报上的电影名称为《和莎莫的(500)天》。

43、Some studios already make full-length movies available on YouTube free, though they tend to be older, lesser-known films. 目前一些电影公司已经向YouTube免费提供了完整版的电影,但这些电影通常都是年代较老、不太知名的电影。

44、In 1952 popular movies include "High Noon" and "Singing in the Rain". 在1952年,著名的电影包括《正午》和《雨中曲》。

45、De Niro founded a production company called the Tribeca Film Center, with the goal of promoting New York film production. 为促进纽约电影制片业的发展,德尼罗成立了一家名为“翠贝卡电影中心”的制片公司。

46、The cast of this movie included a famous actor. 这部电影的演员阵容包括了一名著名的男演员。

47、The landscape shouted Australia, indeed Baz Luhrmann's eponymous film, best viewed for its scenery, was shot hereabouts. 这里的风景极具澳大利亚特色,就像在巴兹•鲁曼的成名电影中一样,电影中最美丽的风光就是在这儿拍摄的。

48、Is the famous auto city, SenLinCheng and multiplex, science and technology. 是闻名中外的汽车城、电影城、科技文化城和森林城。

49、I’ll make it up to you, I promise. 我会补偿你的,我保证。

50、What is the title of the movie? 这部电影片名叫什么?


51、The movie is' Lee's Adventure '. 电影名“李的冒险”。

52、People didn’t immediately embrace the new technology though. 10 years after its debut in 1936, the head of 20th Century Fox Darryl F. 当时的人们并不很乐于接受新技术,电视机自1936年首次亮相,福克斯电影公司(20世纪福克斯)的Darryl F. Zanuck(他把电视机作为电影竞争对手)说了一句著名的。

53、Yeah. I'm trying to be a film director, movie director for major motion pictures. 我在努力成为一名电影导演,一名动画电影导演。

54、The ACTORS table lists the names of actors in each movie. ACTORS 表列举每部电影中的演员姓名。

55、The title refers to one of Taipei oldest areas. 电影片名“艋舺”取自台北一个古老城区的名字。

56、Five pictures were nominated. 一共有五部电影提名。

57、I forgot the le of the film. 我忘记电影名字了。

58、On Friday, though, he appeared at number 52 in the Guardian's list of the 100 most influential people in the film industry; Grant did not feature. 本周五,在《卫报》评选的百名最有影响力的电影人中弗斯位居第52名;格兰特并未上榜。

59、No. 3, a movie soundtrack; 第三名是一个电影原声带;

60、Professional cinematographer, graduated from the Film and Television Photography Specialty, Department of Photography, Beijing Film Academy. 阿严,原名陈严。职业电影摄影师。毕业于北京电影学院摄影系影视摄影专业。

61、For the movie, he changed his name into Arnold Strong instead of using his real name. 在电影中,他把自己的名字换成阿诺。斯特朗,而没用自己的真实姓名。

62、The proposed show has celebrity backers and advisors, including a well-known television host and famous movie producer. 这档打算制作的节目中有名人和顾问出席,包括知名电视台的主持和著名电影制片人。

63、The film title, as an important part of the film, is of informative, expressive and vocative functions and its translation is a challenging job. 电影片名,作为电影的重要一部分,具有信息性、表达性和号召性的功能,所以电影片名的翻译具有很强的挑战性。

64、In March of this year, "Hubble 3D" was released, with Leonardo DiCaprio narrating. 今年3月,这部名为《哈勃3D》的电影正式上演,由著名影星莱昂纳多·迪卡普里奥担任电影解说。

65、The most famous example of "telepresence" in movies appears in the original Star Wars when the droid R2D2 projects a holographic image of Princess Leia delivering a call for help. 电影中出现的最著名的“远程临场感”的例子就是最早的《星球大战》,在电影中机器人R2D2投射出莉亚公主求救的全息影像。

66、Well-known scholar Dai Jinhua is to study film history, was more famous Chinese contemporary literature researchers. 著名学者戴锦华是研究电影史的专家,是著名的中国当代文学研究者。

67、The MOVIES table lists the pertinent data for each movie in his shop, namely things like the title and director for each movie. MOVIES 表列举他商店中每部电影的相关数据,即如每部电影的名称和导演等内容。

68、Meta-cinema means movie concerning movie, include all movies that it"s content is movies and the movie about movie. This is a self-reflected movies world." 元电影是指关于电影的电影,包括所有以电影为内容、在电影中关涉电影的电影,直接引用、借鉴、指涉另外的电影文本或者反射电影本身的电影都在元电影之列。

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